Pinty's Truck Race On Dirt from Bristol Motor Speedway | NASCAR Truck Series Full Race Replay

Mar 31, 2021
37 076 Views

Relive the Pinty's Truck Race On Dirt from Bristol Motor Speedway that saw Martin Truex Jr. dominate and win his first ever NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race.
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  • I was there

    Joyce RickardJoyce Rickard6 days ago
  • HELL YEAH truex got the dub sorry truex is meh favorite driver

    Dominic MinchoffDominic Minchoff8 days ago
  • Friendship ended with ESPN+, NASCAR is now my friend

    Anime Boi90Anime Boi9011 days ago
  • I was there

    Joyce RickardJoyce Rickard11 days ago
    • @Diether Santos yeah obviously, I was referencing the meme

      Sudarshan GopinathanSudarshan Gopinathan4 days ago
    • @Sudarshan Gopinathan hahahaha!!! Your joking right?

      Diether SantosDiether Santos4 days ago
    • 3000 years ago

      Sudarshan GopinathanSudarshan Gopinathan9 days ago
  • Joey Logano is such a nerd for racing, and I love it. He’s so excited watching the race. I see a future booth including him and Clint.

    Alan GriffinAlan Griffin12 days ago
  • where is it ?

    מיקי לוימיקי לוי13 days ago
    • this race was at Bristol Motor Speedway in Tennessee.

      NotificationsTurnedOffNotificationsTurnedOff3 days ago
  • It's weird that they threw a caution for everything and yet you have a car that was way off the pace and it takes out Kyle Larson cause you're just not expecting someone to be going that slow

    Kelsey JamesKelsey James15 days ago
  • Thanks for Putin’ on the race NASCAR.

    Christopher HaasChristopher Haas15 days ago
  • Thanks for the upload! I listened on one headphone at work while welding all day sounded fun now I get to watch it lol!

    INK SCARSINK SCARS15 days ago
  • Hey NASCAR would you stop saying "That saw" on description because I didn't watch that race yet smh 🤦‍♂️

    Diether SantosDiether Santos15 days ago
    • I mean, if you know it's gonna say that, then just don't look?

      Bryce LearBryce Lear15 days ago
  • Dirt race is starting again on the Derby bowl

    Tutik HidayatiTutik Hidayati16 days ago
  • its a shame that the one person in nascar that is ruining the heart of the series is the one they have a camera on....i speak of Boo-Hoo Walrus

    Kevin PawpaDawg MooreKevin PawpaDawg Moore16 days ago
    • Yeah you sound really intelligent and insightful im sure you have a good reason "papadawg" 🤣🤣🤣

      Grant GarciaGrant Garcia15 days ago
    • Please, do elaborate on your theory. It sounds like it is chock full of facts and statistics.

      Robert SwickRobert Swick16 days ago
  • Thank you for uploading Nascar 😁 I've been looking forward to watching this 👍

    Catherine WheelhouseCatherine Wheelhouse16 days ago
    • How did you not avoid some spoiler stuff in description?

      Diether SantosDiether Santos4 days ago
  • Dirt RACIN PEOPLE as a replay

    Naidan GonzalezNaidan Gonzalez16 days ago
    • Nice profile picture

      MarcisAwesome04MarcisAwesome0416 days ago