Pinty's Truck Race on Bristol's dirt track: Extended Highlights from Bristol Motor Speedway

Mar 29, 2021
93 092 Views

Relive the Pinty's Truck Race on Dirt from Bristol Motor Speedway. Several big-name drivers were in the field, including Kyle Larson, who wrecked out, and winner Martin Truex Jr.
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  • I am fan of nascar race cars I feel me one member of nascar family fan since 1968 I was an kid 10 years old today 2021 I am 60 years old retired man nice race trucks

    Alfonso PreciadoAlfonso Preciado8 days ago
  • I like dirt trucks racing

    Jason crozierJason crozier12 days ago
  • So many cautions, what is the record and where was it?

    xXLarryTFVWXxxXLarryTFVWXx15 days ago
  • I think the trucks ran better/faster than the cup cards

    Adam MeyerAdam Meyer16 days ago

  • Hi NASCAR , I just subscribed to your channel ! I wish that I could get some NASCAR racing stickers , no.1 fan !!! 👍😊🏎

    John RobertsJohn Roberts17 days ago
  • dident get a chance to watch the truck race but I did watch the cup race I like the idea of them racing on dirt and Bristol speedway sounds like a pretty good choice high banking A lot of speed but some of the problems were the place is a giant bowl and the dust and dirt stays in there I think Eldora would've been a better choice but at least they're trying to change things up

    JK FishNhuntJK FishNhunt17 days ago
  • Vince Welch is a terrible lead commentator. That being said this was a really exciting race.

    DevilsFan53DevilsFan5317 days ago
  • Half the season should be dirt

    Average Guy TacomaAverage Guy Tacoma17 days ago
  • Lots of cautions at Bristol

    Lisa ReddenLisa Redden17 days ago
  • Good job naacar for bringing this to us .. Nascar going back to its roots.. I wanna give a shout out to the track crew for an Amazing job woth the track

    The Wrestling ZoneThe Wrestling Zone17 days ago
  • I know the weather has made it really complicated for the crews on and off track, especialy for a first try with the big cars, but boy, that race was *so* much better and cleaner than the mess of a Cup race we had... Trucks run well on dirt, we knew that, but they're gonna have a lot of work if they want to do that again in the Cup (I mean, seriously, the tires...).

    Yan HollidayYan Holliday17 days ago
  • Cup drivers coming down to trucks is so boring to watch

    Kendall SmithKendall Smith17 days ago
  • Nascar must be getting more deaperate than a crack head standing on a street corner

    tom hankstom hanks17 days ago
  • Wish this race happened on Sunday when majority of Americans were off work. I would of loved to watch this race live.

    BrandonBrandon18 days ago
  • By the end the track was just a dusty paved back road.

    Dave BanasDave Banas18 days ago
  • Too much asphalt poking out from under the dirt, run it on a true dirt only track next time.

    Dave BanasDave Banas18 days ago
    • Yes, of course, concrete track, it just seemed to me that a true all dirt track might have been better.

      Dave BanasDave Banas17 days ago
    • Bristol is a concrete track, and there was two feet of dirt packed over that concrete. The pit lane is asphalt, and they didn't cover it.

      Matt ThackerMatt Thacker17 days ago
  • Kind of interesting that at the Daytona road course last summer, nascar wouldn't let anybody do any testing or run any other series' race, but for this race drivers could race whatever races they wanted to.

    Alex WeltmannAlex Weltmann18 days ago
  • That was a cool race, Hailie Deegan holding her own against the Cup drivers.........

    sc1212ablesc1212able18 days ago
  • I wanna see how they clean up this racetrack

    Nick OsunaNick Osuna18 days ago
  • 😁 19 then. 22 Logano good race to all that nice

    Joaquin CorzoJoaquin Corzo18 days ago
  • Why nobody crying a cup driver is racing and winning truck races.....Or do we just do that why KB...lul

    BlueMax717BlueMax71718 days ago
  • Been awhile since I could say this watching NASCAR...that was amazing lol

    sean rolandsean roland18 days ago
  • When did this happen?

    Racer RayRacer Ray18 days ago
  • Bristol... who would have thought that dirt would make the bottom viable again ;)

    Corey WhartonCorey Wharton18 days ago
  • How exactly did they turn Bristol into a dirt track? Tear up the surface completely?

    The MoonThe Moon18 days ago
    • @The Moon Less than a stadium motorcross build.

      ExternalInputsExternalInputs17 days ago
    • @The Moon they have a video showing how the did it on the nascar channel

      sevenseven17 days ago
    • @David Smith that's a lot of dirt to haul.

      The MoonThe Moon18 days ago
    • They put down a few inches of sawdust, then hauled in about 2000 dump truck loads of dirt.

      David SmithDavid Smith18 days ago
  • Not sure why they get spotters, whos idea was it to leave the windshields in the cars, and for the love of god i would not wanna be in p 40 at the start. Great idea but definitely some ironing out to do. Also, why make bristol dirt, why not just pick one of the many dirt tracks across the nation that could handle the higher tier race cars?

    Ethan GEthan G18 days ago
  • Just announced during cup race they're doing it again next spring race, dirt!

    Davi ClarDavi Clar18 days ago
    • @H4B5 is there a dirt track out there with all the amenities like a Bristol? No.

      Davi ClarDavi Clar10 days ago
    • They should do it on a old real dirt track

      H4B5H4B510 days ago
    • 😥😔😟🙁

      Zach GoebelerZach Goebeler17 days ago
  • They never should have ran that truck race before the Cup race. The cup cars should have ran first. The race was so dusty you can't even see it on television.

    chris davischris davis18 days ago
  • ทรัพยากรทุกชาติต่างคนต่างมีดี ผู้นำใครว่าไม่สำคัญผู้นำดีมีแต่เจริญประเทศ ถ้าผู้นำโจรต่อให้ทรัพยากรมากมายมันก็หมดทันตาเห็น น่ากลัวอำนาจที่เห็นแก่ตัวทุกโอ้กาสไม่แบ่งปั่นใครอำนาจจะทำอะไรก็ได้ๆม่ผิด ตัวอย่างมีมากมายพวกได้แต่กู้กับกู้และกู้รัฐธรรมนูญฉีกได้ก็กู้อีกใครจะทำไมกูเป็นแต่กู้ คำกู้จะกี่ล้านๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆสันดานโจรมันจ่ายเก่งสามวันก็หมด คนมีอำนาจมันสำคัญใครตรวจสอบมีแต่ผิด สักบาทไม่มีงบกลางระบบส่วนตัวหมด เมื่อคนตั้งใจมาปล้นชาติประชาชนสมคำรีดไถ่ความจนถึงจนทุกหนทาง เมื่อคิคจะเป็นผู้นำจะเป็นทำไมทุกความเดือดร้อนของปวงประชาตั้งหน้าคำขอทาน แทนผู้คนจะพึงพาผู้นำกลับต้องพึงพากันเองคำพาโรงคนไทยย่อมไม่ทิ้งกัน กษัตริย์ไทยรำรวยที่สุดในโลกแต่ประชาชนกำลังจะตงจนที่สุดของโลกถึงฟ้ากับเหวมีจริงชาติแผ่นดินเดียวกัน55555

    วิโรจน์ พลเจริญวิโรจน์ พลเจริญ18 days ago
  • This looks terrifying! Also beautiful!

    Anthony And The MachineAnthony And The Machine18 days ago
  • Decisions....go to work to pay the bills...or miss work don’t get paid to watch this race? Thanks NAS🤡s.....

    William JamesWilliam James18 days ago
  • NASCAR!!!! Hey stupids! Ya know, years ago Jeff Gordon on his 18th birthday,won the National midget championship on the then world's fastest 1/2 mile dirt track! . The Belleville High Banks! Can you say CLAY!!!!!!!!!! WTF did you raid a sandbox! Village idiots!

    Off GridOff Grid18 days ago
  • Fun to play in the dirt again.

    Richard StanleyRichard Stanley18 days ago
  • This is the biggest cluster f ck nascarever hatched what a wast of time iam out

    Gavin ChurchGavin Church18 days ago
  • Brilliant idea Nascar

    Teufel HundenTeufel Hunden18 days ago
  • The best Eldora

    IvanIvan18 days ago
  • I am really liking these dirt races.

    matt dyermatt dyer18 days ago
  • After watching outlaw sprint cars this seems way too tame

    Robert SmithRobert Smith18 days ago
  • Dirt changed nothing

    skeleguns 10,ooo,oooskeleguns 10,ooo,ooo18 days ago
  • Now THAT'S a NASCAR race! They may be on to something, here.

    Mike MeyerMike Meyer18 days ago
  • It's kind of reminiscent of Bristol before the cut-down banks, lights, and concrete killed all of the challenge the track provided.

    N. WarnerN. Warner18 days ago
    • Lights lol

      Cory90Cory9018 days ago
  • lindo vídeo

    Antonio NascimentoAntonio Nascimento18 days ago
  • Never heard of this Martin Truex Jr guy but if he keeps dominating like this in Trucks, no doubt he'll get a solid cup ride in the next few years!

    PugsNotDrugs4PugsNotDrugs418 days ago
    • Has a championship in cup. Welcome to BLM's nascar.

      MEC4LIFE SmileyMEC4LIFE Smiley17 days ago
    • @Darren Jervis ok

      PugsNotDrugs4PugsNotDrugs417 days ago
    • Good day fishing 🎣

      Darren JervisDarren Jervis17 days ago
    • Love that

      Zach GoebelerZach Goebeler17 days ago
    • @Brayden Wagner WHOOSH

      Matt ThackerMatt Thacker17 days ago
  • The true Monster Truck race 💪👍

    Dennis WilDennis Wil18 days ago
  • Again what's the point of cup drivers in the field with up and coming truck series drivers tbh

    MrRozzi20MrRozzi2018 days ago
    • None

      Zach GoebelerZach Goebeler17 days ago
  • Some replays would be nice. Worst highlights videos on USworlds...

    Steve WullaertSteve Wullaert18 days ago
  • I’m so close to wanting to watch nascar again 3 years of watching Dale Sr and watching Kevin Harvick into 2010’s. But with the stages and playoffs I just can’t see it happening. I miss the Sunday afternoons of me and my dad falling over each other at the tv in 2000 while dale sliced up the pack in 6 laps my dad mad because he hated him me ecstatic because I loved him. NASCAR just doesn’t have that anymore

    Rabid RabbitRabid Rabbit18 days ago
    • @N. Warner nearly every young nascar driver have the personality of a brick

      Clatthew 42Clatthew 4218 days ago
    • So true. NASCAR today is "do you root for this boring dude, or that boring dude?"

      N. WarnerN. Warner18 days ago
  • Honestly it's awesome to see these type of racing now in days.

    HoxtonHijiriharaHoxtonHijirihara18 days ago
  • I thought it was a pretty good race, especially after all that rain, track crew did a good job.

    Greg SimonGreg Simon18 days ago
  • Truex is such a chad he doesn't need dirt experience to win

    Zenon 45Zenon 4518 days ago
  • Let see if he can do it again for tonight race

    Steven HartSteven Hart18 days ago
  • I can't tell if you guys are being sarcastic or not? Tons of cautions, very few lead changes and a run away winner... definitely not a good race!

    David StevensDavid Stevens18 days ago
  • How is friesan not better than he is,, I see him every weekend running a big block and just destroying ppl and then in the truck he never does anything.. It makes me mad af cuz that's my driver

    Craig SmithCraig Smith18 days ago
    • Because he never gets to run trucks every week. He’s done more laps than anyone can count on dirt.

      J BevillJ Bevill18 days ago
  • Cool to see Truex get his first career Truck win. Keep an eye on him, he could be the next big thing in nascar.

    jacob1776usjacob1776us18 days ago
    • yeah, he's a sensational rookie.

      AstraflyAstrafly18 days ago
  • I wonder how the fans loved their faces full of dirt!

    wysetech2000wysetech200018 days ago
    • Loved every second of it going again next year

      stephin prestwichstephin prestwich18 days ago
  • Does anyone know if live on TV ? COX COMMUNICATIONS NORTHEAST

    J RJ R18 days ago
    • This race was over hours ago......know how to use google? Or nascar's website? Or have basic problem solving skills?

      Nathan N2Nathan N218 days ago
  • Nascar not calling a caution with the 56 going dangerously slow is moronic. Nascar is mostly responsible for the wreck.

    Jonathan_WJonathan_W18 days ago
  • Great job Martin

    Terry KlineTerry Kline18 days ago
  • Camping World Truck Series At.Bristol

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey18 days ago
  • Truex windshield stayed pretty clean. Seems to help...I bet he runs good in the cup race as well.

    Cory SmithCory Smith18 days ago
    • Leading all day will help that I guess 😂

      Cory SmithCory Smith18 days ago
  • MTJ won in Truck race, which means he won't win in NCS race.

    SergeantSergeant18 days ago
  • when you see a truck slowed for no reason put a yellow out you nascar made a crash on that track today and i think all drivers should boy cot you and leave and if they ware real drivers they would

    News Now Tammy Lynn LynnNews Now Tammy Lynn Lynn18 days ago
  • i really hate to here ppl that never drove a dirt track trying to tell ppl about a dirt track when they wished they knew something about a dirt track and dont know nothing about a dirt track so you all calling a race and dont know what there talking about shut the heck up thank you and nascar get some one that knows dirt tracks to talk about them if they dont know about them and as you can see it had nothing to do with tiers truex is just that much better of a driver thats what dirt dose over any other serface

    News Now Tammy Lynn LynnNews Now Tammy Lynn Lynn18 days ago
  • Next step: Watkins Dirt Track

    Peter BurrellPeter Burrell18 days ago
    • Now that would be a site to see. Drop the green flag, and every single vehicle just drive straight off turn 1 into the wall.

      N. WarnerN. Warner18 days ago
  • Lmao make this the top comment so it doesnt spoil it for anyone

    Cam WalshCam Walsh18 days ago
  • Turn right to go left

    spaca sh9rekspaca sh9rek18 days ago
  • Did Sheldon Creed race in Stadium Super Trucks?

    Smeiiy0ctopus _Smeiiy0ctopus _18 days ago
  • Truex had a good ride in The Kings Truck.

    James KJames K18 days ago
  • Jen Jo Cobb with a good run but heartbreaking that she can't finish the race

    Kyle KrauseKyle Krause18 days ago
    • @Zach Goebeler also this year she's been a slow driver too but I don't mind it, it's a small team for her anyway

      Kyle KrauseKyle Krause17 days ago
    • @Zach Goebeler she ran good at the dirt today but she would finish the lead lap if she didn't have an electrical issue

      Kyle KrauseKyle Krause17 days ago
    • Has she ever had a good run besides passing all the wrecked trucks at Daytona?

      Zach GoebelerZach Goebeler17 days ago
    • @blacklisterd no, only said it once

      Kyle KrauseKyle Krause18 days ago
    • Do you just copy & paste this comment every week?

      blacklisterdblacklisterd18 days ago
  • Benning got screwed over, should have never been parked.

    AutorennenAutorennen18 days ago
  • Good Raphaël Lessard finish 3 ......go go la Beauce sur le podium

    Eric LambertEric Lambert18 days ago
  • Congratulations Martin 🏁🇺🇸🏁🇺🇸🏁🇺🇸🏁

    Mikemike 49ersMikemike 49ers18 days ago
  • Martin Trux JR

    Chase SlagterChase Slagter18 days ago
  • surprised that Kyle Bush wasn't running. he likes racing the trucks. Go Joey in the cup race!

    Dark AngelDark Angel18 days ago
    • @stephin prestwich omg when the caution came out he had 4.3 sec lead! those last two laps i was on the edge of my seat! what a race!

      Dark AngelDark Angel18 days ago
    • He won

      stephin prestwichstephin prestwich18 days ago
    • @John Haas ty for that info. i did not know that.

      Dark AngelDark Angel18 days ago
    • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dark AngelDark Angel18 days ago
    • He only can do 5 races and martin wanted to do this race

      John HaasJohn Haas18 days ago
  • This race was fun and insane!

    RonaldBackmarkersFanRonaldBackmarkersFan18 days ago
  • Have they made the track wider for the dirt races?

    Konrad ToneyKonrad Toney18 days ago
    • @Nathan N2 They destroyed it when they cut down the banks.

      N. WarnerN. Warner18 days ago
    • @Nathan N2 nah it just looks like they may have moved the inside walls a bit back 🤣🤣🤣. Dirts playing tricks on my eyes.

      Konrad ToneyKonrad Toney18 days ago
    • No.....they didn't destroy the track, rebuild it to make it wider, then pack it with dirt all in the space of a week... Try doing a little bit of research for is your friend

      Nathan N2Nathan N218 days ago
  • Why was there not a caution for the truck in that Larson accident?

    Jeff JackmanJeff Jackman18 days ago
  • Wait, I thought this was Eldora...

    David FortnerDavid Fortner18 days ago
  • LETS GO TRUEX 🤘🏻🤘🏻

    Jamin BlumJamin Blum18 days ago
  • Im still at Bristol I’m like the only one wearing a napa pit shirt reply if u are watching and can see me

    NASCAR fan 2020NASCAR fan 202018 days ago
    • How is it up there?

      S2 roboticsS2 robotics18 days ago
  • race a couple dusty laps caution race a few more laps caution boring

    Todd MillerTodd Miller18 days ago
    • I’d say you’ll want to make sure you don’t watch the cup race then.

      Bowtie GuyBowtie Guy18 days ago
  • Can't wait for the Cup race!

    UnderbirdUnderbird18 days ago
    • @Subway Cup Series they said it supposed to be 4:00 p.m. EST today but I don't see it on Fox

      DSBOY33DSBOY3318 days ago
    • When is it?

      Subway Cup SeriesSubway Cup Series18 days ago
  • This is so awesome!!!! Real racing!

    Chris LungerChris Lunger18 days ago
  • Truex and Larson finished about opposite of where I expected them.

    BrettMKWBrettMKW18 days ago
    • Right

      stephin prestwichstephin prestwich18 days ago
  • Dang. Now to drop the stage crap !

    Shredxcam22Shredxcam2218 days ago
  • Ooo

    MarcelobskyMarcelobsky18 days ago
  • Stage 1 winner MTJ Stage 2 winner MTJ Stage 3 winner MTJ. Not to mention giving that kid the flag. HELL YEA WAY TO GO CHAMP

    Joseph KellyJoseph Kelly18 days ago
  • who let truex in it he gave no mercy to anyone

    hoe2cool4u jayhoe2cool4u jay18 days ago
    • @Devin C you're right. They do!

      Tylerdigger2020 ProductionsTylerdigger2020 Productions18 days ago
    • @fck you lol they look quite sporty.

      Devin CDevin C18 days ago
    • Kyle Busch Racing truck.

      Davi ClarDavi Clar18 days ago
    • That was his first Truck race in almost 15 years...and he won it!

      Tylerdigger2020 ProductionsTylerdigger2020 Productions18 days ago
  • Soooooo, no video of what started the Larson crash I presume? Or just not wanting to give him much airtime? Excellent work either way.

    TwinSpinnerTwinSpinner18 days ago
    • @TwinSpinner uh, nope. They talk about him often every race. Even spent quite some time discussing his new paint scheme at Vegas. FOX even recorded a commercial break outro with him posing and looking serious in front of flashy lights. But sure, they ignore him and try to avoid talking about him or avoid mentioning him.

      Devin CDevin C18 days ago
    • @Coley Fuqua I certainly do not, but it's noticeable how so far this season if Larson is among any group if drivers, he is the least likely among that group to be mentioned

      TwinSpinnerTwinSpinner18 days ago
    • @Devin C people think he should be treated like a God

      Coley FuquaColey Fuqua18 days ago
    • Airtime? What are you talking about?

      Devin CDevin C18 days ago
  • Ryan Newman did not make it into the truck race

    nascar ryan newman jae Hubbardnascar ryan newman jae Hubbard18 days ago
    • And?

      Nathan N2Nathan N218 days ago
  • Larchoke cant even get a TOP 30 in the truck race. I knew hed get exposed by real compitetion on the dirt but damn... i thought hed atleast get a top 10,and that was for the cup race. Serves him right for trying to stat pad.

    Drsamw PepperDrsamw Pepper18 days ago
    • Who is padding stats? Wins in the lower series aren't reflected in the higher series. Commentators and other morons that try to compare Kyle Busch's stats to Richard Petty's only end up reinforcing just how ridiculously out of reach Petty's stat records are.

      N. WarnerN. Warner18 days ago
    • Well look what Truex Jr. got for trying to stat pad. And Truex actually has a Cup series championship under his belt too.

      Devin CDevin C18 days ago
    • Oh no! Someone that was crashed didn't finish well! How terrible! And if we're talking about "real competition" just continue to ignore the fact he's won in cup already this year, and finished 2nd last week. And does it serve Truex right for stat padding by winning? Pretty sure he's a cup guy too...

      TwinSpinnerTwinSpinner18 days ago
  • Very surprised. Great job MTJ. Think Larson will have a little better equipment this afternoon 😉

    Ben MyattBen Myatt18 days ago
  • Congratulations Martin Truex Jr!!!🏁🏁🏁🏁

    Donny LaneDonny Lane18 days ago
    • That's was awesome dirt race!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍

      Donny LaneDonny Lane18 days ago
  • At least Truex won a race that was exciting

    Nickels NA WestNickels NA West18 days ago
    • Yes it is

      Daren DillDaren Dill18 days ago
  • Martin Truex with the W! an absolutely wild race

    Heccin RavioliHeccin Ravioli18 days ago
  • No

    Ali GreenAli Green18 days ago
  • The safety truck decided to give John hunter the Natalie decker special

    Blueflames24Blueflames2418 days ago
    • @ExternalInputs Idk man, being hot sells. Remember when Sauber cleaned up Tatiana Calderon and was parading her around after she sat in the back of every grid she was ever in? Idk, this has all been in the last decade, culturally these series but for actually F1 itself market themselves pretty similarly. And ultimately I still think it's sad for women in motorsports that your likely to advance faster based on your looks than your pace unless you're hidden deep in the slower categories of sports cart racing where the averagy causal fan generally isn't going to look that hard even if they're still pretty lucrative factor or semi-factor drives.

      willlasdf123willlasdf12315 days ago
    • @willlasdf123 Trying to make comparisons between not only different eras, but different areas of motorsport and different countries is stupid and doesn't prove anything.

      ExternalInputsExternalInputs16 days ago
    • 😂

      stephin prestwichstephin prestwich18 days ago
    • @Jonathan_W Bruh Danica made a career out of that! Completely viable career path: Be reasonably hot, crash, continue to get race winning equipment, repeat. Definitely better than being not that hot, but being talented and having no one care, like Sabine (RIP) with a Nurburing 24 overall win or Katherine Legge with a near miss of the IMSA GTD title

      willlasdf123willlasdf12318 days ago
    • @robert nolastname no I just simply called it a safety truck also that’s the proper name for it everyone says it and nascar refers to it as a safety truck

      Blueflames24Blueflames2418 days ago
  • This race was a snoozefest

    Chandler TingleChandler Tingle18 days ago
    • @Drsamw Pepper I know

      SpencerSpencer18 days ago
    • @Spencer its normal for dirt races.

      Drsamw PepperDrsamw Pepper18 days ago
    • @Drsamw Pepper everyone loves a good ole wreck fest from time to time

      SpencerSpencer18 days ago
    • @Drsamw Pepper yeah that’s what I’m saying 😂

      SpencerSpencer18 days ago
    • It was a shitshow but it was defo not a snoozefest.

      Drsamw PepperDrsamw Pepper18 days ago
  • Derek Kraus with the insane ARCA brakes

    What In Carnation?What In Carnation?18 days ago