Pink Sweat$ - At My Worst (feat. Kehlani) [Official Video]

Mar 24, 2021
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Pink Sweat$ Debut Album "Pink Planet" is Out Now! 💕
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Directed by: @courtneyloo & @davekarp_
Production Company: @thricecooked
Producers: @jamiarceoo @evanthicke
EP: @fordtheboys
Commissioner: @shadehsmith
Product Manager: @gracekimjames
Director of Photography: @franklinspov
Production Design: @mamovernet
Art Direction: @samneidenbach
A&R: @adamjschulz @xcodybwarex
PM: @kelseyy_andersonn
1st AD: Cort Carpenter
2nd AD: @wyattstromer
Floral Artist: @clairefagin
Floral Assistant: @jasongarofolo
Set Dressers: @blak3hilt0n @al0ndra.pdf @jackmassura
Colorist: @mikeypackage
Color Producer: @actuallygoodwin @blacksmithvfx
VFX: @brentenburg
Pink Sweat$ Wardrobe: @boyslie @kidsuper
Kehlani Stylist: @jasonrembert
Kehlani Makeup: @patrickta
1st AC A: @acheung_
1st AC B: @mitch_be_cool
2nd AC: @brooke_muellerrrr
Steadicam: @steadistanke
Jib Op: @limitlessnow
DMX Op: @chris.van.lieshout
Light Design: @specialpurposelightingandgrip
Gaffer: @glowingambersproductions
Key Grip: @helloitskip
Grip: @danjobo @cibrah
BBE: @tayhudd41
Electric: Ben Perez
BBG: Zachary White
PAs: @kaziahthorn @saaam_thurmon @21maxsavage, @cheapchepe
Picture Car: @seoulonsixth
Locations: @thebeehive_la @jonnystiegler @nelsinhocury
BTS: @macksimo
Covid Officer: Ricky Burrum
#AtMyWorst​ #Kehlani

  • Grt song... i been listening many more time awesome ......🇮🇳

  • Jungkook led me here..this a bop!!

    breezy babe001breezy babe00123 minutes ago
  • Exactly, I need somebody who can love me at my worst. Best song ever in 2021 .

    Atsolen KeorAtsolen Keor27 minutes ago
  • Kehlani ❤️

  • I’ve got nobody to think about when I hear this, but it’s nice to hear

    Panashe JoyPanashe JoyHour ago
  • idk but this mv gives me comfort

    Jann MWJann MWHour ago
  • Mantap suara .

    Anizah UsmanAnizah UsmanHour ago
  • 🔥

    Garnet The Meister MusicGarnet The Meister MusicHour ago
  • His voicee❤️❤️❤️

    Krishanu BanikKrishanu BanikHour ago
  • Oh gosh i am listening the since three days continuously

    Siddhant Singh SainthwarSiddhant Singh Sainthwar2 hours ago
  • wow this vid is stunning! perfection.

    JordenJorden2 hours ago
  • Waiting for somebody who can love at my worst💙💙

    Krisha JoyKrisha Joy2 hours ago
  • Can't stop play this song 🥰

    SylviaSylvia2 hours ago
  • Perfect for a Wedding Day! 💒✨

    Noaclue ArtsNoaclue Arts2 hours ago
  • I came here for the music and the Doritos 2:17

    Izabelle Maria CamcamIzabelle Maria Camcam3 hours ago
  • this song was love at first listen. rip to my reply button.

    Tyra BanksTyra Banks3 hours ago
  • I love it

    Long HồngLong Hồng4 hours ago
  • Black girl with beards and beautiful girl

    Eastern Nepal SandakpurEastern Nepal Sandakpur4 hours ago
  • two thumbz up for this muzic!

    Nicole EullaranNicole Eullaran4 hours ago
    • This is so refreshing of a song Omygossshhh a vibe

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt2 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥

    Raz ThisRaz This4 hours ago
    • Disclaimer : The song is very addicting 💖🌠

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt2 hours ago
  • Sing my baby, love me at my worst.

    Nickole HarrisNickole Harris4 hours ago
  • Beautiful song in one of my repeat list❤️❤️❤️

    SaNju_ AyaanSaNju_ Ayaan5 hours ago
  • Vibes ohhhhhhhhh

  • this is peace

    yashi katyalyashi katyal5 hours ago
  • I found da song 🤣🤣

    Bro BarBro Bar5 hours ago
  • i really like part of Kehlani

    The Poor ChannelThe Poor Channel6 hours ago
  • Everyone who reads this, we don't know each other and probably never will but I wish you all the best in life and all the luck in the world 🤍🤍 🍀🍀

    Relaxation and MeditationRelaxation and Meditation6 hours ago
  • Kehlani looks beautiful

    Muhammad RifqiMuhammad Rifqi7 hours ago
  • Just literally find this song and BLAST all volume up! This is my new favorite new love song🤞🏻😭💜

    BloodyMatey13 XBloodyMatey13 X7 hours ago
  • I played this song more than hundred times i love it

    Emma MacarthyEmma Macarthy8 hours ago
  • Repeat 🔁

    Lucy JucyLucy Jucy8 hours ago
  • Que música linda! Me apaixonei❤❤🙏

    Vicky SeabraVicky Seabra9 hours ago
  • Disclaimer : The song is very addicting 💖🌠

    Ayesha NazAyesha Naz10 hours ago
  • This is so refreshing of a song Omygossshhh a vibe

    Danii BabiiDanii Babii11 hours ago
  • This song has been in my head for days😍💖💖💖💗💗

    Kacey-Ann MoodieKacey-Ann Moodie11 hours ago
  • My new favourite

    cookie clairecookie claire12 hours ago
  • Love the spring floral imagery in this

    S KS K12 hours ago
  • This video is so adorably soft and I love it

    Olivia de la CruzOlivia de la Cruz12 hours ago
  • Pink is on fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Hango HangoHango Hango13 hours ago
  • most beautiful song in 2021 till now.

    Shane BondShane Bond13 hours ago
  • Every lyric describes my boyfriend.

    Dnoces EfilDnoces Efil14 hours ago
  • I could listen to this all day; everyday.

    zoe weibelzoe weibel14 hours ago
  • So fresh and true sometimes it's better to know the person at his worst

    Yannick MeunierYannick Meunier15 hours ago
  • bro this gives me flashbacks of sm1

    danadana15 hours ago
  • After 15 years my son will play this song and my eyes will bring out a tears ❤️🥺

    QBEL KUKIQBEL KUKI16 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥

    FL-GamerFL-Gamer16 hours ago
  • kelani looks df goodt!!

    WatchReshedaWatchResheda16 hours ago
  • I feel the same for my family

    Eta MetuangaroEta Metuangaro17 hours ago
  • Can I call you baby? Can you be my friend? Can you be my lover up until the very end? Let me show you love, oh, I don't pretend Stick by my side even when the world is givin' in, yeah Oh, oh, oh, don't Don't you worry I'll be there, whenever you want me I need somebody who can love me at my worst No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth 'Cause it's only you, nobody new, I put you first And for you, girl, I swear I'll do the worst If you stay forever, let me hold your hand I can fill those places in your heart no else can Let me show you love, oh, I don't pretend, yeah I'll be right here, baby, you know I'll sink or swim Oh, oh, oh, don't Don't you worry I'll be there, whenever you want me I need somebody who can love me at my worst No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth, yeah 'Cause it's only you, nobody new, I put you first (put you first) And for you, girl, I swear I'll do the worst I need somebody who can love me at my worst No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth 'Cause it's only you, nobody new, I put you first And for you, girl, I swear I'll do the worst

    Red DotRed Dot18 hours ago
  • that doritos bag had its time to shine

    ShayShay18 hours ago
  • whenever this plays... me and my partner always gets up and starts vibing and dancin. This song is underrated.

    Just Jas GalauraJust Jas Galaura18 hours ago
  • 💗💗💗💗💗

    Mustapha Abed BoudadiMustapha Abed Boudadi19 hours ago
  • really like your hair

    Xuan Ting WangXuan Ting Wang19 hours ago
  • Pink is your favorite, Just kidding 🤣🤣

    Pranay NarvariyaPranay Narvariya19 hours ago
  • My all time fav song whenever i listen this song i miss my non existed boyfriend lol

    simran karkisimran karki19 hours ago
  • *real men wear pink*

    shecutieshecutie20 hours ago
  • Omg im addicted

    samadhi kaushalyasamadhi kaushalya20 hours ago
  • Such a lovely and relaxing song

    Prithesh SharanPrithesh Sharan20 hours ago
  • Beautiful song 💙

    PRINCE VlogsPRINCE Vlogs21 hour ago
  • This song reminds me of her :(

    Prajwol KhatriPrajwol Khatri21 hour ago
  • Kehlani is the real beauty😍😍😍😍

    Warren ValenciaWarren Valencia22 hours ago
  • Such an awesome song! Heard it accidentally today .. but it’s such a Beautiful Mistake! 😍❤️

    SuperRiya16SuperRiya1622 hours ago
  • Nice!

    Marshall BonepezMarshall Bonepez22 hours ago
  • Soooo... beautiful.....❤️❤️❤️❤️

    hema keerthihema keerthi22 hours ago
  • Omg the vdio is soo cutee😍😍😍

    sakshi saluriyasakshi saluriya22 hours ago
  • Come Here, because FYP On tik tok 😁

    Putra SyahputraPutra Syahputra23 hours ago
    • Good song but wtf is up with these new artists and they finger nail bruh.

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt22 hours ago
  • What a cute song!!!!

    wulanwulanDay ago
    • what happened to the chinese girl ?

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuyt22 hours ago
  • Love from India🇮🇳

    W ʀ ʟ ᴅ 19シW ʀ ʟ ᴅ 19シDay ago
  • I love this song

    Jeremy NjengaJeremy NjengaDay ago
  • I need someone to love me at my worst and see my worth.But all I got is myself.I wipe my own tears.I keep quiet on mean things and childhood traumas that still haunts me.Do my work timely without showing drama or tantrums or mood offs because I know no-one will adhere that from me instead it will go vise versa.I am introvert so that's another reason I can't go out and try to mingle with others because that makes me feel exhausted.In-short I am living quietly with so much of problems yet I am praying for someone to love me with my problems.

    as khjas khjDay ago
    • Hey there! I hope you feel better soon 💖

      SuperRiya16SuperRiya1622 hours ago
  • I found someone who loves me at my worst ugh I love u Luis Hernandez forever ❤️😘

    raveen cannonraveen cannonDay ago
  • Ugh love this song ❤️

    raveen cannonraveen cannonDay ago

    Harish ThakurHarish ThakurDay ago
  • Super Song

    Lymku BaiteLymku BaiteDay ago
  • This is a vibe 🤘🏼

    Derreck JosephDerreck JosephDay ago
  • I more than taken head over heels in love with song ❤❤❤

    Melisa ChegeMelisa ChegeDay ago
  • Good vibes🔥🔥🔥

    Michael Philip GeronaMichael Philip GeronaDay ago
  • This is cute af And I need his pink hoodie:; is that a maid on the back omg i need

    maggyxchuumaggyxchuuDay ago
  • Cute nyaa rambut dia. Ikat tocang pula kiri kanan lg 😍😍 tomey je

    strtwithFstrtwithFDay ago
  • what happened to the chinese girl ?

    Andreas TAndreas TDay ago
  • Good song but wtf is up with these new artists and they finger nail bruh.

    Lai SaeternLai SaeternDay ago
  • I am proud of you

  • I love you so much idol🥺

    Share life experiencesShare life experiencesDay ago
  • I just accidentally clicked this vid and at the start of the vid playing, I fell in love with it immediately.

    channelnutPigchannelnutPigDay ago
  • Essa música é tão maravilhosa a kelhani é tão maravilhosa que vocal incrível um feat de Respeito Kelhani nunca erra que vibe merecia todo stream 🥺

    Christian EullerChristian EullerDay ago

    Nurul KhaliesahNurul KhaliesahDay ago
  • mans hair lookin like a 6 year old #Sharethelove #Sharersquad

    Taebin KimTaebin KimDay ago
  • O so cool

    khushima Travels and Digital Photo Studiokhushima Travels and Digital Photo StudioDay ago
  • you made my day bro❤️ mood 100% good vibes

    Jras Paul SagunJras Paul SagunDay ago
  • I can see myself listening to this in a night drive 🥰

    Star Of WisdomStar Of WisdomDay ago
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    Daniel AdegokeDaniel AdegokeDay ago
  • Yesss!!!

    Kei GarlandKei GarlandDay ago
  • It's the flower bouquet exchange for me

    Dhayramaris AlleeDhayramaris AlleeDay ago
  • Love love peace peace. Just a lovely song beutifull lyrics. Masterpiece. Thanks for this beutifull song.

    sveinn nökkvisveinn nökkviDay ago
  • but why are songs always about LOVE, can you find a new object for your next song maybe you will get a lot of views

    Orphee DoulyazalOrphee DoulyazalDay ago
  • but why are songs always about LOVE, can you find a new object for your next song maybe you will get a lot of views

    Orphee DoulyazalOrphee DoulyazalDay ago
  • but why are all the songs always about love can you find a new object for a song maybe you will get really big views

    Orphee DoulyazalOrphee DoulyazalDay ago
  • i respect your emotions, you are a real someone who cares

    Orphee DoulyazalOrphee DoulyazalDay ago
  • กูคิดว่าพี่พิมรี่พราย☺️

    Mild PhikunthongMild PhikunthongDay ago
  • I love everything about it 🥺💖💖💐

    X OXOX OXODay ago