✨Pick-A-Star✨ Where Is Your Luck About To Change For The Better?

Feb 20, 2021
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1st Star: 0:35
2nd Star: 16:19
3rd Star: 31:17
4th Star: 47:51
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  • 37:15 been seeing a BUNCH of hawks for weeks now

    keyyon bushkeyyon bush22 hours ago
  • #1&3 I have 12th house stellium . Definitely unlucky and many restrcitions even in friendships etc . Life push you to live alone in 12th house .

    #Buse#BuseDay ago
  • #4

    The OneThe OneDay ago
  • 4 thank you thank you thank you resonated so hard

    layla birkslayla birks2 days ago
  • Pile #2 was perfect for me and exactly how I am feeling! GROWTH! END OF A CYCLE. YES! WELCOME THE NEW. YES! Thank you honey. Hope your little baby is doing well. I would love to see pictures of her now, she is so precious. Bless you, her and your entire family. Much love! XOXO

    Sonia ArcherSonia Archer2 days ago
  • #3. On my Instagram ZAKK WYLDE liked and commented on two of my vids of me playing guitar

    Tytan TyphlosionTytan Typhlosion2 days ago
  • 1.Deste 🥰❤️ teşekkür ederim

    Maça KızıMaça Kızı3 days ago
  • Pile 4! I am grateful to know I won’t have to keep getting betrayed or having to watch my back constantly. Also, looking forward to the new energies. Thank you very much, Dee! You are a fantastic reader.

    Shelley WatkinsShelley Watkins4 days ago
  • #4 really resonated with me. I have made some changes recently, plus Spring is right around the corner!! Spring always excites me! New life, new beginnings, lovely flowers, everything starting to bloom! To me it's an exciting time of the year! You talked about the well being poisoned, that really hit me. I had been having trouble with a small group of middle-aged women bullies at work. I was telling a friend that these people were talking shit about me to others, especially new people coming in, and how they were poisoning my well. And then you mentioned the same thing! New season, new changes!! Thank you!

    Judith ChambersJudith Chambers4 days ago
  • #️⃣4️⃣

    chruzhe 16chruzhe 164 days ago
  • the time stamps are not available

    wanda mcgannwanda mcgann5 days ago
  • I am mesmerised! Thank you 🌺

    Lucia UhrinovaLucia Uhrinova5 days ago
  • #4...Fifth house...Family You Hit ♥️😪...Prayers strength, faith...I just give it to Divine timing. Been a Bull that never look back. ENOUGH decided. Moving forward...Happy Ox Year.

    Livluvlaugh DiazLivluvlaugh Diaz5 days ago
  • 1,2,3 & 4.. 1 ..Living NOW ...shedding. 2. Noted 3. I'm Smiling Notes; The Cards (Animals is Not a coincidence energy). Creating animals stoned ... animals always came to me ever since I was little in my backyard they come to me

    Livluvlaugh DiazLivluvlaugh Diaz5 days ago
  • Forgiveness is to break free and heal yourself 💜🌈💛✨💕Thankyou for that! 💜

    donna sparkledonna sparkle5 days ago
  • #1. Everything resonated in this pile for me. Can’t wait for the blessings Spirit has in store for me! Thank you so much! 🤍✨

    Doodles and DesignsDoodles and Designs5 days ago
  • Thank You!!❤️

    Priscilla HoffmannPriscilla Hoffmann6 days ago
  • Yeeees!!! Num 1

    Priscilla HoffmannPriscilla Hoffmann6 days ago
  • This doesn't apply to me lol

    A HanifA Hanif6 days ago
  • Pile #3...... This made so much sense from feeling down and depressed to my spiritual journey . When you pulled the dragonfly card, my heart stoped bc it reminds me of my beloved brother that I lost 4 months ago, he sends me msgs in some ways. Thank you , you’re amazing 💕❤️

    Ana CunhaAna Cunha6 days ago
  • If By Chance You See this Message... I'd Be So Humbled for a Private Read. I'm unaware of how to Reach You to inquire about such a Blessing. K, Thank You Always

    Truth_Seeker22Truth_Seeker226 days ago
  • No. 2card.Thanks,for this beautiful readg.🙏That it's time for me 2 take rewards,of my past hard work.😊Bright future U see for me, that's great.I hv forgiven all who hv troubled me in past,forgiven myself,as well.As,long as,now,they dnt interfer in my life again.I dnt hv any guilt of past.As,evil people, had done black magic on me, why? I wl feel guilty.As,though theses jealous people in the middle troubled me,but my western suporters,my suporters,fm here/India,as well wr with me.💕Guess? That's the reason, I got so much experiences,as I was at a time related with Media,Politics, creative fd/music fd,bse of Ricky$cricket fd/bse of Aussie. That in past,physically only, I was at home,or in India,but by mind/brain,I was workg with the World. By phone,whole world was with me.My Ricky,as well. So, comunicatg all of them,attimes my energy would get drained.It's only Bolywod fa'ble, relvs,tukade gang, in the middle,were takg profit,fm my contacts,so now, I want my credit,fm all the fields,I was related.As, 24hrs, 2get profit, my Bolywod side relatives, were 24hrs, keepg watch on me$tellg the world abt me.So,Behind the scenes,like a Celebrity, or VIP person, I was treated.Trump wr respectg my Political words.But,I was not given the credit, so that credit, I am going 2take. Just wedg some1$sitg home as a house-wife cookg for my husband is not my life,my dream.I am free bird.💃🧚‍♀ Thank-U 🙏Angels$ Guides,2tell me,that Universe is with me.🤗I am lucky.💕Thanks dear, 💖for this positive readg.💕 🌄

    Sanika PadalikarSanika Padalikar7 days ago
  • For number four reading, does happiness happen with a new location or can it still happen where I find myself? Just wondering!

    Filippa LeoneFilippa Leone7 days ago
  • The reading of number four star captures the state of my mind and affairs so accurately. The future should be, too! Hope I am done drinking from a poisonous well! Woah!! Sending you love and light as well! 💞🌟

    Filippa LeoneFilippa Leone7 days ago
  • Hi

    ilianaa darmoukilianaa darmouk7 days ago
  • Pile 3

    ilianaa darmoukilianaa darmouk7 days ago
  • Pile 2 - literally so spot on.

    McKinley NielsonMcKinley Nielson7 days ago
  • Pile 3 thanks a lot.i need it in all my life situation.gratitude

    Priyanka KhujePriyanka Khuje7 days ago
  • I couldn’t decide between 1-3 so I listened to all three and I am happy that I did. All of the things that I have been manifesting for some time were in each pile.

    Lady GirlLady Girl7 days ago
  • Third star thank you so much.💜🕊

    Sandrah BradleySandrah Bradley7 days ago
  • Thank you so much for your reading 🌹🌞🌚 Happy Snow Moon😁

    meme7 days ago
  • Pile 2

    Samuel OmozusiSamuel Omozusi8 days ago
  • Confirmation for pile 3! My own tarot deck said the same. I love your videos ♥️

    Elizabeth PeakElizabeth Peak8 days ago
  • This was so pleasant. Thank u💖💖💖

    Sandra A QUEENSandra A QUEEN8 days ago
  • #4 😁

    SarebearSarebear8 days ago
  • Thank you. 💕💕💕

    TheCarolynroseTheCarolynrose8 days ago
  • Star 3.....thank you thank you thank you

    nija babynija baby9 days ago
  • I'm most pumped about the fact that I'm gonna moooooooooooooove! 🙌⚡🌈🤘💃🥳 Pile 1&4

    HontreeHontree9 days ago
  • Thank you dee! Just applied for an apartment! Life changes right now. Thanks for the messages

    ashley roblesashley robles9 days ago
  • Been hearing you gonna move and get a new start, via a new job since last november. I have done all kinds of work since I did want to move. Nothing happen until now, only repetitive rejection from companies lol.

    Michelle AngMichelle Ang9 days ago
  • Pile 4 was such a RELIEF and the messages I needed so desperately after several rough years of struggling. Thank you, Dee❣❣ P.S. I swear I have a connection to your Cats...especially Jinx, so it didn't surprise me that they came in once again 😻💕😻❣❣

    Lula's Labyrinth and the Starseed Panda TribeLula's Labyrinth and the Starseed Panda Tribe9 days ago
  • Interesting. I’m in my 12 house profection year and that house is sag and ruled by Jupiter and honestly I’m m just ready for my life and energy to start to move in a positive direction. I’m tired of feeling down or more so alone

    MiriamMiriam9 days ago
  • 👏🏽 awesome! You’re incredible in reading . You are my favorite in card reading coz you explained everything 😊

    Maridel HarlowMaridel Harlow9 days ago
  • fourth star, thank you

    DaisyBear ForeverDaisyBear Forever9 days ago
  • Star #2 I’m HOPING it’s in my Finances??🤗 Karmic cycle FINISHED..exactly correct!! I was extremely naive!!🤦‍♀️Thinking that HE was still the same person!! So Darn NAIVE!! I broke my OWN heart, really🤷‍♀️Yes, he definitely made me feel like I meant nothing to him at ALL!!

    MargaretMargaret9 days ago
  • Thx for pile 4!

    R CR C9 days ago
  • #1 💖💖

    BastBast9 days ago
  • Tyblu xoxo 😘 💖

    tonedefhimfantonedefhimfan9 days ago
  • Oh my god.....Just resonated with everything. So much Gratitude. Lots of Love.

    pooja lakhotepooja lakhote9 days ago
  • I originally picked the 3rd star but with recent shifting picked the 4th star and it is spot on. I claim star #4!😇💗 Your readings are always filled with love and healing-blessings Dee!🤗💕💕💕

    Christine LeitnerChristine Leitner10 days ago
  • Pile #2 I squealed when I saw the black panther- I've been connecting with that animal for a long while!!

    Kat KrolKat Krol10 days ago
  • Thank you So much!💗

    Hazan S.Hazan S.10 days ago
  • Thank you!

    Samantha PlattSamantha Platt10 days ago
  • Thank you hunni 😘I chose no 3 and 4 ,yesss happiness 💖coming 🌟🦋😁xxx

    chinamoon 33chinamoon 3310 days ago
  • P3. Feb 25. Thx

    A CarunaratneA Carunaratne10 days ago
  • Beautiful thanks x

    Rosaleen MaherRosaleen Maher10 days ago
  • #3 was beautiful. Thank you 💖

    Dani FDani F10 days ago
  • So spot on

    JoJo10 days ago
  • I pik 4# and always when I'm hearing your readings I feel like you are reading just about me and my situation, everything resonate with me 95 %, thanks for this lovely messages and God bless you 🙏 I am sending you a lot of love and light 🙏 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    katerina donevskakaterina donevska10 days ago
  • Thank u very much for your lovely reading file no 3.

    ramanan SNramanan SN11 days ago
  • 4. It’s so funny while watching this, I was venting out to my friend that my life nowadays is so boring that I’m almost making troubles entertaining myself 😂

    Ami ParkAmi Park11 days ago
  • I picked group 4 and I was thinking how I wanted to feel excited for the day after I woke up this morning. Thank you ❤

    Hello GorgeousHello Gorgeous11 days ago
  • Thanks i needed this this morning 🙏🌈

    Carla CorsiniCarla Corsini11 days ago
  • Pile 2 absolutely resonates. Thank you Dee xxx

    tetley790tetley79011 days ago
  • 4

    squalloogalsqualloogal11 days ago
  • #1 Lessons are Blessings, Eternal Flame Journey, separation is but an illusion and just not right, I will be back together with my Eternal Twin! Thank You D xoxoxo From my heart to yours! Purely, Leslie

    Leslie CunliffeLeslie Cunliffe11 days ago
  • Thank you so much 🥰

    Lesala MampaLesala Mampa11 days ago
  • #3 this makes a lot of sense especially with the feeling down and out about love and not feeling confident sometimes.

    ColipopkolaColipopkola11 days ago
  • Pile 3. Great reading ! I open for abundance, received and accepted. Thank you Thank you Thank you 🙏🙏🙏🥰⭐️🌺🌈

    C LovelyC Lovely11 days ago
  • beautiful, thank you!

    Autumn DhaliwalAutumn Dhaliwal11 days ago
  • #2 yes i need to forgive myself !

    SandraSandra11 days ago
  • #2 resinated very much realizing the last relationship wasn't worth staying in. I went from sadness to optimism and joy.

    Rebecca PaquetteRebecca Paquette11 days ago
  • Pile 2 and Yes.. Yup Yep.. thanks..

    Barbara Hill-CisseBarbara Hill-Cisse11 days ago
  • I am ready to receive, I am ready to move, I am ready for the new energy, I am ready for my new beginning, I WAS BORN READYYY🌞🌞🌞

    lovelove11 days ago
  • This is great thank u

    H SmikleH Smikle11 days ago
  • Ty for the Lovely reading ..... Pile 4

    Nikitha ChandraNikitha Chandra12 days ago
  • I LOVE when your kitties 🐈‍⬛ 🐈 show up!! So cute ❤️♥️❤️

    Waking Up With RandinaWaking Up With Randina12 days ago
  • Love you! Thank you 😊

    Rachel HughesRachel Hughes12 days ago
  • The worst is behind me and the best is yet to come. I absolutely love that

    Priscilla Leslie RuizPriscilla Leslie Ruiz12 days ago
  • I picked pile 3 and someone did recently make their romantic attentions known, but I’m not interested at all. I’m more concerned with finances and getting noticed for my work. And romantically getting noticed by someone I’m actually attracted to.

    Nicole GarciaNicole Garcia12 days ago
  • Pile 2 is spot on! Did anyone else notice the shadow of the flower on the Regret card looks like Gabriel blowing his horn, aka, Judgment. Proof for me that this situation was divinely guided. ❤️

    Nisha HallNisha Hall12 days ago
  • Star 3: New Relationship and all my readings keep saying someone is stalking me or watching me CREEPY just shoot your shot buddy

    Jazmine JonesJazmine Jones12 days ago
  • #3 ✨💫🌠 THX U

    PhilosophyPhilosophy12 days ago
  • Star 2 ! Thank you for the lovely reading !! I'm claiming all of the blessings that are coming my way . God bless you ! 🙏❤

    Nilakshi SarmaNilakshi Sarma12 days ago
  • Love the set up on this one Dee! xx

    BellaBella12 days ago
  • Pile 1. TOTALLY resonated. I am hurting so much coz I'm waiting for my dm to reach out. He is still shutting me out. And I feel so lost. I hope he communicates so I get clarity or closure. Thank you.

    Con OcanaCon Ocana12 days ago
  • STAR 4

    BellaBella12 days ago

    Vivian ClarkVivian Clark12 days ago
  • Omg #1 literally dreamed I had a positive pregnancy test last night👼🏼✨✨✨🧚🏻‍♀️🌸

  • 💖thank you Dee. Sending you lots of love + light.✨✨

    J. SkyeJ. Skye12 days ago
  • Thank you Dee pile #3, #4 really drawn me and I feel both piles have resonated ! As always much love 💕 light and blessings 💫🦋💫🦄💫🕊

    EJAY NirvehcEJAY Nirvehc12 days ago
  • Love your readings ... I like # 4 or should I say all 4 of them can relate in so many ways r needed ...Thank u so much ...Have A Blessed Day ! I'm moving forward no matter what ... letting past behind ... Thanks I'm on my new path & new beginnings

    Venessa TillerVenessa Tiller12 days ago
  • Pile#2..THANK YOU..

    Rayella YumulRayella Yumul12 days ago
  • Thank you, no#3, very hopeful 🙂❤️🌟🙏🏼

    Remus MunteanRemus Muntean12 days ago
  • Star 2 💫 i just seen 4848 as a confirmation that this cycle is ending and a new cycle is here!

    Hailey LaPointeHailey LaPointe12 days ago
  • Thank you ☺️💗♥️💗

    Paola RodriguezPaola Rodriguez12 days ago
  • Thank you 💕

    Pamela BradleyPamela Bradley12 days ago
  • I really resonated with like 3 message. Thank you so much, I love how beautifully you decorate your display 🦋

    Lauren HensmanLauren Hensman12 days ago
  • 1

    Khushali JoshiKhushali Joshi12 days ago
  • 🤣 that pig kiss in 10 of penticles is everything 🤣🤣💗 Star #4

    Birdie OrchardBirdie Orchard12 days ago