Philza gets taunted by Tommy, Ranboo & Drista on Dream SMP

Apr 3, 2021
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This was VERY chaotic...
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  • Phil what your smp armor enchants

    Warden SonicEatsPantsWarden SonicEatsPants41 minute ago
  • On the origin smp you can wear chainmail

    ??? No name??? No nameHour ago
  • game?

    qwoolqwool4 hours ago
  • how do you disappear like that tho

    CyrozzCyrozz5 hours ago
  • Philharmonic do you think the death message on the elytra practice mod are offensive?

    Daniel BilcliffDaniel Bilcliff5 hours ago
  • everyone gangsta till phil dies to a baby zombie....oh wait.........

    Kim van der DuinKim van der Duin5 hours ago
  • Wait how did Tommy keep teleporting

    JplayJplay8 hours ago
  • I saw Tommy's vid of this They got barrier blocks

    Dark WolfDark Wolf8 hours ago
  • Lol he was using spectermode lol tommy was cheating

    Audrey Nicole JaroAudrey Nicole Jaro9 hours ago
  • your skin is very nice and subscribed

    andrew sailoandrew sailo12 hours ago
  • *tommys camer a broke so you have to stay her* -Drista 2021

    Sophia JumaoasSophia Jumaoas12 hours ago
  • Ph1LzA just started watching bleach and your character looks like kisuke Urahara was your character inspired by him?

    Antonio Miguel MendozaAntonio Miguel Mendoza13 hours ago
  • Not a fan of dream smp but Philzas is fun to watch

    Dino !Dino !13 hours ago
  • My friend said that ur ⚫🔴🟡👨🏽 this but it was ponk so....ur ponk to her-

    Wilbur SootWilbur Soot13 hours ago
  • 0:38 cant wait to see Tommy’s reaction to Phil if he ever sees this

    ‘{Marie}’‘{Marie}’16 hours ago
  • Poor dadza

    •Clementine Rose_Gacha••Clementine Rose_Gacha•16 hours ago
  • phil your real character is in bleach

    SIXTY CARLSIXTY CARL16 hours ago
  • Hey Phil Minecraft aren’t you a bird so you can’t see through a windows??

    Cathy MahavongCathy Mahavong18 hours ago
  • So did you die in your Hc survival map?

    loganlogan20 hours ago
  • Tu parece o brunim neet's

    Ricardo RezendeRicardo RezendeDay ago
  • Im subbing because pfp is an anime character from an anime i like. The anime is called bleach.

    Lorde RestartLorde RestartDay ago
  • why dont people kill tommy if he is such a asshole ane how he get spectator

    dradogondradogonDay ago
  • "Just kill god it's not that hard" any David Humes in the chat?

    Chloe SilverwolfChloe SilverwolfDay ago
  • 1:58 why does phil have so many netherite picks

    MineTIE PlaysMineTIE PlaysDay ago
  • hi phil i just got a pc and i was wandering which minecraft you play on is it java or windows 10 edition thanks

    Adam MillingtonAdam MillingtonDay ago
  • Philza Minecraft thank you for being the creator and best Minecraft player ever 1v1 notch he claims to make Minecraft you have to stop him

    AKGamingAKAKGamingAKDay ago
  • Father, it is currently 4:00am right now and I cannot sleep, anyways how are you? And how is everyone reading this?

    Clo CloClo CloDay ago
  • are you able to brake barrier blocks like you brake bedrock ?

    Xx Redeef xXXx Redeef xXDay ago
  • Hi

    Līvija PoriņaLīvija PoriņaDay ago
  • is it just me or does philza always have a smile

    Satgamer80dSatgamer80dDay ago
  • Hey phil i fond u resupack that make the elytra bhtere is calld dragon wing am trying and i can bleve how awsome it is but u have to have no cape

    arsham aghadasiarsham aghadasiDay ago
  • Tell techno tommy has the axe of peace he wil kill him instantly

    BL4Z3 GamingBL4Z3 GamingDay ago
  • I call you ph-1-l-za

    Pud KbsPud KbsDay ago
  • Hey that dream sister playing on his loptap and she did that

    gao tinggao tingDay ago
  • Great stream today! I missed an hour of it because of class though :/ thanks for being my internet dad :>

    Pixelated KokichiPixelated KokichiDay ago
  • Father hello

    sere gacha 21sere gacha 21Day ago
  • I saw Tommy's video of it

    IMBoredIMBoredDay ago
  • pil uplode origin smp vids

    salik xysalik xyDay ago

    Kei ChungKei ChungDay ago
  • i love how drista is the 2nd most powerful canonical being beh9nd dreamxd

    Lapis LazuliLapis LazuliDay ago
  • Well that’s enough I’m gonna unsub to tommy

    Sarah AriffSarah Ariff2 days ago
  • Ur oldza

    ReytonRenReytonRen2 days ago
  • Phil do be getting drunk tho also the belt!

    SlumpjySlumpjy2 days ago
  • Alternative title Philza getting taunted by children

    Silky NavySilky Navy2 days ago
  • 360

    David TooleyDavid Tooley2 days ago
  • 1:31

    David TooleyDavid Tooley2 days ago
  • Where is hardcore season 4? Last ep was 3 months ago...

    Sebastijan BečanovićSebastijan Bečanović2 days ago
  • I watched Tommy’s video before this- and then I realized Tommy posts a lot later then he records and Phil is so much faster 😳

    Hawaii PineappleHawaii Pineapple2 days ago
  • His name is Philza minecraft

    HipHip2 days ago
  • Is it just me or does Phil's in game avatar looks like Kisuke from Bleach ?

    MegaEpicCheeseManMegaEpicCheeseMan2 days ago
  • Philza pls upload ur streams on you tube i dont have twitch prime plzz

    Alonso RabanesAlonso Rabanes2 days ago
  • Phil in a box what would he do

    JagerMainJagerMain2 days ago
  • Good one

    festus ewerefestus ewere2 days ago
  • i finally see the philza pov

    123iamRonelle_playz123iamRonelle_playz2 days ago
  • 6:02 Shes 13... (Pause and go to the stamp and look at chat)

    ToweringTowering2 days ago
  • pls make more highlights for series 4

    Joshua ForsterJoshua Forster2 days ago
  • I see this one he change to spectator mode

    [JNSKI3 PLAYS official][JNSKI3 PLAYS official]2 days ago
  • Philza did you build the smp with your friends in creative?

    Cloudy PearlsCloudy Pearls2 days ago
  • Sing Take me home in your next video pls

    Mila DemaMila Dema2 days ago
  • u been trolled

  • ph11z4 m1n3cr4ft

  • Gremlin.

    SkelexSkelex2 days ago
  • Philza have one 64 likes on this video

    BlurryMuffinBlurryMuffin2 days ago
  • Why do you only use flight duration 1 rockets on hardcore. You know of flight duration 3 surely

    Jacob ChandlerJacob Chandler2 days ago
  • Do it reaction on dawn of 16th

    Димитър ТомовДимитър Томов2 days ago

    Antasia Sky MendozaAntasia Sky Mendoza2 days ago
  • 9:28

    Rita SRita S3 days ago
  • Tommy fighting phil and phil giving patience then getting pissed off: sounds like father and son now days lol.

    Kit-Kat POGKit-Kat POG3 days ago
  • Why don’t you play hardcore anymore everyone loves those videos

    Adrian SiewierskiAdrian Siewierski3 days ago
  • Yoooo Phil hope you see this but what do you think will happen when you update your hardcore world in the next update because I was wondering the same about my own and I don’t wanna lose it, but I want the new update(don’t know if you said it on stream or not)

    Bigbomb388Bigbomb3883 days ago
    • Ok i have an idea for you , make a new world in your current version play a bit on it , like make a house , even on creative mode , then when the new version comes you go on it , if its corrupted then dont open your hardcore world , and also make sure you make a backup of your hardcore world before doing what i said

      SaapinouSaapinouDay ago
  • Phill were the fu*k have you been

  • phil looks like micheal rosen. it scares me

    Nat ChandranNat Chandran3 days ago
  • Where can I find vods to all your streams?

    Jesus RetesJesus Retes3 days ago
  • Come here from happy hour

    Josh.Josh.3 days ago
  • Wait philza is actually a fan of urahara?

    Oogway OogeewaeOogway Oogeewae3 days ago
  • He is an expert marksman.

    Cosmo DaysCosmo Days3 days ago
  • phil im to british lol

    SkillzWas7w7SkillzWas7w73 days ago

    Patrick Lorence TevesPatrick Lorence Teves3 days ago
  • how do you get a custom elytra? ive been trying for ages but i still dont know how

    RYLOCKRYLOCK3 days ago
  • 3 child do a little trolling on an old man.

    CreepyrollCreepyroll3 days ago
  • I found Phil in a anime

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz3 days ago
  • Ph1lza

    Adrian CruzAdrian Cruz3 days ago
  • Philza me and my friend in a minecraft realm a draining a ocean monument

    Tekkyboi 69Tekkyboi 693 days ago
  • What

    AFIT WolfAFIT Wolf3 days ago
  • Thank you for the colgate recommendation, it was indeed very tasty

    ChevalierChevalier3 days ago
  • HARCORE 10

    BRAWL clashBRAWL clash3 days ago
  • Phil can you help me not cheat in hardcore and do it naturally

    Philip BuntPhilip Bunt3 days ago
  • Alternative title: dadza gettin annoyed with his son and his friends

    Zuxl -Zuxl -4 days ago
  • Ohil

    LanzekmarLanzekmar4 days ago
  • Hey Phil just wanted to say I love the stuff you’ve been putting on your twitch USworlds and Twitter keep up the good work mate! Luv ya!

    BelowZEROBelowZERO4 days ago
  • I just wanted to see tommy's pov when phil turned around.

    King GabrielleKing Gabrielle4 days ago
  • Hey Phil, for the pub on the Origin SMP, I had an idea. What if you made the floor water underneath glass. I know you probably already have a design in mind, but hey, maybe?

    James AmbrosiniJames Ambrosini4 days ago
  • Philza is really like a God, unbelivable move in there lol

    Barney StinsonBarney Stinson4 days ago
  • The speed runner

    Bader AdelBader Adel4 days ago
  • Sub to electy

    Bader AdelBader Adel4 days ago
  • Tommy video was so funny how drister spawned the ender Dragon

    Christinia TynesChristinia Tynes4 days ago
  • Hahahahaha

    Mark PascualMark Pascual4 days ago
  • This made me

    Mark PascualMark Pascual4 days ago
  • Oh look he vanished i wonder where he went oh you little shit

    Mark PascualMark Pascual4 days ago
  • Are U going to post on season 4 anymore ph1Za

    Thomas25 ZaharopoulosThomas25 Zaharopoulos4 days ago
    • Ph1lza

      Thomas25 ZaharopoulosThomas25 Zaharopoulos4 days ago
    • I can't speel

      Thomas25 ZaharopoulosThomas25 Zaharopoulos4 days ago