People who think Attack on Titan is the best anime

Jan 18, 2021
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They might be right 😳 this anime is a masterpiece...
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  • Dbz is better

    Akatsuki SioAkatsuki SioHour ago
  • In aot's defense, its best by far.

    VandalVandalHour ago
  • All these songs remind me of female titan

    natok lordnatok lord2 hours ago
  • Revi

    natok lordnatok lord2 hours ago
  • Literally this anime is a masterpiece put the facts together

    YHB MoneyYHB Money2 hours ago
  • Berserk 1997 is better still

    2nasty2nasty5 hours ago
  • it took me until I watched AoT to realize how goated this anime truly is. The amazing foreshadowing, the mental and emotional anguish the characters feel, the moral realism that differentiates it from all the other garbage shounen that makes you question yourself whether what eren is doing is right or is it wrong. Until you realize in that cruel world there is neither right or wrong as it is just full of people who are trying to survive by any means possible.This is also one of the first anime I watched that puts out plot twists that make perfect sense, and make your jaw drop when you realize the hints you were given and connect the dots truly a master piece 👌

    RailsRails6 hours ago
  • S3 > S4

    Andrey VargasAndrey Vargas6 hours ago
    • You obviously didn't read the manga

      LemsBossLemsBossHour ago
  • "just....Levi" HAHAHAHA

    Daphne StratiDaphne Strati7 hours ago
  • Imagine it being the best anime without even seeing the best parts of it. 😂

    No Greater LoveNo Greater Love7 hours ago

    Noisy guestNoisy guest10 hours ago
  • Can someone tell me where can i watch titans

    Player AbyilityPlayer Abyility11 hours ago
    • @Noisy guest thanku so much☺️

      Player AbyilityPlayer Abyility3 hours ago
    • You can watch it in crunchyroll, funimation, and Netflix but ypu have tp pay otherwise use pirated sites, the one I use is called watch the sub cuz the latest eps are on sub, watch all four seasons, or use the site you use for anime

      Noisy guestNoisy guest10 hours ago
  • He has a point...

    Sara OthmanSara Othman12 hours ago
  • So let me tell you guys... why shingeki no kyojin / attack titan is the best anime

    GameXGameX13 hours ago
  • This is so good lol wow

    Swift ExtraSwift Extra13 hours ago
  • Well its pretty good But its not the best anime sorry but not sorry

    Rik AhmedRik Ahmed13 hours ago
    • Don't just suck aot as the greatest anime open ur eyes bro Lol There are lots of better ones

      Rik AhmedRik AhmedHour ago
    • @yusuke aot is character development is greatest? I still don't know what type of character jean is..Is he supposed to be important one or is he a side one i still dont know even tho he has one of the most screen time

      Rik AhmedRik AhmedHour ago
    • @Rik Ahmed Vinalnd Saga bro? seriously!? Vinland Saga is a great show, but it's not the best, the anime and manga has a lot of flaws, and the character development in AoT is one the greatest, so you have trash anime taste.

      yusukeyusuke2 hours ago
    • @innerbloom bro I wasnt saying aot is trash its Good.. But there are far better anime than aot I think u misunderstood me honey :)

      Rik AhmedRik Ahmed2 hours ago
    • Rik Ahmed you wouldn't be able to list a single valid flaw 😂

      innerbloominnerbloom2 hours ago
  • If theres such a thing such as 'the best anime ever' Attack on titan definetly is top 1 candidate. Even tho its classified Shounen who tends to be overrated genre AoT really dont fit 1 genre itself but at the same time fits in them all.

    Aømine MLAømine ML14 hours ago
  • Not only best anime,best show I've watched.

    Kitty In The FridgeKitty In The Fridge17 hours ago
  • I love how is the same guy defending all the "best" animes, I imagine being his friend and seeing how every week is obsessed with a new anime

    RodoVladiRodoVladi21 hour ago
  • Aot is meh at best

    Lucas GarnerLucas Garner22 hours ago
    • @innerbloom ????? what does that have to do with anything.... I am saying that your "Fact" was a opinion

      Firefern21Firefern212 hours ago
    • Firefern21 nah, good writing is not subjective

      innerbloominnerbloom2 hours ago
    • @innerbloom BRO THAT IS A OPINION A fact is a statement that can be proven true or false. An opinion is an expression of a person's feelings that cannot be proven. Opinions can be based on facts or emotions and sometimes they are meant to deliberately mislead others. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the author's purpose and choice of language. - and obviously your "statement", is an expression of your feelings that cannot be proven. Literally all you said was "but I still know it's the most well written anime ever created".... WTF ARE YOU ON THAT IS AN OPINION

      Firefern21Firefern212 hours ago
    • Firefern21 again, not an opinion. it's fine if you enjoy an anime more, even i enjoyed shows more than AoT, but i still know it's the most well written anime ever created

      innerbloominnerbloom2 hours ago
    • @innerbloom so with your logic everyone must agree with your opinions beliefs. LMAO

      Firefern21Firefern212 hours ago

    MinatoミナトグスッMinatoミナトグスッ22 hours ago
  • I wish cilvanis could make a parody related to solo leveling 😓

    michael offemmichael offem23 hours ago
  • He is right tho

    Lorenzo GBLorenzo GBDay ago
  • Initial D is the best anime

    Tiago MonteiroTiago MonteiroDay ago
  • I have recently started watching AOT and LEVI has my heart and soul !!!

    A PoddarA PoddarDay ago
  • AOT is the worst thing i have ever watched.

    O_EiboO_EiboDay ago
  • Third reason: Levi. Nothing else to say. Just Levi Me: Now you're talking

    Princess ElsyPrincess ElsyDay ago
  • As someone who personally think aot is the best, I can confirm

    China's PrinceChina's PrinceDay ago
  • In 0:00 i hear jojo noise

    Jhayson LatayanJhayson LatayanDay ago
  • 3:39 the scariest shit on USworlds I've ever seen

    Yenjoe NgYenjoe NgDay ago
  • But it truly is the best anime ever.

    ThatNigga SmithThatNigga SmithDay ago
  • That's all good , BUT have you watched JoJo's bizzare adventure?

  • 進撃の巨人🕊 心臓を捧げよ🤌

    EZ! It’s a piece of cake.EZ! It’s a piece of cake.Day ago
  • Very very very satisfying 🖤🌸

    Xohan ChetryXohan ChetryDay ago
  • I may or may not be this person

    Scott ThurlowScott ThurlowDay ago
  • I'm sooo glad YT suggested this .

    Health, Weight & GrowthHealth, Weight & GrowthDay ago
  • When I saw the advertisement for season 1 episode 1 of Attack on Titan, I knew it was something special. I never anime existed until then.

    Health, Weight & GrowthHealth, Weight & GrowthDay ago
  • Slapped tf out of him!

    ImreadyreadygogoImreadyreadygogoDay ago
  • They crazy

    Aden EhrichAden EhrichDay ago
  • I totally agree with you man

    Rona HivRona Hiv2 days ago
  • thankfully in finland we dont need to rage over what is the best anime ever. because we only know like 2 of em

    zamuel Artszamuel Arts2 days ago
  • uhhhh, berserk uuhhh yea

    Farron’s WatcherFarron’s Watcher2 days ago
    • BEST "anime" not manga That shit didn't even get a proper adaptation

      Dibangshu Prasad 10-CDibangshu Prasad 10-CDay ago
  • I think only person AOT is ok but definitely not a GOAT

    07alexed07alexed2 days ago
  • aot is my fav

    RedhurricaneRedhurricane2 days ago
  • i might watch aot ppl say its good

    Rose QuartzRose Quartz2 days ago
    • @Noisy guest Trust me, season 1 is the worst season compared to the rest. So please try to bear through the 1st season, by season 2 you won't regret it

      LemsBossLemsBossHour ago
    • Yes it is with unpredictable plots and great characters and story just avoid spoilers it ruins the experience It can get dark sometimes so yeah

      Noisy guestNoisy guestDay ago
  • Hahahaha

    TeyKiK INFINITETeyKiK INFINITE2 days ago
  • Fact: I watched this for the 10th time today

    The End LuciferThe End Lucifer2 days ago
  • I mean Attack On Titan is better than any of your regular type of series or shows you watch on Netflix. Story wise, it is not even comparable

    kesh Awootarkesh Awootar2 days ago

    PavelPavel2 days ago
  • man doesnt even mention the fire animation

    CJCJ2 days ago
  • i guess the point they made here is that AOT fans are the worst

    KK2 days ago
    • @Gabe Sam yeah but not all fans are toxic, its just like what Eren said "There are people who piss me off but there are good people too"

      Noisy guestNoisy guestDay ago
    • yeah too bad one of today's best anime has toxic fans and haters

      Gabe SamGabe SamDay ago
  • He's basically Eren from season 4

    Children ChildrenChildren Children2 days ago
  • "Anyone who doesn't think the story is the best, just didn't understand it" this is true for a youtuber called Yomi who made a video about why he didn't like AoT

    Children ChildrenChildren Children2 days ago
  • Him: "third reason is levi" Me: you're damn right, cadet😎

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman2 days ago
  • 👁👄👁

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman2 days ago
  • 2:41 - Actually is the major flaw of the show...

    Random AvengerRandom Avenger2 days ago
    • @Random Avenger yes, there are some great character developments but i can't spoil it for you, you need to watch aot to find out

      Noisy guestNoisy guestDay ago
    • @Noisy guest Foreshadowing isn't character development. AOT is way more plot-driven than character-drive, that's way this is the major flaw of mangá.

      Random AvengerRandom AvengerDay ago
    • @Random Avenger there is also alot of foreshadowing in aot and after the plot is revealed you can still remember the scene where the plot was foreshadowed and not know it was foreshadowing

      Noisy guestNoisy guestDay ago
    • @Noisy guest I read the manga. That's the problem: He went from an annoying dramatic and narrow minded character with anger issues to a more "understanding one" OFFSCREEN, with the reader having to imagine what happened with him. Because for Isayama was more important to spend time introducing more characters on the last arc than developing the protagonist in a change like that.

      Random AvengerRandom AvengerDay ago
    • @Random Avenger the character development of eren is reappy epic SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4: he went from an annoying dramatic and narrow minded character with anger issues to a more understanding one in a really comprehensible way for us

      Noisy guestNoisy guestDay ago
  • Yet it can’t beat One Piece and DBS in sales 🤪

    Koni RedfoxKoni Redfox2 days ago
  • attack on titan is really the best anime ok

    Yanjinsuren DagmidYanjinsuren Dagmid2 days ago
  • at 2:40 I thought he was gonna say "the world building is awesome"

    Tea Follet雨Tea Follet雨2 days ago
  • The guy on the left, he shinzoed his sasageyo

    The man with the frying panThe man with the frying pan2 days ago
  • TATAKAE !!

    Luiz Gustavo de CarvalhoLuiz Gustavo de Carvalho2 days ago
  • Well, it really is the best anime.

    Levi AckermanLevi Ackerman2 days ago
  • I mean it is

    ssr4785ssr47852 days ago
  • So I started watching it because my boyfriend wouldn’t stop talking about it but now I think I’ll leave him for Levi 😩

    Cleo 22Cleo 223 days ago
    • Can you take me 2?

      LuciferLuciferDay ago
  • My friends send me this but look it’s my favorite not the best

    The Black StingerThe Black Stinger3 days ago
  • The soundtrack does slap hard

    Alijah WakefieldAlijah Wakefield3 days ago
  • Guilty

    JonathanJonathan3 days ago
  • he didnt even unleash %5 of his power.

    GhOsT__UsErGhOsT__UsEr3 days ago
  • AOT fans: Nver before have I been so offended by something I 100% agree with.

    Alexander LindblomAlexander Lindblom3 days ago
  • The guy was secretly a stand user

    RayyerasRayyeras3 days ago
  • Aot isnt the best but it always will be one of the greatest anime man kind has ever made

    the blackswordsmanthe blackswordsman3 days ago
  • Crunchyroll: the best anime is jujutsu kaisen. Me and the bois: ok you guys know what to do right? Knock on their house and tell ‘em that AOT is the best anime of all time and if they disagree, show them levi’s picture.

    LeachtheravenLeachtheraven3 days ago
    • @ruby sharma yow ikr like its not making any sense and most of them were trash anime like fluffy anime gtfo trash anime.

      LeachtheravenLeachtheravenDay ago
    • I love how 😁 because of aot hype crunchyroll has to publish a article why aot is not nominated in anime of the year

      ruby sharmaruby sharmaDay ago
  • *"Nigga we've seen Attack-On-Titan."*

    I See You.I See You.3 days ago
  • What makes AOT storytelling so good is the fact that it's filled with micronarrations and minor details that you will definitely miss during your first time if you're not paying attention - only to see that everything comes full circle and you realised that every detail was there for a reason.

    Carmen HohCarmen Hoh3 days ago
    • @Ryan Harris same with Bleach idk why everyone was saying the story was trash but I when watched it then read the manga I have never seen so much things connect, the way Kubo foreshadowed Ichigo Quincy powers, Old man Zangetsu, Ichigo's Hollow being his Zanpakuto spirit, Ichigo subconsciously using his Quincy powers during his fight with Kenpachi and so much more. Bleach and Aot is some of the best Animes I've ever seen imo

      LemsBossLemsBossHour ago
    • I've never seen a story connect all its components throughout all its seasons so well. Isayama truly is a genius. Another reason why I firmly believe the best stories are the one's that writers plan out instead of just winging it as they go.

      Ryan HarrisRyan Harris2 hours ago
  • He spitting it is some heat

    Eazy TomEazy Tom3 days ago
  • I love Levi. He's the best. But the character development of Armin is the best of all.

    Farwa KhanFarwa Khan3 days ago
    • @Jayashree Krishna in a negative spiral yeah

      Farwa KhanFarwa Khan2 days ago
    • Yeah Levi is the best. But isn't Eren the one with best development?

      Jayashree KrishnaJayashree Krishna2 days ago
  • The fact that season 3 part 2 ending start playing. amazing video man

    xxmagentaxxmagenta3 days ago
  • In my opinion it's not the best there better ones

    BIG BRAINBIG BRAIN3 days ago
  • "LOOK AT HIM" I fucking died 😭

    AirmanSoupamanAirmanSoupaman3 days ago
  • Do a Jojo Bizarre adventure one...

    MykahaiaMykahaia3 days ago
  • Nah nah nah nah look at my pfp and you will find the truth

    DrYpsYDrYpsY3 days ago
  • The friends: we already watch--- This dude: MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA

    Pato GamerPato Gamer3 days ago
  • Artwork - AM I A JOKE TO YOU?!

    L KingL King3 days ago
  • I don’t think it’s the “best” but it’s my favorite.

    thought cheesethought cheese3 days ago
    • I think it’s best

      LuciferLuciferDay ago
  • Steins gate, beserk manga, monster, code geass> My opinion

    Tim HaerewaTim Haerewa3 days ago
  • idk man people who praise jojo as god.

    Random PersonRandom Person4 days ago
  • Aot is good but I wouldn’t say the best of all time... that’s a little too far fetched

    Running CloudRunning Cloud4 days ago
  • 4th reason is sasha rip my nigga

    Nate DgafNate Dgaf4 days ago
  • Attack on titan is basically code geass but with titans instead of mechs

    AztarothAztaroth4 days ago
  • Using the ending Song like that. Genius

    Tetsura ZoldyckTetsura Zoldyck4 days ago

    Adam StevensAdam Stevens4 days ago
  • I've fallen so behind on AOT that I've just been waiting for it to end so I can read a summary on the last couple seasons

    PetiteCaptainPetiteCaptain4 days ago
    • @Mr Musty Maybe but it's not like I have time to do it

      PetiteCaptainPetiteCaptain2 days ago
    • You know that you can probably watch the show hundreds of times before the finale comes out.

      Mr MustyMr Musty3 days ago
  • they are messing up with the animation this last season tho. So i removed it from the best anime ever list

    Edvânio SilvaEdvânio Silva4 days ago
  • Actually the animations are insane

    poisoned leavespoisoned leaves4 days ago
  • Every video you have is always Jojo references

    PvrplePvrple4 days ago
  • It is

    Yagashto BraveYagashto Brave4 days ago
  • Don't worry I placed him under Genjutsu he thought he did it but it never happened

  • Now everybody can agree that aot is the best anime

    Sakata KintokiSakata Kintoki4 days ago
  • I’m like the first in middle school that watched attack on titan and I don’t even want to watch season 4 anymore it’s getting lame with all these people talking about it

    • The fact that its getting popular has nothing to do with the show, the show is just that good if you fully understand it(it covers many topics about us humans irl)

      Noisy guestNoisy guest2 days ago
    • So you are one of the people that hate something because its popular, not cool bro.

      Mr MustyMr Musty3 days ago
    • @SMOL BRAIN PERSON he's looking for attention lol

      Munashe MMunashe M4 days ago
    • Why bruh? Its better than tge previous one. Its just becoming famous

  • Its not.... its not. If its popularity reached a point where show runners pander with fan service then its already shit.

    I'm the captain nowI'm the captain now4 days ago
    • @I'm the captain now bruh just watch season 3 and 4 then ypu will understand why people love it, don't watch it with disgust and clouded mindset watch it freely and only then will you find what its all about

      Noisy guestNoisy guest2 days ago
    • @I'm the captain now how can it be fan service if the author writes the complete manga before he draws and releases it. The author claimed that he finished coming up with and writing the story before s1 of the anime and he also said that he hasnt changed a thing since.

      Mr MustyMr Musty3 days ago
    • @Munashe M i dont know havent watched last half of s3 and 4 yet. Heard its thick fan service and authors moral drivel.

      I'm the captain nowI'm the captain now4 days ago
    • What fan service?

      Munashe MMunashe M4 days ago