Pat Stay - Cassidy Vs Hitman Holla recap

Apr 4, 2021
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  • I agree about the long pause thing 100%. Momentum is just lost.

    Trey TreyTrey Trey14 hours ago
  • This is so random. But pat. U in a Ford Escape ? If I’m right it’s because I’m a car god. If I’m wrong. No big deal. I’m just some weirdo on the internet

    chris nunezchris nunezDay ago
  • Atl definitely was wack

    SgDageneral 220SgDageneral 220Day ago
  • you need to keep in mind two important things first Cassidy battled others before battle leagues came into exists and second he transcended into the mainstream and had great success shining along super stars. one of the greatest to ever touch the mic and center stage. also go and watch his interview with Lord Jamar where he talked about battle rap and mainstream hip hop breaking down what a MC is and What a rapper is which isnt the some. poetic and conceptual battle rappers/ mc are actually many battle rappers harmony, rhythm and intellectualism/ passion instead of raw emotionalism.

    Kevin HillKevin Hill2 days ago
  • To me don’t matter if his opponents don’t pick ppl apart that wasn’t the narrative before the battles. They was suppose to win regardless

    Just RobJust Rob2 days ago
  • Pat Stay still one of my favorite battle rappers today. Low 🔑 humble and comical at the same time. I still laugh at stupid Calicoe for trying to punk Pat. These smack rappers pick and choose the place they want to act hard at. Overall, good recap. Cass won way before the battle. It was over at the interview to start with.

    Yee LoYee Lo2 days ago
  • Pat really a good dude with good spirit..

    Keamohetse RampakuKeamohetse Rampaku3 days ago

    Doonie602Doonie6023 days ago
  • Met pat stay at the battle!! Super coo dude 🎯🎯🎯

    Jay RoséJay Rosé3 days ago
  • California has the best crowds. My guy ATL is still in the south. The south has lower a attention span in most cases.

    DetroitLuv82DetroitLuv823 days ago
  • we LosT the Dog X smh Rest iN POWER EarL siMMonS!!!!!!!!!!!DMX the GREATEST

    sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o3sSHaDoW cRUiZer2o33 days ago
  • Lmao ibthought this was Eminem in the thumbnail. Only reason I clicked.

    Vaugenheim NughnrnVaugenheim Nughnrn3 days ago
  • Pat vs sik

    Young SphinxYoung Sphinx3 days ago
  • Shots out pat.had to watch yo recap.that roc battle u held yo grounds.u better on url then diz. Rematch be crazy on rbe or url

    Young SphinxYoung Sphinx3 days ago
  • So what if they got booed 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ since when is the crowd reaction only limited for positive vibes...that was a bad battle with some complete trash lines that got booed 🤷‍♂️ shot out Pat for keeping it real though 👍

    Grande CapoGrande Capo3 days ago

    Reggie PowellReggie Powell4 days ago
  • Pat Stay vs. Cass...set it up!

    JBiz80JBiz804 days ago
  • K shine Vs Cassidy set it up

    BakeemdelBakeemdel4 days ago
  • Everything he said after this 13:50 was basically him accidentally rapping 😂

    migg seedsmigg seeds4 days ago
  • Who reps ATL in battle rap thats actually FROM ATL? Cass vs Mook. Lets get it!

    RIOTGEAR618RIOTGEAR6184 days ago
  • You right cass haven't vs nobody like a lux, k shine, day, Danny, surf, pat stay, Just guys that can match him bar for bar and can use personals better

    InterviewWithDevinInterviewWithDevin4 days ago

    svpcharlssvpcharls4 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣@little angry man poems. I fucks with you Pat. Keeping it 💯

    Joshua ThompsonJoshua Thompson4 days ago
  • Hitman is going to check pat stay for this recap.

    akeme rofakoakeme rofako4 days ago
  • Like Cass said until you stand in front of him. He go in every battle differently with every opponent. Pay attention Cass learning you'll cadence of how you battle. By next few that stand in front of him he going to destroy.

    Kenneth WilliamsKenneth Williams5 days ago
  • cass acutally won a battle

    DJ AnthonyDJ Anthony5 days ago
  • Pat Stay! Much love bro you’re one of my favorite battle rappers and you’ve beaten a lot of peoples FAVORITE battle rappers! Hope to see you on the stage again soon bro! My fav battle with you was against Tay Roc! 😂

    Factz From AKTFactz From AKT5 days ago
  • 5004-0 3-0 cassidy CLEAN BODY !!!!!

    kingPoodieTVkingPoodieTV5 days ago
  • Hey Pat bro.. hope all's well man.

    Brennen SampsonBrennen Sampson6 days ago
  • How big is that car you’re in? You’re like 8 feet tall and you look small in it lol

    KatoKato6 days ago
  • Cassidy battled iron solo man back in the day and chewed him

    He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊6 days ago
  • That’s because Atlanta doesn’t have a battle culture why they have it their anyway

    He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊He who greets with fire 🔥 🔥🥊6 days ago
  • Yo is it true canada is turning communism, I seen they have covid detention camps ,joe biden is trying to take our second ammendment we had like 400,000 kids get smuggled into the boarder, more drugs ,look up global government and new world order alot of so called conspiracies are now reality be careful with covid19 shot look on duckduckgo search engine google is blocking alot of stories its getting crazy ,God Bless you and yea family Pat

    great nessgreat ness6 days ago
  • So HitMan sucker punches random people in battles that he's winning but then gets his boots smoked 3-0 or at least 2-1 and doesn't punch Cassidy?? Wtf

    Justin EllerJustin Eller6 days ago
  • Cass didn't take an L yet like let us be true... Y'all be trippin

    flo kingflo king6 days ago
  • You vs cassidy would be hilarious

    2shankz thesavage2shankz thesavage6 days ago
  • The Atlanta crowds have always been crazy. I don't know why leagues keep throwing events there

    Rick HRick H7 days ago
  • Intimate angry man poems😂

    Digital StackersDigital Stackers7 days ago
  • Pat please keep doing recaps and bring the show back with miracle and Quake Mathews

    PAISAN Music PagePAISAN Music Page7 days ago
  • Hitman had nothing to say...Everything he said to Cassidy has already been said by Diz, Ars and Goodz....That's why Hitman lost....

    Exodus DeuteronomyExodus Deuteronomy7 days ago
  • PatStay is the truth. 😂😂

    Ov OveroOv Overo7 days ago
  • I agree with pat honestly

    Miciah GallowayMiciah Galloway7 days ago
  • Shout out to the Sucka Free BOSS

    Othello The MooreOthello The Moore7 days ago
  • This was the best recap EVER. I dont want battles in big crowds that interup have some respect.

    Jacob McConnerJacob McConner7 days ago
  • Philly didn't boo cass we love him out here. Cassidy didn't lose to arsonal. Arsonal said a bunch of dumb shit and did what everybody else did. Speak on a bunch of shit they had no knowledge about. Im from philly the Ar ab shit is bullshit. You can't pick Cass apart he is real. The only thing anyone can say about cass is the Ar ab shit the accident thats it. Cassidy 30d dizaster in the rematch

    Tru RappTru Rapp7 days ago
  • Some people say Jersey🤣🤣😂 Pat Stay be keeping it funky thou no cap and the man's hilarious.

    Anthony StoneAnthony Stone7 days ago
  • Hitman 30 💯

    Chris BlackChris Black7 days ago
  • The fact that Cassidy 3-0'd him and battle rappers and people have the nerve to say Hitman won shows how much people hate Cassidy as if he's some industry outsider, and can never get past their problem with his personality/him being a successful rapper. I mean the votes do not lie. He won 60% of votes on HHIR Poll. That's a clear win man, no matter how you spin it. If it was like 51% it would be debateable

    Isaac MotiveIsaac Motive7 days ago
  • Safe to say Young Ill was the best outta St Louis

    G BiggaveliG Biggaveli7 days ago

    Sammie DeeSammie Dee7 days ago

    Sammie DeeSammie Dee7 days ago

    Zach Van Harris JRZach Van Harris JR7 days ago

    Zach Van Harris JRZach Van Harris JR7 days ago

    Zach Van Harris JRZach Van Harris JR7 days ago

    Zach Van Harris JRZach Van Harris JR7 days ago
  • Flip like a acrobat 😩 I was 8th grade when I thought that was dope. Shooting while the car spinning it’s super Mario??? Boooooooooooooooo

    Acapella RapsAcapella Raps7 days ago
  • Hitman knew he lost he didn’t do no interview after the battle an mainly he said he would make sure cass don’t get book again....seem like hitman won’t battle for awhile tbh

    Quan AliQuan Ali7 days ago
  • Dont gotta pause every sentence.. We know u aint gay Pat 😂

    Q ThompsonQ Thompson7 days ago
  • Hitman is not a better battle rapper...

    greyfoxbladegreyfoxblade7 days ago
  • Ehhhh CASS 30....... BARS BARS BARS Great Show!

    greyfoxbladegreyfoxblade7 days ago
  • Pat stay looking like -Fake deal out here😭💀💀🤣🤣

    CoMe oN soN -TVCoMe oN soN -TV7 days ago
  • He said jersey lol. Got to get em surf

    Ismail MaloneIsmail Malone8 days ago
  • Bruh, Cassidy won 2-1. Hitman's second was absolutely atrocious. Cassidy's second was just okay with some strong moments scattered throughout. He got the 2nd. The first easily goes to Cass, without any debate. And the 3rd round is debatable and can go either way, depending on preference. That Showout shit was corny though. Hitman need to keep his brother home.

    IamVenVileIamVenVile8 days ago
  • Can someone help understand the line " i sign your Spalding"?

    Frank SFrank S8 days ago
    • He signed his autograph on a basketball

      Ya RightYa Right8 days ago
  • Yeah Hitman could have way better seriously

    Frank SFrank S8 days ago
  • Omg I love u... u are my faaave

    Malaaika LacarioMalaaika Lacario8 days ago
  • Pat Stay v Cass. Book it

    Raymond EstrellaRaymond Estrella8 days ago
  • Can you PLEASE do more battles Pat? They will die out without you. You are so good at it, you are so entertaining, it doesn’t matter who you’re battling because PatStay is just that GOOD

    Old ScratchOld Scratch8 days ago
  • Normal but corny af to stage your hype man

    ProducedByTylerProducedByTyler8 days ago
  • Cass wins cuz after his battles his name be buzzin heavy! Which of your favorite battlers get talked about this much afterwards???

    Tarak FordTarak Ford8 days ago
  • The only battle rapper to keep it real. The rest of these dudes haters.

    Kenny CKenny C8 days ago
  • If pat rubs his face a little faster he's going to start a fire

    stefan wstefan w8 days ago

    Bertrand KillerbrewBertrand Killerbrew8 days ago
    • Hey man we need Cassidy for entertainment stop that

      Ya RightYa Right8 days ago
  • All that booing shit and being disrespectful let people rap

    Markett SpikesMarkett Spikes8 days ago
  • 😅 all this time I been sayin Iron Solomon

    Crippz 007Crippz 0078 days ago
  • Wen u battling again foo

    Jakob FrostJakob Frost8 days ago
  • Bruh we all know cass is from your era and u wanted cass to win all along and u admitted this in your regardless as long as cass was decent, he won in your eyes...but now way in hell cass beat hitman jsut by being “OK”. Both of them was lackluster for as bars goes...but hitman was WAYYY BETTER AS PERFORMANCE GOES, better crowd control, way more moments and bigger how did cass win PAT? Outside of just being better...and hitman was heavily direct..cass Also rapped an extra 3/4mins in his first that was hella dry and didn’t trim the fat...but hitman already won the champion and on the champion poster...

    COUNTRY V.O.COUNTRY V.O.8 days ago
  • No cap in this recap bruh

    GangeHrolfrGangeHrolfr8 days ago
  • It was an ass battle either way. Debatable AF

    MrCoughupalungMrCoughupalung8 days ago
  • This review is hilarious because I said all of the same stuff, everything. John John doing that was maaaaad corny because we all know it was supposed to help hit win which is whack because it’s the influence of the crowd which means it’s not all bars. On top of that he only did that because he was on camera. He wouldn’t have done that off camera and away from the mics. Shit was embarrassing

    Chyleen LopezChyleen Lopez8 days ago
  • That was what I was looking for in a recap...thank you Pat!

    Maurice WilliamsMaurice Williams8 days ago
  • Pat is in the top 5 battlers all time......🎯🤷‍♂️

    MythmanMythman9 days ago
  • Pat stay sucka free bossss

    Derek2kDerek2k9 days ago

    Antwan JonesAntwan Jones9 days ago
  • I could not have said it better Pat!... I agree Cass has gotten better but Hitman should have done MORE..this is me after watching the Battle 3 times..Salute to you Pat Stay

    Moe SkrillaMoe Skrilla9 days ago
  • Great commentary pat. Honest, realistic, and expert analysis. All points valid

    Kingtut74 starDustKingtut74 starDust9 days ago
  • “Angry man poems” lol pat hilarious

    Jman da1Jman da19 days ago
  • How's hitman getting credit for the hotel line. When goodz said that

    mike ikemike ike9 days ago
  • Look at you go....

    Menibor1Menibor19 days ago
  • Cassidy finally won a battle lol. He is is a fool for saying he has had 1000 battles. Maybe 992 battles in the streets with nobodys. STAY UP PAT WE NEED A NEW BATTLE. KENNETHHHHHH.

    joe joeyjoe joey9 days ago
  • Pat Stay has to be the humblest and realest guy in Battlerap. Much love from Puerto Rico!

    Guilito TorresGuilito Torres9 days ago
  • CASSIDY ( 2-1 )

    W A Y V EW A Y V E9 days ago
  • CASSIDY ( 2-1 )

    W A Y V EW A Y V E9 days ago
  • The beat da other half to death setup resembles Canibus "beat a nigga to death and beat a dead nigga to life" line but it was still cool though

    Prime EPrime E9 days ago
  • U ono what pat..when cass was being HUmble..its cus he was speaking the TRUTH..but guess what.cass a real nigga..when hes being cocky he still speaking truth

    ChevyCatesChevyCates9 days ago
  • Pat stay would set cass ass on fire

    Sunchild Bal2ckzSunchild Bal2ckz9 days ago
  • I just want him to tell me a hot bar from the Kshine battle. Smfh Cass would kill him

    I MizzelI Mizzel9 days ago
  • Pat would die lmfao

    I MizzelI Mizzel9 days ago
  • No stop it Pat! Cass won to the standards of battlerap. The only thing Cass shifted was is theatrics a bit and lil bit more performance. His lyrics and bars still remain the same but his battle with Hitman was more watered down.

    Willie Bean 23Willie Bean 239 days ago
  • Dope Hoodie Pat is that available merch u have

    Prib302Prib3029 days ago