Parents threw their daughter into the dog kennel then this happened

Feb 21, 2021
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  • This is not a true story

    Ginny MerryGinny Merry6 hours ago
  • Wonderful stories are good, we need stories like this, in these days.

    Michele TravisMichele TravisDay ago
  • So sad life is so unfair

    Paula TysonPaula Tyson3 days ago
  • I fear this is not a unrealistic nor a totally true story. As the girl ages, so must the dog. The life span of a dog is not 15 years or more.

    Mary PalmerMary Palmer3 days ago
    • a few dogs have been known to last to 19 years old. As my own dog lived to be 19 years old in human years.

      Tunia BJCTunia BJCDay ago
  • what a crock of old shit

    peter greenpeter green4 days ago
  • Is this story true ?

    Dolly SchwallDolly Schwall4 days ago
    • @Mary Palmer Absolutely you are right. .I Support it from Germany.

      Dolly SchwallDolly Schwall3 days ago
    • I worry it's not, because the life span of that dog sounds too long. Perhaps 16 years or longer.

      Mary PalmerMary Palmer3 days ago
  • A very interesting story what happen after.

    Dorma WhyteDorma Whyte4 days ago
  • Some people should. Not have kids.thank GOD FER GRANDMOTHER

    James BarnardJames Barnard4 days ago
  • Too much talk before the story. Just get to the point.

    Bonnie GallimoreBonnie Gallimore4 days ago
  • Love this one

    Karen HumphreyKaren Humphrey5 days ago
  • Having the kind of relatives that I did have wasn't the best for me . Meaning that they were hateful, abusive, uncaring,hurtful πŸ’” 😒 😞. In growing up like I did I sure really truly honestly didn't want to become like them. I wasn't the best mom with my 2 kids earlier in their lives but I do know that I had to change for the best . I did change my ways,I am glad that I did .

    Colleen VantreaseColleen Vantrease6 days ago
    • tat describes my siblings perfectly

      Tunia BJCTunia BJCDay ago
    • I sure really truly honestly do feel sympathy for the families πŸ˜” πŸ˜• of the victims . May they rest πŸ™ in peace. The victims didn't need to be killed by the 3 guys. The 3 that killed them could have left them alone . As I see it they could've been mistreated when they were younger . I sure really truly honestly don't feel that they should be released from prison. Let them rot there .

      Colleen VantreaseColleen Vantrease5 days ago
    • Awhile back when I was married, I had 2 kids, we lived on a dead end street. I knew this couple πŸ’‘ that lived about 5 blocks from us . 3 guys πŸ‘¦ looking for money πŸ’° to buy dope came in,killed the couple πŸ’‘. Then sometime later the police πŸš” caught them . They were sent to prison for what they done . It's a shame that had to happen . As far as I go I don't open the doors to anyone who I don't know . It's not safe for anyone of us to do that.

      Colleen VantreaseColleen Vantrease5 days ago
  • Kids don't belong in kennels only animals do . Those parents should be put away for life . Kids are to be treated with respect,love,kindness,caring,understanding,compassion,consideration. Not getting it can hurt Kids πŸ˜ͺ very much . I wasn't put in a kennel but I didn't get what I spoke of like other people got .It turned me against the people who didn't have enough common sense. If I would have been treated like I should have been I would never ever have a reason to be outspoken . Meaning that I am against abuse of any kind .

    Colleen VantreaseColleen Vantrease6 days ago
    • nothing belongs in a kennel !! dogs are loved pets belong in houses with us as family pfft

      denise quinbydenise quinby3 days ago
  • Love the story

    Shelia JonesShelia Jones6 days ago
  • I love this story...Thanks to the Good Hearted lady..and thanks to the young lady..who remain to be a decent and strong individual.πŸ’žπŸŒΏπŸŒΏπŸ’ž

    ClariceClarice6 days ago
  • lol...where do you get these stories? who talks like

    Katie BurkeKatie Burke6 days ago
  • Thanks u my friend

    Donna VaughnDonna Vaughn6 days ago
  • First

    Olivia RajanOlivia Rajan6 days ago