Paddleboarder Falls Near a Great White Shark/ Over 20 Sharks Near Shore!

Apr 1, 2021
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In this week's shark update, I share some footage of over 20 young white sharks near the shore and I film a paddleboarder fall off his board near a shark.

I'm NOT a marine biologist or naturalist. As with all USworlds content, I encourage independent verification of facts via official scientific and trustworthy sources. I will strive to post citations for any information I discuss here whenever possible. My goal is to use photography and drones to bring awareness to wildlife and the nature around us. I welcome collaborations with scientists to bring cinematic elements to the educational presentation.
For all footage licensing inquiries please reach out directly to me via the contact form on my website.
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"Out of the Grey" by Stephen Keech
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  • Where was this recorded?? Very cool video!

    LazerBeamLazerBeam8 hours ago
  • This guy makes fantastic videos thanks very much my friend

    Tommy GgsTommy Ggs16 hours ago
  • You're doing great scientific work!

    Niko GlucinaNiko Glucina17 hours ago
  • fist time I've seen your video's you had 5k subs, now you have a tenfold! It won't be long before you reach 500k, I think. This channel is a true GEM on USworlds!

    Senne VorsselmansSenne VorsselmansDay ago
  • I really hope these dont go extinct, the amount that get killed for food and hunting every year makes me wanna cry

    Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort2 days ago
  • what beach was rthis at?

    thankudonnythankudonny2 days ago
  • This channel should be called Free Anxiety Attacks!

    Tapioca StarTapioca Star2 days ago
  • I want a great white to dismember me. I love aggressive daddies!!!

    Alyssa’s tongue popAlyssa’s tongue pop3 days ago
  • this video is very accurate, i remember back then i had a boat, going to catalina island i must have seen at least 15 fin out of the water.

  • Never going in again 😳😳😱

    hawkinsdj99hawkinsdj994 days ago
  • Yeah...NO. Sharks will kill & eat you slowly. Just because it didn't happen here, means nothing. If you are so confident..lose the drone & swim out there with only a camera.

    PeterPeliPeterPeli4 days ago
  • wow lots of sharks

    Faithful WatchmanFaithful Watchman5 days ago
  • They are a lot like dogs they just want love

    Sofaking SweetSofaking Sweet5 days ago
  • Always love watching your videos!

    Guy PayneGuy Payne5 days ago
  • People need to quit telling people these aren’t dangerous animals.

    Nick PapageorgioNick Papageorgio5 days ago
  • Your gonna start seeing huge white sharks. Because of the no fishing

    BigDBig OOOBigDBig OOO5 days ago

    robin vannrobin vann6 days ago
  • Tell that to the poor girl who went snorkeling in Jamaica and got torn to pieces by sharks while her mom was trying to get her to safety.

    cdhall124cdhall1246 days ago
  • That just means he wasn’t hungry

    AshtonMcFlyAshtonMcFly6 days ago
  • Pal, you ruin beaches for me. Now I don’t put my feet in the ocean anymore.

    Rafael LorentzRafael Lorentz6 days ago
  • Szuper jó videókat készítesz. Köszönöm!

    Jo P.Jo P.6 days ago
  • love the video! was shocked paddle boarder jump in but goes to show not all sharks are effected even the splash didn’t phase them... heard it’s best not to go swimming at sunrise,sunset or near fishing piers.... as a born Floridian numerous times at the beach,,been extremely lucky,,,, times far from shore..... saw a lil seahorse holding on to a clump of seaweed☺️another time saw a manta ray fin’s ,,, soo cool!!

    Julie EdingerJulie Edinger6 days ago
  • Two friends of mine were killed by an 18 ft great white. I have no love for them and no interest in protecting them. Sorry. I think humans should stay on the top of the food chain.

    Diana ArmstrongDiana Armstrong6 days ago
  • I've seen so many people in canoe or paddle board in the ocean! That's where sharks are! I've seen them bump the canoes! Do this in a river! Look up 100s of videos where sharks are aggressive bumping and even biting the back of it! Be smart, find a lake!

    Susie WSusie W6 days ago
  • Where is this

    MitchMitch6 days ago
  • I wish you could film near tybee island ga. I know there are plenty sharks there but the waters not clear

    100dblock100dblock6 days ago
  • I can't wait till this guy get's his hands on an underwater drone

    Brittany SchnellBrittany Schnell6 days ago
  • Love your footage dude, as always absolutely awesome ! 🤘🇦🇺😁😁🇦🇺🤘

    evolve420aus evolve420ausevolve420aus evolve420aus6 days ago
  • For some reason the whites here in Australia are little more problematic for surfers and divers. There are places in Oz you just don't swim and it is not whites but bull sharks that are the concern. They are unpredictable and aggressive

    silly oldbastardsilly oldbastard6 days ago
  • Simply Breath taking

    Kenny BruceKenny Bruce6 days ago
  • Ur videos 🎸 🙏💛🙏

  • Then what the video where a diver was charged for no reason from below from a bull shark. And he had to stick his spear in the sharks mouth. Sharks can do anything for no reason. Can not assume they are gental.

    KhufuKhufu7 days ago
    • You are referring to a bull shark in your statement. It has a very different temperament and activity level than a white shark. I'm filming white sharks. While sharks can do anything, you are correct, respect must be had, but you must also be aware that not all sharks react the same. In my videos, I'm pretty clear about the fact that we are talking about white sharks.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist7 days ago
  • Es increíble como hemos aprendido a tener más miedo que admiración por depredadores como éste. Es un maravilloso trabajo🤍 hugs from México

    Belén LoraBelén Lora7 days ago
    • Gracias Belen!

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist7 days ago
  • Senior Shark Diminished Senses

    ben curazaben curaza7 days ago
  • I got it right!!😄😄😄

    B EmmB Emm7 days ago
  • No wonder they're so powerful, that dude's got a 400HP Mercury Outboard for a tail. Great White Sharks should be named Great Girth-Tailed Sharks.

    LiladelphLiladelph7 days ago

    Billy's Vlogs Channel Billy Lyster LysterBilly's Vlogs Channel Billy Lyster Lyster7 days ago
  • You should nail a sign on your drone that states: If you read this, a shark is nearby. Remain calm and keep an eye on the drone as I will hover above the shark. Thank me later

    Alex HaesAlex Haes7 days ago
    • He has a shark mouth (the grinning great white kind) sticker on his drone for exactly this reason! Much easier than a paragraph of text to spot. He showed it in one vid

      StephSteph6 days ago
  • Guessing it depends on type of shark? What if they were great whites?

    Sasquatch WildSasquatch Wild7 days ago
    • These are all great whites.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist7 days ago
  • I thought I saw 26 sharks. Then I noticed 3 spots of dust on my screen afterwards. 😂

    Sean MacknessSean Mackness7 days ago
    • I counted 26 also, but due to my phobia any shadow is automatically shark. If the drone had been flying near the surface I'm sure my shadow-shark count would have been much, much higher. If videos like this were around when I was a child it's possible I might not have developed this stupid phobia.

      Roy HarrellRoy Harrell6 days ago
  • Wow!!!!! Amazing video!!!

    MiniBob ProductionsMiniBob Productions7 days ago
  • Amazing video and breaking tradition, USworlds got me to this one in only four days instead of four years.

    Scott J. ParisiScott J. Parisi7 days ago
  • I swam at a beach here in Australia about chest high in water. I got out when I'd had enough only to be told by 2 different surfers that they got out of the water too because a shark was circling me. They were trying to get my attention but I didn't look their way. I respect their territory even in shallow water now.

    Sabre CartzSabre Cartz7 days ago
    • What you don't know is there are hundreds of sharks well offshore, along all beaches in Australia, specially as the water gets warmer.

      Gort NewtonGort Newton3 days ago
  • favorite food "marine mammals". Just not the marine mammals on paddleboards or swimming. Right.

    The World as I Know It.The World as I Know It.7 days ago
  • I’m from key west. I’ve sat and watched the sun come up plenty of times and all I ever see is sharks eating and some are shin deep (the little ones) U can watch the water start to shake from tails and fins and some breach the water completely. It’s the most beautiful sight I have ever seen. I have even paddle boarded thru all the splashing while they eat their breakfast. None have ever attacked me. I believe they’re given such a bad name because they feel with their mouth (like human babies) but have razor sharp teeth. Just like every other organism on this planet not all is good there’s at least one bad grape in the batch. In the bigger the batch the more rotten grapes u get. P.S. DONT GO SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN ON YOUR PERIOD THO!! 😂

    Black widowBlack widow7 days ago
  • Kill them Kill all sharks.

    Le VisionariumLe Visionarium7 days ago

    STKSTK7 days ago
  • Finally harmless filming, no chumming, no attacking while paddle boarding. You do them sharks justice here! Thank you so much! * typo removed

    S V RS V R7 days ago
    • Thank you!

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist7 days ago
  • uk column news , the truth is out there

    Artie ShawArtie Shaw7 days ago
  • I read all of those comments about you doing a great service to sharks, I must add, a great service to humans debunking myths and helping us understand this magnificent creatures

    Clau EClau E7 days ago
  • No one is talking about how japan is killing whales and dophines on a mass scale? IF THE OCEAN DIES WE DIE!!!!

  • Humans are such a pain in the ass...I mean look, we can't even let sharks alone💯💯💯

    French Fry MontanaFrench Fry Montana8 days ago
  • love your footage....

    Mark AllenMark Allen8 days ago
  • these are juvenile white's only 4 ft. if Mom and pop swam by you would swim for shore!!

    Marc AlanMarc Alan8 days ago
  • Drone footage starting at 0:27 is just a 4 second loop. No way you saw that many. Staged

    KrystalroxX7KrystalroxX78 days ago
    • @TheMalibuArtist dude I’m only kidding 🤣🤣🤣 great footage. I was totally trolling when I mentioned the loop thing.

      KrystalroxX7KrystalroxX77 days ago
    • Somewhat of a disingenuous thing to say. I put a lot of work into documenting these animals. Given so much fake footage there is out there, I don't know how you could possibly discern that I would fake anything. Especially since I have some pretty legit scientist's that advise me. I'd be happy to share the raw footage with you. What's your email address? I can easily share it via dropbox for your professional assessment. Thanks for watching regardless.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist8 days ago
  • I live a bit further up the coast, within the Monterey Bay Marine Mammal Sanctuary. I’ve seen 18 foot great whites just off shore, and found such things as the middle third of an elephant seal on the beach. We’ve had fishermen in kayaks attacked (they were behaving stupidly). I still swim in the ocean.

    sandy roberts-andersonsandy roberts-anderson8 days ago
  • Wow I only counted 13! Neat!

    sabrina felbersabrina felber8 days ago
  • Marine mammals are sharks favorite food? What about them? Do marine mammals have no significance? The shark is a scavenger and keeps the seawater clean by devouring dead, diseased and dying life.

    Lynn DavisLynn Davis8 days ago
    • Not sure what the point of your comment is? Seals, sealions are white sharks main diet once they are adults. No body is saying they have no significance. In fact, they are very significant to the health of the apex predator.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist8 days ago
  • Where do you do most of your filming?? Which beaches?

    Michael DiazMichael Diaz8 days ago
    • @TheMalibuArtist oooh gotcha. Well either way, keep up the awesome content!

      Michael DiazMichael Diaz8 days ago
    • I do not disclose any locations for reasons I've stated before on all my media.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist8 days ago
  • You have such an informed an intelligent way of describing the sharks behaviour, and it makes me sit up and listen. I learn a lot from your videos. Keep up the great work 👍

    Matthew CorcoranMatthew Corcoran8 days ago
    • Wow, thank you!

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist8 days ago
  • amazing video

    Bennystropical swimmig wolfBennystropical swimmig wolf8 days ago
  • Time to raise orcas as pets

    NovorSecNovorSec8 days ago
  • I feel like you're the Pecos Hank of sharks.

    J PJ P8 days ago
  • Maybe sharks like mexican food (people) Thats why so many are found in California.

    Thomas MasseyThomas Massey8 days ago
  • Every time I takeoff outta Van Nuys head to the beach turn north and am at 2500 ft agl to San Fran I have never not seen at least 10 white sharks on any flight at anytime of year. They are there and curious if they wanted to eat us they can take us at will, they are just curious. You ever think there are sharks that have never seen a human or paddleboard, surfer etc.. no youtube or tv in the oceans guys. I am surprised there are not attacks, but yet there is plenty of food for them in california waters and they are all minors, and another 15 ft white shall eat it easily and tigers and bulls. Great video as usual if you ever want to go up in my katana da62 give me a shout.

    Malamute AerospaceMalamute Aerospace8 days ago
  • I’m assuming this is the California coast? Unless I missed some info I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d like to know! Lol great video

    petergansepeterganse8 days ago
  • this calms my fear sharks

    JuliaJulia8 days ago
    • of**

      JuliaJulia8 days ago
  • And this is why @Theyachtguy is afraid of sharks!!! Lol

    The Yacht GuyThe Yacht Guy8 days ago
  • He has that voice you hear on lecture/history videos. Relaxing. 😊

    Knowledge/wisdomwins-againstimpulsivenessKnowledge/wisdomwins-againstimpulsiveness8 days ago
  • That’s a lot of sharks 🦈 and they’re all on the shore.

    Morning StarMorning Star8 days ago
  • I wonder if you have 911 just ready to be pressed

    Henry AteHenry Ate8 days ago
  • your opinion against 1,000,000 proven cases of shark attacks, and sharks hunting men and stalking them, you must be living in gogo land, and not on this planet, tell that to the maybe 700 marine men who were eaten by them when their destroyer was hit in ww2, and many that were stalked and eaten by the sharks here in Brazil Receife pernambuco. and there are so many others.

    Felipe KennedyFelipe Kennedy8 days ago
  • Awesome! Tnx m8! You’re doing a great job!

    synapticdizordersynapticdizorder8 days ago
  • Guess that shark wasn't hungry at that moment...

    Chun YuChun Yu8 days ago
  • Make no mistake if a shark is hungry they will eat you, if you see a shark in the water get out!

    Moira HurleyMoira Hurley8 days ago
  • It’s funny how they are blaming the sharks are attacking more people than we have ever seen. No shit there are more people and because of that we take more than we need from the ocean and as they say we got smarter from when we were made from monkeys or bent over man. What if this is what’s with all species that we are taking their life line of food from look at cows they could have come up with the farting thing to cause global warming and the sharks could be saying sick of those land walkers taking our fish we didn’t mind when they used polls but they have to stop with those nets or every thing down here will die

    Darren SiceDarren Sice8 days ago
  • Sharks are making a comeback somewhat!!!!! Yaayyy but let's be careful and recycle,

    No itNo it8 days ago
  • Brilliant!

    Kristina IrmerKristina Irmer8 days ago
  • Ric Flair swims with sharks in fact Discovery Channel has Shark Week,Sharks have Ric Flair Week ! Wooooooooo! The Real World's Champion !

    Randy BarnettRandy Barnett8 days ago
  • I guessed 20. And thank you so much for doing this!!

  • When the rays and seals are low in supply, they will hunt people.

    Life's AbeachLife's Abeach9 days ago
  • Where is this

    Michael JonesMichael Jones9 days ago
  • Superb video upload. Those paddle boarders are tempting fate. Surprised they don't attach a sign to themselves with a slogan: feeding time.

    paul rollingspaul rollings9 days ago
  • I am more worried about Crocodiles in parts or the world, they will certainly go after you.

    2ndTim322ndTim329 days ago
    • And they will go after the sharks to...

      DeathDeath6 days ago
  • You already know this is going viral

    North Star FishingNorth Star Fishing9 days ago
  • Aren't Paddleboarders marine mammals too? ;-)

    Jon MackJon Mack9 days ago
  • Could it be whites attack because humans make too much motion & scare their prey away?

    Denise BethanyDenise Bethany9 days ago
  • Shark; another uncoordnated human! Silly human.

    Denise BethanyDenise Bethany9 days ago
  • Fyi we do not know for sure where white sharks spawn, the currettheory is they do it hundreds and hundreds of miles off Baja and Mexico and return as adults, however, salmon sharks all come south to cali and spawn on our beaches, and fyi young salmon sharks are IDENTICAL to baby great whites if yiu place a 4 ft baby white and four ft salmon shark side by side you can't tell difference its only after salmon shark reach adulthood that they change and color changes on back, and return north when adults. But tens of thousands of salmon sharks are born on cali coast and their identical to baby great whites and almost every time someone says they saw a baby white its in fact baby salmon shark. If it's over 6 ft it is a white but if 6 ft or smaller odds are tens of thousands to one it's a salmon shark. Almost every vid you see of "baby white dhark" in cali is in fact salmon sharks. Salmon sharks also feed only in fish and do not care about pinnipeds seals sea lions etc and would NEVER go after a human, white sharks however, according to most modern theory are born hundreds of miles offshore where can gorge selves on the never ending super abundance of small British schools like pinhead anchovies that exist in upper or surface layer of our ocean out there far offshore, they born there gorge selves on th a small stuff whichs so ever present and never ending hi nutrition food source requiring zero effort to gorge selves on, until when start reaching young adulthood move inshore and diet shifts to larger prey pinnipeds whale calves birds and just about ANYTHING. But salmkn sharks ONLY eat fish. Anyways i digress. For some reason people (public ) remain extremely ignorant about salmon sharks and we have studied them and know more about them then whites, wedding even know for certain where whites spawn, knowing only 3 pregnant females who were tagged and satellite tracked at Guadeloupe and farallons moved wayyyyyyyy off Baja and had their pups out there hundreds of miles off shore then had their pups then returned year later to our island's and coast, but we DO know tens of thousands salmon sharks come south from Alaska etc and DO spawn here on our cali beaches and their pups remain here until adulthood then they go north too once adults over 6 ft. And as youngsters under 6 ft they are IDENTICAL to baby whites, same teeth jaws head snout tail body finnage color etc and people ALWAYS the they are baby whites lol theyre young salmon sharks tens of thousands of em in our cali beaches shoreline of cali and their backs Dont darken and you cannot tell difference until the Salmon sharks reach adulthood around six feet, once thisnoccurs and backs darken its easy to tell they still identical to white but instead of grey backs it turns darker, until then it's impossible to tell

    fishncapt26fishncapt269 days ago
    • @TheMalibuArtist ps, sorry about typos lack of punctuation etc aside from being lazy and not caring, I'm on small screen device with cracked screen and can't even see well enough to proof read before posting lol so I apologize for being such pain in ass to read, but hopefully you read IT all then go research and enlighten self I salmn sharks. For some reason no one does no one knows squat about them even though scientifically we know far more about them then whites.And salmn sharks are even more interesting and phenomenal. And tens of thousands are born on our cali beaches stay here until adulthood then return to Alaska bc and Washington and until adulthood are IDENTICAL to baby whites so just as fierce and ferocious looking Same teeth jaws snout finnage tail color body etc but do not eat pinnipeds birds whale calves and carcasses etc they same exact body teeth etc as white by ONLY eat fish from herring to salmon. But I digress, please research and learn about them and spread the word. Thanks.

      fishncapt26fishncapt266 days ago
    • @TheMalibuArtist I'm licensed capt with 35 yrs on Pacific 320+days a year and like most commercial fishing capts have done lots of research work for govt agencies and loads of shark work data and tissue sample collection etc, and tagging etc and additionally ran trips to cage dive tag and study whites at Guadeloupe island and the farallons so have done loads of research work with biologists on board they hire us to drive our vessels for their research trips etc etc whites being by far the most time and experience but I've also done it for sevengill leapord thresher mako and salmon sharks. There's very few people with mre experience or knowledge about whites and sharks in the pacific. I've been in Pacific 320+ days a year for last 35 yrs from equator west past Samoa and all way up from Alaska to russia, so I'm one of handful of most experienced and knowledgeable people on planet when comes to Pacific and sharks in pacific. But I have zero experience in Atlantic or southern hemisphere etc, but when comes to Pacific, there Is none more experienced and knowledgeable, but won't find me speaking on other parts of planet that aren't my expertise. But I digress. Scientifically we know more about salmon sharks then whites, but the public know NOTHING about them. We do not even know for certain where whites spawn, the most current theory is they birth their pups hundreds of miles off so cal and Baja this honestly is based of three satellite tracked tagged females who were tagged while pregnant two at Guadeloupe one at farallons, whom left their usual haunts went hundreds miles out there to Same general area and birthed their pups there (out there that far off shore In open sea In Pacific there is a NEVER ending constant huge amount pinhead bait aka baby anchovy just below surface, you don't see much large adult bait like do closer to land but entire damn sea is in all directions for thousands miles loaded with that small stuff that whales albacore porpoises tuna etc easily can gorge selves on with no effort 365 days a year (I used to do commercial albacore from Oregon coast in summer all way to Samoa in winter and blew my mind how that tiny bait is so infinite in the open Pacific far from shore for thousands miles its constant never ends and unlike large adult bait It requires no effort to gorge on) the current theory on our whites is pups are birthed out there so easily sustained until large enough to move closer to shore and change diet t larger food sources from pinnipeds and marine birds to whale calves and carcasses to you name it. But that's the most current theory anyway. Salmon sharks however DO spawn on our cali beaches tens f thousands are born here and remain here until adulthood at around 6 feet and until reach adulthood they are IDENTICAL to baby whites, same body tail finnage snout color teeth etc, IDENTICAL, until adulthood around six feet they change the grey gr8 white color n backs darkens finally and you can finally tell them apart, but until then you cannot they are IDENTICAL. (I have my own theory on this, In our cali shoreline waters everything Is afraid of whites and outside of occasional pod of orcas whites have almost no predators here, I theorize salmon sharks evolved to use this mimicry as form of protection over millions of years of having their baby's here, we see species evolve t use mimicry this way all the time, but its just my persnal unproven theory. But i digress. People are just ignorant about salmon sharks do not realise tens of thousands are born here and until adulthood past 6ft in length are IDENTICAL to baby white. Anytime shark looks like baby white In cali and its 6 ft or smaller the numbers odds alone are thousands to one it's salmon shark baby NOT baby white. If its over 6 ft it IS definitely white but Every time i see someone claim baby white under 6 ft in cali its baby salmon shark lol problem Is people are ignorant about salmon sharks have no clue baby salmon shark is IDENTICAL t baby white but unlike whites thousands and thousands of salmon sharks are born and raised on our beach they see shark looks like baby white and know NOTHING about salmon sharks and will fight tooth and nail go to grave saying its baby white lol they just do NOT know better know NOTHING about salmon sharks. Which is odd because scientifically we know more about them then whites lol anyways if it's over 6 ft and looks like white IT IS! if six ft or under the numbers odds alone are thousands to one it's baby salmon shark not a white. I repeat they're IDENTICAL if i lay a baby 4 ft white and 4 ft baby salmon shark out you CANNOT tell me which is one knows about salmon sharks lol

      fishncapt26fishncapt266 days ago
    • Thanks for the info. Are you a marine biologist and are saying that the sharks I'm filming are salmon sharks? If so, I have to say that is an incorrect statement. What you say about salmon sharks may very well be true, but 100% of the sharks in my videos are white sharks. In fact, most are tagged. I find it very hard to believe that the Shark Lab and other experts that advise me would tell me that they are white sharks fully knowing they are salmon sharks. Even my underwater cams clearly show juvenile white sharks. I appreciate your input however.

      TheMalibuArtistTheMalibuArtist9 days ago
  • Yikes. But I guess it's their ocean too. Love the vids

    Kayak AnglerKayak Angler9 days ago
  • Grizzly man for sharks? Are you hungry for a hamburger right now? Would you eat one even if it were right there in front of you?

    Jonathan GullettJonathan Gullett9 days ago
  • They should shoot the sharks from the plane get rid of these monsters😱 they know there lots of fl suffers.. so dangerous.. my friend got biten by a shark thank god it wasn’t that bad only 10 stitches 🙏🏻

    Yusima GarcíaYusima García9 days ago
  • I enjoy your channel but I never see the round ray. Maybe put a arrow or highlight the ray?

    Kimmie KoKimmie Ko9 days ago
  • Dinner 🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈👍

    Tom StarcevichTom Starcevich9 days ago
  • Thats so cool..thanks for that footage..

    catherine donoghuecatherine donoghue9 days ago
  • 23 MORE reasons I will not go into the ocean. The shark near the paddle boarders is smaller than the profile of the paddle board. Predator animals generally attack creatures smaller than themselves. Just sayn 🙂🙃😊😉

    Under The Blue/ take me inUnder The Blue/ take me in9 days ago
  • Amazingly cool. I appreciate your efforts.

    Christopher WaldropChristopher Waldrop9 days ago
  • They are "unpredictable" guys. They are not peaceful, they are dangerous apex predators, that do what they are designed to do, not out of malice, but out of instinct. They have reason to be feared & respected, but of course not hated. Yes, the young are "mostly" fish eaters, but with exceptions. Since the SoCal Bite is an expected birthing area, the odds must be 100% that there are large mammal eating mother's around.

    Gabe PettinicchioGabe Pettinicchio9 days ago
  • With All Going On I'm Wondering If The Sharks Are Messing With People Or Are People Messing With The Sharks??🤷🏾

    C4 TaurusC4 Taurus9 days ago
  • What beach is this?

    SethMartinOfficialSethMartinOfficial9 days ago