P!nk, Willow Sage Hart - Cover Me In Sunshine (Official Video)

Feb 12, 2021
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P!nk + Willow Sage Hart // “Cover Me In Sunshine” // Out Now!
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“Cover Me In Sunshine”

I’ve been dreaming
friendly faces
I’ve got so much time to kill

just imagine
people laughing
I know some day we will

and even if it’s far away
get me through another day

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

from a distance
all these mountains
are just some tiny hills

they keep living
while they’re just standing still

I’ve been missing yesterday
but what if theres a better place

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine

La la la

cover me in sunshine
shower me with good times
tell me that the world’s been spinning since the beginning
and everything’ll be alright
cover me in sunshine
#pink #willowsagehart #covermeinsunshine

  • My baby girl and I recorded a song and made a video together!! We hope it brings you joy and sweetness and sunshine 🥰

    P!NKP!NK13 days ago
    • thank you so much for sharing. she really is a mini you!!! love you 2

      Kimberley TatumKimberley Tatum8 days ago
    • Ahww thank you so much! You too

      Titanic FanTitanic Fan12 days ago
    • 🥰

      Gran BarrufetGran Barrufet12 days ago
    • shes gawjus, P!nk love it youve got a very talented future pink

      Chamus WarrenChamus Warren12 days ago
    • I just can't stop watching this. Soo amazing! Both of you are wonderful. I hear this song and I instantly get happier. Thank You so much!

      Olivér TóthOlivér Tóth12 days ago
  • LOVE LOVE PINK!!!! Her daughter is amazing and beautiful too!!

    Cheri EnnisCheri Ennis5 minutes ago
  • 💜💙💙💜💙💙💙💜💙💙💜💙💙💜💜💙💙💜💙💙💙💜💙💙💙💙👀

    Rossio SalvadorRossio Salvador14 minutes ago
  • Love you both

    Renee DRenee D14 minutes ago
  • Beautiful song and video, it’s gives hope. I love your ❤️

    keire kkeire kHour ago
  • Willow is so beautiful! Just like her Mama

  • 🇹🇩🌈😍😘🥰

    Mariana UngureanuMariana UngureanuHour ago
  • She is the most adorable little girl that I have ever seen and just so beautiful I can’t believe that she wants thought she was ugly like she’s just gorgeous and that girl can sing

    Michele GMichele GHour ago
  • Sending you love from Brazil

    Miguel PandolfiMiguel PandolfiHour ago
  • She's a beautiful girl!❤

    Lynn SchäferLynn Schäfer2 hours ago
  • This song gives me so much hope for sunnier days! I miss my mum ❤️

    Andra TarcaAndra Tarca2 hours ago
  • Naaah, shit slaps

    Matías CalderónMatías Calderón2 hours ago
  • 我也喜歡這首歌,在廣播裏聽到時就很喜歡

    李li小米李li小米2 hours ago
  • Nice Song 😊

    S. G.S. G.3 hours ago
  • Loved it! 😊

    KreyolaKreyola3 hours ago
  • My favorite queen pink 😘😘😘😘

    jamir jamirjamir jamir3 hours ago
  • Where's the father

    MarkVLMarkVL3 hours ago
  • Love you pink biggest fan of yours wish you can great me one of your show

    Ryan RoyoRyan Royo3 hours ago
  • Nice Song 👍

    domeking1000domeking10004 hours ago
  • Love it!! So much mother-daughter love in this!

    MarlouMarlou4 hours ago
  • The cutest song in years.

    Remco F. GerritsenRemco F. Gerritsen4 hours ago
  • wow! this is the kind of positivity the world needs right now,love it!!

    neutronstarblissneutronstarbliss4 hours ago
  • Beautiful!!!! I would be super proud too.:)

    Jenny HoyJenny Hoy4 hours ago
  • This song did cover me in sunshine and made me feel that everything was truly going to be alright. What a beautiful song . Thank you both 🌞🌼💕

    bridget sbridget s4 hours ago
  • Awesome earth angel

    Deb CookDeb Cook5 hours ago
  • What an Amazing!! From Canada and I'm sure beyond, this is a Feel Good Song and Warms the Heart. Thank You Pink & Willow for your Sunshine during this Pandemic

    Guil RoyGuil Roy5 hours ago
  • Thank you Both 🌞

    brenda gniasbrenda gnias5 hours ago
  • I love this song

    Lense VeenstraLense Veenstra5 hours ago
  • wait the kids singg too omg

    kmf1014 group Nkmf1014 group N5 hours ago
  • What is better more than legacy and regeneration.. and she sound so innocent and purely beautiful. I love her since i heard a million dream. She can sanggggggg ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    angga dian saputraangga dian saputra6 hours ago
    • I also love her since A Million Dreams and the concert in Munich 27.07.2019 😍🌞🥰

      Brigitte DrewsBrigitte Drews4 hours ago
    • I also love her since A Million Dreams and the concert in Munich 27.07.2019 😍🌞🥰

      Brigitte DrewsBrigitte Drews4 hours ago
  • Beautiful

    Michelle S.Michelle S.6 hours ago
  • I Love this Song ❤️ Pink your daughter Songs so beautiful

    Rebecca HofmannRebecca Hofmann6 hours ago
    • Sings sorry

      Rebecca HofmannRebecca HofmannHour ago
  • Omg my heart! This is the cutest 😍 I love you guys!

    Shirley HutchinsonShirley Hutchinson6 hours ago
  • I love your daughter singing at the end I was waiting for her to sing 👏how lovely & beautiful happy all around for everybody well done for cheering us up

    bowen voowybowen voowy6 hours ago
    • This is the sweetest thing you and your daughter could ever do together. I love this so much as my husband Richard and I are missing our baby girl so much since she move

      bowen voowybowen voowy6 hours ago

    Georgia TyszkiewiczGeorgia Tyszkiewicz7 hours ago
  • Love it. This is the exact song and place i wanted to be. Farm and the soothing song makes me raise my hands and my face covered with sunshine. Love it so much i could die dreaming of it. 👍 👍

    Disteh /Disteh /7 hours ago
  • 😯❤

    Rachelle DizonRachelle Dizon7 hours ago
  • That little girl will be an amazing singer like her mum

    isaac beckisaac beck7 hours ago
  • BEAUTIFUL ❤️❤️❤️❤️ WILLOW 🌹❤️😘😘🤩🌹🤩🤩🤩

    Izreal JamesIzreal James7 hours ago
  • Beautiful Pink and Willow sing 💕 WILLOW !!!!!! I'M A FAN !!!!!!! LOVE YOUR MOM PINK 💕 LOVE Y'ALL BOTH !!!!!!!! .

    Izreal JamesIzreal James7 hours ago
  • Love it

    Turquoise BaddieTurquoise Baddie7 hours ago
  • This song is hitting me differently made feel how maybe i love kids 😢

    Tabby NgangaTabby Nganga7 hours ago
  • Thank you and Willow for making another song that helps me through my day. Your music has helped me through depressions, an eating disorder, the loss of friends and family and above all the loss of my mum 2 years ago. There is no way that I can thank you for all you've done for me, without you even knowing you did.

    Diana SlavenburgDiana Slavenburg8 hours ago
  • Absolutely pure and lovely. The love resonates through the music. Keep singing.

    Esther O.Esther O.8 hours ago
  • How very beautiful

    Rebecca TruongRebecca Truong8 hours ago
  • When I first heard this song I didn't know who sang it at all, then, bit by bit I gathered it was Pink but I could not tell who the other singer was. Today I finally googled the song to find it's Willow singing with her mum! Willow had such a beautiful voice, it's sweet and just right for this song! 🥰

    Patricia VPatricia V8 hours ago
  • What a tune

    CampyCampy9 hours ago
  • Full mama heart ❤️

    MaC EntertainmentMaC Entertainment9 hours ago
  • Pink & Willow you song is just beautiful

    Lea SpilsteadLea Spilstead9 hours ago
  • Beautiful

    BeninaBenina9 hours ago
  • Beautiful

    Brenda BearBrenda Bear10 hours ago
  • This is the sweetest thing you and your daughter could ever do together. I love this so much as my husband Richard and I are missing our baby girl so much since she moved to Canada 2 years ago. Oh and did I mention our Baby girl is 24! Lol she'll always be my baby girl just as your daughter will always be your baby girl. She's got her mommy's singing talent. Beautiful, Amazing, I totally see nothing but Love!! We love you! Love, DeeAnn & Richard & Family

    Richndee MaxwellRichndee Maxwell10 hours ago
  • The world seems a little smaller and we all feel a little closer. X

    InHisloveInHislove11 hours ago
  • This song gives me all the feels!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! 🥺😭❤️❤️❤️

    Ashley ClupnyAshley Clupny12 hours ago
  • I sing this with my 16 month old.. She smiles every single time I sing it to her.. Thank you Pink for giving other mommys a chance to bond with their babies through your music..

    Ally ReneeAlly Renee12 hours ago
  • what a lovely moment !!! Already felt in love with this song. You look both very happy.

    nalemandenalemande12 hours ago
  • What a joyful child ! Brimming over with happiness - if only all children could feel like Willow !❤️

    Carrie McSorleyCarrie McSorley12 hours ago
  • I can't express how much I love this song!

    Shane BeaudryShane Beaudry12 hours ago
  • Beautiful!

    KC HernandezKC Hernandez12 hours ago
  • Your daughter has the best voice, wow!!

    riteasrainriteasrain12 hours ago
  • She has a smile just like her mom

    abedsaul0518abedsaul051812 hours ago
  • willow has a very beautiful voice so natural and pure but I suppose she gets it from her momma and this song is a beautiful song so sweet❤

    avril petersavril peters12 hours ago
  • I love the way you love your baby girl. This song warms my heart and makes me smiley.

    jenziegrljenziegrl13 hours ago
  • Oh wow, love at first listen

    Yevgeniy FingermanYevgeniy Fingerman13 hours ago
  • Thank you for bringing us this joy!

    AngelsAngels13 hours ago
  • This song is just so lovely. 😍😍😍 I love you P!nk.. As always. 😍😍😍

    Rolly Jane GallivoRolly Jane Gallivo13 hours ago
  • Love this! You go girl....you got it!

    Cod ManCod Man14 hours ago
  • Such a cute song! Willow has talent!

    ladyandrea1985ladyandrea198514 hours ago
  • Pink and Willow, THANK YOU!! This is the song that the world needs right now!! I use it every morning to create some happiness during these hard times/pandemic life.

    Natalie NagyNatalie Nagy14 hours ago
  • Take it away Ms Willow Hart!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀

    Samantha ParkerSamantha Parker14 hours ago

    Samantha ParkerSamantha Parker14 hours ago
  • Love it! What a beautiful song! 💕💕🌈🌈🌈

    MadisonMadison15 hours ago
  • I’ve got a crush on both of you! Willow sings as beautifully as her mama and I look forward to many more of these collaborations!

    Jody VollmerJody Vollmer15 hours ago
  • Willow has inherited her moms voice.

    LauralanthalasaLauralanthalasa15 hours ago
  • The only bad thing about this song is that it's not long enough! Great job by an awesome mama and her baby girl!! 💕💕

    Karen GendronKaren Gendron15 hours ago
  • What a happy, charmed childhood. You're a good mama 🥰😍

    Katie WilsonKatie Wilson15 hours ago
  • I love to watch you two together. My mother passed when I was 6, and I can only IMAGINE!!! Its over 40 years ago now, yet...

    Alaire FayeAlaire Faye16 hours ago
  • Most adorable video I’ve ever seen and I love this song❤️ Thank you!

    E&J ToroE&J Toro16 hours ago
  • I love that Pinks daughter has short hair and her son long hair. This is so cool!

    polly pocketpolly pocket16 hours ago
  • the lyrics are just too beautiful made me cry

    Phat NgoPhat Ngo17 hours ago
  • Love this song and the video clip even more! Her sweet smile made my day!!!

    Joanna SchatkowskiJoanna Schatkowski17 hours ago
  • I love this song a reminder to me mom it's beautiful like expressing your feelings and how you like your daughter nothing has touched my heart more than this thank you for it

    Kristína MacejováKristína Macejová17 hours ago
  • So cute😍❤️

    Edyy souzaEdyy souza17 hours ago
  • Your voices sounds so sweet and beautiful together 💕

    Ana MurilloAna Murillo18 hours ago
  • This just makes me so happy.

    John BrandkampJohn Brandkamp18 hours ago
  • it's really exciting. P!nk you are fantastic as an artist and like everything ❤️

    F!lomena V.F!lomena V.18 hours ago
  • You can tell she looks up to her mamma the hair, the singing so cute

    Michelle LMichelle L18 hours ago
  • ❤️

    Jennie HendricksonJennie Hendrickson18 hours ago
  • That’s so beautiful, sweet, moving! Leigh Max

    leighclaudeleighclaude18 hours ago
  • 2:12 best Part of the Song❤️

    Unsichtbar 30Unsichtbar 3018 hours ago
  • Willow is so blessed, beautiful and loved 💚

    Helena CosnerHelena Cosner18 hours ago
  • Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Seb GamingSeb Gaming18 hours ago
  • Boooooooooooo

    Seb GamingSeb Gaming18 hours ago
  • I heard this for the first time on the radio and i thought it was willow but I wasn’t sure this kid has some serious talent 😍

    charlotte mallentjercharlotte mallentjer19 hours ago
  • I love this! Xx

    Charlotte JanvierCharlotte Janvier19 hours ago
  • 🧡❤💚🤍

    Anita SLOAnita SLO19 hours ago
  • I am so in love with everything about this.

    Francisco A CárdenasFrancisco A Cárdenas19 hours ago
  • Awwww, this is so hartwarming!! My mother showed me this and I am going to use this for my glmm

    RosieBunny GachaRosieBunny Gacha19 hours ago
  • I LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Pink. We all need a song like this, a song that involves parent(s) & child (children). Am going to try recording it with my boy :-) Innocence is a MUST in these times. :-)

    Michelle RebelMichelle Rebel19 hours ago
  • Just look at her, smiling all the time. This is such a positive song and I love it. Willow’s solo is great ❤️

    Black symphonyBlack symphony19 hours ago