Owners brought cat to be put down. But after examining it, vet kicked the owners out of the clinic.

Apr 3, 2021
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It happens sometimes that people get pets without realizing and accepting the full responsibility of this decision. And while the pet is young and full of strength, it brings a lot of joy to its owners, but then loyal and loving pets grow old and become simply unwanted.
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  • When karma finds the former owners of this cat, I hope it's carrying some sort of jackhammerish device with a fist on the end of it and uses it creatively.

    Bra-Ball LegendBra-Ball Legend3 minutes ago
  • Thank you doctor

    bobby laguardiabobby laguardia18 minutes ago
  • YOU CAN KILL A BABY HUMAN BUT NOT A CAT ?!?!?!?!?!? This is what is wrong with people .. I do not condone putting the animals down either but it seems backwards that people are fine with an abortion but not putting an animal down ....

    JESUSisCHRIST 1JESUSisCHRIST 121 minute ago
  • Thank you for saving the cat and her kittens thank you God bless you

    Kat cKat c21 minute ago
  • BLESS the vet thank you for telling them off

    Kat cKat c21 minute ago
  • What goes around comes around to that couple beware Badness will follow you to wherever country you go to hope you never get animals again or children what goes around comes around

    Kat cKat c23 minutes ago
  • The Idea of having a cat put down because someone does not want it anymore is beyond human. WTF is wrong with people like this?

    VoncantV Trains, Elevators, Travel and EctVoncantV Trains, Elevators, Travel and Ect24 minutes ago
  • I hate humans. I hate people. I cant say it enough. I feel like this should be a crime. They attempted to kill a cat and its litter simply because they were lazy. Fuck them

    Wolf LoverWolf Lover24 minutes ago
  • Makes me absolutely disgusted 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Not tooting my horn ...i have 3 chihuahuas since my partner and let them pick us from a box of babies...There's no reason to do what those pigs had done. We also have a newbie kitten .... and after i underwent chemo for stage 4 cancer then another cancer stage 3...not 1 days passed with good morning kisses....today they are ...Chata is 17 Montana is 15 Consuela is 12 ..emma the cat is also 17 ...there's agencies allllll over America that assist in rehoming...i dont want that couple to have kids...god forbid a dirty diaper ... what would they do ? When a pet loves you ..no matter what ..that says everything between a hooooman and animal. Once a vet said ... they don't feel pain. After i reset her thought on that..i found another vet ...having the pandemic that we're going through....my heart has changed so very much about people...are as a whole...i have very little trust in people..yes thats my choice but look at it this way Animals only bite out of instinct People bite out of calculation....

    Joseph NickelsJoseph Nickels25 minutes ago
  • This story makes me so angry how dare these people asked the vet to put this cat down thankfully he refused. Thank u for saving the lives of the mother and her babies

    lela heslinlela heslin33 minutes ago
  • Iam pissed I wish I could run into these scumbags grrr i would fuck them up and yes over an animal iam no tree hugger but I love animals i would rather shoot a human then an animal unless I had to that's the only way I would do something like that to an animal!!! They give us all their trust and loyalty and that's why I love them!!

    Tim BakerTim Baker34 minutes ago
  • These people should never own pets in the future. They don't have the heart or compassion for really loving a pet as a real family member ! Great Veterinarian !!! May God bring many Blessings your way ! 🙏 😊

    Lorraine LeinerLorraine Leiner34 minutes ago
  • My cat she is Old and we still love her but she died and it was hard to let her go 🐈

    Kaitlyn and McKenna GriffinKaitlyn and McKenna Griffin37 minutes ago
  • The story made me sad. But the making of the video is a no go for me. These random pics and clips of people and cats, not related to this story, annoys me. If you dont have any filmmaterial, so dont make a video. Thumbs down from me for that

    Tanja B.Tanja B.48 minutes ago
  • People should not put down animals people don't want they should take care of it as there own or ill save all the kittens

    Faith WeatherwalkFaith Weatherwalk49 minutes ago
  • I am very angry because They should have Given Her to a family member or something

    Dawn RhoadsDawn Rhoads52 minutes ago
  • I love animals - and truly despise certain people in this world. 'Nuff said.

    magentapyramidmagentapyramid55 minutes ago
  • Why wasn’t Polly spayed? Irresponsible owners!

    Lisa SpikesLisa Spikes57 minutes ago
  • Funny. It's somehow socially acceptable to do this to human children but it's not okay to do it to kittens? I agree with the vet in this scenario, but a lot of folks who will agree with the vet on how cruel this is think it's perfectly okay to kill babies in their mother's womb. I am pro-choice for others but completely anti-abortion for me. I feel that everyone has to pay their own karmic debt so it's not my place to force my beliefs on somebody else. But my point is still strong and valid; in my country it's perfectly okay to abort a developed fetus. The hypocrisy in so many people in this comment section that think it's horrible to kill a baby kitten before it's born actually think it's okay to kill a baby human before it's born.

    Sacred Serpents®™Sacred Serpents®™Hour ago
  • what were the owners of this pet doing?

    Mellisa VogelMellisa VogelHour ago
  • My mom died last year and I had to move to an apartment! But I wouldn't go if I couldn't take my cat!

    Matt AlbenzeMatt AlbenzeHour ago
  • I have a cat named Luna i got her now for 4 years and she is my fav cat my parents say that we should let Luna out and find a new home but i said no then i still have Luna she is a brown tabby cat with Yellowish Green colour eye

    Syaz WanSyaz WanHour ago
  • The owners should have looked for potential adoptive parents for the cat.

    Krissy RandolphKrissy RandolphHour ago
  • We have one healthy and one "special needs" cat who was diagnosed with diabetes and kindney disease at just seven years old. .He needs two injections every day and a special kindney diet. With this he is a normal happy cat who is enjoying his life. If you get a pet you take responsibility for its well being!

    Moni WeMoni WeHour ago
  • i love cats and i know they arents toys they are a living being with a heart and feelings they shouldnt be abounded/throw them out bcz ur done with them atleast give them away to a loving family who would atleast love and take good care of them >:(

    its_not_neko chanits_not_neko chanHour ago
  • My cat has been my most loyal friend, she’s 21 now and does have a few conditions but meds can manage that fine. Yes, she is more work now, but I’ll gladly do so for the girl who has been my companion for so long. If you are not willing to you can’t call yourself human. A cat is like a child, a commitment for life but they bring you so much joy its so worth that little bit of effort.

    Luna and StellaLuna and Stella2 hours ago
  • I don't know where this happened but I think the owners should of been arrested on animal cruelty chargers.

    Eugenia SkelleyEugenia Skelley2 hours ago
  • This makes me so mad! I’m a Sphynx breeder (hairless cats) and I have heard some horrible things over the years this one is one of the ones that really bothers me! These owners were irresponsible from the get go for not spaying mom. Ffs I spay/Neuter every cat/kitten that leaves my house. And then when this cat becomes pregnant because of THEIR bad choices they want to kill her and the babies! Disgusting! This vet is amazing and I give him lots of credit for doing what’s right! I sure hope momma found an amazing home with ppl who truly love her

    Nakies R Us Sphynx CatteryNakies R Us Sphynx Cattery2 hours ago
  • People should pass a background and credit check To own a pet...im sure this will piss someone off

    matthew lambertmatthew lambert2 hours ago
  • It baffles me that they thought a vet would be ok with putting down a young and healthy cat, pregnant or not, its sort of a relief that they did though because they could have just thrown the cat from a car or just killed it themselves. So glad Polly and her babies are safe, the fact that she was pregnant though just shows what poor owners they were, don't want to deal with kittens then get her spayed

    silverbrumbyfansilverbrumbyfan2 hours ago
  • that is disgracefully and barberick trying to kill a cat and her kittens just because they had enough of her dicusting eval swins thay should have a life time ban on keeping pets for that behavior it gets me furious cruelty to deffensless animals😠😭😤

    Kieran WhitesideKieran Whiteside2 hours ago
  • One time when my mom invited someone to give cut my cats hair afterwards she said that one time at the vet a lady came with a old cat and she said she wanted to put him down.She asked why and i cant believe what the lady said....He is too old and i want to put him down then she why!? He is healthy if you dont want him i can give him to someone else.Thae oady said that no dont give him to someone else because omly i could take care of him nobody can take care of him like i did I took care of him since he was a kitten.There was nothing else she could do...When she gave the shot he didnt die because he was really healthy!!! The second shot he died and she cried and said she wanted to quit her job......

    SpooksSpooks3 hours ago
  • When I moved from one country to another I moved mountains and asked friends and vet to find a way to take my two cats with me. I would never leave them behind.

    Lucarius1Lucarius13 hours ago
  • There is a thing called a , 'Pet Passport' , which allows pet animals to be taken across international borders . Depending on which country you move to which , has its own rules regarding importing pets . Providing these are satisfied , there will be no barrier . To put an animal down , for convenience is horrific . Good job , Mr. Veterinarian .

    Juliet KalashnikoffJuliet Kalashnikoff3 hours ago
  • Dude your story Time videos are lame.

    Michael Sisson IIMichael Sisson II3 hours ago
  • you forget to put their names and their faces.

    blue norblue nor3 hours ago
  • Thank God that Vet was so wise. I swear some people are just evil!!

    Vanessa LongVanessa Long3 hours ago
  • Wow there are some cold blooded people out there and this just angers me. Can never imagine doing something like this. I lost my cat back in 2015 couldn’t bring myself to put her down, I had to hand feed her and carry her every where cus she was unable to walk. One of my worst days was when she passed right in front of me. I went a few years after that debating to get another cat because didn’t want to deal with the loss again. But gave in eventually, just love cats and have always had on in my life since a kid. There is no better pet then a cat imo, such great animals

    Mike WardMike Ward3 hours ago
  • Every day I see more and more reasons why humanity sucks. But every once in a while I see something that says ‘not all people are scumbags’ like the veterinarian choosing to save four lives. The previous owners, may your lives turn to shit and burn in hell.

    MindDellMindDell3 hours ago
  • Those people should be put down! They make me fucking sick!

    J DeCinoJ DeCino4 hours ago
  • So cruel. I had 2 cats that I kept until they died st home . They were old and I couldn't bring myself to have them put down. The vet said they aren't in any pain and not sick. So I let them go peaceful in their favorite spots. They were doing good and went to sleep and never woke up. So sad I lost my wonder friends but i wanted to be with them till the end.

    Tess MTess M4 hours ago
  • Too bad we don't give a shit about the 65,000,000 aborted American's since 1973, bet that number world wide is into the hundreds of millions, if not billions

    Max WatersMax Waters4 hours ago
  • I would have thrown them out too. That is just unacceptable

    Lavender WolfboundLavender Wolfbound4 hours ago
  • Omg people are sick they should be put down I swear animals are 💯 more loyal then people I swear my cat is my best nd only friend nd I show her everyday how much I love her she's my 3child and jus like with my other 2 kids if anything were to happen to them one I don't think I could live

    juanita valdezjuanita valdez5 hours ago
  • My Lissa cat was 8 when she passed with cancer and I went through the pain with her...Even stayed with her when she was put down...(worse experience ever,do not believe when they say they don't feel this)but to be responsible is to stick by you're animal friend.

    Steven CorsoeSteven Corsoe5 hours ago
  • What a cool story...happy to hear Polly got a good life...animals are our friends and companions and do not deserve that treatment.

    Steven CorsoeSteven Corsoe5 hours ago
  • I have a darling little floof named Cacophony that I adopted a couple months back - not even in my worst nightmares could I imagine getting rid of him :< He drives me nuts sometimes, but he's my best friend and I love the bloody bastard to death. Seeing that little goof happy is one of the things that helps me get up in the morning!

    RogueNiteRogueNite6 hours ago
  • I salute the vet cause most of Vets don't care they just do it cause it's dollar for them so congratulate the vet

    Vickie RileyVickie Riley6 hours ago
  • Makes me feel ashamed of myself I have 2 cats one of them plays the other seems alittle scared of me I know why I'm a bad parent to him I guess I need to treat him just as equal to his sister feline

    Wade Reynolds /DeadpoolWade Reynolds /Deadpool6 hours ago
  • Had a cat that lived to 19. But sadly she was not doing good so I had to make that decision to let her go ! I was devastated!

    Candice HopkinsCandice Hopkins6 hours ago
  • This isvtoo dramatic

    Sue GraySue Gray6 hours ago
  • This makes me angry beyond belief.

    Young HolbrookYoung Holbrook7 hours ago
  • If only we had more doctors like this vet maybe babies would not be killed.

    AshleyAshley7 hours ago
  • I have the most loving cat ever, and I couldn't imagine doing this to her. How horrible! :(

    KendraRoseUwUKendraRoseUwU7 hours ago
  • Honestly messed up to want to put down an animal that is *PREGNANT* . Don't have pets, if you don't want to take care of them properly.

    3nrag3d_3nrag3d_7 hours ago
  • I love cats and dogs ive grown up with them around me my whole life and no matter what i always loved my pets

    pink_glitchpink_glitch7 hours ago
  • Your a lovely Vet. ❤️

    Sherree WilsonSherree Wilson7 hours ago
  • People do not appreciate any inconveniences these days. We are blessed to have God's creatures around us. They bring us joy and comfort. Thank God for every one of them. And to those who discard or abuse them, you should remember that they are God's little ones given to us to love. Shame on those who mistreat any of our pets!!! I rescue little ones and find homes for as many as I possibly can. They're all valuable so take good care of each and every one of them !

    TL QueckTL Queck8 hours ago
  • I got my cat, Boo, as a kitten because the owners of her mom had decided to leave her in the park we were at (I was part of 4-H and we had a petting zoo to earn money and educate people on care of various pets and animals). They even joked that they would throw her in the creek (it wasn't deep or wide enough for her to drown but it was cruel). They had already given the mother away before the event and were giving away all the kittens even though they had been told that wasn't what it was for and set a bad example. Fortunately all the other kittens found suitable homes under supervision from other members of the club but Boo had been ignored because she was black while her sisters were all calico and tortie. When I heard them I became furious and protective. Now at the time I was around 15yrs, 5ft, and 110lbs, so not very intimidating but they got the chewing out of their life and I refused to let them do anything further to this sweet little kitten. So I took her home and she ended up being my barn cat (basically being spoiled in my dairy goat barn, getting fresh sips of milk and keeping the mice out) then being an indoor cat when we moved. She is still a lovable little house panther to this day though she is starting to hit her more elderly years. I did voice my concerns to the 4-H leaders of my club and the family were expelled from the club and all the other clubs in the area, both 4-H and FFA, were warned about their behavior. In hadn't been the first issue we had had with them but it was the final straw.

    Silver Scale ProductionsSilver Scale Productions8 hours ago
  • I'm glad the vet saved all those kittens! What some ppl do just make me mad. Some ppl I knew kicked their own kitten out cause he kept spraying everything,and instead of taking him to get fixed,they put him out the house. It made me mad to find that out too,cause I was baby sitting the kitten when he was little. He's out there having to defend for himself. If I ever find him,I'll be sure to give him a good home and take him to get fixed.

    VicToria April PerryVicToria April Perry8 hours ago
  • Maybe this couple shouldn’t have children, either...

    HallandsHallands8 hours ago
  • The shock of this story... I can't even close my mouth. WTF is WRONG with people like this!!!!! I JUST DONT GET IT!!!! THEY ARE FAMILY FULL STOP!!! SMDH thank God for that vet. That's the kind of person that NEEDS to be a vet. I'm sick about this😡

    Aneshia DixonAneshia Dixon8 hours ago
  • One day my dad brought 2 budgies at home, nobody new how to take care of it. That to nobody's at home. One day my dad used floor cleaning liquid and was cleaning the floor. The chemical smell killed the bird. I feel guilty

    Purple Wisteria 藤Purple Wisteria 藤8 hours ago
  • Really? I can tell you, as a foster for a rescue, MANY stray pregnant mothers are spayed as soon as they arrive...those that are healthy, that is. They aren't being euthanized, but the litters are aborted through the spay surgery. I won't do this. In fact, since I am retired, I always ask for a pregnant momma dog who needs fostering seeing as how I have 3 months to devote to the cause. And that's how long it takes....which is another reason why most shelters immediately spay the animal, whether it is pregnant or not. There are a few independent vets who won't spay a pregnant female. But shelter vets are used to this. The theory is, there are too many animals needing homes. Better to save the mother and give her a forever home, than have to find homes for the mother plus babies. Usually the mother is left unadopted; as lots of people enjoy puppies and kittens. Sigh.

    Moody B LewisMoody B Lewis8 hours ago
  • Put it on shelter or in the street, but why trying to kill it?

    Soleil TounsiSoleil Tounsi9 hours ago
  • My family adopted two cats. One of them named Frito was found in someone's back yard, while my other cat, Star, was abandoned in a box next to a Costco. They may get a little crazy at times, but my family still loves them.

    BasicallyBasically9 hours ago
  • Give me 5 minutes with this couple & I'd give them a tongue lashing about what I thought of them! Disgusting humans! I had to put my 26yr old to sleep & it was the hardest thing I have ever done. I would have given anything to have her even 1 more good Yr.

    Buddha CookBuddha Cook9 hours ago
  • What horrible people. That cat could not be old if she was pregnant. I just had to say goodbye to my almost 18 yr old cat this year. Yes, she needed a lot of care at the end, but that is what a pet owner does.

    Midnight BrianMidnight Brian9 hours ago
  • This is what people are doing to human babies. They decide the baby isn't wanted and eliminate it. Then they call it a woman's choice as it is her body!

    Kathryn LayfieldKathryn Layfield9 hours ago
  • I love cats......This video has me pissed at the so called owners how heartless do you have to be to kill them just because you are moving >_

    cat lovercat lover9 hours ago
  • Are you a lukewarm Christian. Don’t let the faith you stand in disappear. The enemy wants you to think you’re a loser. Well you’re not. You are a child of God. Stand on His promises. Jesus loves you unconditionally. 🙏

    Pat WarburtonrPat Warburtonr9 hours ago
  • Black ball list for people like this. Same goes with people that just dump them and move. Take them to a Safe House

    jim sjim s9 hours ago
  • I cannot be the only one who had to immediately step away from the computer and give their cat a long snugglecuddle ... someone must have been cutting onions in here too, cuz I made two big wet spots on his fur

    K1productionsK1productions9 hours ago
  • I’ve held everyone of my pets as they passed away or was put down. Everyone of my pets was a rescue from a shelter and I loved them all. The one thing I noticed was that my animals and also my friends all died of some sort of cancer. I always fed my pets the BEST food, vaccinated them, gave them plenty of exercise, and lots of love. I’d like to know why so many animals die from cancer these days. It’s probably for the same reasons so many humans are dying from cancer.

    DeeEll86442DeeEll864429 hours ago
  • I'm glad the vet saved Polly. Our latest cat was going to end up being put down or dropped off at the pound by a neighbor moving out of state. Thankfully he allowed us to have her after my husband explained that we had gotten used to her visits and enjoyed having her around. She's a pure joy to have around, fitting in with our crowd quite nicely. We also see far too many pets left at animal control by military families who are transferring or being deployed. I'm sorry, but if you know there's a possibility of eventual deployment or transfer, or if you're just a civilian who moves often as part of your job and cannot take your pet everywhere please - volunteer with pets instead of adopting and surrendering. When you adopt only to surrender you're literally breaking that pet's heart. If you're being deployed check around and find the groups that will care for your pet for free while you are deployed. They are amazing people who help the deployed keep their pets and, best of all, your pet will be so happy to greet you upon your return. It's a win win for both owner and pet while helping to keep our shelter populations down.

    J MontignyJ Montigny9 hours ago
  • Humans suck!

    Beth MinerBeth Miner9 hours ago
  • Good message

    Brad True Blue BullBrad True Blue Bull10 hours ago
  • 🤨

    Little JoeLittle Joe10 hours ago
  • This is WHY I am anti social (for the most part). An animal that is your pet trusts you, doesn't care what you wear, or what your skin color is, what language you speak, your sexual orientation (unless it is for animals) or who you voted for in the last election. Why would you treat such a creature like that?

    dwayne fiendwayne fien10 hours ago
  • Never Betray Your Trust..... This sickens me......

    christopher millschristopher mills10 hours ago
  • I got my cat at a shelter she was around 14 when she died, it broke my heart I cried and cried...

    Dinah KamanDinah Kaman10 hours ago
  • This is fucked my cat left me a mouse in my bed this morning to show me he loves me yes it was Gross and I had to wash my whole bedding but I love that he loves me enough to bring me gifts just next time he can bring me a diamond bracelet

    Sanchira VanitySanchira Vanity10 hours ago
  • Did he just say"medication"?

    smooth wavesmooth wave10 hours ago
  • My last cat, Fluffy, was a tripod kitty almost all of her life. At 12 she had all teeth, except 4, pulled. By 20 she was losing her sight and hearing. At 23 she had to have infusions to help her kidney function. She was almost 24 when I lost her. She was my family and I was there for her until her last breath. My kitties are lifetime commitments. I’m so glad this vet saved this cat and her kittens. Shame on her owners.

    Lisa SextonLisa Sexton10 hours ago
  • they dont deserved to have pets ever....bad owner..

    Decisive MayocchiDecisive Mayocchi10 hours ago
  • This will be the attitude for senior people

    Lin MooreLin Moore10 hours ago
  • Putting together unrelated clips and faking a story out of it.. It's an american thing 🤣🤣🤣

    Ryan MacmillanRyan Macmillan11 hours ago
  • Those people were sick

    Geeta ShettyGeeta Shetty11 hours ago
  • Would I be a bad person if I wished the owners life full of misery? How people do this? They should be punished for that!! They left their cat unspayed wondering outside getting pregnent in an old age being also sick and wanted to kill her too!! At last they abandoned her in the shelter!! I wish them a miserable lifetime!!!

    Maraki DaskalakiMaraki Daskalaki11 hours ago
  • Those people are monsters!!😡👿

    ต้นข้าว รวงข้าวต้นข้าว รวงข้าว11 hours ago
  • Good vet.

    Atrice McCaryAtrice McCary11 hours ago

    Quince CatQuince Cat11 hours ago
  • I can’t tell if this story is real, since it doesn’t really link the people in the video. But, it does have a moral I can get with

    Hansoo YiHansoo Yi11 hours ago
  • I rescued my best friends when they were tiny kittens. Axel and Jaeger were littermates, and their momma gave birth to them under the deck of a bar. My boys are 7 years old now. I can’t imagine my life without them. When I think about them passing it makes me so incredibly sad. I will continue to rescue a couple of kitties at a time until the day I die. 💗

    Tinker StinkerTinker Stinker11 hours ago
  • Well said!!!

    Ruth RiceRuth Rice11 hours ago
  • That is the most disgusting and inhumane thing to do to that kitty...... poor mama kitty

    Amanda AlexanderAmanda Alexander11 hours ago
  • These vet workers saved lives im glad they decided to save her then kill 4 kittens/cats at once

    Some 9 year old stalking you on social mediaSome 9 year old stalking you on social media11 hours ago
  • As if there were no such things as shelters.

    Beth KBeth K11 hours ago
  • I love animals at any age especially when old an loving oh kittens

    Karen EvansKaren Evans11 hours ago
  • as a cat person... its so sad to see cats be takin for granted... cats are always casted to the side while the dogs get all the attention, but when u start to get to know them, they can be sweet and equally as good as a dogs!! cats are a very hard animal to understand, sure its easy to take care of them, but their behavious are quite different to dogs. ive grown up with cats all my life so i find it easy to understand them haha XD

    Caity StrophicCaity Strophic11 hours ago