Owner Asks Dog Questions About Who Is a Good Boy And Whom Will They Cuddle - 1174073

Feb 10, 2021
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  • Hehe

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus8 minutes ago
  • My cat Garfill is not happy with this video, he’s a law student in the top university in the elf realm. Wish him luck so he can stop

    Allif HasnanAllif Hasnan18 minutes ago
  • The cat felt SO left out. 😶

    Celisar1Celisar135 minutes ago

    sibobrata kundusibobrata kundu35 minutes ago
  • Kitty be like what ever dude I don't like you either

    migna viniamigna vinia40 minutes ago
  • Dogs sure love to hug. That is why my dog always puts her paws on me. Like all day...

    VV47 minutes ago
  • harry's face be like: let me out of this shit hooman

    mai failmai failHour ago
  • Cat: What ever....

    Quinton du PlessisQuinton du PlessisHour ago
  • *Cat sneaks in line* "Day 20 they still suspect nothing"

    David ryanDavid ryanHour ago
  • Why do animal vids get so many views

    Random PersonRandom Person2 hours ago
  • Racism is real

    Colson XuColson Xu2 hours ago
  • Big bubba Watson has a walnut sized brain, but its the heart that counts.

    Grá lóiséasGrá lóiséas2 hours ago
  • kitty doesn´t give a shit

    AvengeVoltaireAvengeVoltaire2 hours ago
  • damn poor cat

    Firsa InsaniFirsa Insani2 hours ago
  • Are they both boys or girl and boy or gust girls IM CONFUSEDDD

    sonia hallsonia hall2 hours ago
  • Aww

    Jon blablablaJon blablabla3 hours ago
  • I could watch this all day

    Sons Of LibertySons Of Liberty3 hours ago
  • Wow im in tears i love dogs amazing video thanks for sharing.

    Jr CastilloJr Castillo3 hours ago
  • Damn, not even dogs like cats... and they’re supposed to love everything

    Chas BruceChas Bruce4 hours ago
  • This is the cutest thing ever

    Expired TylernolExpired Tylernol4 hours ago
  • Play dumb, enjoy free food. Let the lady think she she is the real boss...

    Saurabh KeswaniSaurabh Keswani4 hours ago
  • So cute

    peace searcherpeace searcher4 hours ago
  • i love dogs so much they are such a blessing

    mojo mastermojo master5 hours ago
  • They are secretly in love

    Daniel Iddo Abera-BalchaDaniel Iddo Abera-Balcha5 hours ago
  • come on people! MUCH LOVE for the cat who's sitting through the video!!

    myshatmyshat5 hours ago
  • good dog

    Yerevan TomahawkYerevan Tomahawk6 hours ago
  • This is adorable

    The Book of EliThe Book of Eli6 hours ago
  • These two are my favorite puppers in the whole world they just act so sweet their mama trained them well good bois ❤

    Midnight Hour1159Midnight Hour11596 hours ago
  • If there's a humane way to clone Watson may I please have one?

    lovephillies1lovephillies17 hours ago
  • Did you bribe him with a Chewy ?

    Alan 59Alan 597 hours ago
  • Harry is just like, hell nah, next time don't bother calling me over for this shit, losers 😂

    Ane CalvoAne Calvo7 hours ago
  • Nowadays dogs are so much intelligent

    Dishanth DDishanth D7 hours ago
  • She didn't video the part before when the cat comes in and says "Not this ho with the camera again."

    Julian NialJulian Nial7 hours ago
  • I belive this is the smartest dog ever

    RvxngeRvxnge7 hours ago
  • That is just too adorable, I loved the video where you confronted Watson over eating Keiko's food.

    ndknightndknight7 hours ago
  • The cat is the middle child that gets left out in everything. I feel that 💔😔

    Mahnaaz FatimaMahnaaz Fatima8 hours ago
  • Why are the dogs leashes tied so short to the poles?

    R. C.R. C.8 hours ago
  • Is kiko a good boi Hold up Wait a minute He is da bestest boi ❤❤❤❤

    Lauren DaviesLauren Davies9 hours ago
  • Dogs love is a infinity sign.

    Эстебан ПантераЭстебан Пантера9 hours ago
  • So cute it hurts. What a smart boy awww

    broken neckbroken neck10 hours ago
  • 0:06 ''dont test me hooman''

    DhDeadManDhDeadMan10 hours ago
  • Who can resist that thumbnail

    The Beast LordThe Beast Lord11 hours ago
  • 0:16 this part made my heart melt He’s hugging the dog 🤗

    Bruh’s Roblox Ice cream Truck RpBruh’s Roblox Ice cream Truck Rp11 hours ago
  • My kind of kids!! Go Dogs!!

    Herbert GomezHerbert Gomez12 hours ago
  • "Cat left the chat"

    Cultural Italian ChannelCultural Italian Channel12 hours ago
  • a dog leaning over the head of another means it is dominating the other one please stop these non sense learn something about dog behaviour.

    Siddharth BhardwajSiddharth Bhardwaj13 hours ago
  • "Are you a good boy?" "Woof" "Is Hari a good boy?" **scoffs** Cat: *"Nigga"*

    TheBanjoShowTheBanjoShow13 hours ago
  • Harry looks so done 🤣🤣

    I MI M13 hours ago
  • Lovely

    it's 1984it's 198413 hours ago
  • Misuse of whom.

    Chill guyChill guy13 hours ago
  • oh my goodness this is adorable....these furr babies are better behaved and trained than most human kids lol

    Jt RoseJt Rose13 hours ago
  • I'm not a dog guy but damn, the dog hugging the other dog is one of the cutest things I've ever seen ngl

    Lobster with Mustard and RiceLobster with Mustard and Rice14 hours ago
  • Cat was like: 😔🖕

    ModestChimpModestChimp14 hours ago
  • kitty has left the chat.

    ChristopherChristopher15 hours ago
  • I absolutely liked this video seeing this makes me want a dog event more

    Itachi UchiaItachi Uchia15 hours ago
  • How can someone hate this cutie...

    Dineshkumar NarwadeDineshkumar Narwade15 hours ago
  • are you a good boy? *big woof* is harry a good boy? *tiny hmff*

    bezolsbezols15 hours ago
  • 0:09 Watson: ... We tell him that.

    A Youtube ChannelA Youtube Channel16 hours ago
  • Woman: Watson, are you a good boy? Watson: Yes. Woman: Is Hirey a good boy? Watson: No, he is a cat. Woman: Is Geeko a good boy? Watson: ... We tell him that. Woman: Why are you hugging him? Watson: You know why. Woman: Watson if you could cuddle with anyone, who would you pick? Watson: ... Woman: You pick Geeko, is Geeko your best friend? Watson: No, but he needs it. Everyone Else: What school did this dog go to?

    A Youtube ChannelA Youtube Channel16 hours ago
  • Give da cat a big huggie-

    Ahana.gAhana.g16 hours ago
  • Cat left the chat...

    Arjun VermaArjun Verma16 hours ago
  • He really knows 😂😂😂😂😂

    Carla VelaCarla Vela16 hours ago
  • Sometimes I feel like Harry...

    Jason RobinsonJason Robinson16 hours ago
  • The doggo pretty much knows that the catto will slay him if he tries hugging it.

    Ramesh KannanRamesh Kannan16 hours ago
  • The reality is, dogs don’t cuddle. When they do this, it’s a sign of dominance NOT AFFECTION!!!

    MI5 AssetMI5 Asset17 hours ago
  • Dog:🤗 Cat: 😑 Other dog:😄 Lady:👁👄👁

    10 Second Channel10 Second Channel18 hours ago
  • Watson and Kiko have returned

    OB DancerOB Dancer18 hours ago
  • Yo, is that dog gay?

    Michael HoffmanMichael Hoffman18 hours ago
  • that kitten seems to be thinking. " here we go again ".

    Caito.PotatoCaito.Potato18 hours ago
  • Don't blame him, he probably wants to cuddle with Harry but Harry's a cat and won't have none of that

    kurt engelkurt engel19 hours ago
  • and cat left the chat

    mohit 07mohit 0719 hours ago
  • He hugged his best buddy like "How dare you question his honor as a good boy, madam"

    Carter ThomasCarter Thomas19 hours ago
  • Cat:¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ °͠ )_/¯

    • B E A S T •• B E A S T •19 hours ago
  • What a lovely dog

    Abigail DunnAbigail Dunn20 hours ago
  • Is that afraid?

    曼查狂人曼查狂人20 hours ago
  • So cute & smart, love the hugger.

    Linda G SmithLinda G Smith20 hours ago
  • Oh yeah yeah

    Silver BallsSilver Balls20 hours ago
  • Idk whats cutest the dog cuddle or his voice

    Haise SasakiHaise Sasaki20 hours ago
  • the other dog is like im so done with this crap... he keeps invading my personal space

    DeadSilent87DeadSilent8720 hours ago
  • That cat looks fucking stupid.

    StarfruitsurfridaHHHStarfruitsurfridaHHH21 hour ago
  • so fucking cute :)

    leidenisthebestleidenisthebest21 hour ago
  • 0:50 Harry: I think this thing she makes us do is getting a bit out of hand... Kiko: Ya think ?

    Rohan VolrathRohan Volrath21 hour ago
  • What a cute smarty pants...🐾💕🐾💕

    Michael DamicoMichael Damico21 hour ago
  • Bro that’s wholesome the fact that the dog hugged him. Next thing you gonna see is the dog hugging me when I need it the most.

    XXZ3ROXXXXZ3ROXX22 hours ago
  • Doggo is a PAID actor here 😂

    Rajkumar JaiswarRajkumar Jaiswar22 hours ago
  • Watson is one special animal. Gotta love him!

    What's up Doc?What's up Doc?22 hours ago
  • ah dont mind me, YT just recommend this masterpiece

    Heavenly DemonHeavenly DemonDay ago
  • girl : can u understand me? dog : AEÜGH

    Eric YoungEric YoungDay ago
  • Watson : My elder brother Kiko : My younger sister Cat : Me ... The daily scenerio in our home 🙄.

  • This is UNCANNY?!?!

    redcaddiedaddieredcaddiedaddieDay ago
  • What kind of soulless human dislikes a video like this ?

    Ionut SarbuIonut SarbuDay ago
  • The cat's face shows how much he cares about all that bs

    JosevJosevDay ago
  • "Think the Interviewee smarter than interviewer"?🤔🙏

    Julio ArantonJulio ArantonDay ago
  • What type of dog is that

    RicardoRicardoDay ago
  • Which breed is he The white one

    Savage GamerSavage GamerDay ago
  • better than any video on YT

    Rewat BRewat BDay ago
  • OH MY GOD!

    addZeeaddZeeDay ago
  • 0:05 that cat already knew what was coming 😂😂

    Dr. DoctorDr. DoctorDay ago
  • 556 cats disliked this

    arkajyoti paularkajyoti paulDay ago
  • Owner : Are you a good boy?? Doggo : Any doubts WOOF ?? Owner : Is harry a good boy? Doggo : Not sure woof Owner : Is koko a good boy? Doggo : Let me show you....

    Dagar at WorkDagar at WorkDay ago