Orthodontist Reacts! Baby Teeth Can Cure Cancer?! #Shorts

Mar 29, 2021
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Orthodontist Reacts! Baby Teeth Can Cure Cancer?! #Shorts
They do! Kind of 😂 you can extract stem cells from live baby teeth and use it to cure certain illnesses! Crazy right!?
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  • My little brother watched this and said “so the tooth fairy isn’t real” I looked at him for a good 20 seconds trying to laugh and I responded with “aww buddy mommy is the tooth fairy” he screamed and ran off😂

    •nugget••nugget•12 days ago
    • @Strãwbërry ik its a joke

      WqterliliesWqterliliesHour ago
    • lmao

      Elise :PElise :P10 hours ago
    • @Wqterlilies yeah,exactly

      StrãwbërryStrãwbërryDay ago
    • Wait your telling me she’s fake..

      WqterliliesWqterliliesDay ago
    • When i was a kid,my parents never told me about tooth fairy.And i knew that they arent real when i was 5 yo.

      StrãwbërryStrãwbërryDay ago

  • My mum keeps my teeth cus 9f a family tradition but I'm perfectly fine with that

    AST HoldingsAST HoldingsDay ago
  • wait do you eat the teeth

    donk kongdonk kongDay ago
  • There was a spot for the umbilical cord...

    brittany mearsbrittany mearsDay ago
  • That Woman is stupidity personified

    JabohaboJabohaboDay ago
  • When I was around 7 the mother of a friend of mine told me that she was keeping the teeth of her daughter to do a necklace. I was so freaked out that I never asked why, now I understand.

    DanielaDanielaDay ago
  • Did this dude just come off a bender of Columbian powder?? Calm down adhd

    xylem XDxylem XDDay ago
  • 😔😔😔🤫🤫merica need to just stop

    Jack TaylorJack TaylorDay ago
  • Why would you want a necklace of your child's baby teeth-

    PancakePancake2 days ago
  • Hahahahaha

    jmc14345jmc143452 days ago
  • Is it weird to keep your old teeth? I have few of mine

    Jim CornetteJim Cornette2 days ago
  • I eat my teeth

    jellyfish spitjellyfish spit2 days ago
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    UcrxzyUcrxzy2 days ago
  • But the tooth fairy has our teeth😁

    ItsFishiesItsFishies2 days ago
  • This feels like one of those tasks that are in rpgs and it be like “required- 20 baby teeth”.

    CaptainLemonLimeCaptainLemonLime2 days ago
  • My mama always put them in a plastic bag on the fridge ;-;

    Gamer ToriGamer Tori2 days ago
  • top 10 anime characters 5mincrafts are afraid from

    Kamen ZhelyazkovKamen Zhelyazkov2 days ago
  • Uhhhh my tooth just came out TIME TO THROW IT YEEEEEETTTTTT

    Fayruus ArtanFayruus Artan2 days ago
  • HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    Mahmoud AlMahmoud Al2 days ago
  • What the heck is gonna do with the umbilical cord

    Tanirika VelpulaTanirika Velpula2 days ago
  • Me when I am doin a project *only researching half of it and concluding it*

    Tanirika VelpulaTanirika Velpula2 days ago
  • Or maybe just preserve the umbilical cord. Umbilical cord can be preserved for very long period of time

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    AdrielAdriel3 days ago

    milkshake UwUmilkshake UwU3 days ago
  • My mom did this lol.

    Zoey DoyleZoey Doyle3 days ago
  • He jumpscared me💔

    KilghhraKilghhra3 days ago
  • I still have a lot of baby teeth

    rowena labaorowena labao3 days ago
  • I don't think that necklace thing would work but that was really funny

    A YodelA Yodel3 days ago
  • Nah man tf you talk about. The tooth fairy gotta keep those

    Katie ArnoldKatie Arnold3 days ago
  • “Oh I can just imagine the sMeLl”😂the way he said it.

    JJayJJay3 days ago
  • So how do you extract it?

    Katey RhoadesKatey Rhoades3 days ago
  • Why should you even think of that about your kid🤦

    Jessica JessicaJessica Jessica3 days ago
  • I can't imagine the smell eathier 😭

    lil_dark Demon angel blil_dark Demon angel b4 days ago
  • I dont like you

    Szczepan RybczynskiSzczepan Rybczynski4 days ago
  • There is a plastic bag on the floor of the basement in my house labled ________ Teeth.

    Boba_ CookiesBoba_ Cookies4 days ago
  • D i s g u s t I n g

    lolrecktpranx Ballslolrecktpranx Balls4 days ago
  • And here we have why failed facts are spread Tik tok

    Deez NutsDeez Nuts4 days ago
  • I believe you can get stem cells from wisdom teeth as well!

    Melissa MayMelissa May4 days ago
  • Me and my lil sister watching this Her:Wait what the tooth fairy’s not real ☹️

    Zuzu BakugouZuzu Bakugou4 days ago
  • U can just preserve the stem cells from.the umbilical cord

    Akanksha SharmaAkanksha Sharma4 days ago
  • I feel like this dudes facial animations are at 150%, and i love it

    Jurre OsingaJurre Osinga4 days ago
  • "You can make a necklace i guess" 🤣🤣

    Makenna HamelMakenna Hamel4 days ago
  • A necklace out of teeth.... no thanks.

    No_KnightToThinkNo_KnightToThink4 days ago

    The RatThe Rat4 days ago
  • * Inhale * *tHaTS A LoT oF BaBY tEetH*

    シGalaxy_SkysシGalaxy_Skys4 days ago

    EvlivEvliv4 days ago
  • Correct

    Hayden colin JamesHayden colin James4 days ago
  • every time i see one of his videos i go:Paaaaaaa

    Kai ParkerKai Parker4 days ago
  • It got dark really quick😅

    Brayden 1776-81Brayden 1776-814 days ago

    Meagan BocoxMeagan Bocox4 days ago
  • We live in a society that's fueled by stupidity

    Harry Ball ZachHarry Ball Zach4 days ago
  • They don’t smell you just rinse the blood out with salt water, soak them in salt waterThe teeth will be just fine with no smell I still have my wisdom teeth and I have my daughters baby teeth in my jewelry box that’s where my mother kept mine that’s where I keep my daughters my family’s been doing it for years no smell

    Lisa HillLisa Hill4 days ago
  • On the topic of children’s teeth search up child’s skull on google You won’t Your welcome

    Brian Hamilton19Brian Hamilton194 days ago

    THE3LITEGAM3R !THE3LITEGAM3R !4 days ago
  • Wait people keep the Umbilical Cord?!

    Plain MoonPlain Moon4 days ago
  • This guy annoys me if he wants to say something he doesn't have to say shit like that.

    Jarred Van Der PollJarred Van Der Poll4 days ago
  • Pls stop

    Jarred Van Der PollJarred Van Der Poll4 days ago
  • Lol you could make a necklace I guess😂😂

    Ezequiel NevarezEzequiel Nevarez4 days ago
  • This man talking about stims whilst he looks like he had took 5 stims from octane before making this video.

    sunny fishersunny fisher4 days ago
  • Im scared you son of a b

    mikro nanomikro nano4 days ago
  • Bruhh you scared mee!

    Ro ghoul tips and tricksRo ghoul tips and tricks4 days ago
  • Fuckin scared the shit outta me

    Vape CatVape Cat4 days ago
  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ

    JahshshdhdgshJahshshdhdgsh4 days ago
  • My mom told me she kept mine so in case i got kidnapped and they couldn’t identify me she would have dna for them....

    Bailey DawsonBailey Dawson4 days ago
  • Dababy teeth?!?

    MungBeanMungBean4 days ago
  • Yeah nowadays

    Mitchell NunnMitchell Nunn4 days ago
  • My mam kept them at first with out knowing about the stem cell research and is now using it as an excuse to be creepy

    noah denningnoah denning4 days ago
  • What the fuuuuuuuck

    ANTI SIMPANTI SIMP4 days ago
  • You know there is another way to get stem cells in high a abundis but trump made it against the law which let me tell you why it's dumb one abortions allows us to make it so we're less close to God dang over population and also the stem cells that come from fetuses

    HopeHope4 days ago
  • HIIIII FLOSS FAM HERE 💞❤💗💚💜💖💙💛💕💓😘😍

    ASHLEYASHLEY4 days ago
  • His facial expressions are so forced

    Jordan TylerJordan Tyler4 days ago
  • It says constellation? What is that?

    Jacob NicholsonJacob Nicholson4 days ago
  • Lol my upper right canine is still a baby tooth. Def changed my mind wanting to get rid of it

    yosh coomyosh coom4 days ago
  • Ayo wtf

    turb0turb04 days ago
  • There was a section in the box for the umbilical cord I hate people

    Ella LewisElla Lewis4 days ago
  • I use to suck in my baby teeth because I enjoyed the smooth and bumpy textured I’m very autistic

    The Egg manThe Egg man4 days ago
  • Lol 😂

    david merrittdavid merritt4 days ago
  • Some voodoo stuff going on right here

    llama dramallama drama4 days ago
  • I thought the box said da baby 🤣🤣🤣

    Your MomYour Mom4 days ago
  • So no ones talking about the hole to put the umbilical chord in? 😂😬

    KlaudiaKlaudia4 days ago
  • Wait you guys parents didn’t save your teeth when you were kids?

    Andulas isAndulas is4 days ago

    Tini cruzTini cruz4 days ago
  • 10 yr old me who has a stash of teeth

    The Good BoiThe Good Boi4 days ago
  • Am I the only one that thinks tooth fairy is real bc one of my tooth fell off and I place it under my pillow and after a few days there really chocolate and I ask my parents and they said they didn’t put it there so I thing tooth fairy is real

    4D02 周芊穎Katie4D02 周芊穎Katie5 days ago
  • Annoying idiot

    Lee roy JenkinsLee roy Jenkins5 days ago
  • Haha camera zoom goes brr brr

    JwL 0w0JwL 0w05 days ago
  • I'm more scared of the 'umbilical cord' compartment......

    IanHYTIanHYT5 days ago
  • You should keep the umbilical cord stem cell instead

    tubetop123tubetop1235 days ago
  • Jumpscare

    mackjackhermackjackher5 days ago
  • THe SmelL Haaaasahaaaaaaahaaa

    brian edwardsbrian edwards5 days ago
  • White women 😂

    Poker DegenPoker Degen5 days ago
  • Does your mom keep your hospital wrist bandage thingy (when you were born?). No one only me okay

    UniCorn are Awesome !!!UniCorn are Awesome !!!5 days ago
  • I swallowed 3-4 of my baby tooth So...ye

    Rei KonRei Kon5 days ago
  • My stem cell is preserved from my first tooth🤗. Awesome vidoes doctor💖

    San. GSan. G5 days ago
  • so that's what the tooth fairy does with our teeth

    i have lemonadei have lemonade5 days ago
  • No one talking about the fact the box had a section for the umbilical cord-

    Bun bun_ GamingBun bun_ Gaming5 days ago
  • It’s a cute gift tho, wish my mum kept mine

    Alex ShermanAlex Sherman5 days ago
  • Lol

    Joseph LeifJoseph Leif5 days ago