Open That Coca-Cola (Music by Tyler, The Creator)

Feb 21, 2021
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Open that Coca-Cola!
What does Coca-Cola even taste like?
The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words.
✨ Oooh! ✨ Aaah! ✨ Yeeah! ✨
#OpenthatCocaCola #CocaColaKickShuffle

  • 3000th dislike, you’re welcome

    Sebastian LackiSebastian LackiHour ago
  • Screw you coke Your being racist towards whites. No more coke products, switching to Pepsi

    komfortliinumbkomfortliinumb2 hours ago
  • I don't think I can be "less white", but I know I can drink less coke.

    andylaaukandylaauk6 hours ago
  • Will never buy a coke product again.

    Joe BotJoe Bot7 hours ago
  • soda is bad for your health and coca cola is basically like drinking poison anyone who consumes coca cola in the current year 2021 your knowingly drinking poison that causes cancer and many other bad ailments too might wanna try seltzer water or just stick to bottled spring water and stay away from Tap water Dasani too! 😉

    Dank DankDank Dank8 hours ago
  • Woca-Cola tastes like racism. Goodbye forever.

    Nicholas SmithNicholas Smith9 hours ago
  • I Use to buy coca cola sometimes but since they want to be racist against white people I'm buying Pepsi from now on. Taste more refreshing than coke.

    Francisco P.Francisco P.12 hours ago
  • Racist company!

    MartinsBrewMartinsBrew12 hours ago
  • this sounds like that YooHoo ad from the Atlanta

    tahir kasaptahir kasap13 hours ago
  • It feels like they are doig the same as grubhub did.....

    LindrukzLindrukz13 hours ago
  • This commercial needs to try to be less white.

    San ShinobiSan Shinobi13 hours ago
  • I stopped drinking it because it’s not white By the way Pepsi better

    нuuuвsоn villнuuuвsоn vill13 hours ago
  • BIG DUB, T.

    Valle RiotValle Riot14 hours ago
  • Grubhub :D

    Clid 'sClid 's14 hours ago
  • Sorry, I'm too white for Coca Cola.

    Miles LougheedMiles Lougheed15 hours ago
  • Van coca cola krijg je spasmen

    mv2294mv229416 hours ago
  • Could be less white

    Da DDa D17 hours ago
    • Be less white!

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt13 hours ago
  • Tyler the creator doing his best pharrell impression.

    EnochEnoch17 hours ago
    • @bouytt guyt i assume u dont like aspartame

      EnochEnoch13 hours ago
    • Coke sucks

      bouytt guytbouytt guyt13 hours ago
  • Trash

    pimptreespimptrees17 hours ago
  • Be less white

    Alfred PoeAlfred Poe19 hours ago
  • This is one of the most stupid advertisements I've ever seen

    Dead_Moroz_0Dead_Moroz_020 hours ago
  • Tyler made it!

    Man CityMan City21 hour ago
  • Nice ad, but far too white!

    Robert SmithRobert Smith21 hour ago
  • overrated tyler and yes, ... try to be less white. ahhahahah

    Мухамед ДудуевМухамед Дудуев21 hour ago
  • Here comes a new fortnite dane😆😐

    Diego GarciaDiego Garcia22 hours ago
  • Tyler the Creator is very famous i would say or singer but I never thought he would sing it in a commercial

  • No, I think I'll switch to Pepsi.

    Snowflake's NightmareSnowflake's NightmareDay ago
  • Be less white

    Song SongSong SongDay ago
  • Remember try to be less white

    DJ WDJ WDay ago
  • to keep up buy more Coke

  • Coke sucks

    Broogie 1023Broogie 1023Day ago
  • Be less white!

    D2tha IzzoD2tha IzzoDay ago
  • This is probably the worst coke commercial I’ve seen. BTW, Those white people in this commercial we acting way to white they should be ashamed for themselves ...

    Big DaddyBig DaddyDay ago
  • That was very hard to watch . Totally stupid .

    Linda GoreLinda GoreDay ago
  • Why do people even drink this stuff? It’s used to unclog pipes! This company should be out of business many years ago

    Julia RodriguesJulia RodriguesDay ago
  • I thought I recognised Tyler's voice haha

    the chicken connoisseurthe chicken connoisseurDay ago

    Thebutteryslickness 1Thebutteryslickness 1Day ago
  • If a drink did that to me I'd have it tested for hallucinogenics.

    noel heenannoel heenanDay ago
  • You can really hear the neptunes influence.

    Track FictionTrack FictionDay ago
  • Nice

    Tomas HughesCool20Tomas HughesCool20Day ago
  • Jabba walk

    biggiecheesebiggiecheeseDay ago
  • Plug walk

    biggiecheesebiggiecheeseDay ago
  • “Be less white, like Tyler The Creator” -Coca Cola

    Cobe BassCobe BassDay ago
  • Coke = carbonated barf

    Carolina FineCarolina FineDay ago
  • I don't think I'm less white enough to watch this (commercial?)

    Russell MakarRussell MakarDay ago
  • Pepsi is better

    Dylan JamesDylan JamesDay ago
  • Reminds me of a retro advert. Really feel good 👍

    Matt RoseMatt RoseDay ago
  • No more coca cola for trying to be less white..... Even though im AMERICAN Mexican.

    IreneFrom NapaIreneFrom NapaDay ago
  • Be less white? But tylers as white as it gets XD

    CookeDaWookCookeDaWookDay ago

    rouge*rouge*Day ago

    SeanSeanDay ago
  • Be More Pepsi !

    mark williamsmark williamsDay ago
  • Be less white says Coca Cola.

    Bill RathersBill RathersDay ago
  • Am I allowed to watch this even though I'm white?

    D McintyreD McintyreDay ago
  • don't forget to be Less white :)

    WordfromtheSewer ThaGobliiinradioWordfromtheSewer ThaGobliiinradioDay ago
  • Go ahead kids, feel free to become LGBTQ, the big companies will always be there for you

    Dilly VonkaDilly VonkaDay ago
  • Be less white - that looks like a call for racism

    Азат АбирбаевАзат АбирбаевDay ago
  • There's an unnecessary amount of white people in this video. I think it's being oppressive and exclusionary.

    David WalkerDavid WalkerDay ago
  • 🤩🤩😍😍😍

    Pilar FuentesPilar FuentesDay ago
  • Woka Cola, be less white.

    Joe VJoe VDay ago
  • Coca-Cola has never been so unappealing.

    Sir RealSir RealDay ago
  • Tyler don't miss

    M. TijanyM. TijanyDay ago
  • This will definitely help me be less white

    21st Century Schizoid Man21st Century Schizoid ManDay ago
  • amazing

    Amanda FarrellAmanda FarrellDay ago
  • “Be less white” -CocaCola

    bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • Be less white - Coca Cola

    Anthony ToronovAnthony ToronovDay ago
  • Be less white

    thedeathkeeper23thedeathkeeper23Day ago

    Nichola CNichola CDay ago
  • Every second of this video is cringe

    Andrew MoorAndrew MoorDay ago
    • "The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words." Yeah the feeling of cardiac arrest🫀

      bouytt guytbouytt guytDay ago
  • I will never buy your products again. Thank you for helping me reduce my sugar intake.

    Dave MDave MDay ago
  • Surely this advert is to "white" for Coca-Cola? Don't worry Coca-Cola, I'll be "less white" and stop buying your products👍

    Dimitri KandisDimitri KandisDay ago
  • I feel less white every time I drink coke.

    Freer HabitFreer HabitDay ago
  • Cool if only they also had Tyler direct it, it'd be a cool ad...trash.

  • 2021 the year we got racist soda.

    HereticHereticDay ago
  • Diabetes ain't so bad.

    Mohammed MakhdoomMohammed MakhdoomDay ago
  • I'm so busy being less white that I probably won't find the time to drink Coca Cola anymore. Sorry (not).

    Darth HatespeechDarth HatespeechDay ago
  • drinks coke *possess a dancing demon

    Rakibul HasanRakibul HasanDay ago
  • Don't know how to be less white, but I do know how to drink less Coke :)

    H 2671H 2671Day ago
  • Since becoming less white, my urge to buy Coca-Cola products has stopped completely.

    gearbanger57gearbanger57Day ago
  • 0:33 cursed images

    maanav shettymaanav shettyDay ago
  • Bruh it's jusk Coke, what are they wildin about?

    wh4lewh4leDay ago
  • This was like a fever dream

    Viro BViro BDay ago
  • "The thing is, it's more than just a taste, it's a feeling beyond words." Yeah the feeling of cardiac arrest🫀

    Gargolath LorntGargolath LorntDay ago
  • #cancelcoke

    Angela CaratelliAngela CaratelliDay ago
  • U gotta love tyler 😁

    Jiuliani BSDJiuliani BSDDay ago
  • I’ll never be less white. I’ll never buy any of coke products ever again.

    Missy Lou EstesMissy Lou EstesDay ago
  • #boycotcoke

    Toby NowellToby NowellDay ago
  • I don't know man. I think the people in your commercials should be...less white.

    Shaggy GoatboyShaggy GoatboyDay ago
  • Dr. Pepper for the win

    Spencer BaronSpencer Baron2 days ago
  • Song

    Sarah AlmanzaSarah Almanza2 days ago
  • Seems a bit too white

    Red Panty NightRed Panty Night2 days ago
  • Be Less White Tyler

    Shanice WShanice W2 days ago
  • Never again supporting coca cola or any other drinks they own. So disgusted. I'm sticking to Dr pepper the ORIGINAL soda.

    Hailey ProphetHailey Prophet2 days ago
  • Subliminal message for cocaine stimulus/propaganda. Invitation to everyone to try to "get high" on Coca Cola saying that is cocaine

    Gerónimo SosaGerónimo Sosa2 days ago
  • Can’t wait for jayden to get on that instrumental

    Eres Un PutoEres Un Puto2 days ago
    • Then 2nd Ward comes with the alternative intro😂

      Bru MomentoBru Momento18 hours ago
  • "Grubhub perks give you deals on all the drinks you love"-let that sink in

    coda codeinecoda codeine2 days ago
  • "BE LESS WHITE" - The anti-racist and so woke Corporation, Coca-Cola.

    Jackson SchmidtJackson Schmidt2 days ago
  • Zevia is 9k x better

    The DarwinistThe Darwinist2 days ago
  • you are selling CARBONATED SUGAR WATER, get off it

    TheRookTheRook2 days ago
  • After that "be less white" thing, I realized I liked Pepsi more.

    Aurel MarianAurel Marian2 days ago