One Dip Makeup Challenge!

Oct 13, 2020
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HI SISTERS! I was recently challenged by my friend NikkieTutorials to try out to the One Dip Makeup Challenge. I put my skills to the test and use only ONE squirt or dip of each of my normal makeup products to see if I can somehow put together a glam look! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • I would be using kgs of makeup and still end up undone and uneven 😂

    zohiba khalil234zohiba khalil234Hour ago
  • Stop hating on people they are just trying to make people happy!

    Minnie MouseMinnie MouseHour ago

    Nevaeh philostinNevaeh philostin2 hours ago
    • Hi sisters

      Nevaeh philostinNevaeh philostin2 hours ago
  • James- It’s not the best Me- bro I can’t even put makeup on!

    Sister VlogsSister Vlogs3 hours ago
  • Wow James you really sound like dufinsmurtz

    Taylor PoisantTaylor Poisant4 hours ago
  • Try to do all u makeup in 4 minutes

    Nichole kreegerNichole kreeger4 hours ago
  • Try a all luqid makeup challenge

    Nichole kreegerNichole kreeger5 hours ago
  • James should try to grow his hair like long and i wanna see like if you agree ya

    SyaSya5 hours ago
  • TiCkLe,TiCkLe,tIcKlE😂😂😂

    Emma CrossEmma Cross5 hours ago
  • or you a boy James

    tengis boldtengis bold5 hours ago
  • you shud do only kids makeup

  • Michelle and I are planning on going to the beach tomorrow and I have been thinking 🤔 about the world and the way ❤ is going well and will be in town 😀 for the world to be able to help out and get a good feel for the next level ✨ and

    Michelle mensahMichelle mensah5 hours ago
  • do a no edit , no cut makeup vid

    Asta Arun fun timeAsta Arun fun time5 hours ago
  • How cute you are😍

    Just LoveJust Love6 hours ago
  • Do the 100 layer foundation challenge please

    Hooria MusaHooria Musa7 hours ago
  • James " its definitely not my best!..." Me " how the F does he do that !!!! " ???

    Equestrian CraftEquestrian Craft11 hours ago
  • He puts on sooooo much makeup every day and his skin is perrrrrrfect

    んKate LimんんKate Limん11 hours ago
  • James is literally the best and like @Musikenna said how can people not like him He is so talented and funny and most especially kind😊😇💖

    Baby yodaBaby yoda16 hours ago
  • Hello, can you please make another video in Spanish, I speak Spanish and it took me a lot of work to write this, I hope you see this comment and can make a new video in Spanish, I admire you. Thank you.

    Juliana Andrea Posada nietoJuliana Andrea Posada nieto17 hours ago
  • When he said Mila : THATS MY NAME 🥳

    Mila CookieMila Cookie17 hours ago
  • i love james he is so talented and people shouldn’t waste their time in their life to hate on him....

    mpatient14mpatient1417 hours ago
  • My friends hate you but i love you 💕 can you do Larry’s makeup I know you did his Halloween look but yeah

    Stevee HeslipStevee Heslip18 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    April GamiñoApril Gamiño18 hours ago
  • I watched nikkie’s video earlier and now I’m watching yours haha

    Kate MotleyKate Motley18 hours ago
  • I just got your pallet and brush set today but I can’t have it till Christmas

    Nevaeh MoralesNevaeh Morales18 hours ago
  • why do pepole hate you you are the best youtuber you make me happy when i am sad and you are taleted and the makeup ture out so cute i love it

    Gaby PadillaGaby Padilla20 hours ago
  • is it just me or didhe use concealer twice Not sure tho luv yah james

    Nisa UwUNisa UwU20 hours ago
  • You need to close both eyes tho XD

    Janeth Stay safeJaneth Stay safe21 hour ago
  • Hey sister so I use only one color for eye shadow Hey I know! I challenge you to do the three color challenge! What to do: Close your eye Select one color from each category Use those colors from each category wisely Good luck :]

    Janeth Stay safeJaneth Stay safe21 hour ago
  • I would love to see you try a jail makeup tutorial! Now I know you haven’t been to jail😂 But there are so many videos of people who have, sharing how they did makeup. Idk I feel like it would be pretty neat 😂

    Mercedees DMercedees D22 hours ago
  • Hi I James when you put makeup why your face gone red .bye sister

    Asiya Shahid Ali RashidiAsiya Shahid Ali RashidiDay ago

    cami fernandezcami fernandezDay ago
  • When he collected the setting spray ...lmao😅😅😅😅

    Yusra SohailYusra SohailDay ago
  • Now

    Kaylee McintoshKaylee McintoshDay ago
  • I have a giant head ache

    Kaylee McintoshKaylee McintoshDay ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭

    Kaylee McintoshKaylee McintoshDay ago
  • what the he just said his number to everyone so now i bet his phone will be spamming of with messages

    Shamz LatoyahShamz LatoyahDay ago
  • Wow she was amazing at this challenge!

    Sana FarhanSana FarhanDay ago
  • I will never forgot to laugh in every video of james

    Sunil ThomasSunil ThomasDay ago
  • 4:53 I thought it was a one dip challenge 😦

    Elvira KranticElvira KranticDay ago
  • Who came here from nikkie channel cuz it can’t be just me

    Charlie The OGCharlie The OGDay ago
  • Do you have any advice for people who have hooded eyes? I struggle, when I apply eyeshadow you can't see it.

    Nikki's MakeupNikki's MakeupDay ago
  • James: this is so bad Me: I can’t even put on foundation without shaking

    Vogel OliverVogel OliverDay ago
  • Can you do a blind fold won plzzzzzzz thank you

    dadNbubbadadNbubbaDay ago
  • James: I'm not going to be dipping into a lot of them which is really sad. Also James: *proceeds to dip into every color* Me: But you just said- Lol

    Hannah GarciaHannah GarciaDay ago
  • I can’t even get my makeup that good even when using lots of makeup!!!

    Annika EdsonAnnika EdsonDay ago
  • one of the pallets is called ivy and that is my name.

    poopoo gildersleevepoopoo gildersleeveDay ago
  • james should do a “switch challenge” where he uses contour for highlight, highlight for contour, concealer for foundation, foundation for concealer, LIPSTICK for eyeshadow, eyeshadow for lipstick..etc.

    Natalia CazaresNatalia CazaresDay ago
  • James is so beautiful

    Jasmine MarieJasmine MarieDay ago
  • It's nice... It's awesome... It's best... It's beautiful... I love it

    Anandita vlogsAnandita vlogsDay ago
  • This is how to save makeup

    We Bear Bears FloofyWe Bear Bears FloofyDay ago
  • I want a friend like James or Emma. I love them.

    MelatoninHoursMelatoninHoursDay ago
  • James Charles you should you's Nickys 💄 makeup for a challenge please please please

    unicorn sisterunicorn sisterDay ago
  • Let’s see if I get pinned James Charles James Charles James Charles

    -*-Elizabeth Afton / Circus Baby-*--*-Elizabeth Afton / Circus Baby-*-Day ago
  • You did 100 dip on both eyes

    la fire power v Geffrardla fire power v GeffrardDay ago
  • (7:52) the TAP TAP TAP IN had me on the floor laughing

    JaxJaxDay ago
  • 0:54 Micky.......?

    shimioki _roseshimioki _roseDay ago
  • People who would LOVEEEE To see James Charles Collab with Arianna Grande!!!!

    LifeWithLilLina GamingLifeWithLilLina GamingDay ago
    • True

      Arvie KateArvie Kate10 hours ago
    • Omg yessss

      Emma WesenbergEmma Wesenberg18 hours ago
  • I love you

    Jayda CassanovaJayda CassanovaDay ago
  • Don’t be shy stick some more _James Charles

    Alexandria HopsonAlexandria HopsonDay ago
  • When you said mila-

    totallynotmila 25totallynotmila 25Day ago
  • i

    Catherine DonatelliCatherine DonatelliDay ago
  • You have red under your nose omg, at least it isn’t natural like mine and you can wipe it off

    PearlyPlayzPearlyPlayz2 days ago
  • Beautiful 😍😍😍😍

    Kwanele NdlovuKwanele Ndlovu2 days ago
  • How to save money and time? ONLY 1 DIP!!!

    Elena SzivákElena Szivák2 days ago
  • He said challenge 4 times.

    Ross KrugerRoss Kruger2 days ago
  • Girl you just have one dip and you are so Beautiful girl ✌🏻

    Lim Xin TongLim Xin Tong2 days ago
  • Omg I love u so much James you are always so positive and u make all of us smile 😊

    Ivanna ZambranaIvanna Zambrana2 days ago
  • why do u is Hi sister u Ar a BOY IS HI brother LOL.

    Danya AhmedDanya Ahmed2 days ago
  • What if she forgot to start recording all that for nothing

    YohaatyYohaaty2 days ago
    • James is a boy

      :B L O S S O M ::B L O S S O M :2 days ago
  • You speak too fast.... it's like you are rapping like Nicki Minaj

    Tanisha SenTanisha Sen2 days ago
  • he should do a no concealer challenge

    The ReedsThe Reeds2 days ago
  • Hi

    Sylvia CastilloSylvia Castillo2 days ago
  • Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day

    Cathleen CathleenCathleen Cathleen2 days ago
    • I’m so honored to be the first like! Bless you 😊

      Kelsey PaysonKelsey PaysonDay ago
  • At first I never watched this guy and only knew about all the bad drama he went through but he seems AWESOMEEEEE

    Marley -v-Marley -v-2 days ago
  • "dont be shy stick some more "

    Starr BennettStarr Bennett2 days ago
  • Omg the sound that he used while trying to dip the mascara made me laugh so hard🤣🤣

    Ilona KuzivIlona Kuziv2 days ago

    Adrian CramerAdrian Cramer2 days ago
  • James:cmon dont be shy stick some more. Eye lash extensions: U ONLY GAVE ME ONE DIP!

    KhlomasterKhlomaster2 days ago
  • omg yesss he should pick his makeup blindfolded

    Kahaila BarberKahaila Barber2 days ago
  • i wish u can do my make up

    KhlomasterKhlomaster2 days ago
  • Does anyone else think its a little funny when he talks his hair like shakes or like bounces

    andy baechelandy baechel2 days ago
  • Your eyes look like a sunse5

    CarrieCarrie2 days ago
  • Awesome

    Tashae NickleTashae Nickle2 days ago
  • im confuzed 2:20

    Jeff&Kate AmondJeff&Kate Amond2 days ago
  • You should do a video of matching your makeup to your nails

    Jaeleigh BoultonJaeleigh Boulton2 days ago
  • I just started watching you, and I’m honestly so amazed at your makeup skills.❤️✨anyways I’m just vibin’

    i’m just vibin’i’m just vibin’2 days ago
  • 1:32

    Wolfey SnowWolfey Snow2 days ago
  • You should do the dollar store makeup challenge

    Uzyinnia BluntUzyinnia Blunt2 days ago
  • I sister ❤

    Deborah PollittDeborah Pollitt2 days ago
  • Who even hates him? This bootifuuuullll man

    The best Channel everThe best Channel ever2 days ago
  • I love you so much

    Jessica CorreaJessica Correa3 days ago
  • You are the most handsomevgy i have ever seen. Love you james😆😆😙😙

    Kevin TafajKevin Tafaj3 days ago
  • Omg love james he is the best at makeup Even though he wont see this plz like if u do

    X XX X3 days ago
  • I love the editors.

    RockstarWarriorRockRockstarWarriorRock3 days ago
  • Remember when James made that video looking at his 2016 self and shamed 2016 James for using color corrector.

    RockstarWarriorRockRockstarWarriorRock3 days ago
  • hi sister es Charles its been hot min of doing an makeup challenge by Nikki tutorials one dip make work for one only make work for both eyes lest jump or dip in* hehe* btw took 4 hours copy words XD

    Alex zoeAlex zoe3 days ago
  • James i dare u the ur mom gotta do ur mekeup

    Sus LondonSus London3 days ago
  • I am your fan from India I like your nails I like your sound

    GopikaGopika3 days ago
  • Not the Miranda sings grammar 😃

    Aaliyah DiorAaliyah Dior3 days ago