Once In A Lifetime Boat Deal

Apr 2, 2021
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  • Nice work

    Special People and StoriesSpecial People and Stories4 hours ago
  • Hi. Do you have any videos of repair/ cleaning of a 40hp 2 cylinder Yamaha starter motor.

    Brett VanderwagenBrett Vanderwagen5 hours ago
  • Are you able to pivot the ladder out? Seems like it would be awkward to climb on, anyways, thanks for the inspiration. Great rebuild

    DiscoDirkDiscoDirk5 hours ago
  • Great job on the refurbish, looking slick. Not sure if it was dark enough and i didn't see them, but isn't it legal to have red and green port and starboard running lights for night time operation and navigation?

    David LDavid L6 hours ago
  • engine alone is worth 10 grand or more

    my31and37my31and377 hours ago
  • Looks good for spearfishing

    Peter FortunePeter Fortune9 hours ago
  • Beautiful renovation. Excellent video

    CoatomcCoatomc9 hours ago
  • Can someone tell me whats the point of the cabin? Are people camping out and sleeping in there or what?

    Bleacher McAdamsBleacher McAdams14 hours ago
  • Dang I want A unimog! Let me know

    photokeith01photokeith0114 hours ago
  • Iv got some questions about my outboard do you have a email I could speak to you on about it, please get back to me

    Bobby LeaskBobby Leask15 hours ago
  • For sale?

    max ifrahmax ifrah15 hours ago
  • All that work making it look absolutely beautiful but you leave those shitty banged up graphics on the side? sheeesh

    JJ HJJ H16 hours ago
  • How do I contact you for motor purchase

    John CuddemiJohn Cuddemi19 hours ago

    andy Martinezandy Martinez21 hour ago
  • Beautiful job🥰😍

    Dalibor ZlatkovicDalibor Zlatkovic21 hour ago
  • Bedding compound for anything under the waterline...

    Boat BeardBoat Beard22 hours ago
  • Isn't it interesting with a little work how one can turn a sows ear into a silk purrse! Great job!!!

    Keith HillKeith Hill22 hours ago
  • Great videos man!. I just bought my first boat and your videos have helped me a lot since I don't know anything about them. I'm just learning as I go lol.. Do you work on other people's boats? I live in Tampa also.

    Mauricio BravoMauricio BravoDay ago
  • Awesome restoration! Those UniMog’s are highly sought after and hard to find for a decent price.

  • New to your channel! I was raised on the water back in NY back in the 70s, and boats were my life growing up. Used to take care of my dads 37 Searay, and was paid to take care of 3 of my neighbors Bertram 35s. Offshore fishing 2 days a week too. My biggest fish was a 15 ft mako,still have the teeth! Awesome the job you guys did!!

    G HG HDay ago

    G HG HDay ago
  • A video for 25 tohatsu 2 strock

    احمد نصراحمد نصرDay ago
  • What paint did you use? Great job

    Super411911Super411911Day ago
  • Where do you find these boats. Is there a website and if so what is the location

    finn brennanfinn brennanDay ago
  • Your “deals” always sound so far fetched! Military trailer(that you never show) & $2500 for the boat , really! That must have been some trailer. The motor alone is worth about $7000. Whatever...I would enjoy your vids a little more if you were a little more realistic about costs and budget. You know scratch that . Actually I think I enjoy your videos because I like sifting through all the bs about costs and watching the low budget makeovers. Awesome! Lol

    Thomas DamphousseThomas DamphousseDay ago
  • Random question about a video of your go ped with jet pro pipe, wondering how that pipe held up to its lifetime warranty quality? Thinking of hetting one for mine

    David BaltierraDavid BaltierraDay ago
  • thats a sweet project man, love how it turned out! We live in the same area, if you ever want to get out fishing let us know! always love the videos

    Reel Florida Fishing ChannelReel Florida Fishing ChannelDay ago
  • the guy that sold the boat is fucking pissed now. hahahaha

    D TakahashiD TakahashiDay ago
  • For an aluminum boat I want to paint it a baby blue what paint would I use ?

    Larry Escareño JrLarry Escareño JrDay ago
  • Lovely job bro .love it!

    alee Nabeelalee NabeelDay ago
  • you could start working on cushions & upholstery for the cabin consider your self warned get a Lojack for the trailer people will steal it from you while your out on the water that 300 HP motor is your Gem those things ain't cheap

    Grady HarperGrady Harper2 days ago
  • Hey Brother I need you to message me on Facebook under Brother‘s underwater Recovery if possible I need to speak to you about some boat engines it would be greatly appreciated thank you

    Brothers Underwater RecoveryBrothers Underwater Recovery2 days ago
  • Respect from California

    Lions Light777Lions Light7772 days ago
  • Nice build looking to do the same to my boat with the light..... just amazing im in Texas so don't have to many good deals

    Ernest KnightErnest Knight2 days ago
  • WHA! Fuck the boat I love that Mini mog!

    John WayneJohn Wayne2 days ago
  • Where are you at?

    TerryTerry2 days ago
  • How much u need for this boat ?

    el gallo Claudioel gallo Claudio2 days ago
  • When you first gave a tour of what you had just bought, I thought you were in trouble, but seeing the amount of work you put it, I am very impressed. Nice work, came out amazing.

    Peter PowersPeter Powers2 days ago
  • Do you have a throttle lever for a Yamaha 40hp 1993 2 stroke I can buy from you

    Jeremiah JonesJeremiah Jones3 days ago
  • Nice work guys

    james robinsonjames robinson3 days ago
  • Seriously where do you find these deals? I’m in Tampa and am looking for a project boat.

    Daniel Jezeski IIDaniel Jezeski II3 days ago
  • You make it look so easy 👍👍

    Angeledesma11717Angeledesma117173 days ago
  • are those shadow caster leds ?

    James RogersJames Rogers3 days ago
  • I want that unimog...it's siiiiick

    Marc BroMarc Bro3 days ago
  • You do really Nice work Congrats

    Paul NistlerPaul Nistler3 days ago
  • CONGRATS FOR HITTING 200K ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

    Ruben HoekstraRuben Hoekstra4 days ago
  • Sweet boat you got lucky, enjoy it.

    Taz6688Taz66884 days ago
  • Awesome job..

    GetYourGameOnGetYourGameOn4 days ago
  • Years down the road, did that glass adhere to that soaking wet plywood?

    SteveSteve4 days ago
  • Turned out good. )looks great

    Five Four bravo and Little BravoFive Four bravo and Little Bravo4 days ago
  • How much did you have invested in the boat after restoration? Great job!

    Kevin FKevin F4 days ago
  • High diddle diddle. First cut straight through the middle.

    TracybemeTracybeme4 days ago
  • KILLLLLLLER job on restoring the boat. What a dream.

    Sailing ShadowfaxSailing Shadowfax4 days ago
  • What paint do you normally use? Like the old Aquasport you redid a few years ago...the blue one. Was that topside paint or gelcoat? I'm working on an Aquasport 200 now. Love watching boats come back to life!

    Copacetic GuyCopacetic Guy4 days ago
  • So how much would you sell this boat for. I'm thinking of buying a boat. But I have no clue on what the prices of boats are. I live in NYC, I have friends with jets ski. But I want a boat so I can have my family with me. I don't want to just be with some chick on the back of my jetski ect.

    Edwin Infante LeocadioEdwin Infante Leocadio5 days ago
  • Damn for something that would take 2 yrs for my dad and I this dude does better in a week

    BG DaveBG Dave5 days ago
  • Is that in Jupiter

    Fuck yo feelingsFuck yo feelings5 days ago
  • Great video

    ElumiixElumiix5 days ago
  • The outboard alone is worth $20,000

    Steve MontoyaSteve Montoya5 days ago
  • Do you ever want to know about potential cheap project boats in Orlando? If I see anything I can let you know if you are interested...

    Randy MagnumRandy Magnum5 days ago
  • I would like to know if they have any more I can get one for $1500

    Travis DownerTravis Downer5 days ago
  • One day you will have to let us know how much profit you make on some of these projects. Great work!

    riverakersriverakers5 days ago
  • Sick refurb. Surprised it didn’t sink with all those ditch pigs aboard 🐽

    Slabicus HeadicusSlabicus Headicus5 days ago
  • I like your videos a lot. Just a question did you go to school for marine mechanics or are you self taught? You definitely have a great skill set.

    Dennis UnderwoodDennis Underwood5 days ago
  • Love that haze grey you use on your boats

    W SW S5 days ago
  • No way I'll see that in black Adam

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson5 days ago
  • Where do you list your units for sale ?

    David ScarpelliDavid Scarpelli5 days ago
  • What???

    Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson5 days ago
    • Oh. You got me.

      Logan JohnsonLogan Johnson5 days ago
  • What kind of paint did you use?

    Brent HUbbardBrent HUbbard5 days ago
  • Beautiful job great work!!

    Wade ParkerWade Parker5 days ago
  • Looks a lot like my next home.

    Gregory TimmonsGregory Timmons6 days ago
  • That Unimog is worth hanging onto. That’s a helluva vehicle right there. Them’s some Midwest winter weather kinda gals there, boy damyumn!

    Invictus BP1PropInvictus BP1Prop6 days ago

    TOM RTOM R6 days ago
  • Can't tell the shape of the Unimog, but they go for lots of money in good shape easy 10k, up to 40k+.

    Mazda rx7Mazda rx76 days ago

    TOM RTOM R6 days ago
  • That boat ain’t shit

    Braden FullerBraden Fuller6 days ago
  • Really love your work! Why? Why?? Why??? didn't you freshen up the paint on the engine cowl. I bet people would pay $20k for that rig set-up as is...

    Matthew MeauxMatthew Meaux6 days ago
  • No me gusta

    Manuel JimenezManuel Jimenez6 days ago
  • You didn't fiberglass the bottom side of the wood. Will that hold up over time? Or do you recommend fiberglassing the underside and topside of the floor you replaced?

    Jimmy TranJimmy Tran6 days ago
  • Great project good work Guys, enjoy your boat...

    Dr Kent L. GilpinDr Kent L. Gilpin6 days ago
  • Do you sell boats?

    A. UTAHIAA. UTAHIA6 days ago
  • Nice work guys. Looks good

    Andrew PetersonAndrew Peterson6 days ago
  • What type of paint you used to paint the top deck of your boat and where to get that particular paint??

    Roger RicaldeRoger Ricalde6 days ago
    • Thank you I'll put that in list of paints I'm putting together. Many thanks.

      Roger RicaldeRoger Ricalde4 days ago
    • I have used Kiwi Grip, works great.

      G. Michael WhiteG. Michael White5 days ago
  • Quick question where does the. Ground wire hook up on a 90 Hp Yamaha 2 stroke enrichment solenoid thanks

    Dirk HullDirk Hull6 days ago
  • I would like to buy a boat from you

    marco floresmarco flores6 days ago
  • I don't know anything about boats, can someone tell me why thats a good deal? Honestly to me it doesent seem that good lol

    P-ARTP-ART6 days ago
  • I don’t even have a boat but I love watching your videos really make me want to move to Florida and buy a boat

    Life On DisplayLife On Display6 days ago
  • All that effort to install led lights and you dont install navigation lights?! The paint doesnt line up with the laminate overlay, paint lines are not clean. wells are not clean. It looks good, but a little more care and it can be much better. Also this would be a great fishing boat and you take it to a sand bar? Take to top stand off if you are not going to use it to spot fish.

    Scott WilliamsScott Williams7 days ago
  • Wow this was one of the best so far. I was wonder what you were going to do with the floor and the pad and painted accents, mint! Can't wait for the next one.

    Joe PelletierJoe Pelletier7 days ago
  • rona fest

    yeet kingyeet king7 days ago
  • Great video

    Jesse JulianoJesse Juliano7 days ago
  • Do you work on inboard mercruiser boats or do they all just suck to work on? Great videos!

    Macgyver NetworkMacgyver Network7 days ago
  • Kudos to you guys. Something tells me even if you do have problems with that boat it'll be no problem and better off for it. Actually was a very motivating video. Thanks!

    Pismo DougPismo Doug7 days ago
  • Do a vid on the Unimog. That thing is sweet.

    Half NelsonHalf Nelson7 days ago
  • Turned out amazing!!

    Daniel SmithDaniel Smith7 days ago
  • How many of you were thinking "He's gonna forget to take the ladder in"?

  • engine looks brand new

    Jeff KuipersJeff Kuipers7 days ago
  • Boats are nothing but a constant pain in the ass!.. money pit! .. BOAT.. bring out another thousand. 👎🏼

    Swindy1794Swindy17947 days ago
  • Were is that place it’s Beautiful

    TheBoyHarleyTheBoyHarley7 days ago
  • Links to paint, led lights, etc, etc would be awesome.....

    SoCal Outdoors73SoCal Outdoors737 days ago