Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu (Lyrics)

Apr 6, 2021
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Olivia Rodrigo - Deja Vu
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[Verse 1]
Car rides to Malibu
Strawberry ice cream, one spoon for two
And trading jackets
Laughing 'bout how small it looks on you (Ha-ha-ha-ha)
Watching reruns of Glee
Bein’ annoying, singing in harmony
I bet she's braggin' to all her friends
Saying you’re so unique (Huh)
So when you gonna tell her
That we did that too? She thinks it's special
But it's all re-used
That was our place, I found it first
I made the jokes you tell to her
When she's with you
Do you get deja vu when she's with you?
Do you get deja vu? (Huh)
Do you get deja vu, huh?
[Verse 2]
What do you call her? Almost say my name
'Cause let's be honest, they kinda do sound the same
Another actress, I hate to think that I was just your type
And I bet that she knows Billy Joel
'Cause you played her "Uptown Girl"
You’re singing it together
Now I bet you even tell her how you love her
In between the chorus and the verse
So when you gonna tell her
That we did that too? She thinks it’s special
But it's all re-used
That was the show we talked about
Played you the songs she’s singing now
When she's with you
Do you get deja vu when she's with you?
Do you get deja vu? (Huh)
Do you get deja vu, huh?
Strawberry ice cream in Malibu
Don't act like we didn’t do that shit too
You're trading jackets like we used to do
(Yeah, everything is over-used)
Play her piano, but she doesn't know
That I was the one who taught you Billy Joel
A different girl now, but there's nothing new
I know you get deja vu
I know you get deja vu
I know you get deja vu
Deja Vu
Olivia Rodrigo
Deja Vu Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo Deja Vu
Deja Vu Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Deja Vu Lyrics
Olivia Rodrigo Lyrics
Deja Vu Lyrics
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  • where do you live? 🌍

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  • ♥️


    Ronke SalauRonke Salau15 hours ago
  • Are h unloved with anyone else at all Nick?

    Carolynn MarckesanoCarolynn Marckesano2 days ago
  • cruel summer stans 🤝 deja vu

    tpwk gemmatpwk gemma3 days ago
  • I predict that this song will blow up even more than Driver's License

    Ashley CameronAshley Cameron3 days ago
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  • One of the best songs I have ever listened too

    Rylee MartinezRylee Martinez3 days ago
  • I’m not really a fan of her but you can’t say she didn’t snap I can’t stop listening😭

    Levi FlickLevi Flick3 days ago
  • Idk why her songs are not my cup of tea even though her voice is good

    Karima KariKarima Kari3 days ago
  • No offense but the song itself is great but the lyrics screams jealousy and insecurity which I don’t appreciate.

    Chaeherys TargaryenChaeherys Targaryen3 days ago
    • that’s the point. she is jealous and insecure about seeing someone she loves in a new relationship. it’s about how you kind of see them reliving everything you did together and how it’s an odd feeling. so yes she IS jealous. that’s the point of this song :)

      missglamxoxmissglamxox16 hours ago
    • It’s just a great come back song for Sabrina. Also she literally said she is insecure in driver license, get with the program. She was being salty until Sabrina was a bitch with a good song 🤷🏼‍♀️

      Lizzy PernodLizzy Pernod3 days ago
    • Agreed

      The KatThe Kat3 days ago
  • Little billy Eilish

    CrescendoCrescendo3 days ago
  • did y’all hear that “I love you” at 2:14 after the line”I bet you even tell her you love her in between the chorus and the verse” and that line is literally in between the chorus and the verse FUCKING GENIUS

    AyaAya3 days ago
    • I HERE IT

      lqdiixlqdiix2 days ago
    • I HEARD IT- but now my ears hurts from putting the volume up high 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      NiniNini3 days ago
    • I would have never heard it on my own, but I definitely heard it. That’s so genius!

      Madison BargerMadison Barger3 days ago
    • Omg i get it wowww

      Sofia RomanouSofia Romanou3 days ago
    • @Nova Woods u have to wear headphones and turn the volume up in order to hear it but I promise u it’s there

      AyaAya3 days ago
  • She’s gonna go places🥺

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  • 2:18

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  • Who else is still obsessing over driver’s license?

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  • Not me getting deja vu with the ad

    ADALYNN MAYS 2029 WCSC 4ADALYNN MAYS 2029 WCSC 44 days ago
  • This is the correct one ✔

    RileyYRileyY4 days ago
  • Who is she singing about? It’s this and driver’s license I feel are about someone or something

    Zack NolanZack Nolan4 days ago
    • Joshua Bassett I'm telling you

      Kaylee CapleKaylee Caple4 days ago
  • The blame is finally being placed on Josh and I’m living for it!

    Freya GriffinFreya Griffin4 days ago
    • @Liz Ayona it’s was just a joke, I didn’t mean anything by it.😂

      Freya GriffinFreya Griffin4 days ago
    • @Liz Ayona then who is it about

      Kaylee CapleKaylee Caple4 days ago
    • Honestly we don’t know anything and it’s kind of not relevant anymore

      Liz AyonaLiz Ayona4 days ago
  • pls- i pray he plays this in the car with her lol

    Angel LiemthongsamoutAngel Liemthongsamout4 days ago
    • It goes on the radio

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  • It´s a good an exciting song

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    Ester indiEster indi4 days ago
    • This part 😭

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  • idk....i just find this song....reallly......idk.....it has really low frequencies which i kinda dont like......

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  • I think theres some mistakes

    Kaja Tominec HribKaja Tominec Hrib4 days ago
  • She’s got a big career ahead of her

    Anasha MalikAnasha Malik4 days ago
  • You can hear Taylor's, Lorde, and Lana Del Ray's influence.

    Wendy SanaWendy Sana4 days ago
    • Agreeeee

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  • All of her songs are just great

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  • Here before this song gets to tik tok

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    • Go drift down mount akina yourself. Chos.

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    • Not u acting like u could do better...

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