[OFFICIAL VIDEO] Be My Eyes - Pentatonix

Oct 14, 2020
830 320 Views

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Director: Naomi Christie
Production Company: Green Glow Films
Executive Producer: Stephen Wayne Mallett
Head of Production: Brooklynn Reeves Mallett
Producer: Hans Boysen
Director of Photography: Chris Hadland
1st AC: Jared Wennberg
2nd AC: Melanie Adams
DIT: Earl Fulcher
Gaffer: Genevieve Evans
Key Grip: Danny Valentine
Best Boy Electric: Chelsea Petit
Best Boy Grip: Philip Woolridge
Production Designer: Heather Drouillard
Set Dresser: Lindsay Minnich
Covid Compliance Officer: Patrick Sanderson
Production Assistant: Denise Dorado
Production Assistant: Louis Santibanez
Production Assistant: Austin Engemann
Zoom Tech: Davis Mansmann
Director Rep: Laure Scott
Video Commissioner: Melinda Kelly
Artist Hair: Sami Knight
Artist Hair Assist: Alex Henrichs
Artist Stylist: Candice Lambert McAndrews
Artist Stylist Assist: Morgan Chelednik
Artist Make Up: Anthony Nguyen
Artist Make Up Assist: Karsen Richardson
Editor: Jonas Thorhallsson
VFX Artist: Narendra Mood
Color: Loren White - Lookwell

  • pls come to Australia!!!

    DracyDracy7 minutes ago
  • Been putting out so much good music during the pandemic, this was a whole new level. Kirstin is a Goddess, and so much talent from every single member on every song... They're glorious.

    Steven WSteven W28 minutes ago
  • This time around Kirstin is the whole mood 🔥🔥😍😍.. Everything about this song is amazing... We are ya eyes..😁❤️❤️❤️

    Olajuwon Jumie Mollar RhymeezOlajuwon Jumie Mollar Rhymeez29 minutes ago
  • Is this complete a cappella?

    Bruno CostaBruno Costa54 minutes ago
    • Yes!

      maiamaia25 minutes ago
  • Hey Pentatonix! I just came across this video and was wondering if you guys could improve upon it? It's a long shot, but the Persona 5 community needs this from you! - usworlds.info/slow/video/apapgpi7fpx6oIc

    JaweyhoodJaweyhoodHour ago
  • i joke

    dizzing-dozen6dizzing-dozen6Hour ago
  • This has gotta be one of my favourite PTX originals- so groovy in a really different way

    Taehyung? Tea, hyung.Taehyung? Tea, hyung.Hour ago
  • Kirstin is so beautiful... I wish I had half her looks and even a quarter of her talent.

    Matti Dos SantosMatti Dos SantosHour ago
  • This new song is great, I’ve shared on twitter. Played it twice now and loving it...

    Lady eCommerceLady eCommerce2 hours ago
  • Awesome! Hope y'all keep up the good work. Do Texas proud.

    John MastraccoJohn Mastracco2 hours ago
  • This song is so catchy that gets stuck in my head and I love that Kirstin wrote this one, I am excited hear all the songs you all got to write

    Caz LamingCaz Laming2 hours ago
  • I love this song! I agree it is destined to become another of their BIG hits! But, dies this remind anyone else of the song “Orinoco Flow” by Enya? Or is it just me?

    Michael DowlerMichael Dowler2 hours ago
  • So frickin goos, Kirstin looks amazing!! This in total is amazing, Matts bass, scott harmonies, Mitch his usual fantastic clarity in the highs and even kevin is just so solid...not looking..thats a frickin drum!!! So ready for this new PTX music , Love and peace out all!

    David PhillipsDavid Phillips2 hours ago
  • Starting to lose the raw voice. Over production and questionable use of machines. Don't pretend you are acapella when the true definition is singing unaccompanied by instruments. Just saying ! You are still awesome though.

    ThemacgillsThemacgills2 hours ago
  • I want to see you guys tackle Dimash covers or maybe do a collab with him, that would be awesome!

    3RD3RD3 hours ago
  • You guys should do a Happy together cover

    Anne MarcosAnne Marcos3 hours ago
  • Finally got to watch and listen to this whole video. It is very good. So excited for their new CD...

    Maria GolayMaria Golay3 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍

    INVENTIONS TamilINVENTIONS Tamil3 hours ago
  • i love Pentatonix and i sure wish to be like u guys one day the way u guys sing is flawless u make ur version sound better than the original

    Vanessa OkeiyiVanessa Okeiyi3 hours ago
  • The fact that *the instrumental* of this are just their voices?? *Unreal*

    Jakob WhaleJakob Whale4 hours ago
  • Love this song! It is a total earworm. It seemed to give me hints of Enya - Sail Away, and also Little River Band - Cool Change. Amazing song/performance/video.

    Alan LundbergAlan Lundberg4 hours ago
  • Catchy

    hippity hopphippity hopp4 hours ago
  • you are amazing keep up the work

    Peter LauriePeter Laurie4 hours ago
  • YESYESYES Kirstin!!!!! Holy moly. It's your time to shine girl. Loved this!

    Ra SRa S4 hours ago
  • Uhh.. cool.. 😎😎

    BaztHaRy BerTopenKBaztHaRy BerTopenK5 hours ago
  • the way you guys wrap this in accapella!😍🥰

    Felicia CarissaFelicia Carissa5 hours ago
  • Классно!!! Спасибо!

    Антон ИгнатьевАнтон Игнатьев5 hours ago
  • This song has strong Enya - Orinoco Flow vibes.

    miko foinmiko foin5 hours ago
  • I love this song it's amazing 🔥🔥

  • Nice !!!

    Jay EdwardsJay Edwards6 hours ago
  • Love the rhythm and melody. Nice work, Pent!

    Harley KingHarley King7 hours ago
  • A gift from God for us.

    Kent GeppertKent Geppert7 hours ago
    • I've had this song in my ear for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!!! LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️

      miko foinmiko foin5 hours ago
  • Великолепно.. Шедеврально! Белиссимо

    Виктор СавельевВиктор Савельев7 hours ago
  • I'm I the only one hearing ENYA?

    Charles Ndung'uCharles Ndung'u8 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/eKVoo4vOgZ-FfpU Pentatonix japanesse OMG AMAZING - beatbox Kevin

    Roberto IpanaqueRoberto Ipanaque8 hours ago
  • Adorei a músicas de como as músicas de antes né mas o que importa é que eles não pararam

    familia muti playfamilia muti play8 hours ago
  • It's better and better every time I listen to it!

    Sharon Brady-MethvinSharon Brady-Methvin9 hours ago
  • Beautiful video. Love the beat, great job Kevin.

    Thomas RussellThomas Russell9 hours ago
  • Wooww! Love it. No. 1 Fan here from philippines

    JDstrangeJDstrange9 hours ago
  • Can yoy do "Hide and Seek" (Imogen Heap) please!

    冬張怡珊冬張怡珊9 hours ago
  • Some songs you have to repeat before loving it. But this one got me on first listen. 😍

    Super ArkiSuper Arki10 hours ago
  • This song js so complicated but extraordinary at the same time.. good job Kristin🦋🌷

    Noleen MajoziNoleen Majozi10 hours ago
  • Music Immortals

    Patricia TomelinPatricia Tomelin10 hours ago
  • kirstie looks so pretty in this video she did such an amazing job in this song. it’s beautiful and i can’t stop listening to it

    #purple tortoise#purple tortoise11 hours ago
  • I've had this song in my ear for THREE DAYS STRAIGHT!!! LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️

    Ann GatitaAnn Gatita11 hours ago
  • Took the Melody from Enya - Orinoco Flow. I love it !

    DrumsandOtherDrumsandOther11 hours ago
  • 2:44 *that run gave me life*

    Reikan ArtReikan Art12 hours ago
  • Everyone is eventually going golden.

    Elizza VanessaElizza Vanessa12 hours ago
  • Is this a devotional song

    tony xaviertony xavier12 hours ago
  • A beautiful song! The lyrics speak so well to trust and respect, to humility and acceptance without deprecation. I rarely feel such an affinity to song lyrics! And the Enya-esque track is reimagined so well; do we really have to wait 'til Feb 2021 for the whole album??

    Lizzie MullerLizzie Muller13 hours ago
  • I’ll take Kirstie over Shakira. 👍🏻😬

    JakeJake13 hours ago
  • Love the way the use Enya's Orinoco Flow!! Great song. Can't wait for the album!

    Anto JDAnto JD13 hours ago
  • Kirstin feeling herself and the song with everything in her is exactly what I needed to get me through the day today!

    Jakob WhaleJakob Whale14 hours ago
  • Has Enya heard this?

    Carol CarolCarol Carol14 hours ago
  • Everyone scared of the corona virus: Me: bAm bAm BaM bE MY eYEs be mY EyEs

    Joyce WongJoyce Wong15 hours ago
  • Everything about this song and video is simply stunning 💖

    SandraSandra17 hours ago
  • Why do the opening notes sound like Orinoco Flows by Enya?

    Alice SongAlice Song17 hours ago
  • usworlds.info/slow/video/iId4f63NpJypgaE sounds similar opening, Enya's Orinoco Flow, sung by Celtic Woman

    어몽원오브어스어몽원오브어스17 hours ago
  • Kirsten; FINALLY something for her to shine in. You guys are ALL GREAT! Did have an Enya vibe.

    Steve AlvarezSteve Alvarez17 hours ago
  • OBSESSED with this song, loving it

    Vanessa JohnsonVanessa Johnson17 hours ago
  • Love this vibe.. Have to admit I like this style where one vocalist is featured with the rest providing support.. Hopefully the rest of the CD has similar tracks with the rest of the group getting their 'feature' too..

    Doug CronkhiteDoug Cronkhite17 hours ago
  • Why did they stop singing worship songs?

    Guacamole DogsGuacamole Dogs18 hours ago
    • They are a pop band who sings Christmas songs at Christmas time. They have never been a band that sings exclusively christian music

      EliaKay1EliaKay114 hours ago
  • Lady Gaga looks different here

    Caroline SaintesCaroline Saintes18 hours ago
  • Knowing that 1k people disliked this video just kills me :

    Hyunjin NE SONIMHyunjin NE SONIM18 hours ago

    julialovesptxjulialovesptx18 hours ago
  • ... you have my attention

    BoofBoof18 hours ago
  • Not only is the vocal work incredible, but the imagery and video alone is masterful. The opening instrumental is so strong, it almost doesn't sound real. What a wonderful job you've all done.

    Grace KlauserGrace Klauser19 hours ago
  • First of all I love it keep up the good work! But anyone else getting enya vibes, especially from the beginning?

    Madelyn BarlageMadelyn Barlage19 hours ago
  • Anyone else hear Celtic Woman in the beginning?

    Elizabeth TElizabeth T19 hours ago

    Leslie HollandLeslie Holland19 hours ago
  • Sail away, sail away, sail away~

    WootberriesWootberries19 hours ago
  • [WNBCSL] = Will never be can't sleep love

    Humor DiferenciadoHumor Diferenciado19 hours ago
  • The beginning reminded me of that Enya song

    jangeltrainjangeltrain20 hours ago
  • Genius.

    Rowena PrestonRowena Preston21 hour ago
  • The best accapela group...

    Jonathan Petra K. LamaduaJonathan Petra K. Lamadua21 hour ago
  • They're so beautiful,

    MM21 hour ago
  • This is super chill, i love it!!!

    Jordyn SchweikertJordyn Schweikert21 hour ago
  • Damnnnnmmm

    Ki OtsutsukiKi Otsutsuki21 hour ago

    Joel RiveraJoel Rivera21 hour ago
  • Is this an instrumental? I thought PTX was strictly accapella. Are they getting away from that now?

    Arariel3Arariel321 hour ago
    • The voices are the instruments

      EliaKay1EliaKay118 hours ago
    • This is a capella.

      Femmy SyahraniFemmy Syahrani21 hour ago
  • Playing glass harp notes with the glasses of water would of been a nice feature in this video

    Ornella BellamyOrnella Bellamy22 hours ago
  • Enya's spirit blessed this song. Nice!

    SLMSLM22 hours ago
  • This sounds a lot like the beat to Orinoco Flow

    Close Quarters CountermeasuresClose Quarters Countermeasures23 hours ago
  • I know there voices are layered but at this point I don’t care I love it😍

    Joshi ProductionJoshi Production23 hours ago
  • Okay, so, guys, when are you going to do a mashup with this song and Enya's Orinocco Flow? Because that would be the best mashup in the entire world. I love this song! Good job.

    ThatArnoldGirlThatArnoldGirl23 hours ago
  • It's good to see her be the spotlight in a song. Good job. Mitch looks like a 90s backstreet boy in this lol. Good job guys.

    The Nerd King KrokusThe Nerd King KrokusDay ago
  • Incredible you guys! ❤️ so proud of you and so inspired by you!

    Jordan ReasonJordan ReasonDay ago
  • The Voice: When We Were Young usworlds.info/slow/video/o4WKkKulsnthZIM

    Dag Martin LandroDag Martin LandroDay ago
  • Sooo good! 10/10

    Hallo GaisHallo GaisDay ago
  • Love this, love you ❤️❤️❤️

    Julia holdenJulia holdenDay ago
  • I am dreaming away without further notice: do'nt wake me up!

    Bert BarnhoornBert BarnhoornDay ago
  • The blonde hair guy is family friends with my old elementary principal so we got a video of him saying hello to our school

    JoyousJoyousDay ago
  • She reminds me so much of lady Gaga!!! (only better 😭😭😍)

    Harry SaradaHarry SaradaDay ago
  • Am I the only one thinking about the song “Orinoco flow (sail away)”, by Enya, when this song starts? 🤔

    Gabriel RubioGabriel RubioDay ago
  • Beautiful

    Brightboy362Brightboy362Day ago
  • usworlds.info/tv/ysn3PexaVa95_fTTLm2RFA

    20 AKHIL A I20 AKHIL A IDay ago
  • Amazing!

    Da JoeDa JoeDay ago
  • why is avi not showing anymore?

    Joshua Hortillas PresentJoshua Hortillas PresentDay ago
    • He left years ago. Matt Sallee has been the bass in Pentatonix since 2017

      EliaKay1EliaKay118 hours ago
    • Avi went solo over 3 years ago

      MinaOlenEllaMinaOlenEllaDay ago
  • Beautiful 😍

    Michael WiseMichael WiseDay ago
  • 1010 FREEDOM & LOVE 💘❤ 💕 XXX 8 1 ***

    Michael WiseMichael WiseDay ago