NUKETOWN 84 has become my new HOME

Nov 24, 2020
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  • So much *”* or *“* in the comments everyday smh

    Artuar3 CraftArtuar3 CraftDay ago
  • you should play injustice 2 or mortal combat agin

    Deedzzz RPDeedzzz RP7 days ago
  • bro plz get a mic\

    Nova_tweezartNova_tweezart8 days ago
  • this game is sick dude nice loadout

    lolcheemsburger1lolcheemsburger110 days ago
  • they did not put much work into the detail of the guns in the menu

    ur skaur ska23 days ago
  • My man upgrade your PC.... the graphics you’re running are terrible

    Josh GeezerJosh Geezer26 days ago

    R. The DesignerR. The Designer26 days ago
  • bruh the spawns on nuketown are horrible im talking like shipment in modern warfare horrible

    ThatOneGuyThatOneGuy28 days ago
  • The silky withdrawal inadvertently seal because conga perioperatively pop barring a average rest. sore, succinct color

    Oralee MilliganOralee Milligan29 days ago
  • I only stay in Nuketown that's it

    Jimmy CurrireJimmy Currire29 days ago
  • Oh

    RenRenMonth ago
  • anyone else realize he said welcome back to modern warfare in the beginning

    Finn HallFinn HallMonth ago
  • Modern warfare lookin good

    Wrath FireWrath FireMonth ago
  • They removed NUKETOWN!!!!

    Phatboy414Phatboy414Month ago
  • Hay guys back here on modern warfare

    Ares DarkzAres DarkzMonth ago
  • Bruh ur a trader u went from xbox to playstation but ur still the best youtuber

    Danny ShepardDanny ShepardMonth ago
  • there is already hardcore nuketown, its been there, go to through the quickplay menu

    Depravity IVDepravity IVMonth ago
  • I wanna see a shadowlands video actually

    Axe RipzAxe RipzMonth ago
  • Just letting you know that there is a hc nuketown under the hc tab at the bottom jus like mw did

    xxlucifer xxxlucifer xMonth ago
  • I live this game. However nuke-town 84 is terrible. Everyone just camps lol its awaful.

    Steve-ExoticSteve-ExoticMonth ago
  • 5:42 excuse me how much xp

    riosmindsetriosmindsetMonth ago
  • My dog gets his balls cut off today

    Zander FlemingZander FlemingMonth ago
  • Disgusting redgun on nuketown, where tha sniper at boomer

    Xsavier CXsavier CMonth ago
  • man is this how bad the PS4 version looks?

    Kit!Kit!Month ago
  • why does the menu quality look so shitty on this game?

    dead binjidead binjiMonth ago
  • who's up next? 👇👇👇

    IMeanItIMeanItMonth ago
  • Back here on modern warfare

    Corey PanzaCorey PanzaMonth ago
  • "Back here on modern warfare" -playing cw-

    YureiYureiMonth ago

    Isaiah JonesIsaiah JonesMonth ago
  • Merkmusic?

    Sebastian PenaSebastian PenaMonth ago
  • This map does not look right

    CashCashMonth ago
  • How come when I shoot someone with the m16 it’s like a fucking air soft gun but when I get shot with the m16 it’s like some big brolic black dude named requis put a bed sheet over my head and proceeds to skull fuck me

    ᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅᴏᴊᴏᴊ ᴘɢ3ᴅMonth ago
  • So how many hours have u spent on this game Jev? Jev: I have lost so much that u could ever imagine

    Rxcky PxnguinRxcky PxnguinMonth ago
  • so like seriously how do you get double kills and 3 kill streaks with the cigma

    hehe YEaphehe YEapMonth ago
  • They have a hardcore nuke town mode

    Mystical ShotzMystical ShotzMonth ago
  • Yerp

    TxU NoDfTxU NoDfMonth ago
  • got my snipers diamond and dropped a nuclear with the pellington yesterday 🙏🏽😭

    meepmeepMonth ago
  • Nuketown would be good as a 4v4 or 3v3. I walk out of the garden area and die from a camper behind the car.

    hanger341hanger341Month ago
  • Very happy with Nuketown 24/7 myself

    Louie RLouie RMonth ago
  • HC nuke town playlist is hiding in the normal playlist

    Dyl 21Dyl 21Month ago
  • He does know that there is a hardcore mode right ?

    Aaron SouthernAaron SouthernMonth ago
  • Anyone play pixel gun 3D on nuke town ?

    Yeezyclapps _Yeezyclapps _Month ago
  • They called it nuketown 84 to make u forget that u bought this map 5 times

    John BergeronJohn BergeronMonth ago
  • jev got a perm?

    Zintroix -castle clashZintroix -castle clashMonth ago
  • This game is so done gshit

    ChunterfitChunterfitMonth ago
  • There is hardcore nuke town

    2 12 1Month ago
  • i feel like the sbmm was reduced cuz i’m consistently doing good and not noticing a change in players

    Anthony SciabarrasiAnthony SciabarrasiMonth ago
  • There are people like faze agony that are happy go lucky on their streams and videos, then there is faze jev that is just miserable and hates everything😆😆

    Seth DarnellSeth DarnellMonth ago
  • Get a life

    Blake ColdenBlake ColdenMonth ago
  • Here from COD mobile because this map was leaked for mobile. I’m so excited!

    Zeffo __Zeffo __Month ago
  • Is it just me or the graphics are just fkn awfulllll

    Péter FolytekPéter FolytekMonth ago
  • Nuke town is only good in domination

    Flaredesign1Flaredesign1Month ago
  • There is a hardcore go to core playlist then to hardcore then only highlight nuketown

    aMcConghie16 _aMcConghie16 _Month ago
  • "Doesn't feel as good as Modern Warfare movement" yeah after hearing that all of your opinions are irrelevant

    honda_ryderzhonda_ryderzMonth ago
    • The fact that it's much more better to take out campers in this game is better than MW.

      Prince ZanePrince ZaneMonth ago
  • Doesn't jev look like curly from mi tú

    GeezuzGeezuzMonth ago
  • Whats his m16 loadout does someone know?

    tru_ Luckazzztru_ LuckazzzMonth ago
  • Why’s it look like this man is playing a finished product and here we are just trying to launch the game

    Justin PinerJustin PinerMonth ago
    • The power of burst weapons

      LupusLupusMonth ago
  • quick question for everyone here: what's the best gaming headset? (currently own a ps4 but will be upgrading to the ps5 soon hopefully)

    C AC AMonth ago

    Kayo 2kKayo 2kMonth ago
  • there is a hardcore 24/7 for nuketown

    LS BrandonLS BrandonMonth ago
  • Aren’t jev’s graphics a bit low?

    Mustafa KhanMustafa KhanMonth ago
  • Anyone else’s camo’s don’t register like I got gold on my AR and when I started up again the next day it still said I need 2 long shots etc. Took 3 times me unlocking it to be permanent 😂

    EAEAMonth ago
  • Aim assists is why you get them sticks

    K KappK KappMonth ago
  • I’ve never get hard point. It’s only TDM and dom

    ImRickJamesImRickJamesMonth ago
  • Worst game ever Fr!! 2020 and it looks like a 2000 year game😂😂

    Jacob SernaJacob SernaMonth ago
  • I’m mad because I’ve been at Dollywood all weekend

    Cronin GhostCronin GhostMonth ago
  • Nuke town 24/7 is in the hardcore tab, silly jev😂😂

    Carson BeckCarson BeckMonth ago
  • This map looks like shit on consoles omg

    Lucas CarmanLucas CarmanMonth ago
  • “ Back here on modern warfare”

    ySpxc.ySpxc.Month ago
  • Okay but why do his graphics look like they're on potato mode

    Alex KaneAlex KaneMonth ago
  • playing against console players with aim assist on the m16 is cancer

    CasualCalvinCasualCalvinMonth ago
  • if you RAGED put it out

    Jexter DubingtonJexter DubingtonMonth ago
  • does anybody know the attachments he had on the m16?

    John TimberlakeJohn TimberlakeMonth ago
  • BTW Hardcore nuketown 24/7 is avaliable, he just has to pick it from the hard core menu!

    K TaeyeonK TaeyeonMonth ago
  • There is a harcore version now.

  • Every tack rifle is op. And snipers have auto aim lock i swear! Ive yet to play against a bad sniper. Everyones fazed up

    bbgunn135bbgunn135Month ago
  • alr bro i saw this manskape ad just now and mara was there 💀

    Farg 0Farg 0Month ago
  • There is hardcore nuketown

    RedWarriorsPlayRedWarriorsPlayMonth ago
  • Nuketown Hardcore is the best game mode no 🧢

    Nightmare GamingNightmare GamingMonth ago
  • Glad they added it to hardcore for slow moving camper like me picking off them fast movers 😅

    Juan MiguelJuan MiguelMonth ago
    • @Prince Zane not as much as this game and that m16. Brings back the first black ops and mw2 days

      Juan MiguelJuan MiguelMonth ago
    • Bet you excelled at MW then.

      Prince ZanePrince ZaneMonth ago
  • Camping behind the bus. What a fuckin noob

    boogalaboogalaMonth ago
  • Nice perm lol

    barrett slegersbarrett slegersMonth ago
  • I want a new xbox

    Lab sLab sMonth ago
  • They have hardcore now btw

    D3X ATLD3X ATLMonth ago
  • My nuke town kd is 2.34 and it feels like so black dude named requis b-tch slapped me

    Benjii XDBenjii XDMonth ago
  • No one gonna talk about this guy gaining 1325315 XP ?? 5:40

    Aydin HoffmanAydin HoffmanMonth ago
  • They have hardcore you have to go to quick play then over one and its at the bottom

    jarvis kobjarvis kobMonth ago
  • There is a hardcore nuketown 24/7

    Noel Ágoston KovácsNoel Ágoston KovácsMonth ago
  • big brolic black dude named requis😔

    Mr KFCMr KFCMonth ago
  • You can run hardcore nuke town

    jakobjakobMonth ago
  • Go take a shower dude

    Lazer TylerLazer TylerMonth ago
  • jev:plays cold war youtube:warface

    beanteenbeanteenMonth ago
  • Man, nuketown is the best map ever!

    Zz CaptainZz CaptainMonth ago
  • FaZe Jev out here reverse boosting

    TWITTER: BankingOnXrpTWITTER: BankingOnXrpMonth ago
  • Do u think they will take away nuke town 24/7 like how shipment comes and goes

    Trey HornbrookTrey HornbrookMonth ago
  • I played hc Nuketown the other day but it was in the quick play match

    QusxkQusxkMonth ago
  • holy shit, the graphics are horrendous! what's up with them?

    VVMonth ago
  • Jev where have you been haven’t seen you on my inbox in months

    Terp ZxcrtTerp ZxcrtMonth ago
  • Semtex has aim assist lol

    HaxyHaxyMonth ago
  • There is a hardcore nuke town

    Michael fleckMichael fleckMonth ago