$NOT - "Life" [Official Video]

Mar 30, 2021
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The official video for $NOT's "Life" from his album 'Beautiful Havoc' - OUT NOW!
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Directed by @freeomarjones
EP/Producer @davidwept
Cinematographer @franklinspov
Prod co. 1800#
Prod. @prod. level
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  • i produced this 😳

    prod. levelprod. level12 days ago
    • 🔥🔥

      Zolekidd TegZolekidd Teg16 hours ago
    • @Kyrie Irving fake

      Jordan BijanJordan Bijan17 hours ago
    • 😳fr

      Carlos Orozco IIICarlos Orozco III18 hours ago
    • I need a manager

      Jeff CarletosJeff CarletosDay ago
    • Huge W

      Kyrie IrvingKyrie IrvingDay ago
  • :(

    Kai's Music aka D34DKA1Kai's Music aka D34DKA1Hour ago
  • I almost died today and I was hearing this song

    Oscar JuarezOscar Juarez4 hours ago
  • 0:39-1:02 best part imo

    GbayGbay8 hours ago
  • “Baby girl I need to lean but not the one inside a cup”

    PAL GANGPAL GANG9 hours ago
  • Nice

    Scery bloods -korfen ash-Scery bloods -korfen ash-10 hours ago
  • amazing

    cozzzybruuu!cozzzybruuu!12 hours ago
  • 1 mil let's goooo

    Wyatt BlaineWyatt Blaine12 hours ago
  • 🖤

    Nxah KNxah K13 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥💪

    Zolekidd TegZolekidd Teg16 hours ago
  • I wish I could make a song with you . Ilisten to this everyday since I found it . I feel this trough my heart bro

    Sirex NinjaSirex Ninja17 hours ago
  • 1:51

    VernuzkaVernuzka17 hours ago
  • this is thicc

    dydy18 hours ago
  • 😢

    Peel StickPeel Stick20 hours ago
  • Came along way from nightmare and billy boy proud of you

    MkEricMkEric21 hour ago
  • "no bad bitch over seas to the mountains to the black mist" This song transports me to a better place.

    lil sizzlil sizzDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯 we love you $NOT

    Figø .—.Figø .—.Day ago
  • Why does this make me fall into the abyss?

    uppbeatuppbeatDay ago
  • the boy with the hoodie!!

    uppbeatuppbeatDay ago
  • Imagine not having this pfp

    Faze VeysFaze VeysDay ago
  • WOOW W OW 😓 THIS SONG 🎶 🎵 🎧 hit different AMAZING JOB 👨

    Jordan BijanJordan BijanDay ago
  • How SNOT making depression so lit 🤔?

    illbbadillbbadDay ago
  • New fan here

    Parkman GParkman GDay ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Parkman GParkman GDay ago
  • This dude came out of no where

    Parkman GParkman GDay ago
  • Wait is thaf his fr # ins the description??

    失われた失われたDay ago
  • This hits the feels but i can also jam too 🥰 been listening for awhile, snot you on some real shit

    Rayna AntoineRayna AntoineDay ago
  • Brooooo tthanks for making this no cap.i used to listen it when i was depressed! Thanks homie for saving my lifeee❤

    anup sonyanup sony2 days ago
  • felt this song hard, protect snot at all costs

    Brendan BeekmanBrendan Beekman2 days ago
  • this is music is for 12 years old kids who play fortnite white kid music u re trash

    Oguzhan GülOguzhan Gül2 days ago
  • 1mil after a week!!!! Ay he got it🔥🔥🦋

    misuwitdawrldmisuwitdawrld2 days ago
  • Hey. Could you imagine if Juice was in this song.

    Brrr_IceBrrr_Ice2 days ago
  • 🥺

    AndyGarciaVevoAndyGarciaVevo2 days ago
  • You deserved to blow like this bro🙏

    No PersonaNo Persona2 days ago
  • $not.... you good fam?

    Captain BallsCaptain Balls2 days ago
  • Yeah I’m just under age to young to say and feel sad yet not happy

    Jose VazquezJose Vazquez2 days ago
  • Still underrated af

    Mag JanMag Jan2 days ago
  • $not gotta do a song with Baby Keem. i'd be happy.

    Honest MukwevhoHonest Mukwevho2 days ago
  • Fye!

    Abigail Torres-GuerreroAbigail Torres-Guerrero2 days ago
  • Playboi carti Type Beat, ik that from tha lightning sound affects and the type of 808

    Yxung P MUSICYxung P MUSIC2 days ago
  • Damn i...

    Yaugzycookie BoiYaugzycookie Boi2 days ago

    kurtzzziekurtzzzie2 days ago
  • Life ain't supposed to be pretty but this is

    StunmiStunmi2 days ago
  • I tried to share it with people on discord m8, hope it help brodie!

    Sad SoulSad Soul2 days ago
  • Don't mind me, sorry I didn't comment last week. I've listened to this 1000 times without even looking at the comment section!

    Sad SoulSad Soul2 days ago
  • I don’t wanna talk to nobody cuz I don’t feel fine

    Mayx RoizMayx Roiz2 days ago
  • Épico hermano 😳👌

    ᄽl i n o༽ᄽl i n o༽2 days ago
  • Bro you fire 🔥🔥

    Keanan De KlerkKeanan De Klerk2 days ago
  • This song just brings up all the beautifull and sad moments, theres always someone who loves u!

    DavidDavid2 days ago
  • 1 mill🖤

    shortshort2 days ago
  • Моей девушке не понравилось

    ДАНИЛ лекомцевДАНИЛ лекомцев2 days ago
  • IM NOT OKAY!!!!

    CO HUNCHOCO HUNCHO3 days ago

    Slurpbre.Slurpbre.3 days ago
  • Big up $NOT, absolute relatable banger man. Much love ❤️

  • my new favoutite rapper 🔥

    FullTempzFullTempz3 days ago
  • this is emo. like you are all a bunch of conformist posers

    unbiased000unbiased0003 days ago
  • 1 millyyyy. lesss goooo

    JosiahJosiah3 days ago
  • Bro so happy to see you pop off!!!

    Jaylen PowellJaylen Powell3 days ago
  • This hit dif

    Kodi GoddardKodi Goddard3 days ago
  • Ok ok bro snot thank you so much its crazy how much ur music has helped me and if you can like the comment thank you

    Joey ProsserJoey Prosser3 days ago

    Steven PerezSteven Perez3 days ago
  • $not just keep getting better I love it

    Karina NovoaKarina Novoa3 days ago
  • This guy definitely listens to juice wrld

    mixmix3 days ago
  • Bro did you and juice wrld perhaps collaborate and make a song possibly

    BlaZe BrutalkillsBlaZe Brutalkills3 days ago
  • i feel every word filled with pain in this :(

    Ex0tic NightEx0tic Night3 days ago

    Mario MendozaMario Mendoza3 days ago
    • fr

      W o k e 4 L i f eW o k e 4 L i f e3 days ago
  • 🐐

    Cameron DareCameron Dare3 days ago
  • pain is real :o

    ChiropteraChiroptera3 days ago
  • my nigga looking hella fresh sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

    Maurice UllmannMaurice Ullmann3 days ago
  • You just keep up with thees bangers !!!!!

    FlareFlare3 days ago
  • Fire 🔥

    Kiro StoyanovKiro Stoyanov3 days ago
  • Danke

    COACH-PCOACH-P3 days ago
  • fuck this hits home

    RhykkerRhykker3 days ago
  • Is a définition of dark

    Ilies BenIlies Ben3 days ago
  • Reach the 🔝

    EliezarEliezar3 days ago
  • W

    snowmancartisnowmancarti3 days ago
  • This song will be a true classic

    Simas P.Simas P.3 days ago
  • Almost at 1 mil lessss gooo

    LAGZ 117LAGZ 1173 days ago
  • "money brings me happiness but im still sad as shit" I felt that on a personal level.

    EliscioEliscio3 days ago
  • Can't tell if he uses auto tune or not? He probably does 🤔🤷‍♂️😂😂

    Benny MarquezBenny Marquez3 days ago
    • 100% tf?

      W o k e 4 L i f eW o k e 4 L i f e3 days ago
  • feel the same :l

    Jackson SteinJackson Stein3 days ago
  • $NOT is gonna be the next big hit Prove me wrong

    madfut 21madfut 213 days ago
  • i feel it

    valthunter 123544valthunter 1235443 days ago
  • Tiktok couldn't possibly spoil this song, if it does I'm dying

    Caleb NaidooCaleb Naidoo3 days ago
    • @Dim_Sim f off dude not with tiktok tho and snot doin better than most underground rappers anyways hes on his way up pretty fast no need for shittok to push him

      YourFatMomYourFatMom2 hours ago
    • we want tiktok to find this. help snot blow up and be more successful

      Dim_SimDim_Sim2 days ago
  • I’m kinda worried abt $not

    Antonio RichardAntonio Richard3 days ago
  • ээ а где трек в вк

    AnimaNikAnimaNik3 days ago
  • why tf does this song have 314 dislikes

    Big Boy Harold 2Big Boy Harold 23 days ago
  • I want snot to remake this he could of came harder

    Mr. nrgsugarkeysMr. nrgsugarkeys4 days ago
  • Atmospheric song, beat and video. Great production.

    Tom SchlaissTom Schlaiss4 days ago
  • That's the best I've heard💖

  • did $not lose a sibling and just didn't tell anyone? Ik it sounds dumb but you rlly gotta pay attention to the vmusic video either this ^ or $not is just looking at younger version of himself. IDK

    Matthew NorieMatthew Norie4 days ago
  • 😈

    CalfCalf4 days ago
  • When did $not join Disney

    David OtienoDavid Otieno4 days ago
  • Snot is a banger

    loopy nubwolloopy nubwol4 days ago
  • Hang in there bro 🥺

    Alexander GuzmanAlexander Guzman4 days ago
  • whack af

    GrimbeLGrimbeL4 days ago
    • You probably listen to Lil Pump

      Rivela_Furz_HDXRivela_Furz_HDX4 days ago
  • Snot is south African for booger😂

    Antonio BarensAntonio Barens4 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂😂

      Rabia alasadRabia alasad4 days ago
  • $not's kinda like a mix between tupac dababy and juice wrld🤏🏼

    Just KiwizzleJust Kiwizzle4 days ago
  • Listened to this atleast 40 times cant get enough

    damo921damo9214 days ago
  • Juice is that u ????

    ImOmenImOmen4 days ago