NOT FRIENDS OVER A GIRLFRIEND? Hide and Seek Across Roblox Marble Mania

Apr 5, 2021
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After Chad Wild Clay made "STALKER IS GONNA END US! - Alie Controls My Life for 24 Hours (Trapped in a Tesla)", Vy Qwaint created "WHY SHE DID IT - Lie Detector Test On Daniel's Stalker Girlfriend Alie", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "STALKER vs SPY NINJAS - My Girlfriend Says She's a Better USworldsr, Lives To Regret It", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "BEST FRIEND BETRAYED ME IN FORTNITE", After Alie revealed herself to be the stalker she saved the Spy Ninjas from being driven off a cliff in the Tesla. Now the Spy Ninjas don't know what to believe! Is Alie good or is she bad? Why has she been stalking them this whole time? Has she been faking her feelings for Daniel? Yesterday we gave a Lie Detector Test On Alie. Daniel put his Lie Detector shirt on once again to put his girlfriend to the test and find out the truth behind her stalker plan. Alie was in charge of the crazy stalker group made up of The Leak, Chef Crouton, The Doppelganger, and a guy called Horseradish. But now Alie betrayed them to side with the Spy Ninjas. But can she be trusted? Daniel has to decide between staying with Alie and being her boyfriend or staying with his friends and continuing to be a Spy Ninja. While Daniel is making this tough decision, Melvin and Regina play Marble Madness in Roblox to discuss the evens of the last few weeks. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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  • Spy Ninjas, do you think Daniel will choose Alie OR the Spy Ninjas?

    Melvin PZ9 The Best FighterMelvin PZ9 The Best Fighter6 days ago
    • Everything is cool math games

      Kary YoKary YoDay ago
    • Say.Ninjas

      Horace DavisHorace Davis2 days ago
    • Hi

      Shaquita BoydShaquita Boyd2 days ago
    • Red yellow purple

      Unisa SesayUnisa Sesay4 days ago
    • Spy ninjas

      Roxi WoodRoxi Wood4 days ago
  • Melvin and alien talk are one of my fav moments and yes the ending was quite wholesome and depressing

    Cake PopCake Pop8 minutes ago
  • He will choose ally and u should play tower of fun

    Emily WilkinsonEmily Wilkinson35 minutes ago
  • And also when Regina was crying and Melvin was holding her I was crying to 😥😔😟

    Victoria WentworthVictoria WentworthHour ago
  • Melvin is a great big brother at the end 😥 I also want Alie "Alien" to disappear and I want Daniel and Regina get together ❤

    Victoria WentworthVictoria WentworthHour ago
  • Regina or nothing

    gaming with Spencer XRTgaming with Spencer XRTHour ago
  • Im sorry for regina i just uave to say regina just has to stay strong its ok

    Ashton WatsonAshton WatsonHour ago
  • you jusch neeed to let he go he will find he'is live l promes

    Chris NevilleChris NevilleHour ago
  • Thinking dinner leave

    Tsunxmi MCTsunxmi MCHour ago
  • alie is a alien and she is dumb regina deserves daniel not alie

    Julia UrbanczykJulia Urbanczyk2 hours ago
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh😥😭😭😭😭😭😱😭😭😭

    sahibjotsahibjot2 hours ago
  • I think Daniel is go with Allie Florida

    Ernest AkoErnest Ako2 hours ago
  • Why are they... Red is for Chad and pink is for vy...

    Brooklyn MoodyBrooklyn Moody2 hours ago
  • Melvin what’s your discord name

    So’ AxidSo’ Axid2 hours ago
  • I feel sad 😢

    Papirrikis toys world MunozPapirrikis toys world Munoz3 hours ago
  • remeber when you played adopt me i want you to play it again

    Rudy GonzalezRudy Gonzalez3 hours ago
  • can you play piggy in roblox

    Rudy GonzalezRudy Gonzalez3 hours ago
  • Regina you are the Master of Disguise

    RedArmyProductionzRedArmyProductionz3 hours ago
  • I hope Daniel comes back to the spy ninjas he needs his lie detector skills

    RedArmyProductionzRedArmyProductionz3 hours ago
  • U

    RedArmyProductionzRedArmyProductionz3 hours ago
    • I sended you a friend request on Roblox I cannot say my name on Roblox but I have blue hair and a black sweatshirt everybody subscribed apc9 the best fighter and I am your biggest fan

      RedArmyProductionzRedArmyProductionz3 hours ago
  • I am your bigest fan and I sanded a friend request to you on Roblox I can not say my name but on Roblox I have blue hair and a black sweatshirt

    RedArmyProductionzRedArmyProductionz3 hours ago
  • Kaka

    Fatima AlghafriFatima Alghafri3 hours ago
  • Can you play Sister Location, PLEASEEEEEEEE MELVIN, actually... Your My Favourite Spy Ninja. IM TELLING THE TRUTH...REALLY IM TELLING THE TRUTHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    Thunn yati HtetThunn yati Htet3 hours ago
  • 😭

    Dat kid NoahDat kid Noah4 hours ago
  • I know your last name

    Яхия УейсоЯхия Уейсо5 hours ago
  • Melvin

    Яхия УейсоЯхия Уейсо5 hours ago
  • Melvin Best fighter

    Jamaela VillacoraJamaela Villacora5 hours ago
  • spy ninijas

    Nark QesseNark Qesse6 hours ago
  • Ni de 🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😿😿😿😿

    Kausar FazinKausar Fazin6 hours ago
  • Hi spy ninjas alie si 🅑🅐🅓 bad alie si de lozer

    Kausar FazinKausar Fazin6 hours ago
  • Pls play blox fruits

    DarkkingDarkking6 hours ago
  • Hi me and my step sis added you regina chad daniel and allie on roblox can you add us back if that's ok with you :)

    Kiah LindsayKiah Lindsay8 hours ago
  • Goons

    Lattah PatelLattah Patel9 hours ago
  • I am crying because of Ali's

    Lattah PatelLattah Patel9 hours ago
  • Hi my sister birthday is in apr 9 WE ARE A FANNNN OFFFF UJUUUUUUU

    dina Mira volgsdina Mira volgs9 hours ago
  • You can come and go get it done ✅ was your birthday and Chad was a great

    Samantha RalleySamantha Ralley9 hours ago
  • SwaaAssx😩

    clint masseyclint massey11 hours ago
  • I am crying I have cried for 3 weeks because Daniel left came back alie was the stalker and we can’t lose Daniel

    Gaming with PiperGaming with Piper11 hours ago
  • I was crying when I saw

    rosalba casillasrosalba casillas11 hours ago
  • play ninja legends

    Jayden NguyenJayden Nguyen12 hours ago
  • I like how he is the big bro helping her little sis

    Dennis ThaoDennis Thao13 hours ago
  • I like when melven said fishy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nicole Hernandeznicole Hernandez14 hours ago
  • Yeah

    Nicollette NaviahNicollette Naviah14 hours ago
  • The end of the video almost made me cry

    minecraft prominecraft pro14 hours ago
  • 🌩🌂☔⛄🔥💧🌪🙎

    ReinaReina14 hours ago
  • 🌂☔

    ReinaReina14 hours ago
  • what if.....allie is using daniel to just bamboozled the spy ninjas?

    Kemala HayatiKemala Hayati14 hours ago
  • I don't not like a boy

    ReinaReina14 hours ago
  • sndndbaa Djokovic ybgrs

    Chrystal CamarrilloChrystal Camarrillo15 hours ago
  • Melvin can you make baby’s👨‍👦

    Strawberry BananaStrawberry Banana15 hours ago
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    Strawberry BananaStrawberry Banana15 hours ago
  • Regina should be with Melvin :o

    Loc LeLoc Le16 hours ago
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    Loc LeLoc Le16 hours ago
  • i love your videos 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😁

    Alyssa DeRosierAlyssa DeRosier17 hours ago
  • Melvin makes our days 24 percent better :D

    ¿Ûgłÿ_ pøtãtõ?¿Ûgłÿ_ pøtãtõ?17 hours ago
  • Maybe you should let alie be a spy ninja and you could get Daniel back

    Simona GuerreroSimona Guerrero17 hours ago
  • Can you play the mimic please Melvin it's one of my favorite games on Roblox

    devon cowsertdevon cowsert17 hours ago
  • Melvin you should do a Brookhaven video

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  • Alie is the worst like if you agree she bad

    Narcis GorasNarcis Goras17 hours ago
  • Daniel please do not leave the spine ninjas I love you Ali you have to choose one you choose the spine ninjas old Ali

    Ana TiruAna Tiru17 hours ago
  • 😥

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  • Bro you have a crush

  • Hey melvin can you play my game Hunt the forest

    OpippilifOpippilif18 hours ago
  • The end was so nice

    Farhad DaryaFarhad Darya19 hours ago
  • No stay with the spy ninjas Daniel

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  • Regina is my favorite youtube

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    Hungry BORGOR BOIHungry BORGOR BOI21 hour ago

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    Anita SmithAnita Smith21 hour ago
  • Melvin i found your old acount on roblox if u pres on Daniel and go where his Friends are then u see melvins old roblox acount

    Jose DelarosaJose Delarosa22 hours ago
  • Whoever wins the tryouts it cedilla like taking test the next day

    Kate FlowerKate Flower22 hours ago
  • ALIE

    Rebecca SmithRebecca Smith22 hours ago
  • I dont Like Daniel I want Daniel to be a spy ninjas ps😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗💗

    Korina RamirezKorina Ramirez22 hours ago
  • O- someone is pretending to be u

    Alice ballAlice ball22 hours ago
  • Melvin can we 1v1 in arsenal? My user is electrical_thunderer

    electricalYTelectricalYT23 hours ago
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  • He will leve

    Manha MahekManha Mahek23 hours ago
  • Daniel picked alie and i thought he wold pick spy ninjas

    Andrew LaydenAndrew LaydenDay ago
  • Pill I feel about that I'm leaving sad😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • Who hit alie

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