Nos. 4 and 88 crews tussle in garage at Bristol | Bristol Dirt Race | Camping World Truck Series

Mar 29, 2021
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The No. 88 crew of Matt Crafton and No. 4 crew of John Hunter Nemechek have words in the Bristol garage after the drivers were involved in a mid-race incident.
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  • What the hell are they mad about they’re the ones tearing up peoples stuff.

    Nate TracyNate Tracy13 days ago
  • One of these times I’m going to fall for the thumbnail and there will be an actual fight. You know, like men,..

    Christopher HaasChristopher Haas15 days ago

    Brande Brannon BroxsonBrande Brannon Broxson16 days ago
  • 9

    Blake BagwellBlake Bagwell16 days ago
  • Why are these old men pushing each other

    Anthony ReayAnthony Reay17 days ago
  • Oh yeah, they "tussled" alright. I can't believe how crazy and necessary that was to post, NASCAR!

    PowerMagikaPowerMagika17 days ago
  • This was false news. I've seen similar arguments at the senior citizens hall.

    Landon LoafmanLandon Loafman17 days ago
  • I thought Paul Sr made motorbikes

    Brad MBrad M17 days ago
  • That wasn’t a tussle. It was barely even a shove. Disappointing

    John ZardoJohn Zardo17 days ago
  • Typical shouting match. Nobody ever throws punches anymore. Thanks Bowyer & Gordon for ruining that tradition

    Ricardo MasvidalRicardo Masvidal17 days ago
  • That tussle was pretty lame.

    Eric MarchesiniEric Marchesini17 days ago
  • I thought the 4 team was gonna beat the 88 team to hell, guess not :/

    Mark SherrillMark Sherrill18 days ago
  • 22 seconds of my life that I'll never get back.

    BirdDogBirdDog18 days ago
  • Nemetard should be pissed at Kraus, not Crafton.

    MiT LeiMiT Lei18 days ago
  • Pure Clickbait

    Mopar77Mopar7718 days ago
  • Number 88 best truck let's go Crafton!

    Kyle BennettKyle Bennett18 days ago
  • Oh No not a again😓

    Jerry IsraelJerry Israel18 days ago
  • That would have been the worst fight ever.

    Mike DMike D18 days ago
  • Why is Matt’s crew even over tho they’re drivers fault.

    Dylan BollingerDylan Bollinger18 days ago
  • Dude the crews should let the driver handle that

    SRT 0616SRT 061618 days ago
  • 4th Fight, argument or temper in 2021

    Brayden HancockBrayden Hancock18 days ago
  • Why is the 88 team mad? Did JHN hurt their feelings in his interview?

    Andrew TomaszewskiAndrew Tomaszewski18 days ago
  • Well that was 22 seconds that didn’t live up to the hype

    Aaron PAaron P18 days ago
  • Why are there ThorSport guys at the KBM haulers? I mean, I could see if there were KBM guys at the ThorSport haulers

    Patrick KennedyPatrick Kennedy18 days ago
  • Racing At Bristol

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey18 days ago
  • Can you release the uncensored version please?

    DelcrewDelcrew18 days ago
  • Every single one of those guys from the 88 team involved should be suspended without pay.

    Jonathan_WJonathan_W18 days ago
  • Have at it boys

    cupchamp5cupchamp518 days ago
  • As one of my teammates from an 0 - 18 Little League team used to say after the game... "Let's beat the other team to the hot dog stand!"

    Frank RandazzoFrank Randazzo18 days ago
  • Charming. Such sophisticated gentlemen sportsmen these Nascar guys.

    Bunker MunkBunker Munk18 days ago
    • @RomanSans 1 lol 👌

      mrdavisomrdaviso18 days ago
    • @mrdaviso Chill.

      RomanSans 1RomanSans 118 days ago
    • @fck you What's politics got to do with this? You realize Nascar fans come from all sides right? You are the stereotype that keeps people from Nascar. Have another beer and think before your post, for Nascars sake.

      mrdavisomrdaviso18 days ago
    • Where are you racing this week?

      wafflenutzwafflenutz18 days ago
  • Paul Sr!?

    hakkalockenhakkalocken18 days ago
  • Crafton did nothing wrong

    Trump 2024Trump 202418 days ago
    • What happens on track was Crafton making a simple racing error on dirt. It happens and it wasn’t intentional. Kraus hitting JHN that long after was stupid tho. So was Craftons guys going to the 4s pit that wasn’t even enough reason for JHN to confront Crafton and he was the one that got wrecked

      Iamnothuman 77Iamnothuman 7717 days ago
    • your name explains everything lmao

      Major GloryMajor Glory17 days ago
    • @Kyle Bennett he still did it.

      HendrickChase9HendrickChase918 days ago
    • @HendrickChase9 crafton did not intentionally wreck Hunter Nemechek. I know Matt Crafton really well as a fan of his he is not a dirty driver

      Kyle BennettKyle Bennett18 days ago
    • He wrecked JHN my guy

      HendrickChase9HendrickChase918 days ago
  • if ur a crafton fan ur ass

    Seth RobinsonSeth Robinson18 days ago
  • That big dude from the 88 stepped up and the other dude stepped back. He was like, "f**k that."

    RolandJovi 24RolandJovi 2418 days ago
    • @Fed Fred's for one, Mr keyboard warrior, living in your mommas basement, it wasn’t a pit box! Two if the person recording the video, would show the whole video, you would see why they was there, and three, don’t run your mouth and run like a lil bitch! Cause when you’re caught, you’re getting throat punched!

      Edgar RileyEdgar Riley17 days ago
    • Big dude shoulda been put asleep for stepping in another teams pit box without permission

      Fed Fred'sFed Fred's17 days ago
  • So what does going after the hauler driver going to do? The 88 wrecked the 4. That was more a 'I love you man' tap, then a tussle.

    George MichaelGeorge Michael18 days ago
  • *facepalm*

    Nino RainierNino Rainier18 days ago
  • I know it won't happen but I'd love to see JHN do what Kenseth did to Logano. Crafton totally deserves it.

    BrettMKWBrettMKW18 days ago
    • @Engine Failure next race it a short track

      Hype bro outta nowhereHype bro outta nowhere18 days ago
    • Next time around it's a short track, never know 🤷‍♂️ Although yeah I don't think it'll happen either...

      Engine FailureEngine Failure18 days ago
    • Crafton did nothing wrong

      Trump 2024Trump 202418 days ago
  • Lmao

    MarcisAwesome04MarcisAwesome0418 days ago
  • So they’re at the 4’s trailer, and an 88 guy shoves the 4 guy, and another 88 guy tells the 4 to get in the truck and drive away. Lol, why is the 88 crew there? The 88 wrecked the 4

    swd311000swd31100018 days ago
    • Ikr that wreck wasn’t even enough reason for the 4 team to confront the 88 team there’s no reason for the 88 team to be mad

      Iamnothuman 77Iamnothuman 7717 days ago
  • Tussle?

    Robby BurnsRobby Burns18 days ago
  • Lol

    Doink Productions.Doink Productions.18 days ago