Nick Cannon's Van Lift & Bumper | West Coast Customs Delivery and Tour

Feb 27, 2020
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In this video we take a trip up to world famous West Coast Customs. West Coast Customs came to us for a lift & custom front bumper for a van build they're doing for Nick Cannon. They wanted a product that they can trust and know will not only be fashionable but functional as well and we provide just that. When we arrived at west coast customs we met Lorenzo who originally contacted us about the build. We then pulled the van around back into the shop and dropped off the bumper and lift kit. Lorenzo was awesome and gave us a tour of the entire shop as well as hook us up with some cool merch. Since Kaiden is a huge fan of Ryan Friedlinghaus CEO of West Coast Customs, Lorenzo went up to his office and grabbed Ryan so that Kaiden could meet him which was really cool. Kaiden was of course very excited but shy. We had a good time getting to check out the West Coast Customs facility and getting to meet Ryan but it's time to get back to the shop and get building again. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe
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  • Who is excited to see what Nick's van will look like when its all finished at West Coast Customs? We can't wait!!

    WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
    • Nice job,go ahead. I'm one of your followers from Morocco.

      Crypted money Redone touringCrypted money Redone touring6 months ago
    • Weldtec Designs I just watched the west coast video of the nicks new tundra... they showed a glimpse of the van, but they didn’t show details. It’s done and it was parked on the street in the first few seconds of the video.... I want to see a full video on the van

      Arthur GuinnessArthur GuinnessYear ago
  • F Nick, racist POS!!!

    TipRide73TipRide73Day ago
  • Nick cannon is a racist haha I wonder why USworlds allows you to post this oh that's right they only care about certain types of racism lawl

    K CK CMonth ago
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    Hector ValdezHector ValdezMonth ago
  • Nick is a douche bag

    Surf HealthySurf Healthy6 months ago
  • Nick is a douche bag....:)

    Surf HealthySurf Healthy6 months ago
  • Nick Cannon blows but that Kid is AWESOME!!

    Hayden BurchfieldHayden Burchfield7 months ago
    • Great comment!

      Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson5 months ago
  • Nick Cannon is a racist piece of SHIT !!!!!

    Dean MartinDean Martin8 months ago
  • Nicely

    Issoop DillooIssoop Dilloo8 months ago
  • Nick is a racist POS. you may want too consider taking this one down, it ain't helping your cause...

    Chuckles The fire guyChuckles The fire guy8 months ago
    • @WeldTec Designs Sorry, his pic is in your highlight for the video. You're obviously proud or starstruck. It's an attempt to gain views, selling the guy a product is one thing, using him as click bait as if you're proud is not cool.That was my point, he's a jerk on all levels. The guy went on a racist rant, look it up. You wouldn't have posted David Duke to promote your business is my point. Broadcasters have been fired for FAR less that what this guy said. But, I will unsubscribe as you requested and look for another option for my 2020 class C. Good luck...

      Chuckles The fire guyChuckles The fire guy8 months ago
    • It's not effecting us at all so i don't know where you're getting "it ain't helping your cause" comes from. Our cause is building awesome vans, the choices one makes is completely up to that individual and does not reflect what our company stands for, as we don't even personally know him nor have met him because we dealt with WCC. One can always grow, become a better person and overcome mistakes made in the past. On top of that he was never once shown in the video, just the product we built. If you're going to come on our page, accuse people of being racist, tell us to consider taking content down because 'its ain't helping our cause" we ask that you please unsubscribe and do not engage with us on our social platforms in the future. Thank you.

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec Designs8 months ago
  • Nice 👍

    THEEP time /in the game for the playersTHEEP time /in the game for the players9 months ago
    • Thanks ✌

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec Designs9 months ago
  • Ryan doesn't seem to want to be dad do....kid will have great experiences growing up.

    1976corcho1976corcho10 months ago
    • Yeah, I'd assume Ryan is a fairly busy guy so he had a full plate probably. and thank you I appreciate that!

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec Designs10 months ago
  • Sorry, bellends...

    Richegg22Richegg2210 months ago
  • Hell yeah! Way to go Dad!

    Jesse JacintoJesse Jacinto10 months ago
    • Thanks!

      Jeremy JohnsonJeremy Johnson5 months ago
  • what'sup with him & em doors

    him selfhim self11 months ago
    • @WeldTec Designs that's crazy dude I'd follow him if we was trapped in the same burning building with him ⛽

      him selfhim self11 months ago
    • It's like that one party trick everyone has, this one is just for the vans though hahahha

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec Designs11 months ago
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    sometimes notusometimes notu11 months ago
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    JimbostiJimbosti11 months ago
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      Jon OblingerJon Oblinger7 months ago
    • Jimbosti *Douche

      Andrew BrooksAndrew Brooks10 months ago
  • The fact that the west coast guy Lorenzo didn’t acknowledge this little man in the beginning, no hi, no hi five, no nothing, just tells you a lot about the man!!

    Eduardo RobleroEduardo Roblero11 months ago
    • I'm pissed off man, dude ignored the little man!

      okech fredrickokech fredrick11 months ago
  • 16:46 hahahahahaha

    IbwayDigo ChannelIbwayDigo Channel11 months ago
  • 😂

    Jon TraJon Tra11 months ago
  • Nice

    saidi abdallahsaidi abdallahYear ago
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    ElliotElliotYear ago
  • Can y’all shut up and get to the point

    Malik JacksonMalik JacksonYear ago
    • For as mad as you're still watching lol

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • This must be the Bulletproof van

    Jim BoJim BoYear ago
    • Not sure, but it was looking really cool while we were there.

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • West coast customs..where’s the fish tank and cotton candy machine?

    LacaframalamaLacaframalamaYear ago
    • That was so pimp my ride days! good times.

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Is that awd?

    Sean YoonSean YoonYear ago
    • @Sean Yoon No we converted it to a 4x4 coil-over conversion, it came 2WD, but Chevy does make an AWD 1500 off the lot

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
    • @WeldTec Designs does it come with 4wd from factory? I only see rwd

      Sean YoonSean YoonYear ago
    • 4WD 👍

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Haaaaaa killed it

    • Thanks for watching and commenting, we love it....

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Celebrities can't nothing by them selves got have a handler to many ppl doing this the government 😠 will think of ways to make money on this & track u! Anyway enjoy life 😉😜 & be safe careful mostly happy is mental health !

    Empress.L.E.T Ra5Empress.L.E.T Ra5Year ago
    • I am ok with that. They do what they are do at and so will i. Thanks for watching and commenting. Love it.

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Nice

    Rogerio RodriguezRogerio RodriguezYear ago
  • Cool video!

    Pepe Deez NutzPepe Deez NutzYear ago
    • Thank you!!

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Lov this video!

    KL NYKL NYYear ago
  • I hope that's rock wool in the door and not house insulation... just saying. Pretty awesome that you guys got to provide you kit to make is van ride. Show that you're making a premium product. Congrats.

    mark dmark dYear ago
    • Thank you, we strive to produce quality product!

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • You made a comment about the seating in your van being on tracks,could you tell more about that.

    james christyjames christyYear ago
    • Yeah so we use the tracks from a Toyota Sienna as well as the seats, we did our ultra seat conversion on them which consist of new upholstery we went leather in black with extra padding for more comfort and recliners for the ones in the back! Here's a link to our seat conversion on our site if you want some more pics of the seats!

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • What they do with the seats? I want them.

    KELKELYear ago
    • @KEL Mid last year

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
    • When was this video recorded?

      KELKELYear ago
    • not sure what they did with them haha

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago
  • Do you ship your lift kits and bumpers

    Adam LaforceAdam LaforceYear ago
    • We most definitely do!

      WeldTec DesignsWeldTec DesignsYear ago