NFL "is this the WWE?" Moments || HD

Feb 22, 2021
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When a play looks like it should be made in the WWE instead of the NFL
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  • You should do NFL " brick wall moments"

    Troy BoletteTroy BoletteHour ago
  • Watching this after amendola retirement announcement

    Just BlazedJust Blazed2 hours ago
  • Boy, Amendola is always getting belly to back, or powerslamed by somebody 😂😂😂😂.

    YouStupid FooYouStupid Foo4 hours ago
  • NFL "pancaking moments by offensive line"

    Allen PierreAllen Pierre20 hours ago
  • Ding we need you bro

  • You should do end around runs moments

    Kahleel WestKahleel West21 hour ago
  • You should do a “ All that for nothing “ video

    Tyler JonesTyler JonesDay ago
    • Part 2 ????

      Tyler JonesTyler Jones19 hours ago
    • Part 2????

      Tyler JonesTyler Jones19 hours ago
    • I think he did before

      YGMYGM20 hours ago
  • God is love

    Zipper 0809Zipper 0809Day ago
    • Yes sir! Amen

      epic guyepic guy8 hours ago
  • Most of these just shouldn’t be flags, pro football players can stay on their feet until they’re taken to the ground, no reason a half assed suplex should draw a flag

    SoglodSoglodDay ago
  • do “The Same Number Tackle” where a person with the number 48 tackles someone else with the number 48

    Jacob EverhartJacob EverhartDay ago
  • mans dipped when he reached 1m

    OsirianzzOsirianzzDay ago
  • Do a he sold moments a player has a crazy good play but there was a flag thrown

    lgween4for Funlgween4for FunDay ago
  • Why isding not posting

    Hope HollandHope HollandDay ago
  • Try: NFL "NEARLY Intercepted" moments

    ChoicesChoicesDay ago
  • The worried hourglass optically vanish because century thirdly mark throughout a stimulating snake. real, wistful withdrawal

    pika pizzapika pizzaDay ago
  • NFL lousdest hits moments

    Walker RiceWalker Rice2 days ago
  • Come back pls

    Mrbob BoogaMrbob Booga2 days ago
  • you should do double team tackle moments lol would be savage!!

    Tarzan_126 SalasTarzan_126 Salas2 days ago
  • 3:55 if that was my first NFL carry I’d retire.

    Cal LCal L2 days ago
  • I still don’t understand how that Vince Young flip works

    Cal LCal L2 days ago
  • Do an NFL “sneaky plays” where everyone takes advantage of the kick out of bounds rule

    Warren G. HardingWarren G. Harding2 days ago
  • 6:43 why did the ref spike the flag on the qb’s head 😂😂

    Tagz TigerTagz Tiger2 days ago
  • You should make a nba channel

    Luca ScalamandreLuca Scalamandre2 days ago
  • From what I know now is that the NFL is pussy now and they need to let women play now fuck it

    IGO BIGIGO BIG2 days ago
  • can you do nfl ''i was not ready''

    Tavian BohannonTavian Bohannon2 days ago
  • Couldn't find the video because it was retitled " Danny Amendola and the trip to suplex city"

    Trey OttoTrey Otto2 days ago
  • "Dude...What the hell was that?" Moments?

    Gavin ReichleyGavin Reichley2 days ago
  • Where did he go?

    grahamshark15grahamshark152 days ago
  • The illegal temperature directly gather because address additionaly delay pro a ignorant buffer. vast, hilarious soprano

    mike kimmike kim2 days ago
  • Ding do DIMES

    Maxym and Maddox 13Maxym and Maddox 132 days ago
  • For anyone who is wondering: He is working on a big project for a while he said. Check out the community tab of his channel and look at the latest post and he talks about it.

    ColinColin3 days ago
    • Np

      ColinColin2 days ago
    • Thank you I was wondering too

      Sanchez FamilySanchez Family2 days ago
    • Thank youu bro I was wandering where he was at

      SossaGoldSossaGold2 days ago
  • All I saw was a whole lotta shitty tackling

    therealtyranttherealtyrant3 days ago
  • NFL “Not the time right now” moments

    ChilloChillo3 days ago
  • Has anybody else noticed he hasn’t posted in a while

    Trailzz -Trailzz -3 days ago
    • @Colin alright I was worried

      Trailzz -Trailzz -2 days ago
    • He says that he is working on a big project

      ColinColin3 days ago
  • dude really hit a mil and then said ite imma head out lol

    Envision NFL CentralEnvision NFL Central3 days ago
    • fax

      Kushaal VennamaneniKushaal VennamaneniDay ago
  • please post you have not in a month

    That Boy JoshThat Boy Josh4 days ago
  • Suggestion, nfl players beast college play and best nfl play

    D stands for DogeD stands for Doge4 days ago
  • Tap to retry. Bitch tap where?!?!

    Michael Kim Johnson Impossible I’m deadMichael Kim Johnson Impossible I’m dead4 days ago
  • Poor dola has been suplexed multiple times with multiple teams

    CHanks25CHanks254 days ago
  • any video with "HURDLES.... KICKS A MAN..." is a good video

    dredhead117dredhead1174 days ago
  • Can u do “taking your cake and having it too” moments

    J O S I A HJ O S I A H4 days ago
  • Where you at man?

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  • Do “most points in a quarter” 28+

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  • Day 2 of asking for defense breaking ankles

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  • Ding can you upload plz

    Lil KalLil Kal5 days ago
  • tham vince young got triple power bombed

    Stop BugginStop Buggin5 days ago
  • Yo is he dead like it's been month dude

    yt_trayson_2011yt_trayson_20115 days ago
  • Congrats on 1 Million Ding Productions!

    D ZangaraD Zangara5 days ago
  • Get moss moments in the NFL

    Emmanuela DouglinEmmanuela Douglin5 days ago
    • @Football EditzHD OK he did not

      Emmanuela DouglinEmmanuela Douglin4 days ago
    • I did that vid

      Football EditzHDFootball EditzHD4 days ago
  • Yo ding are you good? You haven’t been uploading.

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  • Can you do a “when refs were faster moments” please

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  • Harrison was a tank lol

    That Guy87That Guy875 days ago
  • Although I see way its not allowed anymore, its still fun to see people practice for wrestling events.

    Samuel Van HandelSamuel Van Handel5 days ago
  • Suggestion: There's kids watching! (Inappropriate moments)

    OneShott [OSC]OneShott [OSC]5 days ago
  • Gotta go fast moment’s plz

    Team_ CloakyTeam_ Cloaky6 days ago
  • Do NFL “That wasn’t supposed to happen” Trick plays gone wrong

    HugestOBJ FanHugestOBJ Fan6 days ago
  • Stop including 1980 bad quality videos make it bad to watch

    Shamal.finnesedShamal.finnesed6 days ago
    • @Shamal.finnesed neither does your grammer

      Peter DanePeter Dane5 days ago
    • @Peter Dane sht don’t make sence

      Shamal.finnesedShamal.finnesed5 days ago
    • Maybe I should tell God to stop birthing children with defects, sad to watch

      Peter DanePeter Dane5 days ago
  • He gets 1 mil and decides he will never upload again

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  • Reply to this if you love football

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  • Can you do “Players who cost the game” Like a dropped TD pass to win it etc... but not field goals

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  • Congrats on 1.1 mill

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    • 1.01 mill you idiot

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  • why is danny amendola always getting blown up

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  • Do rookies destroying veterans

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  • Number Rivarly? ex: 22 Defense makes 22 Offense fumble, 29 Offense makes 29 Defense look silly.

    adopted686adopted6867 days ago
  • congrats on 1 mil

    Playing games and morePlaying games and more7 days ago

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    • He got one million and left us😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • 2:42

    Gldn1017Gldn10178 days ago
  • Hey man, was wandering if i could use your song for your intro in mine as well, it won’t be the same exact thing just want the sound and asked the goat for it

    xd Ravenxd Raven8 days ago
  • Dude where you been

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  • When are you up loading again I’ve been waiting for some AWESOME videos

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  • WhAt HaPpEnNeD Ding

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  • 7:21 Drew Brees: Captain Munerlyn sack me too hard!!!! Rest of the league/Vikings fans: Remember 2009.

    Eloy AnzualdaEloy Anzualda9 days ago
  • Could you do a video with text book form tackles?

    Michael MorganMichael Morgan9 days ago
  • 1:33 what a hit

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  • Suggestion NFL "Thats Gotta Hurt" Moments. Heartbreak, missed field goals last second tds from losing team and incomplete endzone passes

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  • 6:05 I like how in the oldest looking video when the commentator calls it a beautiful tackle, haha, different times.

    Brandon RiceBrandon Rice10 days ago
  • My boy Danny Amendola got slammed 3 times on 3 different teams

    Awesome Fire Newt GladiatorAwesome Fire Newt Gladiator10 days ago