Mar 25, 2021
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Official music video for “STORY” by NF.
New project CLOUDS (THE MIXTAPE) out now.
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Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill
Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein

  • Anyone else feel like they're having a panic attack while watching this?!? Cause I am

    Moonrise OversunsetMoonrise Oversunset7 minutes ago
  • I would like to appreciate how well the acting is.

    Sony SajuSony Saju29 minutes ago
  • So good... I feel the emotion in the rap... The video goes well with it too

    Sony SajuSony Saju35 minutes ago
  • Bro how does he give such a vivid and clear description of what’s going on it’s so crazy

    Aubrey MarieAubrey Marie39 minutes ago
  • I got an ad!!!

    VoidSaberVoidSaber43 minutes ago
  • wtf i was watching it on fullscreen and i thought it was like 10-15 minutes but its only 5 well done man

    HappyHappy47 minutes ago
  • It’s way cooler then “False Alarm”, this story is a god damn novel 😍

    Walther HaskiLLWalther HaskiLLHour ago
  • Damn, that’s deep as as far as I want to go. WOW..I wouldn’t expect anything less from my NF. Always dropping what’s real and speaking truths that need to be heard! thanks Nate 🙏🏻 🌊

    Amy KelleyAmy KelleyHour ago
  • One doesn't need to cuss to tell and show a dark story.

    Dekay NihilusDekay Nihilus2 hours ago
  • Think about what would happen if the cashier didn’t have a gun of his own. Yet people are trying to say he shouldn’t. Choose your leaders wisely people

    BlackoutStudiosBlackoutStudios2 hours ago
  • I wanna animate this soooo bad

    EnderCakeEnderCake2 hours ago
  • I’m not sure what I was expecting from an NF video but this sure wasn’t it... Well done NF, this is a work of art

    Bryce WolfBryce Wolf3 hours ago
  • I want to sleep but I can't, I'm addicted with his music

    SamSam3 hours ago
  • Nf one of the best of the best

    Natasha GustafsonNatasha Gustafson3 hours ago
  • This man is on another level of lyrical skill

    MoJoMoJo3 hours ago
  • The music video made me cry a little ngl but the song is hype I actually cried towards the end of the video sheesh

    Jesus EscamillaJesus Escamilla3 hours ago
  • King von if he was white

    Joshua CaspilloJoshua Caspillo3 hours ago
  • Holy shit I watched this high and what a fucking trip.

    II Ninja oG II GamingII Ninja oG II Gaming4 hours ago
  • Shit man this is good didnt expect this from a insta add

    naada3naada34 hours ago
  • amazing camera work, vocals, and performers! very confused what to think of this though; like this isn't really a song, but it's music with vocals describing an event envoking a emotion. definition of a song

    bob bobbob bob4 hours ago
  • Felt like this a movie

    kobe waxmankobe waxman4 hours ago
  • My favorite thing in music is when it tells a story, so this is a very awesome listening experience.

    Fanaticgiant547Fanaticgiant5474 hours ago
  • fuck me it was her housemates boyfriend. (not the girl, but the guy asleep on the couch on the 0:36)

    TheJumpingJakeTheJumpingJake5 hours ago
  • First time hearing omfg this dude if fire like holy shit I feel like I was in the damn video I dead ass finna put my boys on to this shit

    gordo20325gordo203255 hours ago
  • So who all asked themselves... Wish i had a gun versus who said if guns weren't legal

    Glen AndersonGlen Anderson5 hours ago
  • Ayyyy from gold age :) ❤🙂

    NqrwNqrw6 hours ago
  • I tought this song was like 2 minutes, I usually listen on spotify so I never noticed the duration

    WaveWave6 hours ago
  • Why didn't the cashier just shoot the guy?

    IkeaIkea6 hours ago
  • Maaaannnnnnnn i love you!!!!!!!

    Angel jAngel j6 hours ago
  • Eaton Triplets The feeling when you realize you’ve just experienced something completely new in the world. Wrapping over a gas station robbery scene?! This was awesome. Can’t wait for more.

    Eaton TripletsEaton Triplets7 hours ago
  • How can someone be this gooooddddd!!!!😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Chocolena MusicChocolena Music7 hours ago
  • Wow, ain't music a beautiful thing. Not sure if the storyline of the song is fictional or not but it was very captivating and raw. Well done Nathan.

    Teoro SearanckeTeoro Searancke7 hours ago
  • This song was so good I didn't notice that it was 5 minutes long 😁

    NOOB MasterNOOB Master7 hours ago
  • i hope some people listening to NF are from the continent of africa😁 🇧🇼🇿🇦

    Ocean WaveOcean Wave7 hours ago
    • im here🇧🇼😁

      Fire LightFire Light7 hours ago
  • Wooow🔥🔥

    alireza alireza Zalireza alireza Z7 hours ago
  • I think NF was the robber

    TherealMJTherealMJ8 hours ago
  • Anyway the song is dope.

    kevine eduardkevine eduard8 hours ago
  • I'm serious here guys.

    kevine eduardkevine eduard8 hours ago

  • I don’t think they have enough grammy’s for this man to receive cause just... wow like you either you love and listen to this man or you don’t know anything about him and shouldn’t be allowed too because you wouldn’t understand this part of his music until you’ve listened to all of his music

    JustyourLocal_CrAcKhEaDJustyourLocal_CrAcKhEaD8 hours ago
  • its a whole damn movie i swear

    Dahlia M.Dahlia M.8 hours ago
  • Dear NF, I would like to sincerely apologize. I realized after about 10,000 views on all your music throughout the years, I wasn't subscribed. Im so sorry, I made it right. Forgive me.

    its NAP time420its NAP time4208 hours ago
  • One of my best experience in music

    Iman RakhaIman Rakha8 hours ago
  • Dude created his own style!

    Chris C.Chris C.8 hours ago
  • This. Was. Amazing.

    Sandra ScottSandra Scott9 hours ago
  • Yoo this is epic

    Larry KaruruLarry Karuru9 hours ago
  • do you souport lgbtq+

    Puppet UwUPuppet UwU9 hours ago
  • This Ad was brought to you by TRUTH: QUIT SMOKING

    4LG_TRoN4LG_TRoN9 hours ago
  • Man, the way this song and video builds... Insane! NF is so freaking dope!

    gary45251gary452519 hours ago
  • Lol it’s a girl but the robber says sorry Aron🤔

    Jon IotteJon Iotte9 hours ago
    • Erin*

      julisajulisa9 hours ago
  • NF is Extremely Talented 😮😲

    Joshua HughesJoshua Hughes9 hours ago
  • This is my 5th time watching this video,and it still feels like I just finished watching a movie 🔥🌚

    Abayomi AbubakarAbayomi Abubakar10 hours ago
  • I think the song portrays itself better without the video. Hes a lyrical mastermind.

    TheOreoSlayerTheOreoSlayer10 hours ago
  • Eminem and NF best rapper

    ange sasange sas10 hours ago
  • What movie is this from? I’m gonna get the soundtrack for sure!

    Eric SmithEric Smith10 hours ago
  • It's crazy how NF and his team can create absolutely amazing clips based on his text. I dont have anymore words for it.

    Just do itJust do it10 hours ago
  • What’s cool is that he can rap a story!!!

    Josiah BlankenshipJosiah Blankenship11 hours ago
  • scares me enough to think your own roommates boyfriend (basically a friend) would want to shoot you

    CollinProYTCollinProYT11 hours ago
  • Is he still a truly Christian ?

    Tino KesslerTino Kessler11 hours ago
  • I.... didn’t blink once watching this. So captivating.

    Imisi ObafisoyeImisi Obafisoye11 hours ago
  • Imagine if nf and Eminem do a song together😮

    Katie_cat JoyKatie_cat Joy11 hours ago
  • this song legit gives me chills

    Liam CarlsonLiam Carlson12 hours ago
  • I can relate to 90% of this Story.

    John EkowJohn Ekow12 hours ago
  • That. Was. Crazy

    Ryan RafterRyan Rafter12 hours ago
  • I never liked this kind of music, NF changed that

    Importante ImportanteImportante Importante12 hours ago
  • his wordplay and storytelling is crazy

    Yannik VoelzkeYannik Voelzke12 hours ago
  • I want to see a whole movie like this style

    Cinematic SummerCinematic Summer12 hours ago
  • Watched a reaction to this and had to come here. New fan just like that

    karolina285karolina28512 hours ago
  • bruder was hast du angestellt

    JakobMagkuchenJakobMagkuchen12 hours ago
  • Was washing my car the first time I listened to this song. I froze when I heard "open up the drawer" and slowly sat down on the ground imagining every line after. Never been in the middle of a robbery and never known anyone who has, but holy hell did I feel like I had. The amount of empathy NF produced in me is absolutely insane. That's art at it's finest.

    EmEm13 hours ago
  • Thanks Nate. I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t deal with some of the stuff u talk about. But you speak to a different part of me, the part I don’t show. THANKS!

    Matteo MorelliMatteo Morelli13 hours ago
  • Love you Nate

    Davit GyulamiryanDavit Gyulamiryan13 hours ago
  • That's something new!!

    Shubham SinghShubham Singh13 hours ago
  • When he yells "Who's this on the floor? Who's this on the floor?!" I get chills every single time like damn

    hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa13 hours ago
  • Damn that was so fucking tense

    Darya TaghaviDarya Taghavi13 hours ago
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Sangeet PradhanSangeet Pradhan13 hours ago
  • We need a Story 2!! lol

    Ski11etFr3akSki11etFr3ak13 hours ago
  • Wow thats mind-blowing

    aditya putra familyaditya putra family14 hours ago
    • Tempted to map this song for beat saber ;)

      hoiy vinosahoiy vinosa13 hours ago
  • 3:25 plot twist

    Don’t worry it’s mudDon’t worry it’s mud14 hours ago
  • Goddam that was powerful.

    Berrian PalebloodBerrian Paleblood14 hours ago
  • 7 millions views is not enough. This is a masterpiece

    Hunter DiMaioHunter DiMaio14 hours ago
  • Is it just me or is the first robber nf?

    Nade NinjaNade Ninja14 hours ago
    • NF Stan, Thus NF alright 👏

      Niven KasaleNiven Kasale13 hours ago
  • Dat shit was raw

    Shay NiahShay Niah14 hours ago
  • holy shit

    LuggeLugge14 hours ago
  • I used to be a fan now I'm a full on air conditioner

    Heather WhitleyHeather Whitley14 hours ago
  • Eminem used to make music like this...

    Luuna moonLuuna moon15 hours ago
  • Wow what a story. And what a twist. His music videos are like mini movies

    Keen LawhornKeen Lawhorn15 hours ago
  • i cried omg 😭😭

    Sarah RankinSarah Rankin15 hours ago
  • I am it's biggest fan I litterly listen to him every day

    french fry kingfrench fry king15 hours ago
  • This song gets me hipe up and give me chills shit 🔥

    LSCLSC15 hours ago
  • Anyone else feel traumatized after watching this 😲😬

    Isabel thomsonIsabel thomson15 hours ago
  • Tempted to map this song for beat saber ;)

    Duddzy VRDuddzy VR15 hours ago
  • Girl in the floor, and the robber asks, he call the police.

    Barnabás SzélBarnabás Szél16 hours ago
  • Elite story telling at its best

    JojiSpoonJojiSpoon16 hours ago
  • Yo this is fire!!!!!

    Lonely BØYLonely BØY17 hours ago
  • This music video is a pure journey into a story that leaves me with massive goose bumps.

    FoxtimeFoxtime17 hours ago
  • That was so intense, but I was so into it! I was on the edge of my seat! So this is what it's like to be in Nate's's his cinema.😂😂😂😁😁😁

    Justin CarterJustin Carter17 hours ago
  • Waching it the third time now😂do another

    john wainainajohn wainaina17 hours ago
  • Teach us ur ways master😢❤

    john wainainajohn wainaina17 hours ago
  • 👌🔥

    Tarien ErasmusTarien Erasmus17 hours ago