New Tesla Model 2 = Game OVER for Gas

Feb 18, 2021
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The new $25,000 Tesla "Model 2" compact hatchback could be even more affordable when it hits the US.
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In Elon Musk’s master plan for Tesla it includes a list of the company’s main goals, which in part one was to create a low volume, expensive car, then use that money to create a medium volume car at a lower price, then use that money to create a more affordable, high volume car. He then went on to say their goal has always been to make a truly affordable electric vehicle and said they could probably make a fully autonomous $25,000 Tesla about 3 years from now which at the time would be referring to September 2023. This was confirmed just last month when there was an official government report from the Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory that showed Tesla is indeed planning to add a new cheaper model that will be designed and produced at the Shanghai facility as soon as 2022. Jumping into the potential timeline of the new Tesla Model 2, last week Tesla China’s president, Tom Zhu, confirmed in an interview with a Chinese media outlet that the upcoming $25,000 Tesla car will be designed with China in mind but sold globally. Obviously there is no confirmed timeline, but based on what we’ve heard from the official Tesla China division we do know they are for sure developing a new compact hatchback model that will cost around $25,000 US and will most likely be slightly smaller than the Model 3. If and when the new Tesla Model does make it to the US it can possibly have an even cheaper price tag of around $19,000 for some customers if the new EV tax credit bill gets passed. If we assume some year over year growth on Tesla’s US sales let’s be conservative and guesstimate that if the Green Act does get approved then Tesla may very well have the $7,000 tax credit for an entire calendar year to cover 400,000 vehicles sold in the US. Here’s where our optimistic hat comes into play: If the bill does get passed later this year and if the Tesla Model 2 timeline somehow matches the rumor and is ahead of schedule, then it could be possible to buy the upcoming $25,000 Tesla Model 2 in the US and get a $7,000 tax credit to bring the cost down to $19,200 after factoring in Tesla’s required documentation and delivery fee which is currently $1200. If it does happen that means you could get a new Tesla for under $20,000 and it would be a huge success and giant smack down to gasoline vehicles, especially when it’s competing with other similar compact hatchbacks like the Toyota Corolla hatchback which are around that same price range. Even if the $7,000 tax credit doesn’t get passed or it’s gone but the time the Model 2 comes to the US, the Model 2 will still fill a big gap in the compact hatchback market where the Toyota Yaris and Honda Fit have been discontinued. You’ll of course need to pay more for the extras like full self driving or another paint color, but at the end of the day the base Model 2 is still a Tesla at its core and will still have the unmatched drive train, battery efficiency, and the high safety standards that Tesla prioritizes in all their vehicles.
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    Andy SlyeAndy Slye7 days ago
    • You do realise that E-up exist right??

      NumenVonKryt!!XDNumenVonKryt!!XD2 days ago
    • @Aiden Snew 2/23/21, 1) What do you do when battery decays, replace bat or the whole car? 2) Those elements still have 2/b mined. 3) Where do you get your pwr anyhow? 4) Batteries' efficiency vary w/clime. 5) Unless you have a driveway as I do, local chargers could be *out of svc* -- good luck making it to the next 1. 6) This is highly impractical; they capture ~1% of all vehicle markets. 7) What about heat/AC, don't they consume lots of power (no radiator)? EVs are a DUD! >>>Don't move to TX

      Preston Weiters Jr.Preston Weiters Jr.3 days ago
    • Game over for gas.... Untill you relies you'll be on a even longer wait lost then the model 3 that most TO THIS DAY years later are still waiting for it... And the people that do have a model S, 3, X, and Y also usually still have a gas car in the driveway for when the Tesla inevitably breaks down for something else again... Yeah hunny untill their reliably score can at least beat Fiat/Chrysler, they will only ever be expensive toys instead of reliable primary transportation. Evey tesla fanboy gushes over all this and ignores the fact if i go on car gurus theres litterally hundreds of low mileage second hand model 3's flooding the used market in the DMV area because their all lemons people ditched once they realized the car spent more time with Tesla for service then in the owners possession. My model 3 was a absolute nightmare, and even if electric is the futuer id sooner buy a elecric car from GM, Hyundai, or wait for the full Ev's mazda and toyota are making together to release before i even buy another Tesla product. Amazing tech, hindered by some of the most inexperienced manufacturing in the industry.

      Aiden SnewAiden Snew5 days ago
    • I think the $25k car will be in the US in late 2023 and I hope here in AU by Q1/2-2025 -- we will buy many to rent them out!

      Tesla-Taxi-Millin QLD-HQ-Brisbane-BearTesla-Taxi-Millin QLD-HQ-Brisbane-Bear5 days ago
    • @Andrew Doolittle wut?

      Adam J. WilburAdam J. Wilbur6 days ago
  • I need an EV that can provide a 400 Mile Range even in the winter.

    KaneowaikikiKaneowaikiki7 minutes ago
  • Is it a live transformer?. If not im not interested.

    G OG O10 minutes ago
  • There is no way Tesla can make this car at that price and make money. It would be really bad for their stock.

    xX_CHARTRAW_XxxX_CHARTRAW_Xx44 minutes ago
  • Ireland will promote switching to electric cars by selling this $19 k Tesla for the bargin price of €50 k which is about $75 k.

    Superchunk100 MacmufieSuperchunk100 Macmufie57 minutes ago
  • A want our co2 levels down

    ryan sweeneyryan sweeney59 minutes ago
  • Tesla build these in the UK please come to the UK and bring these with you

    ryan sweeneyryan sweeney59 minutes ago
  • Hatchbacks are so ugly. 😭😭

    AlexAlexHour ago
  • Good Job, Andy

    wade cooperwade cooperHour ago
  • i live in a country that don't have charger at all...i rather buy an over priced ae86 than the new petrol cars

    Butcher KenButcher Ken2 hours ago
  • Tesla’s ‘’mission’’? What’s Procter & Gamble’s mission ? Walmart’s?

    Y DY D2 hours ago
  • Nobody: Texas: looking at this like like fuck that we just went a week without no power lol imagine having to go out for emergency lol

    Martin LopezMartin Lopez2 hours ago
  • When the battery tech is such that: A. One can recharge the battery within 20 min or via solar panels, kinetic energy from braking, etc; or B. you pull into a charging station, drive over a well, pay your money for a new, fully charged battery and drive out with that new battery installed... Then, I will buy an EC. Or, maybe C. When hydrogen is used for fuel cells and the stations are plentiful.

    ndg49ndg492 hours ago
  • Hell YES ! ! ! ! ! I WILL BUY ONE NOW ! ! ! ! !

    Subaru STiSubaru STi2 hours ago
  • Won't look like that because 3 door cars are out. If the model 3 already looks small this one will look probably a bit ridiculous and still expensive in europe.

    LavalambtronLavalambtron2 hours ago
  • They need to work on the electrical grids first before they pump out so many electric cars. Energy companies can hardly handle the load they have now. Just imagine being stuck somewhere because there no power to plug your little car into.

    C DagcoteC Dagcote2 hours ago
  • mmm no - so how many miles will I get out of an electric hungry freezer van? And er- how long does it take to recharge?

    Alan BarlowAlan Barlow3 hours ago
  • Totally possible!!! I’m waiting for it!

    Sandy TranSandy Tran3 hours ago
  • It’s not going to do well here. We Americans love our big cars, trucks and suvs.

    M EM E3 hours ago
  • You forgot a few ifs if we can forget or ignore the fact that the CCP either purposely or accidentally spread SARS 2 and failed to tell anyone until it was too late. With two million deaths I am not buying anything knowingly which will profit the CCP.

    Billy BradleyBilly Bradley3 hours ago
  • 5 years ago Tesla was going to make a 30000$ model 3 too. I think it costs about 60000$ here in Europe. 19000$ is about 17000€. Why would anyone believe anything like this? Oops, even during the video the price rises to 25000$ ...

    Ketkroket DumontKetkroket Dumont4 hours ago
  • Cant wait for million's of these to be on the road, with only your wind and solar " without carbon " to charge them up LOL, can you say black outs. Nothing like helping China take over the world, but not to worry with Beijing Joe in charge to save the day ..... Good Luck !

    Dale WalkerDale Walker4 hours ago
  • Made in AMERICA if the manufacturers would lower profit margins and sell larger volumes their wouldn't be a place for import goods.

    Howard SwingHoward Swing4 hours ago
  • I love how people say they would buy ome but cant because of money. 😂😂😂😂 people that dont have money shouldnt buy a tesla. They will regret it for sure. Plus. Your phone is a privacy issue. Now people want that in a car. What a joke

    Comment ExpertComment Expert4 hours ago
  • You must be smoking crack dude. No one in texas is driving a Tesla 😂😂😂boom. Hole popped in the all electric. Gas is not going anywhere. Pressurized hydrogen and or solid state is the future. Plus. Off road tesla. 😂😂😂😂 said no one ever 😂😂😂😂

    Comment ExpertComment Expert4 hours ago
  • You must be smoking crack dude. No one in texas is driving a Tesla 😂😂😂boom. Hole popped in the all electric. Gas is not going anywhere. Pressurized hydrogen and or solid state is the future. Plus. Off road tesla. 😂😂😂😂 said no one ever 😂😂😂😂

    Comment ExpertComment Expert4 hours ago
  • Too bad its made in china

    PJPJ4 hours ago
  • Tesla just announced model 3 would cost 25k and now this??? Wow

    HerberthishfulHerberthishful5 hours ago
  • Nobody wants this turd

  • ROFLMAO, our grid can't even handle what it was designed for now and you think you are going to dump tens of millions of EV on to a grid that doesn't have the infrastructure or capacity to handle it because they keep forcing more and more green garbage "solutions" that can't keep up or goes down I'm bad weather?!?! Smoke more crack....

    ALJ StudiosALJ Studios5 hours ago
  • MADE IN CHINA?????

    GRV SGRV S6 hours ago
  • If it is indeed a 2 door like the thumb indicates, then I will get it as soon as available. All the other artist renditions show a 4 door. Sorry but that's a deal breaker. I'll keep my gas guzzling pickup. The only reason I got a pickup truck was because the year I purchased it nobody manufactured a 2 door coupe. I originally was saving for the VW Golf 2 door but that was discontinued in US. Everything is trending to 4 door including trucks.

    James RevellJames Revell6 hours ago
  • I will buy it in my dreams

    Kijana HodariKijana Hodari6 hours ago
  • good job -- great info.

    Dan RibarDan Ribar6 hours ago
  • It's EASY to achieve this pricetag. Remove all autonomoss sensors and drive assistance (leave only front and rear obstacle alarm/adaptative speed and rear camera), remove assistance/confort motors that open doors/adjust seat, etc, and some louxury itens. A small command central. Put single smaller main motor focused on eficiency more than acceleration/final speed or a double motor, even smaller, if more eficient than one. Load it with a 250 mile pack and it's done (160 at last).

    Roberto Miguel de MeloRoberto Miguel de Melo6 hours ago
  • its all good, that is, until you need to take a corona test and vaccine before your tesla will turn on and drive for the day. you heard it here first.

    Nude GuruNude Guru7 hours ago
  • That will be $40000 for Australia

    Timothy RinaldiTimothy Rinaldi7 hours ago
  • One big issue with Tesla's MSRP prices is that they always talk about "STARTS at...." They have yet to actually build and sell any of their vehicles at the "Starts at" price. So, that $25k version may never show up in someone's driveway. It's highly likely that you won't see a Model 2 get sold for less than $35k for many, many years.

    Craig PhillipsCraig Phillips7 hours ago
  • They lied about the $35,000 Tesla it ended up costing 40,000. They will never make a cheap tesla

    Thomas HofstetterThomas Hofstetter8 hours ago
  • Why does it seem like everything to do with tesla its always latter on or in future. I heard about the tesla truck and still havnt seen nothing now I hear about this and God knows when we will see it and then starlink internet is suppose to come out but it only seems like ppl that have youtube channels and can do unboxing gets in the beta. Seems the same for there cars in my opinion. You can put a deposit on a car and take 3 years to get it lol..

    Chase BrownChase Brown8 hours ago
  • On top of the tax credit, they will add Tax per mile, in order to feed the government beast. The best thing that could happen is to get government back to protecting our constitution and away from our pocket book.

    Dennis FloydDennis Floyd9 hours ago
  • Looks nice however mileage is no good so I will stick to my Ford Kuga ST-lineX 2ltr TDCI powershift diesel 4x4 with a range of 680 miles motorway and 480 urban from 1 tank costing £65 quid and 5 minutes to refill perfect 👌 for me to be interested in any new electric car it must be capable of the same mileage and recharge time or I will wait until hydrogen fuel cell technology is available in SUV’s !!!

    tech droidtech droid9 hours ago
  • Thanks andy for making such great video on your channel. God bless you !

    roshan battiroshan batti9 hours ago
  • Costs less than combustion engines Me: Chuckles .. . danger !!!

    F ADF AD10 hours ago
  • Me: $25k maybe i can afford, lets convert to my currency 5.5x25.000= R$137.500, maybe in another life

    ANDRIV3RANDRIV3R10 hours ago
  • He really needs to talk to some guys who use trucks for work and design a real truck that is practical...

    Eric CodyEric Cody10 hours ago
  • Tesla has serious competition now that major car makers are making ev's . Tesla produce poor finishes and terrible after sales support. Tesla is on the rocks and doesn't look good.

    Bob BrownBob Brown10 hours ago
    • But they run forever with zero trouble, and don't have water pump or timing chain problems Bob .... LOL

      Dale WalkerDale Walker3 hours ago
  • Oil is needed to produce the plastics and tires and everything else . Lithium is mined for the batteries . Everything is mined . Everything comes from the ground. Time for you climate nutters to do your homework

    Bob BrownBob Brown10 hours ago
  • How about making spear parts to the cars????

    Ola JoneidOla Joneid10 hours ago
  • So China will now be coping it they do

    Nola0187 HNola0187 H10 hours ago

    JosephJoseph11 hours ago
  • To little. To late. The worlds car makers have now surpassed this technology.

    J MJ M11 hours ago
  • Even with Tax credits it wont be much cheaper in the US. The shipping costs....

    dot comdot com11 hours ago
  • Lol. It’s a sad time for anyone who enjoys cars.

    Matthew HarrisMatthew Harris11 hours ago
  • Currently, if half of all drivers bought electric cars...the electrical grid couldn't handle nightly recharging. It would CRASH, nightly.

    bob robertsbob roberts13 hours ago
  • "Made in China" just ruined the whole deal!

    Grunt Sound Off !Grunt Sound Off !13 hours ago
  • I think that for smaller cars we have to wait another huge step in battery energy density...

    Mario MonfrecolaMario Monfrecola13 hours ago
  • $19k is still a million aus? (Sarcasm).

    Owen BatchelorOwen Batchelor13 hours ago
  • I can Gas up and go immediately, I run out or get low I can fill up immediately................ not so with Electricty .................. false economy.......... plus the source of power for electricity pollutes just as bad. Nah

    UK Night Hunting VisionUK Night Hunting Vision13 hours ago
  • Id still rather have a gas car. 200 something miles is not enough for longer round trips and the ACTUAL real world range would probably be more like 150 miles. Lower in the colder months here in new england with an eectric heater blasting the whole time. Battery life just isnt there yet. The real economical small gas cars can actually be cheaper to run than electrics.

    ThedeaconoftradeThedeaconoftrade13 hours ago
  • It is really funny that people go for this kind of hype about electric cars killing gas powered cars anytime soon. Think about it for a second please, A gas powered car can go up to 650 miles without refiling and it takes an average of about 5 minutes to refill. While electric cars have at best half that range and take 10 to 20 times more time to recharge. And what most people do not realize is that to recharge an electric car we use electricity and that comes from power companies that actually use coal or fossil fuel to produce, so in reality people who use electric cars are not using using any less fossil fuel than the average gas powered car user. In fact a gas car produces less carbon than a power plant that uses coal. So it can be argued that a gas powered car is actually more environmentally friendly than an electric car. When the source of power used to charge electric cars is clean that is when we can start calling electric cars clean and environmentally friendly, before that happens all of this is just hypocritical nonsense.

    John SmithJohn Smith14 hours ago
  • Range >600 miles?

    Eric KunkelEric Kunkel14 hours ago
  • Nobody would buy a car made in cHynah , and cHynah burns coal to generate electricity . Otherwise looks nice .

    BdogBdog14 hours ago
  • Bad technology ,bad battery

    Mik PMik P14 hours ago
  • Some haters gonna hate the length of the vpn ad. Like me

    castellocastello15 hours ago
  • Nice looking car.

    Dollar GuyDollar Guy15 hours ago
  • Stuff that call me old fashioned but ll stick to petroleum cars

    Billy StergiopoulosBilly Stergiopoulos15 hours ago
  • I have been saying for decades that to get people to buy in to rechargable cars, you have to make it cheaper than a gasoline powered vehicle. When Ford introduced the Model T, a full tank of gas had a longer range than all the paved roads in the US combined. The demand for infrastructure created the infrastructure we have today. At its peak of popularity, Ford sold the Model T at the equivalent of less than $10,000.00 in today's money. They payoff for the electric car industry would be the infrastructure to support the cars will attract a lot of interest. It will make selling the higher end cars much easier because people will have already made the transition to all electric and they won't have to be sold on the bennifits to get them into a higher end vehicle. Phase 2 would be work vehicles farms, contractors and delivery. Making an entry level fleet vehicle that is less cost than a bass vehicle would sell extremely well.

    IHC TerraIHC Terra15 hours ago
  • 19k Tesla won't look like the thumbnail, No 1 it's so ugly, No 2 where do you think the 20k price tag comes from? They don't have a money tree farm so they can just give them away. Tesla is already losing money.

    AlexAlex15 hours ago
  • Ya at 19K they could not build them fast enough

    mark hallmark hall16 hours ago
  • not until you can charge it in the same amout of time it takes to fill your tank with gas

    Jonathan FirestoneJonathan Firestone17 hours ago
  • Unmatched drivetrain? You people are hilarious. Porche already made a better one.

    JohnJohn17 hours ago
  • My only concern is this: will it still be a luxury car?

    Rodney MilnerRodney Milner17 hours ago
  • When they come out with one with a 500+ mile range, 300 - 500k mile warranty battery life, no self driving "features", no internet connectivity, no touchscreen display, analog gauges, and an empty standard DIN so I can add whatever aftermarket car stereo I want... then i would start considering ever owning a Tesla.

    CatastrophicNewEnglandCatastrophicNewEngland17 hours ago
  • Tesla will reduce man’s carbon footprint algorithmically!

    Christopher CarlstroemChristopher Carlstroem17 hours ago
  • tesla model A

    Edouard RobitailleEdouard Robitaille18 hours ago
  • To much goverment interest is going to be a lot of tramps in the road specially for oilers lovers bushessss

    jesus martinezjesus martinez18 hours ago
  • It needs to 2 step to the brash tone of a 4.2 litre v8. Tell me when it does this. And no the battery catching fire doesn’t count as 2 stepping.

    TaankzTaankz18 hours ago
  • So the whole covid was just a cover up propaganda for yet another china making a shit load of money on new tesla model

    Alain DubucAlain Dubuc18 hours ago
  • pure nonsense nothing is more reliable then the INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE and that's a fact, 'game over for gas' LMAO and when are there ever going to be 'electric planes' the FULL SIZED KIND That take 300plus passengers? the answer is NEVER, same goes for TRAINS, the electric cars are NOT selling as the lame-stream media will have you believe, the tesla looks plasticy and the quality leaves tons to be desired, not to mention ugly as fck --- and funny how nobody can explain how a company that never turns a profit is still around LOL gas engines will never 'go away' and don't suffer the usual electric car Achilles heel which is extreme cold and heat, either the charge won't be as long or the cars catch fire....won't be trading in my SRT8 Jeep anytime soon

    SRT8DriverSRT8Driver18 hours ago
  • Game over for gas 🤣🤣🤣🤣. I'll keep my Abarth, Guilia Quad, and my 812 SF thank you very much for playing though

    Panache AutomotivePanache Automotive18 hours ago
  • Then say goodbye to this economy

    Freedom MachineFreedom Machine18 hours ago
  • Great now my car can be a wall hugger just like my phone.

    Z MZ M19 hours ago
  • glorified golf cart.

    Z MZ M19 hours ago
  • Sorry but I will not buy any car made in China. Don't care how cheap, more wealth going to the Chinese is not a good idea.

    Paul RosePaul Rose19 hours ago
  • Disgusting! Taxpayers paying for other people’s lifestyle choice. #Marxistscum #Socialism #climatechangehoax all those Cars in China are solar powered by COAL

    field northfield north19 hours ago
  • If this is true. It would be hard for me to pick between mini copper and this one. 🤔

    Karen ZKaren Z19 hours ago
  • I think it is a great idea. Also build in the US & EU. I'm not sure US buyers will want a car built in China. It's inevitable, though.

    David GDavid G19 hours ago
  • How fast can they pump these out?

    Terry BoragardTerry Boragard19 hours ago
  • For $25k, I’ll trade my Kia Soul. Just bought the hubs a Mustang Mach E. I like a smaller car, so this is possible.

    Lori AllenLori Allen19 hours ago
  • sounds awesome but whats the cost to repair?

    Henry FungHenry Fung19 hours ago
  • wtf are u talking about electricity needs to be generated, electicity to make batteries, again lots of coal plants very dirty, gas is king.

    D 12D 1219 hours ago
  • Even if a Tesla cost $5,000 I still wouldn't buy these. Driving electrics is like driving overgrown Radio Controlled Tamiyas & Kyoshos.

    Джеремі СалазарДжеремі Салазар20 hours ago
  • I live in a large city. I am an ideal candidate for an EV. Along with several million other people just in my city alone. HOWEVER. I live an an apartment and rely on street parking. There is no grid/infrastructure for the very large perfect EV demographic to charge the vehicle.

    Justin HagmanJustin Hagman20 hours ago
  • Tesla usualy brags about their upcoming vehicules years in advance, so I have serious doubts this model 2 is comming soon, looks to be a tactic to boost share price. I hope this car is real and it would be nice, but keep rinding your unicorns 😝

    S MaltaisS Maltais20 hours ago
  • Love people that don't care about the destruction of the US manufacture base. This is going to be built by slave labor in China. And you guys are excited by it. Sick.

    David B rDavid B r20 hours ago
  • Id never buy a car made in china, and tesla has had reliably problems in the past

    scott wintonscott winton20 hours ago
  • I thought this vid was about the model 2....?

    Beach ComberBeach Comber20 hours ago
  • 19k Elon is the best hoping he not workin with the eltie or ill be disappointed we have enough greedy bastards as is

    Johnathan PaigeJohnathan Paige21 hour ago
  • I love hatchback

    Lyn CharlesLyn Charles21 hour ago