New House Together?!

Feb 28, 2021
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  • Ddg gone whoop yo ass bra...

    Eric GonzalezEric Gonzalez13 hours ago
  • Why would you throw something at her like that? I mean your a man so that looks bad as it looks. Be a gentleman n stop rough housing ladies..

    Christeena WhiteChristeena WhiteDay ago
  • "You're gonna be cheating on me with that mf pool"

    Rose willamsRose willams5 days ago

    ur mumma122ur mumma1226 days ago
  • When is he going to ask aisha out

    Tiffany CupcakeTiffany Cupcake6 days ago
  • About USS

    Hanin ShoujaaHanin Shoujaa12 days ago
  • Lol the first world problems. I cannot. "Yall dont know how it feels to move from a house with a pool to a house with no pool... I mean we had a BOWLING ALLEY BUT..." Like WTFFF. Miss me

    Stephanie CarringtonStephanie Carrington20 days ago
  • Why did the house lowkey look like jake paula old house

    Lul CubaLul Cuba24 days ago
  • Hi

    Reem AbdullaReem Abdulla24 days ago
  • ddg gon sleep dis nigga fr

    HMHM26 days ago
  • Dam she thicc

    JvckliveJvcklive26 days ago
  • I meannnn Markell 🤤😜

    DamianknighttDamianknightt26 days ago
  • chase said don't mess with the trio ( azra, aisha, and chase)

    Yani ThomasYani Thomas27 days ago
  • I think we all peeped the big cameras and Aisha was mic’ed up at one point

    Sarah LoveSarah Love29 days ago
  • WeRe JuSt fRiEnDs hehe

    Galilea CastellanosGalilea Castellanos29 days ago
  • Naaaaaiiisssshhhhaaaa!!!!!

    Rashamira GiftRashamira GiftMonth ago
  • Good luck

    Kamala NenavathKamala NenavathMonth ago
  • Where's Taylor

    Nicky MonicaNicky MonicaMonth ago
  • very nice

    addali medaddali medMonth ago
  • i ship.... period

    Rohan DaryananiRohan DaryananiMonth ago
  • How big is the pool omg

    Jassis LifeJassis LifeMonth ago
  • Can we talk about the fact that chase was so kind and helped Aisha get up🤧🥺🦋

    seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMonth ago
  • Nate and Aisha proving points to eachother😭😂

    Rutva ARERutva AREMonth ago
  • Wth

    Nhi (Birkin) LeNhi (Birkin) LeMonth ago
  • Definitely not just friends

    Chloe ReevesChloe ReevesMonth ago
  • Lmao I just spit all my soda out when Nate screamed

    Reyna leoReyna leoMonth ago
    • Reality show for the house or for TINDERRRRRR

      seiom jvonyseiom jvonyMonth ago

    Sofia MehmoodSofia MehmoodMonth ago
  • its amazing how he told Aisha it was about us #NAISHA

    daisy mutaledaisy mutaleMonth ago
  • If only they were actually together!!😂😂

    miko foinmiko foinMonth ago
  • Nice

    sajid bashirsajid bashirMonth ago
  • If he's buying a house with aisha what about twin my heart

    Chris BenavidezChris BenavidezMonth ago
  • When will they date already lol

    Girl peaceGirl peaceMonth ago
  • Hay

    Nhạc số organNhạc số organMonth ago
    • Bien

      miko foinmiko foinMonth ago
  • Markell is so good

    peachy Girlpeachy GirlMonth ago
  • Why was Nate just staring at Markell when he was playing with Aisha

    Belindathe pranksterBelindathe pranksterMonth ago
  • I smell a reality TV show coming

    veyah Whiteveyah WhiteMonth ago
  • The fact that he always say next week and he post like literally another month...

    Darshini RamlallDarshini RamlallMonth ago
  • Why us aisha on the thumbnail 😿💫✨🥰

    McKenzie Push bellMcKenzie Push bellMonth ago
  • White always looks good on Nate n by the way he's soo cute 😍😍.i noticed😂

    Myllz baddMyllz baddMonth ago
  • Reality show for the house or for TINDERRRRRR

    Lily vensLily vensMonth ago
  • Are they together or what

    jdkdkkd uggoucucjdkdkkd uggoucucMonth ago
  • You and aisha are the cutest!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

    Ruba AliRuba AliMonth ago
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  • y'all have so much space, you could made one or buy one!

    Emma MandelEmma MandelMonth ago
  • Naisha oooooo

    avulieaavulieaMonth ago
  • The secret Is they are filming a show

    Gracious MoraaGracious MoraaMonth ago
  • Bien

    Morella TovárMorella TovárMonth ago
  • Markell is not rude😏

  • I never thought this day would come but it did!😀

    Lillian Lieng krajanLillian Lieng krajanMonth ago
  • Aisha and Nate are definitely dating 🥰😍🥰😍🥰

    JGloria NgatatJGloria NgatatMonth ago
  • Aren’t you trying to find live in a show???

    Angelic Niyah08Angelic Niyah08Month ago
  • Chase killed markell!!🤣🤣😂lol

    your girl antoyour girl antoMonth ago
  • That was great!

    misolou foutmisolou foutMonth ago
  • Hello, I follow you from Iraq, i.e. your sweetheart. I did not find her in the videos from 7 months ago. The videos are in them.

    محمد المالكيمحمد المالكيMonth ago
  • que que

    Marilyn PaezMarilyn PaezMonth ago
  • what's on Aisha back?

    saraotb_saraotb_Month ago
  • the secret is reality show. all these big cameras don't lie 8:12 spotted a camera man 8:16 spotted a second camera man

    gd-rmgd-rmMonth ago
  • So nobody talking about awesomenesstv vid ( Nate kissed Erin )

    khadijah ahmedkhadijah ahmedMonth ago
  • The fact that NATE seemed sooo happy🥺❤️

    Claudia Castro GarcíaClaudia Castro GarcíaMonth ago
  • Triller Compound

    Azee Supreme1Azee Supreme1Month ago
  • The way Nate look at Aisha for me

    denise acordadenise acordaMonth ago
  • What happend to azra 😂

    afra alfaheemafra alfaheemMonth ago
  • When the camera was all up on his ass when he was goin up the stairs the first thing I said to myself was, "He do be thicc tho"😂

    Gwendolyn LoperGwendolyn LoperMonth ago
  • Tinder project👀

    Moulika JeyMoulika JeyMonth ago

    La'shaLa'shaMonth ago
    • That was great!

      annag coclannag coclMonth ago
  • They dating

    Zara AZara AMonth ago
    • That was great!

      annag coclannag coclMonth ago
  • 7:44 ....🤭😂😂

    Ky__thymiserableoaf :DKy__thymiserableoaf :DMonth ago
  • Chase aisha and azra trio gang

    Jaysonhershit YupJaysonhershit YupMonth ago
    • They're fabulous.

      annag coclannag coclMonth ago
  • Literally to the 1% who's reading this may your Parents live more than 100 years with good health

    • They are such a mood

      annag coclannag coclMonth ago
  • Nate is like " My best girlfriend she gives me click bait for every video and i get 1 million views yes"

    KMYKMYMonth ago
  • Why am I watching twin my heart when I know he’s not going to end up with any of them

    sara rahmansara rahmanMonth ago
  • Hey I love this channel so much like it makes

    dolimi jotoodolimi jotooMonth ago
  • no u guys r naisha (😍)

    Sara MashalaSara MashalaMonth ago
  • I think they are moving next to the hype house

    Luna ChaarLuna ChaarMonth ago
  • reality show

    Mohammad BajaberMohammad BajaberMonth ago
  • H

    Aqsa ParveenAqsa ParveenMonth ago
    • Yay!

      dolimi jotoodolimi jotooMonth ago
  • And I saw it

    Samuel ThurmanSamuel ThurmanMonth ago
  • The address is not blured

    Samuel ThurmanSamuel ThurmanMonth ago
  • Finally some Aisha and nate tea

    Karina GaziovaKarina GaziovaMonth ago
  • Really amazing

    toijg avnnrtoijg avnnrMonth ago
  • nate can u pls replyy x

    Lucy GreenLucy GreenMonth ago
  • Naisha!!!!!

    HajrahHajrahMonth ago
  • isn't he in twin my heart??? what is he doing

    danya nomandanya nomanMonth ago
  • Hi

    crazy famcrazy famMonth ago
    • Thanks for sharing! ??????

      toijg avnnrtoijg avnnrMonth ago
  • What about twin my heart?

    Pink Unicorn SmilePink Unicorn SmileMonth ago
  • Yay!

    cqvio dolicqvio doliMonth ago
  • byee chase & aisha are the cutest ever idc if he’s older or the dad or wtv it’s just how he helped her and Nate didn’t 🥺 they still cute tho Nate and Aisha

    marlina cryssymarlina cryssyMonth ago
  • Did anyone else see the baby Yoda in the background or is it just me 2:22

    Aubrey DerrAubrey DerrMonth ago

    Blerina 123Blerina 123Month ago
  • Hi

    mylifeas_royalmylifeas_royalMonth ago
    • which made it all funnier. Hahaha

      cqvio dolicqvio doliMonth ago
  • Chase and Aisha s brother-sister relationships so cute

    Jannah AliJannah AliMonth ago
  • this video is ✨G O L D ✨

    Magnolia RedwineMagnolia RedwineMonth ago
  • hi

    Lily TutLily TutMonth ago
  • It’s so cute how protective Chase is

    Dunja VucinicDunja VucinicMonth ago
  • What interview is aisha talking about?? 1:28

    Nainai OrtizNainai OrtizMonth ago
  • Nate you might want to Blur out the address

    Starr MunniStarr MunniMonth ago
  • Can i join

    Jeremiah KakumbaJeremiah KakumbaMonth ago
  • I feel like Nate smells like pure GOOD CLEAN COLOGNE

    Marly LMarly LMonth ago
  • Not being weird but aisha in the begining was thicc

    senni bgonsenni bgonMonth ago
  • Hahah they have they hate love relationship 😂 all they do is flirt

    Marly LMarly LMonth ago