NCAA Women's Championship: Arizona vs Stanford LIVE - Full HD | Final Four - April, 4, 2021

Apr 4, 2021
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[HOT!!!] NCAA Women's Championship: Stanford beats Arizona 54-53 to win first NCAAW's title:
NCAA Women's Championship: Arizona vs Stanford LIVE - Full HD | Final Four - April, 4, 2021
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  • At the end she could've thrown the ball. In any direction but the hoop an hit an open player.

    ZerpicianZerpician7 days ago
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    Fiedler MarieFiedler Marie7 days ago
  • Women basketball 🏀 sucks hard to watch it hurts your eyes 👀 that’s all

    carlos cortescarlos cortes7 days ago
  • ncaa

    Al ArloAl Arlo7 days ago
  • like

    Ain ArkwrightAin Arkwright7 days ago
  • love

    Aiken AricAiken Aric7 days ago
  • Women basketball in a nutshell: tons of mistakes and no exciting play. No execution down the stretch either so much for fundamentals.

    Say No To White Imperialism And PropagandaSay No To White Imperialism And Propaganda7 days ago
  • Why did the camera crew turn away every time there was a dunk?

    David PendergrassDavid Pendergrass8 days ago
    • sarcasm???

      lauren linnertlauren linnert8 days ago
  • Two players open in the corners, no screen for McDonald. Wow, that is what the coach drew up for the final play? SMH.

    David PendergrassDavid Pendergrass8 days ago
  • Not a single dunk.... laaaaaaaaaaame imagine paying to see this.

    Obiwan KanoliObiwan Kanoli8 days ago
  • Man missed free throws and missed lay ups never mind the last play

    Back from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhereBack from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhere8 days ago
  • Let me tell you what a game from both Men’s and Women’s this season even with restrictions. History was made last night. Congrats Arizona beat themselves up down the stretch and so did Stanford congrats to the Lady Cardinals and Lady Wildcats. 💯🔥

    Iron FistIron Fist8 days ago
  • Pac-12Conference : TheyTheChamps

    Kwok Pun ChanKwok Pun Chan8 days ago

    Sameer KhanSameer Khan9 days ago
  • So... MacDonald has not yet learned to pass to the open teammates when she is double or triple teamed??? Smh

    Edward FitzgeraldEdward Fitzgerald9 days ago
  • McDonald was suppose to Pass the ball and the player in the corner had the open cut to the basket. I love McDonald tho. She go hard. She need to get drafted

    Black MagicBlack Magic9 days ago
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    saim rajasaim raja9 days ago
  • Two girls from Arizona lower left are two feet apart doing nothing but watching, The girl dribbles into triple coverage with no place to go. Steps back throws up a three ,if she stepped into the three girls one of them would have fouled her. POOR spacing ball should have never touched the floor.. The girl at top right of the court was to far away to help . Stanford girl out in front was covering three players watching, They called time out to do that. Two minutes to go in the game Stanford girl clearly kicked the ball out of bounds,what was the ref looking at ? Good game anyways nice season both teams ...thank you

    John BassellJohn Bassell9 days ago
  • Bear Down!!!! Nice job AZ, love you girls

    Hannah FeinbergHannah Feinberg9 days ago
  • A great and historic season for these ladies and all people can do is hate over one play. If anyone of you is a better player then Aari or a superior coach to Barnes, why are you sitting on a couch? Great season, looking forward to next year. And congratulations to Stanford for a hard fought win.

    Kurt TuchschererKurt Tuchscherer9 days ago
    • Hey cupcake, if you are so superior, why aren't you coaching?

      David PendergrassDavid Pendergrass8 days ago
    • Right

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
  • Stanford is #1 for a reason. Determination.

    Douglas ForneyDouglas Forney9 days ago
  • Where's the Wildcats coach middle finger at?

    Juan JrJuan Jr9 days ago
    • Want it...

      Sal MolinaSal Molina4 days ago
  • Shouldn't even have been a last play stanford last shot attempt was the worst ever. How come williams the star couldn't play against so. Carolina or Arizona??

    K BK B9 days ago
  • Nothing but respect for Stanford. That last play was so dadburn ridiculous..needs to know there are teammates playing too

    Michael KiroMichael Kiro9 days ago
    • I guess you are talking about Arizona on the last play and I agree. I would have got ball to Pellington who was having good game til they went all in with McDonald whose style of play did not impress me. Both teams played well & congrats to both of them!!

      Minute With markMinute With mark9 days ago
    • The play out of the time out was an iso, u can tell no player movement, come on now

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
  • That was a horrible final possession.... season on the line're triple teamed ..and your first thought is do the hokey pokey and launch a blind shot in the air... just wow

    Kris AndersonKris Anderson9 days ago
    • @Black Magic So right. The girl in the corner should have broken for the basket. She could have scored on a layup.

      David PendergrassDavid Pendergrass8 days ago
    • @Eric Willingham you know what. I’m tired of you. play me 1 on 1. 🏀

      Black MagicBlack Magic8 days ago
    • I agree..good defence or not,she had time to pass,the moment she put the ball down the helpers came in but she chose not to only to put up that bad tripple contested short..she can ball but that was a selfish and pathetic decision ,from a point guard and on the final minutes..After they fought soo hard to cut the lead..painful loss indeed..i feel for them but hey Stanford had it from the conference days..champions well im

      Ndellah_ fitnessNdellah_ fitness8 days ago
    • @Eric Willingham I disagree. She had plenty of type to move further into the corner to be more open or cut to the basket. Instead she was paying attention to her spacing. Also she was player defense turning her head from her player which causes backdoor cuts. She had 5.5sec. Definitely enough time. Gotta space the floor better but being that they didn’t I can’t say it’s bad defense. So u right

      Black MagicBlack Magic8 days ago
    • @Black Magic She was stll n the passing lane until the last second, great defensive design

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham8 days ago
  • Stole it from USC

    Meco JohnsonMeco Johnson9 days ago
  • Great Game by both teams. Horrible last possession by Arizona your now 1 an shoot a double team contested 3. 2 wins the game smh

    Super ManSuper Man9 days ago
  • Arizona played their hearts out every game. I am very proud to be a Wildcat fan today and every day. To make the kind of comments I am seeing about Ari is so sad. There is not one person who has made a nasty comment that could come close to what she has accomplished. Shame on you all.

    Richard CarltonRichard Carlton9 days ago
    • Shame on the coach. she should have drew up a better play. It doesn't take a genius to know McDonald was taking the last shot. Triple teamed players are open Arizona only needed 2pts..

      George GardnerGeorge Gardner9 days ago
    • We aren’t the star senior on a final four team either. She choked. It is what it is.

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
  • Gave the game away @ Arizona smh

    un a5xpun a5xp9 days ago
  • 😱😱😱😱🤯

    cvwithamcvwitham9 days ago
  • ESPN sucks, such one sided talk for Arizona and they loss, ESPN sucks,,, good job Stanford sorry for sucky announcers

    Jimi JamJimi Jam9 days ago
    • @Jimi Jam Yeah they're insufferable. I can only imaging how bad they we're for the UCONN game.

      MIL TICKETMIL TICKET9 days ago
    • @MIL TICKET made me mute the game after 3rd period and if watch the UCONN game ( my home team) they where even worse

      Jimi JamJimi Jam9 days ago
    • Yep, cards were stacked vs Stanford all night. Four letter network is still trash.

      MIL TICKETMIL TICKET9 days ago
  • Congrats Stanford!!!

    Snow LeopardSnow Leopard9 days ago
  • Congrats to Tara VanDerveer, well deserved national championship for the most underrated coach in college basketball

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez9 days ago
    • @CltMikeFour3 💯 😂

      Iron FistIron Fist7 days ago
    • Overrated. Hasn’t won a title in 30 years

      CltMikeFour3CltMikeFour39 days ago
  • Ego got to her. She had the open shooter on the corner 3. Shame.

    snap patrucesnap patruce9 days ago
    • Why shoot a 3 a 2 wins it

      Super ManSuper Man9 days ago
  • That last possession of the GM was terrible. What kind of play was drawn up? 😂 That was bad...

    Anthony GaddisAnthony Gaddis9 days ago
  • Sloppy game on both sides. Lot's of turn overs, poor percentage of shots made.

    mark pricemark price9 days ago
  • I’m so mad right now I might have to pull some strings and find Arizona a new coach lol lol

    MoneyMoney9 days ago
    • Also let's not forget about the missed lay ups that were bunnies and missed free throws add those up and Arizona easily wins ...we did play extremely hard though

      Back from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhereBack from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhere8 days ago
    • @Eric Willingham her basketball IQ dropped to zero on that last play.

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
    • @MzzMy3 Right

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
    • @06nemox No it wasn't, the play out of the time out was an iso, cant u tell that

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
    • @06nemox it really is horrible last possession 2 wins it you don't need no crazy 3

      Super ManSuper Man9 days ago
  • Way to go Stanford!!!!!! Had to beat them refs.

    • Did everything they could to give Zona the win....

      Jaxon EillisJaxon Eillis9 days ago
  • Wow Stanford had to beat Arizona and the refs! 18 free throw attempts for Arizona and only 2 for Stanford, that’s ridiculous and Arizona shot way more jump shots and three pointers. Congrats Stanford!

    Anonymous PAnonymous P9 days ago
    • @Jaxon Eillis Not even Lebron! Refs missed tons of calls that should’ve gone Stanford’s way. If they weren’t so deep as a team, they would’ve lost.

      Anonymous PAnonymous P9 days ago
    • And yet no one will be talking about how they almost got robbed.!!! Officiating was horrible.

      Jaxon EillisJaxon Eillis9 days ago
  • Terrible last shot

    Michael HeadingsMichael Headings9 days ago
    • Great defense

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
  • McDonald regressed to her old self tonight; trying to win the game alone and not trusting her teammates.

    ms pms p9 days ago
    • @Tadeo Rodriguez which coach designs such a play,as a player you should have the intelligence to pass the ball when double teamed,she was triple teamed but still forced a short up,with all the hands on her face,she knew that was going to happen,it was happening the whole game.that was abit selfish of her,but as players we live to learn from such moments. She is still greatness in the making

      Ndellah_ fitnessNdellah_ fitness8 days ago
    • @Carl Stokes If you are standing around watching someone take on three players all game of course you are going to get cold. This is exactly what the Pistons did to MJ before he learned to trust his teammates...

      ms pms p9 days ago
    • @Tadeo Rodriguez Sorry no one designs a play where one player takes on 3 players at the top of the key. If 3 players are guarding you that means 2 players are open for you to pass to. Google MJ talking to Steve Kerr about the fact that they are going to double team him and Kerr needs to be ready for the pass...

      ms pms p9 days ago
    • True AND outside of steals and transition scoring, she had absolutely no help today. You can't just recruit defensive players. SOMEBODY has to be able to score and when there are 2 players on the floor at any given time that you can essentially sag all the way into the pain on because they could not hit the ocean even if they were standing it, tells you all you need to know.

      Carl StokesCarl Stokes9 days ago
    • Probably that's what coach designed , for her to shoot.

      Tadeo RodriguezTadeo Rodriguez9 days ago
  • Arizona are still Champs in my eyes, regardless if they lost

    Carlos WhatleyCarlos Whatley9 days ago
    • Arizona are Champs to me for what they accomplished, regardless if they lost, I'm not a fan of either team, I don't care that Stanford won, but I do congratulate them for winning

      Carlos WhatleyCarlos Whatley9 days ago
    • That's really not a great attitude, Arizona is a great team, but tonight Stanford outplayed and therefore Stanford not Arizona is state champs, give credit where credit is due

      koala1938koala19389 days ago
    • No they are not don’t get trophies 🏆 for 2nd place

      MoneyMoney9 days ago
  • Aari definitely should have passed it

    Carlos WhatleyCarlos Whatley9 days ago
  • Congratulations to Stanford. The whole team did a great job. Cali strong 💪

    Kelley WarriorsKelley Warriors9 days ago
    • Congrats to everybody. Great Job all the way around. Great game. A real thriller. These close games are a nail biter. Great when you win. Pain when you lose.

      ULI ULIULI ULI9 days ago
  • Ik that McDonald played her heart out but like last second she would have passed it to the coners in a way she sold

    Joel MartinezJoel Martinez9 days ago
    • @Dan Ainge that’s true. There was a late cut right before the heave, but that’s it. The opposite corner player could have at least taken Brink away with some movement. She let Brink know she didn’t need to be covered in the corner.

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
    • The corners werent looking to cut either if there was any intention to create a play after the inbound by both parties that could have been a layup

      Dan AingeDan Ainge9 days ago
    • @Tadeo Rodriguez you have to have plan B. She had 3 girls around her all 6-10 inches taller. That was not the best play AZ could run.

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
    • Probably that's what coach, designed for her to shoot

      Tadeo RodriguezTadeo Rodriguez9 days ago
  • Could’ve won if macdonald didnt shoot

    Smoke HawkSmoke Hawk9 days ago
  • Really wanted Arizona to win but ari McDonald just couldn’t bring it tonight. Not her fault she’s been amazing all season, but I feel she definitely could have made a pass on that last play

    Alyssa VictoriaAlyssa Victoria9 days ago
    • McDonald struggled to make shots early on in the game but she was getting buckets in the 4th quarter. She barely rested if at all, took many hits and falls throughout the game and still battled and played her heart out just like the rest of the team. She may have missed a free throw and took a bad shot but to say she just didnt bring it is ignorant. If it wasnt for her Arizona wouldnt have even close to this far and they really shouldve won this game.

      LBC-Nine21LBC-Nine219 days ago
    • I think she should have pulled up and shot the 3 at like 2 seconds, it was at least a clean look. Instead, she hesitated and then had no shot. Great try by Arizona.

      racefan1701racefan17019 days ago
    • Probably that's what coach designed for her to shoot

      Tadeo RodriguezTadeo Rodriguez9 days ago
  • God bless you for streaming ❤️😍😍

    Manuela AfokoManuela Afoko9 days ago
  • Too bad you couldn’t shout fu k you and shoot the middle finger at the other team this time could you 😂

    SaltyClamSaltyClam9 days ago
  • Great season ladies, So proud for the lady WILDCATS. Heads up and bear down.

    Merlinda PlateroMerlinda Platero9 days ago
  • How much did the ref get paid for that bogus call... y’all see that

    T AT A9 days ago
  • Should've pass to her teammates Wanna b the hero wow!!

    Keevin HesueKeevin Hesue9 days ago
    • The play was an iso, no player movement, late double team gave her no time 2 pass 2 the corner & get a shot off, great defense

      Eric WillinghamEric Willingham9 days ago
  • W stream

    3NVY Q3NVY Q9 days ago
  • Horrible job getting the ball in bounds

    Lance GandyLance Gandy9 days ago
  • Too bad Aari completely choked. AZ deserved better from their star than a missed FT at the end of the game and a terrible choke at the buzzer.

    06nemox06nemox9 days ago
  • Ole girl was wide open on the last play ughhhh....when in doubt pass the ball sheesh 😒

    MoneyMoney9 days ago
    • All she had to do was pass like how she tried to shoot that wasn’t a easy shot and all of Stanford players was guarding her she could of practically just tossed the ball in the air to one of her teammates

      MoneyMoney9 days ago
    • @06nemox ok but it wouldnt have been an easy pass to get by but yeah

      Liam SkidmoreLiam Skidmore9 days ago
    • I agree. One more pass would have been the smart play. Ari wasn’t hitting all night

      Alyssa VictoriaAlyssa Victoria9 days ago
    • That choke is infuriating. Before the play Aari sighed heavily with cameras on her. How did her coach not recognize her disposition.

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
  • Disappointed that Arizona didn’t win

    Bill CipherBill Cipher9 days ago
    • I think they wanted the best on the team to take the shot yea it sounds like our coach did not trust anyone else to take that shot

      Back from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhereBack from the Dead Like i diddnt go nowhere8 days ago
    • Losers are never champs......

      MoneyMoney9 days ago
    • Aari wanted it so bad, Arizona are still Champs in my eyes, I don't care that Stanford won.

      Carlos WhatleyCarlos Whatley9 days ago
    • She should of past it on that last play!!!!!everyone already knew who was going to get the ball so the double her and all the other teammates was wide open like a tire

      MoneyMoney9 days ago
    • Aari showed she’s a choke artist tonight

      06nemox06nemox9 days ago
  • Thank you for streaming this

    ZigstersZigsters9 days ago