Nba YoungBoy - I Ain’t Scared

Mar 13, 2021
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Love you

  • free top

    Pablo WooPablo Woo13 minutes ago
  • Ever since Youngboy was arrested I haven’t been able to sleep,my hair has been falling out due to stress,I can’t my master💚🙌💔😔

    sonya rousesonya rouse49 minutes ago

    S1yKillRyukS1yKillRyuk2 hours ago

    S1yKillRyukS1yKillRyuk2 hours ago

    S1yKillRyukS1yKillRyuk2 hours ago
  • apple music bruh

    Zaac !Zaac !2 hours ago
  • Jesus Christ is the only way to the CREATOR!🙏❤️ First seek the kingdom of Heaven before turning to this music!

    RośeRośe2 hours ago
    • I’m not viral on USworlds, I don’t make videos convincing people to turn to Christ, however, I comment on as many rap videos praying that people will turn from their wicked ways. I am a 24 year old giving my life Jesus Christ and yearning that you all will too. He is coming back soon. Please he is the only way. God loves you, and if you love him... keep his commandments

      RośeRośe2 hours ago
  • Listening to this in school ever since me and my girlfriend broke up and it heals me❤️

    GGC PlayzGGC Playz4 hours ago

    Lorentay TuaoloLorentay Tuaolo4 hours ago

    NDM BeatsNDM Beats5 hours ago

    Noel BaddiesNoel Baddies5 hours ago
  • Just free the goat.

    Real SalttReal Saltt5 hours ago
  • Just looked at the description love you too young boy hope you get out soon 👊

    YWB CrewYWB Crew6 hours ago
  • Why I cant find this on spotify or Instagram music?

    pompano thekidpompano thekid7 hours ago
  • free yb man 😭

    areanna manzoareanna manzo7 hours ago
  • Autotune destroyed

    Almir TAlmir T8 hours ago
  • I see he had his last words bro I almost cried after this I got love for him

    LBOG4L cxgoLBOG4L cxgo8 hours ago
  • Free youngboy

    Lavender MistLavender Mist8 hours ago
  • Youngboy u the realist in this game keep your head up bro u been trough enough the real will rise and the fake will devide remember that stay humble

    Brandon PaxtonBrandon Paxton8 hours ago
  • It looks like he's really poor

    Albatboss EAlbatboss E8 hours ago
  • Help him find his way

    John BJohn B8 hours ago
  • I said Lord Jesus Christ don't do me wrong / don't do Me wrong . Deal but I don't know how. You know standing there to Heaven in front of the most High . And still longing for something that could make You happy . How Jesus can perfect get any perfect . Longing ? I knew You Jesus Christ , the Invisible God. I give if up in. The Great state Niagara falls . How can I tell Jesus bull A you made it . When I thinked . Cause nasty . Eating and defacate what the filler cause Heavenly food wondering 40 Charmin . But I wondered cause. Countance change but with thought progressive because you see the thing is you Did . Jesus to You give me all my thought . Don't make it swear no more. Then Your thinking if Didn't know I did why Jesus is King , Jesus is King Jesus is King. I smile believe anything , the Bible say . But if the Helper , as Promised in John 14 right . The one that helps to bring You to all truth . With no problem . I look and see that Jesus 🙌 Worrl

    Richard ThweattRichard Thweatt9 hours ago

    Mai -_-Mai -_-9 hours ago
  • I got so caught up in my other rappers but I forgot what brought me to listen to rap! NBA young boy

    Aaliyah _GamesAaliyah _Games10 hours ago
  • I play his music everyday bro 😔

    Lymira HopkinsLymira Hopkins11 hours ago
  • This is what got me through before I got locked up

    Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson11 hours ago
    • It hits hard u can feel the vibes 💚💚

      Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson11 hours ago
    • 💯🙌🐐🗣

      Daniel JohnsonDaniel Johnson11 hours ago
  • I miss him so much free em 😔

    Life as RayrayLife as Rayray11 hours ago
  • 💖🎀💕

    Chrisjana SealsChrisjana Seals11 hours ago
  • Free Yb it’s backwards 💚💯

    young kidyoung kid11 hours ago
  • I been knocking shit off since 16 he talm🔥👑 bout deal with em

    Big Dude38Big Dude3811 hours ago
  • Apple Music need this

    DxmmuyISO VDxmmuyISO V11 hours ago
  • Free Yb!!

    Jack WalshJack Walsh11 hours ago
  • Put on Apple Music now, god damn

    • Just use Spotify it is so much better

      Darius ninjaDarius ninja11 hours ago
  • OG🤴

    Becky ZulickBecky Zulick12 hours ago
  • YB Doing a100 a show 🤧

    Telo Got itTelo Got it12 hours ago
  • people on discord making clips of this music videos to gifs and use it as a profile picture and posting them in icons and gifs serber

    Ra'Heem AdcoxRa'Heem Adcox12 hours ago
  • It’s been so hard to sleep since yb went to jail 😢😢😢

    Red RumRed Rum14 hours ago

    Yxung TKYxung TK14 hours ago
  • 🔥

    Princess AshleyPrincess Ashley15 hours ago
  • #FreeYb💚

    Tay CFLTay CFL15 hours ago
  • Yoo Top Durkk said he ain't feeling this

    Joan MartinezJoan Martinez16 hours ago
  • eleeeeeD

    Savvy’s Vids&VlogsSavvy’s Vids&Vlogs16 hours ago
  • Free Yb till it’s backwards bro ain’t do nun 😔💚

    Drippy GetbandzzDrippy Getbandzz16 hours ago
  • Cause my life is crazy

    Kal-El SampsonKal-El Sampson17 hours ago
  • Need this on Apple Music

    Jay ThompJay Thomp17 hours ago
  • If anyone who seen by new pictures from jail look at his eye brows and nose 👃 he look like a clone or sum

    marjuan5672marjuan567217 hours ago
  • Don't miss out dogecoin going to the moon

    Mike McelfreshMike Mcelfresh17 hours ago
  • Damn youngboy won’t even be out of jail when he hit 10 mill and get his play button 😭😭

    ThatBoy QuanThatBoy Quan17 hours ago
  • Pls release it to Apple Music

    Forgien VortexForgien Vortex18 hours ago
  • I can’t sleep

    Acebuggy27 TVAcebuggy27 TV18 hours ago
  • I found out about this song at the perfect time 😩🐐🕊

    A'Sia DavisA'Sia Davis18 hours ago
  • Yb da best rapper out free him

    Almighty Savage8Almighty Savage818 hours ago
  • Free yb

    Ramita TownsendRamita Townsend18 hours ago
  • #FreeTop 🅱️💚🔥

    Jary GonzalesJary Gonzales19 hours ago
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  • Facts

    Carolyn ChavisCarolyn Chavis19 hours ago
    • On gang g

      Th3_Th3FreSA_99 CabreraTh3_Th3FreSA_99 Cabrera12 hours ago
  • Is this on Spotify?

    Lorenz BLorenz B19 hours ago
  • “Titanic watch i cannot sink”😭💯💯💯

    Kaden WillisKaden Willis19 hours ago
  • I'll never understand why the most talented people are always the most hated #FreeTop

    Desire WardDesire Ward19 hours ago
  • "Just like you the Cops, You just gotta chase me" Hits different now p.s its in the song how I been

    Desire WardDesire Ward19 hours ago
  • the goat free yb

    lil Tayshawnlil Tayshawn20 hours ago

    mohammed donzomohammed donzo20 hours ago

    mohammed donzomohammed donzo20 hours ago
  • Who else want him to be our brother or dad say i- I lol

    Daesanae DanielsDaesanae Daniels20 hours ago
  • Keep pushing through sometimes your words are all you got

    Mary CamfieldMary Camfield22 hours ago

    S DS D22 hours ago
  • "I'm alright don't worry don't cry, it ain't nothing no one can do to save my life".😔

    Jay JJay J22 hours ago
  • People hate on YB cuz it’s a trend and they hate on his fans cuz they loyal💯

    Huncho VariHuncho Vari22 hours ago
  • Free Top

    OséiasOséias22 hours ago
  • 💣💣💣💥💥💥💥🤝💯

    Alex 6ixxisrealAlex 6ixxisreal22 hours ago
  • And i Ani't Scared

    Pablo WooPablo Woo23 hours ago
  • Free top 🖤🧪💯

    Danny DanDanny Dan23 hours ago
  • Y YB😰

    Gxmer _ytGxmer _yt23 hours ago
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    David debideenDavid debideen23 hours ago
  • FREE TOP.......

    ProdbyNCProdbyNC23 hours ago

    Pusey FunnyPusey Funny23 hours ago
  • you rip now

    Carter Wade-BoyceCarter Wade-BoyceDay ago
  • it’s been a month and i’m still addicted to this song! he’s the 🐐

    mj beendatmj beendatDay ago
  • i love your songs it is good my sister want to be you

    Amareon Hart`Amareon Hart`Day ago
  • 🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋🌋

    Red RumRed RumDay ago
  • This song fire it even had 100k in 10 mins

    Goated JaiGoated JaiDay ago
  • What legend man 🐐

    Robert and Aaron pranks Robert and Aaron pranksRobert and Aaron pranks Robert and Aaron pranksDay ago
  • This is my favorite song ngl to you 🔥🔥🔥 🆓top

    LaDamien ArbaughLaDamien ArbaughDay ago
  • Youngboy views sky rocket all the time, n your favourite rapper brags when one his sons get 16ml views 😂, Nba the best RAPPER ALIVE F WAT U THINK

    Lil BestLil BestDay ago
  • Ttghhhhh

    arnold sanonarnold sanonDay ago
  • 2021 IMMA MAKE IT 🦅🥷🏽☑️

  • Yu so talented bra

    CravooCravooDay ago
  • Free yu slime💚

    CravooCravooDay ago
  • Dis song currently got 38k comments💚💚💚

    Mulaa MondMulaa MondDay ago
  • YB

  • 🦋😭Free youngboy this can't be the last song we'll hear

    DanytumzyDanytumzyDay ago
  • Freee Yb

    Supreme 03Supreme 03Day ago
  • #freetop💚

    alexandra fierrosalexandra fierrosDay ago
  • These youngboy fans starving

    thereforethereforeDay ago
  • "i cant live my life a certin way no"

    Priscilla HuertaPriscilla HuertaDay ago
  • The 7k dislikes were yb babymamas

  • we love you yb

    sasha walkersasha walkerDay ago
  • why on Spotify on youngboy songs it doesn’t have his name but it says BNC records ??

    Oliver EnedeOliver EnedeDay ago
  • yb is the just goat tbh🐐

    fortfortDay ago