NBA Funny Moments W/ Jesser

Feb 21, 2021
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Thanks for being in the video @Jesser
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  • Zach twerking would be in here if it was in the nba

    OfficialronniemorganOfficialronniemorganDay ago
  • I liked and subscribed with my eraser

    Louise BaranLouise Baran3 days ago
  • Still friends with this guy smh

    Ricky CastilloRicky Castillo3 days ago
  • Yes 👍🏼 😂🤣That’s funny as

    jonika bowmanjonika bowman5 days ago
  • 1:00 is a funny moment because it was in the OT of that game

    xFizzoxFizzo7 days ago
  • 6:10 they didn’t show Harden slan the ball on the ground ;-;

    Vinay KannanVinay Kannan7 days ago
  • did everyone forget curry's missed attempt at a dunk and an airball ?

    Pranav MahendruPranav Mahendru7 days ago
  • the rockets lost cuz they didnt count it

    Isaac AKIsaac AK8 days ago
  • They didn't call the Harden dunk and the spurs came back

    NoLiimit SashaNoLiimit Sasha8 days ago
  • React to Craziet ankle breakers of 2020 and 2021 by nitriongo nba

    JA ProductionsJA Productions8 days ago
  • Look at moochie on thumbnail

    amoao hoopersamoao hoopers8 days ago
  • Love the reaction vids keep up the good work

    Liam Gibson-BourkeLiam Gibson-Bourke9 days ago
  • React more

    David TedfordDavid Tedford9 days ago
  • 6:44 What did he saaaaaay?

    Jacob RhodesJacob Rhodes9 days ago
  • How mush subs can I get from this comment??? Current:13

    CodyomaticCodyomatic9 days ago
  • Why are u using Jessie's office to do ur video

    Bryce FergusonBryce Ferguson9 days ago
  • That ref has doge ball skills bro

    Sports BrosSports Bros10 days ago
  • Do this with nfl

    Harry SloanHarry Sloan10 days ago
  • Jesser has done this before 8:40

    Carter LangCarter Lang10 days ago
  • I think Thompson did that cause they were teammates at one point

    Colby GarrowColby Garrow10 days ago
  • The Nike jerseys were shit at first

    Colby GarrowColby Garrow10 days ago
  • M

    Tyreese Price JrTyreese Price Jr10 days ago
  • Jessie gone say that Tristan and Jae Crowder barely know each other... they played on the Cavs together 💀💀 wtf

  • Dude I’m so happy Mitchell shoved Embiid after that block. Embiid had it coming to him.

    Shooting Hoops With Noah SmithShooting Hoops With Noah Smith11 days ago
  • Why does Mitchell low key look like morgz I. The thumbnail

    Emily MattEmily Matt11 days ago
  • Mooching aye

    Jonathan HardyJonathan Hardy11 days ago
  • thank you dane beck

    Sylvia GabrielSylvia Gabriel11 days ago
  • My last name is Crowder but I am not related to Jae

    Kaelan CrowderKaelan Crowder11 days ago
  • Yessssiiiirrrrr love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrrrr banger and bangers

    Sincere GrantSincere Grant11 days ago
  • Yessssiiiirrrrr love the video bro nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrrrr banger and bangers

    Sincere GrantSincere Grant11 days ago
  • Joel a flopper

    Wondie Twin2Wondie Twin211 days ago
  • Bro I thought this was young Mitchell When I saw his face in the thumbnail

    Kole SheffelKole Sheffel11 days ago
  • moochie you should do some shaqtin a fool reactions. that would be good

    Francesco DebiasiFrancesco Debiasi11 days ago
  • It feels like Jesser’s video

    Rambis 1215Rambis 121511 days ago
  • I think Moochie and Jesser has the same set up?

    wetpu 357wetpu 35711 days ago
  • Yooooo 321 comment

    Sean HinesSean Hines11 days ago
  • Moochie: right in his mouth. Me: what bro pause

    Is water wet 2.0 ReidIs water wet 2.0 Reid12 days ago
  • do more of these plssss mmore nba reacts

    Taidhg RyanTaidhg Ryan12 days ago
  • Make more reaction videos

    J GibbJ Gibb12 days ago
  • Do this but NFL

    tbone55atbone55a12 days ago
  • React to NBA SUS moments

    GARTVGARTV12 days ago
  • “Jeff sent me “ Insta @Hunterkirwan Good luck everyone ❤️

    Hunter KirwanHunter Kirwan12 days ago
  • 8:08 Tristan is too used to the Kardashians

    Nicki Sans7Nicki Sans712 days ago
  • Only if moochie could make a video without jesser it be watched way more

    Luke ForsbergLuke Forsberg12 days ago
  • Only liked for moochie lol

    Luke ForsbergLuke Forsberg12 days ago
  • They didn't count that and they lost by 1 because of it

    Armanny TaverasArmanny Taveras12 days ago
  • Sub to zaxximus

    Avi SmolarcikAvi Smolarcik12 days ago
  • Mitchel shaved

    TofuTofu12 days ago
  • react to kennys video reaction to jesse vs kenny to continue the zoom call

    Antwan AAntwan A12 days ago
  • Jeff sent me in is KingSway150

    Josue GomezJosue Gomez12 days ago
  • All the stuff your saying about Embiid jesse is why he is my favorite NBA player and why I have his jersey.

  • Crowder and tristan thompson are ex teamates

    Enrique CurielEnrique Curiel12 days ago
  • Yay!! 600k!! Congrats!!

    Grayson BakerGrayson Baker12 days ago
  • wassup

    cdawgcdawg12 days ago
  • markelle had a rare shoulder injury that's more common with baseball players, that why his shot form was all messed up

    cooper majcooper maj12 days ago
  • This is the funniest video all time

    GetSnipedGetSniped12 days ago
  • they got quiet once Lebron missed anything lol

    Noah SchaferNoah Schafer12 days ago
  • Make a reaction channel mooch bro come on

    Maddox HMaddox H12 days ago
  • ayo i recommend that vid lets go baby yt newbolt

    Chanelle NdayishimiyeChanelle Ndayishimiye12 days ago
  • 6hundro k congratulations moochie

    Channing JacksonChanning Jackson12 days ago
  • anyone else notice that jesse is wearing the fake merch

    Austin BakerAustin Baker12 days ago
  • 6:40 dis man messer said the n word

    Abdul BourhanAbdul Bourhan12 days ago
    • I mean jesser

      Abdul BourhanAbdul Bourhan12 days ago
  • We love the jesser x moochie collab

    Ace_Jarvis69Ace_Jarvis6912 days ago
  • 600k?

    TwistifyTwistify12 days ago
  • 7:49 I was at that game

    I be VibinI be Vibin12 days ago
  • congrats on 600k

    tuckertheGOATtuckertheGOAT12 days ago
  • 600k 🙌

    JesusJesus12 days ago
  • Wonder who /jesser is

    joseph moorejoseph moore12 days ago
  • the Harden dunk didnt count

    dominic gonzalezdominic gonzalez12 days ago
  • Mitchell lookin fresh af

    THE _ G.O.A.TTHE _ G.O.A.T12 days ago
  • "It is gonna take a bull to knock Embid down." Next clip Donovan Mitchell barely pushes him and he falls down . LOL

    Staci WeinerStaci Weiner12 days ago
  • React to djmeechymeech

    Bryan JoneBryan Jone12 days ago
  • Crowder and thompson are former teammates

    Matthew CohenMatthew Cohen12 days ago
  • nba funny moments main channel vid

    Gavin HarrisGavin Harris12 days ago
  • lol

    Evan FitzhughEvan Fitzhugh12 days ago
  • Plz do morrrrrrre

    Jordin FrankJordin Frank12 days ago
  • Who’s the new editor of these? So bad.

    Michael ReadMichael Read12 days ago
  • It would be sick if Mitchell would make solo videos

    Squat On The CometSquat On The Comet12 days ago
  • The James harden one didn’t actually count and then they lost by one

    Jack PiccioneJack Piccione12 days ago
  • 6:12 think you missed the clip...

    Joey ArtoneJoey Artone12 days ago
  • Joel embiid is also known as crying baby😂

    Chandrappa RajaChandrappa Raja12 days ago
  • Moochie congrats on 600k

    Tyler StrongTyler Strong12 days ago
  • Moochie to a Milly!!!

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  • Congrats on 600k

    Goran GligoricGoran Gligoric12 days ago
  • Nah lowry was tryna explain what he was doin

    Effendi ChuaEffendi Chua12 days ago
  • We need more of this

    FrostyBoiFrostyBoi12 days ago
  • jae crowder and tristan thompson were boys because they played together in Cleveland for a few years during the championship runs.

    Nate ProductionsNate Productions12 days ago
  • The one with Siakam looks like jesser when he made that miny hoop and he flopped

    Chase OwnsbyChase Ownsby12 days ago
  • They didn’t count hardens dunk, pretty sure the refs got fined for it too.

    Hoku DiasHoku Dias12 days ago
  • That is a good funny video to do in life that day right know okay.

    Tracy McSwainTracy McSwain13 days ago
  • Jesse really doesn’t know shit about the nba lol dude is a fake basketball fan.

    AssaultineCrakka BoiiiAssaultineCrakka Boiii13 days ago
  • Congratulations on 600K!!

    Arianah MooreArianah Moore13 days ago
  • On the Harden dunk they actually didn’t count it and the rockets ended up losing by 1

    Carson WhiteCarson White13 days ago
  • only support this guy in 2hype and cash a little. the rest are bums

    Dylan FaydoDylan Faydo13 days ago
  • 2:25 ayo

    Kaeden PhillipsKaeden Phillips13 days ago
  • 600k BABYYY

    Rifle GutsRifle Guts13 days ago
  • Is it just me or are the vida with Mitchell and headed are just superior

    Cortland HolmesCortland Holmes13 days ago
  • I tend to like every comment i see and i don’t know why😂

    Tre KTre K13 days ago
  • yeah dat was funny

    Morgan AlfordMorgan Alford13 days ago
  • Moochie looks so different.

    BubbaBubba13 days ago