@nascarcasm holds the annual Peeps 400

Apr 3, 2021
32 654 Views

A tradition unlike any other in the Twitter-sphere. @nascarcasm holds his annual Peeps 400 on Easter weekend. Find out who emerged victorious.
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  • Let's Go WILLIAM! I wish i could have coached you for this one. You did well

    NASCAR Dippin' SauceNASCAR Dippin' Sauce6 days ago
  • Came for some hot laps, not disappointing :D Now I'm of to Pikes Peeps! Love these peeps shows :D

    JaRCo de RoverJaRCo de Rover7 days ago
  • Looks like denny won to me

    Mrphenomenal11Mrphenomenal117 days ago
  • Haha, never gets old!

    BuddyWright93BuddyWright9310 days ago
  • This is hillarious!! It's better than a real race.

    Kevin KelleyKevin Kelley10 days ago
  • The most historic race in history

    Stockcar Roblox RacingStockcar Roblox Racing11 days ago
  • We got a winner🏎🏁

    Abby RiosAbby Rios11 days ago
  • Let's Go William!

    Joseph MurphyJoseph Murphy11 days ago
  • I can't believe I watched this AND enjoyed it. Must be low O2 from excessive masking.

    blueyed muleblueyed mule11 days ago
  • Shouldn’t it be the Peeps 700?

    James BuckeyJames Buckey11 days ago
  • Brilliant! Thanks for a good laugh on a race-less Sunday.

    Bob McLBob McL11 days ago
  • I mean, that was a tense race if I ever saw one.

    Lokço AdventureLokço Adventure12 days ago
  • I had no idea this existed, but I am very glad it does. Congrats to WillyB! Props to the race director too haha

    Joe MinneciJoe Minneci12 days ago
  • Did he have any lug nuts that were loose???

    Patriotic BearPatriotic Bear12 days ago
  • Is William Bryon a triple threat? He wins in the real car, he wins in the virtual car, and now he's winning in the Peeps

    Patrick KennedyPatrick Kennedy12 days ago
  • Go hamlin peep.

    ALEXANDER Greene BarriosALEXANDER Greene Barrios12 days ago
  • Also known as The annual "Mrs. Nascarcasm and family get a hotel until the house is liveable again"

    Flying Monkey 461Flying Monkey 46112 days ago
  • This was amazing

    MidriMidri12 days ago
  • Shocker. Still snubbing Larson I see.

    Hacksaw JimthugginHacksaw Jimthuggin12 days ago
  • Freaking awesome man!! It was great!!!

    vicky nuno-ramsouervicky nuno-ramsouer12 days ago

    Brady KimBrady Kim12 days ago
  • Anyone know when the radioactive comes out

    SpingebingechillinSpingebingechillin12 days ago
  • I can’t find any sugar free peeps this year. ☹️

    Doo DahDoo Dah13 days ago
  • More entertaining than the 2021 Daytona 500 some how

    BerryBoiBlast24BerryBoiBlast2413 days ago
  • Ha ha ha

    Herbie RiedeHerbie Riede13 days ago
  • This should be the peeps 700............

    Chaz SingletonChaz Singleton13 days ago
  • Pure gold 🤭

    SergeantSergeant13 days ago
  • Glad we got this dirt race in with no rain delays. Another win for Willy B

    Cam MacIsaacCam MacIsaac13 days ago
  • I love it! Best nascar tradition since crank it up!!!!

    Mr SMr S13 days ago
  • Next year makes on the sugar

    spider osó spider osa Chinchilla Balcazarspider osó spider osa Chinchilla Balcazar13 days ago
  • Isn't this a late April fools video??

    WaddleDeeFan 002WaddleDeeFan 00213 days ago
  • Have you ever!!!???

    davidson2131davidson213113 days ago
  • 4:14 What the f*ck

    Denny Hamlin fan 11Denny Hamlin fan 1113 days ago
  • Disappointed we didn't get a Peep Show after the race. Great, hard fought win to the 24... but he still can't do a burn out right!

    zlw1zlw113 days ago
  • I love this

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey13 days ago
  • Genuinely surprised the winner ran the outside of the plate. Thought the center would be the dominant line.

    Jordan McGrawJordan McGraw13 days ago
  • That was so fun! Thanks for doing that!

    Baskin Robbins Cup SeriesBaskin Robbins Cup Series13 days ago
  • 😂

    Christian RobertsChristian Roberts13 days ago
  • Peep underglow is the best thing I've ever seen

    Logan WilliamsLogan Williams13 days ago
  • clint was robbed

    Jesse ConwayJesse Conway13 days ago
  • Find me a sports organization that has more fun on their USworlds channel, I’ll wait

    Ethan CowlbeckEthan Cowlbeck13 days ago
  • WTF?! 😂

    Drew The Disney ManiacDrew The Disney Maniac13 days ago
  • Congratulations to William Byron . Well earned victory. What a nail biter

    Nasser MansourNasser Mansour13 days ago
  • *The most anticipated race of nascar's easter break*

    RubyStarProductionsRubyStarProductions13 days ago
  • More horse power than cup cars today 🤣

    Jayhick365 - - -Jayhick365 - - -13 days ago
  • Can we get peep shaped cars for the gen 9 and do this

    TheAdrianatorTheAdrianator13 days ago
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Cheryl BarrettCheryl Barrett13 days ago
  • always a phenomenal race every single year. the peeps 400 will go down in history

    se7enchampzse7enchampz13 days ago
  • Super happy we had some racing today.

    mktfb3mktfb313 days ago
  • What an interesting battle

    Hendrick_ FAN24/7Hendrick_ FAN24/713 days ago
  • Absolutely the BEST Peeps 400 EVER!!! IT'S PEEPS DIRT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael PaulMichael Paul13 days ago
  • Thats was a good race

    TinyPug 06TinyPug 0613 days ago
  • This is the greatest thing ever

    MMCSMMCS13 days ago
  • How about that - Willy B wins another plate race

    Brock BeardBrock Beard13 days ago
  • Should I be worried that @nascarcasm sounds like a normal guy?

    John BuwaldaJohn Buwalda13 days ago
  • The crowd goes wild? I didn’t hear a Peep out of them

    DustinHasVideosDustinHasVideos13 days ago
  • This is the best rules package

    ToyoToyo13 days ago
  • I'm just thankful we had a clean, safe race.

    Eric EsteppEric Estepp13 days ago
    • thank god for peep safety

      MrHeartGrenadeMrHeartGrenade10 days ago
    • hey eric

      WillplayzWillplayz13 days ago
    • Mhm

      Bi-Thigh ThunderBi-Thigh Thunder13 days ago
    • LOL yes

      Hunter gamezHunter gamez13 days ago
    • *safe*

      Dim18Dim1813 days ago
  • So unrealistic! They are running clockwise!!!

    DustinHasVideosDustinHasVideos13 days ago
  • That top lane was awesome to watch what a race

    Angel vazquezAngel vazquez13 days ago
  • Hilarious!

    pittsky ppittsky p13 days ago
  • This is so dumb and so clever at the same time. Made me laugh.

    EDD17SP *EDD17SP *13 days ago
  • Lol oh my lord, you need a woman

    Bu2SpikeBu2Spike13 days ago
  • OMG! I’m still laughing and crying. Between the anthem and the flyover, my sides hurt.

    Susan WahlSusan Wahl13 days ago
  • HELL YEAH!!!

    CountrybananasCountrybananas13 days ago
  • Just why do I enjoy this so much!! 🤣

    Patty JamesPatty James13 days ago
  • man, wish that i had ipeep

    Lively StopMotionsLively StopMotions13 days ago
  • This is amazing!

    SaintDennySaintDenny13 days ago
  • W-what did I just watch.. and why did I enjoy it? (Seriously, nice job guys!)

    J-TechJ-Tech13 days ago
  • had my attention longer than the bristol race

    jeffreyjeffrey13 days ago
  • So cool

    Parker KlimekParker Klimek13 days ago
  • This has got to be the most cute race ever.

    TwistedAxles912TwistedAxles91213 days ago
  • That smell.... can't you smell that smell.

    William RobinsonWilliam Robinson13 days ago
  • Looks to me like you counted out the #9 of Chase Elliott a little premature. He must've come in for repairs and was able to still be competitive. I would even give him 2nd place because his number is clearly more visible than YRB's #12 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️. Best Peeps 400 yet. 🤣

    Anita GarrisonAnita Garrison13 days ago
  • So stupid yet so entertaining at the same time

    Ace GarciaAce Garcia13 days ago
  • Does he throw out the plate or clean it after this

    PotatosPotatos13 days ago
  • This was amazing!!

    Ninja Justin 650Ninja Justin 65013 days ago
  • That was funny and entertaining st the same time

    David WilliamsDavid Williams13 days ago
  • Better than the high downforce package

    Graham MeesGraham Mees13 days ago
  • Crown Jewel Worthy

    Giovanni TiradoGiovanni Tirado13 days ago
  • I can't believe I watched all that.

    Kevin HuneycuttKevin Huneycutt13 days ago
  • Best peeps ever

    Paul MPaul M13 days ago
  • Genius

    Charlie LCharlie L13 days ago
  • Still better than 550 package

    DNGDNG13 days ago
  • It's Good to see they have awareness of their own community. Also what the hell is a peep?

    D GarGantuanD GarGantuan13 days ago
  • One of the reasons I love NASCAR, comedy.

    Confetti go BOOMConfetti go BOOM13 days ago
  • Are we testing rain peeps at Martinsville?

    JD Racing 84JD Racing 8413 days ago
  • 10/10 on the pre-race, anthem and flyover and race. Only issue is i want the full 7 minute of racing. 🤣

    Nathan PlattNathan Platt13 days ago
  • You know what you need to do NASCAR. Give William Byron a Peeps themed trophy

    xKami102xxKami102x13 days ago
  • I'm dying

    J.T.J.T.13 days ago
  • Too cute!!!💚💞

    Pamela BieryPamela Biery13 days ago
  • Make this a race on fox

    Caden MaplesCaden Maples13 days ago
  • not even 2 min in and i cant stop smiling

    t ct c13 days ago
  • I love this

    OhMySparkOhMySpark13 days ago
  • Where is the peeps 400 going to take place!? Kidding

    Victor VillatoroVictor Villatoro13 days ago
  • Beats the Daytona 500

    Andrew TrackingAndrew Tracking13 days ago
  • This race has the least gimmicks of any nascar race

    BTTF 1985BTTF 198513 days ago
  • This is pure gold

    Gamers GroupGamers Group13 days ago
  • They look better as racing

    Morris SinegalMorris Sinegal13 days ago

    Clayton KershawClayton Kershaw13 days ago