NASCAR on Bristol dirt: Who will conquer the mountain? Narrated by Big K.R.I.T.

Mar 26, 2021
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As this weekend's festivities kick into high gear on the high banks of Bristol Motor Speedway, get hyped with this essay narrated by rapper Big K.R.I.T. for the Bristol Dirt Race.
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  • We’ve been asking for years for NASCAR to get back to it’s roots and this is a step in the right direction! Now go back to North Wilkesboro please, it’s one of the last original tracks from the 40’s and we’d all love to see it brought back.

    CarNutzCarNutz19 days ago
  • 11/10 would listen to a book narrated by Big Krit.

    LC.Soup93LC.Soup9319 days ago
  • Your not very bright guys didn't think things through when it comes to dirt racing...first off YOU DON'T RUN WINDSHIELDS AT A DIRT TRACK...IT'S COMMON SENSE...take the windows out and run tearoffs on their helments and cut the front end of the cars and trucks..put chicken wire to protect radiator...its perfect sense...maybe you should got some advice from tony stewart...he would of done a better job...need to go back to guys can't run a dirt race if punch you guys in the face...I could keep going but I'll guys need common sense when it comes to dirt racing....

    Junior 249Junior 24920 days ago
  • K.R.I.T here

    Dèú'TajDèú'Taj20 days ago
  • Aye Big K.R.I.T.!

    #24EVER#24EVER20 days ago
  • KRIT

    Alex HernandezAlex Hernandez20 days ago
  • Cant waaaiiittt Send iiiitttttttt

    caiden shafercaiden shafer20 days ago

    Neal BoisvertNeal Boisvert20 days ago
  • NASCAR... You picked the right person to narrate this... Good job

    Chris AlfordChris Alford20 days ago
  • I feel sorry for the mechanics and truck drivers. They will be finding dirt in hidden places for the whole summer.

    Charlene MarcksCharlene Marcks20 days ago
    • The trucks will get a deep clean becides truck wash.

      John HaasJohn Haas20 days ago
  • Yo that’s crazy Krit ima new nascar fan and u one of my favoritw rappers

    Pat W.Pat W.21 day ago
  • Let's get some OLD NASCAR RACING BABYS😆😆😆🏁🏁🏁😝😝😝

    Mr. RacerMr. Racer21 day ago
  • Shot out to Krit and NASCAR. 🏁

    Gas & DieselGas & Diesel21 day ago
  • Bruh!!!! KRIT is my favorite and I’ve never been more excited about a race. Way to go NASCAR. Proud of y’all.

    AdrianBerryhillAdrianBerryhill21 day ago
  • Kyle Larson is going to conquer the MOUNTAIN.

    Jacob NoonanJacob Noonan21 day ago
  • Man some of these tracks run out of Bennis

    Chris Roamin ꧁A.K.A꧂Chris Roamin ꧁A.K.A꧂21 day ago
  • I was excited about this too. Until the dust started flying. It's like watching a race in the fog. You can barely see the cars and trucks. I hope ya'all don't do this again. Give me Bristol on cement any day over this mess!!!!

    Merrylee LanehartMerrylee Lanehart21 day ago
  • This needs to be the throwback race

    Noah LewisNoah Lewis21 day ago
  • Big K.R.I.T is killing it 💪🤙

    Dopey NightlifeTVDopey NightlifeTV21 day ago
  • Some serious bragging rights at stake this weekend

    Doug BowersDoug Bowers21 day ago
  • Quick question NASCAR. Why does it take y’all three weeks to get me a hat I ordered?

    Jonathan DempseyJonathan Dempsey21 day ago
    • The question is why would you want a nascar hat?

      king0cansking0cans21 day ago
  • Stock Car Offroad Fury: Conquer the Terrain!

    Ivan DominguezIvan Dominguez21 day ago
  • Big KRIT stays winning. KRIT x NASCAR = Southern Legends

    earth2caseyearth2casey21 day ago
    • YES

      AdrianBerryhillAdrianBerryhill21 day ago
  • Yeah I only watched this for Big KRIT

    Ian BaysonIan Bayson21 day ago
  • Better bring your goggles, oh and make sure your beer is covered, unless of course you want some clay in your drink to add to the ambiance.😂😂🏁🏁

    crusher287crusher28721 day ago
  • Best video ever to promote an event, hands down!

    Valley AdventuresValley Adventures21 day ago
  • yessir Big K.R.I.T.

    grcia_08grcia_0821 day ago
  • Larson

    Dan JohnsonDan Johnson21 day ago
  • I’m only here for big K.R.I.T.

    6266jamal6266jamal21 day ago
  • Wish I could go to a bar and watch.

    Diddy DoodatDiddy Doodat21 day ago
  • NASCAR trying hard AF to be diverse lmfao

    Diddy DoodatDiddy Doodat21 day ago
    • KRIT is the real deal.

      AdrianBerryhillAdrianBerryhill21 day ago

    Tyler MartinTyler Martin21 day ago
  • Let’s go

    brandon jodreybrandon jodrey21 day ago
  • Krit 🤎

    Caira LeeCaira Lee21 day ago
  • I think it's going to be a fender bender fiasco anyone could win

    dan allendan allen21 day ago
  • F1 is better than NASCAR

    nhinya sakanonhinya sakano21 day ago
    • Ok ?

      Eagles Mann024Eagles Mann02421 day ago

  • Too bad it's gonna rain all weekend...

    Eric SipesEric Sipes21 day ago
  • Hope Dillon wins at Bristol

    COPO Camaro Route 66COPO Camaro Route 6621 day ago
  • KRIT makin moves🤙🏽

    Brian RamirezBrian Ramirez21 day ago
    • Ya digg😂😂

      Ja’Corian PruittJa’Corian Pruitt21 day ago
    • Big bank currency and revenue

      BeltedYapperBeltedYapper21 day ago
  • - Let's Geaux❗

    OfficialMNIBOfficialMNIB21 day ago
  • NASCAR needs something to get the Fans attention like it once did. Hope this helps. I'm excited to watch a race for the first time in years.

    Bryan HaywoodBryan Haywood21 day ago
    • Well tbh it needs the racers like they used to have

      Zach CarrZach Carr21 day ago

    Ethan DesrochersEthan Desrochers21 day ago
  • LET’S GO 🏎💨

    BIG KRITBIG KRIT21 day ago
    • Mane you on a roll!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

      Memphiz ChopzMemphiz Chopz20 days ago
    • Imma watch just cuz KRIT narrated it

      Micah GunterMicah Gunter20 days ago
    • Multi!!!

      Justin GeorgeJustin George21 day ago
    • That’s crazy my friend got me into nascar and you one of my favorite rappers now doing narration for a nascar ad

      Pat W.Pat W.21 day ago

      Braven CarlsenBraven Carlsen21 day ago
  • i hope for more dirt races in the years to come. here a idea make Martinsville back into a dirt track like it was along time ago and keep the spring Bristol dirt. me and my girlfriend is planning to go next year

    John AndersonJohn Anderson21 day ago
    • @king0cans lol how that she loves NASCAR to

      John AndersonJohn Anderson21 day ago
    • Don't plan on going with her. You two love birds will be broke up within a year.

      king0cansking0cans21 day ago
  • Larson is going to make them all drive beyond their limits, if other want to beat him on dirt, he has had a full year of practice...this is the only Nascar race I will watch this year..."Bristol in Dirt Baby"...

    Wolf Pack RacingWolf Pack Racing21 day ago
    • Completely different car than a dirt late model or a sprint car. Don't count your chickens before they hatch.

      Merc RogueMerc Rogue21 day ago
  • Come on Big KRIT!!!!!!!!

    Chan JChan J21 day ago
  • Ive been staying up all night recently trying to get my schedule straight, i hate that it HAD to happen on bristol week

    JJ Wilson VlogsJJ Wilson Vlogs21 day ago
  • I hope it’s Slick!

    j wj w21 day ago
  • Can’t wait for Larson to win his second race this season.

    Joshua PittmanJoshua Pittman21 day ago
    • Or Bell, Bell is good on dirt as well

      Tyler DudaTyler Duda21 day ago
    • Lol

      Jake DodsonJake Dodson21 day ago
  • 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗

    NEVES_gogogagaNEVES_gogogaga21 day ago
  • Let's go get that first win Quin Houff!

    Princess BPrincess B21 day ago
    • 😂😂

      Sgt. Harrington of the THOT PoliceSgt. Harrington of the THOT Police21 day ago
    • @Seth Coopers MMJ Vlogs the 🐐

      SpencerSpencer21 day ago
    • Quinn who?

      Seth Coopers MMJ VlogsSeth Coopers MMJ Vlogs21 day ago
  • This is going to be absolutely insane and I am going to love it

    What In Carnation?What In Carnation?21 day ago
    • its gonna rain where i live so its geeat so icant miss this

      maximo venturamaximo ventura21 day ago
    • If it doesn’t rain...

      Tropical EagleTropical Eagle21 day ago
  • Cant wait nascars

    Scor bunny is cute 1234 5Scor bunny is cute 1234 521 day ago
  • 11 seconds ago

    Scor bunny is cute 1234 5Scor bunny is cute 1234 521 day ago
  • Let’s go Hamlin !!

    Denny Hamlin fanDenny Hamlin fan21 day ago
  • Either this will be majestic or a total shitshow (first comment)

    Train Fan ProductionsTrain Fan Productions21 day ago
    • Yes

      Braven CarlsenBraven Carlsen21 day ago
    • @Bro Momento now I need my prize right

      stylez84 4stylez84 421 day ago
    • Do you win a prize for being the first comment or something?

      Bro MomentoBro Momento21 day ago
    • Bit of both

      stylez84 4stylez84 421 day ago
  • Yeah

    Scor bunny is cute 1234 5Scor bunny is cute 1234 521 day ago
  • Yeahhhhhhhh

    Scor bunny is cute 1234 5Scor bunny is cute 1234 521 day ago
    • @Scor bunny is cute 1234 5 No stop gett off USworlds!!!

      crusher287crusher28721 day ago
    • Noooooo

      crusher287crusher28721 day ago
  • Heyyyy

    AdorbsAdorbs21 day ago