Nas - EPMD (Official Video)

Apr 1, 2021
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Nas - "EPMD” (from Judas And The Black Messiah)
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  • The GOAT.

    The MandalorianThe Mandalorian3 minutes ago
  • Gang2

    Hau SianHau Sian16 minutes ago
  • FIYAH 🔥🔥🔥

    KilevrahzareaKilevrahzareaHour ago
  • This that shit🔥🔥🔥

    Elijah MosraeElijah MosraeHour ago
  • สวัสดีคะคะ Nas มารับชมด้ยวคะ

    Tutaphafan JumpaTutaphafan JumpaHour ago
  • I wonder why Nas who always rap that righteous letting the devil worshipping sissy use his name with no discussion. Lil x

    tingsgwantingsgwanHour ago
  • A Legend!

    Dennis B. D. F.Dennis B. D. F.Hour ago
  • That's straight HEAT

    Gil G.Gil G.Hour ago
  • LAWD he's spittin 🔥 Thanks Esco

    HizzonerHizzonerHour ago
  • I'm ROYALTY!

    CAMPOUT 999CAMPOUT 9992 hours ago
  • Need another nas and hit-boy album

    Bill MurrayBill Murray2 hours ago
  • The word "Hebrew" means to cross-over. Nas is saying don't crossover, stay in Egypt?!? Called them kings and Queens but still look like no respect for the other sex...sold that soul didn't ya? Peace out were the greatest

    M EllisM Ellis3 hours ago
  • is that a 600 pullmen benz yawl just standing on lol

    Messy the Man OfficialMessy the Man Official3 hours ago
  • This shit is 🔥

    Jeffery KnoxJeffery Knox4 hours ago
  • Nice nas!

    Kasai5Kasai55 hours ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 million + views in less than a week

    jesse kingjesse king5 hours ago
  • That's what happens when one of the best rappers of all time releases a song.

    AstralAstral5 hours ago
  • Nas is the greatest rapper to ever live, in my opinion. Rakim is my favorite rapper to ever live, in my opinion. I am 49yo. So these are my era rappers. But Nas, this ain't it. Because you are Nas, you get passes on you beat selections and songs. Nas you need to let others pick your beats bro. Jay was right on when he said that shit on takeover. Go back in with Primo, Q-Tip, Large Pro. Damn, Eric Sermon makes beats. Why not go into the lab with EPMD and make this. Eric could have made the beat which would have been fire. And you could have put them in the video or have them on the song too. Nas is such an artist. Real artist just do whatever feels good to them. This beat is wack. The song is wack. I can say this honestly because i grew up on Nas and Love him. This ain't it.

    NY State Of MindNY State Of Mind6 hours ago
  • Nuff Respect

    Melos DestroyMelos Destroy6 hours ago
  • im seein p diddy... this is NAS....Snoop is roachin...what about Chris Webby...Hi Rez...that is the Game...People are sick... and these Cats are still in blunts and bitc.... mode...

    Ante KaramatićAnte Karamatić6 hours ago
  • Poet of all time

    Don MizzyDon Mizzy6 hours ago
  • Do he pick bad beats on purpose?

  • Nice nails. Psyche. Gross

    Rick SmithRick Smith6 hours ago
  • ...go back to cemetery .Now is music absolutely another...bye

    Davey SniffrediDavey Sniffredi7 hours ago
  • Nas did you saw your Son Lil Nas X what he did

    HMZ MusicHMZ Music8 hours ago
  • Damn.. this is like medicine for the ears, mind and soul

    PabloBalkanezPabloBalkanez8 hours ago
  • Nas is a straight assassin on the 🎤💯

    Rambo SavageRambo Savage9 hours ago
  • 0:28 Name plis?

    Robson Gomes1991Robson Gomes19919 hours ago
  • You should sue your gay nephew.

    Aiden BanningAiden Banning10 hours ago
  • Legend Nas lets that name stock in yall Mendula

    Charquest Royal Brain'sCharquest Royal Brain's10 hours ago
  • Real rap. One love one god one king 👑 The real king of NY

    Soroush EmdadiSoroush Emdadi10 hours ago
  • Ayeeeee!💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼

    Succulent TarotSucculent Tarot11 hours ago
  • Bruh I just hope lil nas x doesn’t start playing at some point just because he has nas in his name

    Ariues_LoveAriues_Love11 hours ago
  • This is Rap, this is Hip-Hop. Nine of the mush mouth mumbling they called today. And on another note did y’all catch that all the help in the video were white. Just an observation.

    Katie MarbleyKatie Marbley11 hours ago
  • Kwl hip hop

    The GreatThe Great12 hours ago
  • 2pac would ate this track

    Johnny JilesJohnny Jiles12 hours ago
  • Love to see you all again, but you should've stayed retired. This reminds me of the Ghostbusters remake: Unnecessary. Still love you, though!

    Mateo SmithyMateo Smithy12 hours ago
  • Where's Erik and Parish??🤔🤔💯

    JAX JrJAX Jr12 hours ago

    UnderDogz TVUnderDogz TV14 hours ago
  • Great for the times! I really think if this isn’t going on then we are going to lose hip hop! Real hip hop!

    L AaaL Aaa14 hours ago
  • LOVE BIG BUT NEW KING OF NEW YORK ...... HIP HOP IS NOT DEAD get it GET It ...... word to hip hop AND NASTY NAS word up....... R.I.P EARL

    MrSmiles1977MrSmiles197714 hours ago
  • Esco! Don't ever sell ya masters!

    Justin StaffordJustin Stafford15 hours ago
  • To much subliminal details in this video gotta watch it multiple time

    BLACK GODBLACK GOD15 hours ago
  • 0:27 damn

    UE4 PC Game - Escape ConditionUE4 PC Game - Escape Condition15 hours ago
  • How come this guy called "NAS" is so good that rap becomes so easy for him.

    Ola BabsOla Babs15 hours ago
  • RIP DMX ✊🏾

    Nipsta 81Nipsta 8115 hours ago
  • This 🔥

    Omeezy520Omeezy52015 hours ago
  • Maddd

    Ras KweStylz Karel WhiteRas KweStylz Karel White15 hours ago
  • alwa7s refreshing to hear some actial lryics & not the same ol BS these kats rappin bout these days in every song. sex money drugs & killing. ty Nas

    isaiah williamsisaiah williams16 hours ago
  • Professor of the mic poetic

    g&j Chanelg&j Chanel16 hours ago
  • Is this a 3 minute Hennessy ad?

    The Clown Prince Of CrimeThe Clown Prince Of Crime17 hours ago
  • One million views in one week. The king is not only back but will be here forever...

    okiche vincentokiche vincent17 hours ago
  • Where’s Erick & Parrish tho🤔

  • The song is fire but the video looks like a #beyonce rip off #c'mon Nas!!!!! #this not your look at all!

  • Nas vs Jay z who's gonna quit music before 2050??

    Navas ArnoldNavas Arnold17 hours ago
  • *The G.O.A.T surrounded by 🐐 goats on top of all G.O.A.Ts🐐 🤑 😝🤪 That shit went over a lot of peoples heads 🤓👌🏿*

    DamBalla Tchort JhimBattaDamBalla Tchort JhimBatta17 hours ago
  • The only Nas I know is God Son. The king rap goat

    AP Player99AP Player9917 hours ago
  • The classic Nas... Dope verses, shitty beats

    TheConManTheConMan18 hours ago
  • Lightning in a bottle 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Des BDes B18 hours ago
  • Scantily clad women and rapping about money. When Nas said EPMD, was he purposefully trying to recreate a short sighted stereotype like it was 1989 again. You're near enough 50 years old Nas, is this really grown man rap? Pitiful.

    Rocky WashesRocky Washes18 hours ago
  • This is heat

    Mikaeel S.Mikaeel S.18 hours ago
  • Nas Never Disappoints.

    Serrico WhiteSerrico White19 hours ago
  • Congratulations to Nas for his grammy win...... The album a classic like always..... Jay Z still trash... Always trying to sound like Biggie..... - Da M$M Shop "If I ain't got it..... U don't need it!!!!"

    Miguel MeloMiguel Melo19 hours ago
  • Nas is just different!

    JToniJToni19 hours ago
  • Real rap. All these new rappers needa take notes

    frank juanknofrank juankno19 hours ago
  • Naz, killn' rhythm rhymes and beats.

    MARC TOYMARC TOY19 hours ago
  • Supa dupa tuff.

    LucasLucas19 hours ago
  • 🔥...Btw How this nigga not age?

    Renegade Red PillRenegade Red Pill19 hours ago
  • We know ur mind get crazy bro. As we all should

    Dagga SMGDagga SMG19 hours ago
  • Who would dislike this? This shit is legendary

    Nathan GloverNathan Glover20 hours ago
  • Jz is definitely out of the picture. Nas is back. Bomba clart.✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁🏁

    MC 11 viewsMC 11 views20 hours ago
  • This that Stillmatic flow. 20 years later. LONGEVITY FOR NASIR

    Bearded KingfaceBearded Kingface20 hours ago
  • My ears are smiling. More than half the stuff out now gives me a headache...but time changes everything so...thank you Nas!

    Jorge CJorge C20 hours ago
  • That's faya man🔥🔥🔥🔊 suena pulento

    NyeL zaNNyeL zaN20 hours ago
  • Nas is back!!!!

  • If i sell my masters i need a trilly

    Time MastaTime Masta20 hours ago
  • FIRE

    DynaDyna20 hours ago
  • hit boy beat go hard!!! damn

    Griffin da geneiGriffin da genei21 hour ago
  • Back to REAL BARRS & BODIES!! And l am 🙋🏽‍♀️Present for it.

    Charisse ModesteCharisse Modeste21 hour ago
  • dope shit

    Дмитрий СергеевичДмитрий Сергеевич21 hour ago
  • Shite

    Dillon GordonDillon Gordon21 hour ago
  • RIP dmx 😭

    ibrakoibrako21 hour ago
  • FIRE!!!

    Yusuf DirirYusuf Dirir22 hours ago
  • N.A.S. 🔥The 🔥G.O.A.T.

    Captain DiasporaCaptain Diaspora22 hours ago
  • 1m get

    drankindrankin22 hours ago
  • We could've done better on the beat though 😔

    777 777777 77722 hours ago
  • #thebestbet🔥

    The Best BetThe Best Bet22 hours ago
  • Tutti muti!

    Cerchia Sarda CrewCerchia Sarda Crew22 hours ago
  • ₀⁸⁰🚓⁷₀⁸ⁿ-O-⁵₀ⁿ

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid22 hours ago
  • ₀⁷ⁿ🚚🦼⁷₀ⁿ:D!(* ̄( ̄ *)₀⁸

    Frederic ReidFrederic Reid22 hours ago
  • At the time when Nas has already dropped the fattest lines Drake was still liquid 😂

    M. AM. A23 hours ago
  • Damn #Nas this was fire!!!!!!!! now you gotta drop one with EPMD I'm so glad to see the Living Legends come back Peace Ghost Black

    ghostblack305musicghostblack305music23 hours ago
  • Nas big dawg shit straight killd the game like he never left. (We back in business🍷)

    chris Gchris G23 hours ago
  • idiot nas watch ur clip mate first

    Oltean TbkOltean Tbk23 hours ago
  • The GOAT period.

    Nicolas AcostaNicolas Acosta23 hours ago
  • Boss

    M. AM. A23 hours ago
  • Fake

  • Dayum! Who is NAS mad at? This man is clearly a lyrical genius and I’ve been saying all along that if only the beats could catch up to his flow it wouldn’t be a question as to who the GOAT truly is. Salute to the greatest 💯 dope production on this track 💪🏾

    Deshonne4MVP VLOG ChannelDeshonne4MVP VLOG Channel23 hours ago
  • We have to cherish our hip-hop legends . This shit knock. S.I.P DMX🙏😢😥♥️

    Rob RodRob Rod23 hours ago