My Sister Reacts To Crazy Magic #Shorts

Apr 1, 2021
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#Shorts #magictrick #prank

  • Did you said soamya or something else??

    vanshika sharmavanshika sharma28 minutes ago
  • Its paper

    Stevan VojvodicStevan Vojvodic5 hours ago
  • Saksam ur face looks similar to guava juice

    bisma hamdiabisma hamdia6 hours ago
  • Awesome🤗❤️❤️❤️

    fay mccreafay mccrea6 hours ago
  • Again you not do

    Mahender GajulapatiMahender Gajulapati7 hours ago
  • Tipu tengok garpu dia lain2

    nana aminnana amin7 hours ago
  • You are indian

    nisha thukralnisha thukral7 hours ago
  • He had a fork and he cut the part out and teared it like that

    Weewoo WooWeewoo Woo9 hours ago
  • It fake

    Jumel AndradeJumel Andrade16 hours ago
  • Love magic wow that is good omg omg 😹😻😂😂

    Fatima BhayatFatima Bhayat22 hours ago
  • Wait what

    pratish saprupratish sapru23 hours ago
  • Cool

    Chelle MadsaChelle Madsa23 hours ago
  • He changed the fork while putting in mouth 🤣😂😂

    AGAGDay ago
  • Are you from india

    Shikha TripathiShikha TripathiDay ago
  • Wow

    tania rahmantania rahmanDay ago
  • Are you a Indian

    Vadivoo MuthappaVadivoo MuthappaDay ago
  • He changed the fork lol 😂

    Aini KhanAini KhanDay ago
  • Your indian right

    laxman ganeshlaxman ganeshDay ago
  • Are you Indian living on firgein country please reply

    Aarav SharmaAarav SharmaDay ago
  • Its not metal

    Keep up with NadiaKeep up with NadiaDay ago
  • I think that's a real life I think you just buy some cheap or so yes I really don't believe it sorry your magic tricks suck

    Neema BaruaniNeema BaruaniDay ago
  • Plot twist: the whole video was in reverse

    Lil JimmyLil JimmyDay ago
  • Come on every time i mean

    Nestor CarrilloNestor CarrilloDay ago
  • Ugh every timething and forgot and yeah

    Nestor CarrilloNestor CarrilloDay ago
  • It was a fake fork

    Kamron RobinsonKamron RobinsonDay ago
  • Son mentirosos cortaron el video y pusieron el tenedor doblado

    Nelson AvendañoNelson AvendañoDay ago
  • How you make this


    Prathvi s. ChoudharyPrathvi s. ChoudharyDay ago
  • Him: Changes fork Me: YOU CHEATERRR

    Angelina ConstantinoAngelina ConstantinoDay ago
  • Dw I CaNt tElL tHaT u SwiTcHEd tHe fOrkS

    that1kidthat1kidDay ago
  • Your magic is so dumb get a life

    Jackson Sports and gamesJackson Sports and games2 days ago
  • He is an indian?

    Anugraha Mary AnilAnugraha Mary Anil2 days ago
  • She looks like Lily Singh

    InsaiyanInsaiyan2 days ago
  • Cool

    Lorena RoseLorena Rose2 days ago
  • Wow is Wow

    Kasia MigawskaKasia Migawska2 days ago
  • Samia looks like the grown up version of my friend Aleena

    Discord RubyDiscord Ruby2 days ago
    • Ayin

      IñViÑçÍbLe GAMINGIñViÑçÍbLe GAMING23 hours ago
  • Even though he's acting like a fool, he's making good money tho

    Ronen ChristyRonen Christy2 days ago
  • “Mom, can we have Sean magic?” “We have Sean magic at home” The sean magic at home

    DELL bunnyDELL bunny2 days ago
    • Make a original comment that I can laugh at, please

      Rath dash ArtRath dash Art48 minutes ago
    • Mom can we have comments? Mom: Why not? COPIED COMMENTS AT HOME:

      Vector Brawl StarsVector Brawl StarsDay ago
  • Maybe its just a cake

  • There's a two fork and it's super fast skill and done

    Crazy DCrazy D2 days ago
  • plot twist:he used his teeth

    thinkbelle travelsthinkbelle travels2 days ago
  • Omg so cool

    Rio's WorldRio's World2 days ago
  • Your Sister Looks Like Lexi From Fgtvee

    Charlie WolfCharlie Wolf2 days ago
  • When you did the magic stick the girl in the back round looked so surprised 😅

    Sandra rSandra r2 days ago
  • عنجد عنجد طيب رني علي شلونك شلون باي

    محمد محمدمحمد محمد2 days ago
  • لك شلون سواها باين

    محمد محمدمحمد محمد2 days ago
  • is her name samia or sonja cus mine is sonja and it sounds the same

    Mimo XhulioMimo Xhulio2 days ago
  • 😂😂kkkkkk

    Sandro CaldeiraSandro Caldeira2 days ago
  • Am i real? Am i breathing? Did that girl just fake???

    strat gamer 10 realitiesstrat gamer 10 realities2 days ago
  • U are Indian right

  • Goos

    Alexa HernandezAlexa Hernandez3 days ago
  • Whats ur caste

    Gayatri NeupaneGayatri Neupane3 days ago
  • He changed it when putting it into his mouth sry bro ur not funny no one believes ur shit

    Iron PlayzIron Playz3 days ago
  • Samia is like lexy in fgteev😀😀😀😀

    Rolan FernandoRolan Fernando3 days ago
  • WOW

    Madhoo ChocouryMadhoo Chocoury3 days ago
    • ❤💙💛💚💋🖖👊

      Madhoo ChocouryMadhoo Chocoury3 days ago
  • You both have indian names

    Aprajita Dwivedi 8 cAprajita Dwivedi 8 c3 days ago
  • Omg

    Solene BarbierSolene Barbier3 days ago
  • Ok

    Jason DavisJason Davis3 days ago
  • The girl cute like a kid

    Agnes AchanAgnes Achan3 days ago
  • Li key edit cool 😎 vid tho

    Antonio FeltonAntonio Felton3 days ago
  • Sami’s: is this magic or is it my brother being stupid and telling me to say seven of clubs and then he cuts the vid

    Lilah XLilah X3 days ago
  • I hate that he explains it like if we didn’t know what the fork showed

    MercuryMercury3 days ago
  • Como lo y site

    Orfelina De JesusOrfelina De Jesus3 days ago
  • She was not suposed to tell him the card

    Hector BernalHector Bernal3 days ago
  • Indian right?

    Nungshibee SinghNungshibee Singh3 days ago
  • Saksham pls speak hindi

    Fabian gamingFabian gaming3 days ago
  • Are you indian 😅😅😅😅

    Mani KRMani KR3 days ago
  • His sister acting is ligit 🤣🤣🤣💔

    Tsaro MongzarTsaro Mongzar3 days ago
  • Becoz ur name is indian name saksham that's why I asked u

    Vageshwari TendolkarVageshwari Tendolkar3 days ago
  • Are u indian 😀

    Vageshwari TendolkarVageshwari Tendolkar3 days ago
  • It is clear where you change and put the bent fork

    Claudio RodríguezClaudio Rodríguez3 days ago
  • My mans copying sean

    zoom-2410-zoomzoom-2410-zoom4 days ago
  • Every one in the comments It's not Samia it's somya ok

    Crafty StuffsCrafty Stuffs4 days ago
  • Are you India

    Crafty StuffsCrafty Stuffs4 days ago
  • Samia: fine i'll do the tiktok but then you have to get out of my house i dont even know you

    Henry GarciaHenry Garcia4 days ago
  • Wooooo wait what I just realised he is indian like I am one tooo

    ananya naithaniananya naithani4 days ago
  • The ts feik i sho it olredy bent

    Bing OlivaBing Oliva4 days ago
  • You are all video cheating 🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😤😠😤😤😤

    Asokan RAsokan R4 days ago
  • Bruh I clearly saw u switch them look closely people fake

    Stealth GamingStealth Gaming4 days ago
  • Elon Musk doing Magic

    Mehnaz BanuMehnaz Banu4 days ago
  • جاب غير شوكه

    {M_G5} / JUMANA{M_G5} / JUMANA4 days ago
  • Are u indian

    Rekha BujjiRekha Bujji4 days ago
  • 🤯🙁😰🥵🥵😠😟😳😂😅😅🤣☺️💕☺️☺️☺️🤣😄🤣🙂😅😁😂😂🤣☺️☺️😊😊😊😊😊😃☺️😃

    Kyla HamiltonKyla Hamilton4 days ago
  • 😡😤🥱😫😱

    Maria Fe MangubatMaria Fe Mangubat4 days ago
  • OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU DO THAT (not surprised at all cause she is literally watching how he changed the fork)BUT HOLLY SH*T HOW DID YOU DO THAT

    《Salty fries.-.》《Salty fries.-.》4 days ago
  • Fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack fack

    tuure 123tuure 1234 days ago
  • The sister in her head: *why you do torture me*

    LittleTulipsLittleTulips4 days ago
  • I was actually thinking that his from india because of his name But his English made me think that he should not from india

    shadow godz Brawl starsshadow godz Brawl stars4 days ago
  • How the fuck did this guy get 1 million subscribers

    Veeresh KoliwadVeeresh Koliwad4 days ago
  • Stupid and fake as fuck. You just switched out the forks.

    Ki E-Skate ModsKi E-Skate Mods4 days ago
  • Is that your sister or daughter

    kanaga rkanaga r4 days ago
  • HoW DiD yOu dO tHaT????

    Lil' GetaLil' Geta4 days ago
  • Cute siblings.

    SanaSana4 days ago
  • Bruh this so fake but you gotta love the effort

    ttv-k3nt0ttv-k3nt04 days ago
  • Why samia looks like lexi in the fgteev?!

    Joselito RegañonJoselito Regañon4 days ago
  • Į saw he changes the fork look at the side that he turns

    Melita JMelita J4 days ago
  • When he said Samia I heard it like Soumya LOL

    cloudy ._.cookiebearcloudy ._.cookiebear4 days ago
  • I think they are Indians

    Likhi's new technologyLikhi's new technology4 days ago
  • Jhoot impossible

    suha suhailsuha suhail4 days ago