My Pet Bass are Spawning!

Apr 4, 2021
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My two pet bass are spawning in our backyard pond! Subscribe to see more backyard pond videos!
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  • Comment below what you think we should name the new baby turtle and crawfish!

    BamaBassBamaBass6 days ago
    • Tetris(baby turtle) & Daffy 'duck'(small lobster)

      First LastFirst Last9 hours ago
    • moon for the turtle and raker for the craw fish

      kayane simpsonkayane simpson14 hours ago
    • One Walter the other heisenberg🤔

      Sam SwannSam SwannDay ago
    • @blake greenwell nah

      Spender TenderSpender TenderDay ago
    • Turtle McTurtle face Craw McCrawfish face

      blake greenwellblake greenwellDay ago
  • Turtle name is owen

    Owen 06Owen 065 hours ago
  • 🥇🥇🥇🥇Bebop and Rocksteady

    Dank JankingsDank Jankings8 hours ago
  • I’d say moby should step up to the plate. Bonnies babies are gonna get the good genes from him😂

    MemeznfishingMemeznfishing12 hours ago
  • Name the turtle snap

    William DestroyerWilliam Destroyer13 hours ago
  • Crawfish: Carl

    Andrew BauerAndrew Bauer13 hours ago
  • Turtle: leonardo

    Andrew BauerAndrew Bauer13 hours ago
  • @bamabass. Name the turtle “Chester”. And the crawfish “rusty” cause of his colors

    Sprint FishingSprint Fishing14 hours ago
  • Simone and pumba

    Joe BrewerJoe Brewer14 hours ago
  • Name the turtle rango

    Mythical ShrimpMythical Shrimp14 hours ago
  • What happened to the specked trout

    David The gDavid The g14 hours ago
  • Name the turtle skippy

    Mello FlkxMello Flkx15 hours ago
  • tim the turtle and craig the crawfish

    Landon DixonLandon Dixon19 hours ago
  • The turtle Tiny the craw fish Craston

    Grady CouchGrady Couch20 hours ago

    Jared RamosJared Ramos20 hours ago
  • Tim and Tina

  • name one batman and one robin

    Beginner FisherBeginner FisherDay ago
  • Name the Craw fish Leroy, and Name the Turtle Rafael

    Sploofy OGSploofy OGDay ago
  • Fish really be just vibing

    Mr.Jay_TheProphetMr.Jay_TheProphetDay ago
  • That was actually quite cool and entertaining and I raised my kids that same way

    Ric RinehartRic RinehartDay ago
  • name the turtle Sneaker and the crawfish Slash

    Robert WorrellsRobert WorrellsDay ago
  • Moby is a beast love watching him eat! Had oscars same thing.

    Jon BrittonJon BrittonDay ago
  • name the turtle dixie

    5 Youngs5 YoungsDay ago
  • You should name the crawfish larry

    Bimmie BoysBimmie BoysDay ago
  • Turtle should be Ezekiel, from the bible and the crawfish should be Sabin, ROLLTIDE

    Wilson HodgesWilson HodgesDay ago
  • When using crayfish as food for fish you should pull the pinchers off... tey it the bass will love it...bluegill too...

    Cool NameCool NameDay ago
  • Name the turtle ‘George’.

  • Name the turtle Frodo after Frodo Baggins from lord of the rings

    Devin StreitzDevin StreitzDay ago
  • How long did it take to build that backyard pond and how much did it cost? Rough estimate

    Robert WeskerRobert WeskerDay ago
  • Turtle:Finneas Crawfish: Ferb

    Sawyer CheffSawyer CheffDay ago
  • Pls name the turtle tippy

    Spender TenderSpender TenderDay ago
  • The crayfish should be named mudbug

    Cooper TroutCooper TroutDay ago
  • Name the turtle and crawfish butch cassidy and the crawfish the Sundance kid or timon and pumba

    Thomas BledsoeThomas BledsoeDay ago
  • Name the turtle Jeff

    Clayton ColstonClayton ColstonDay ago
  • Name the baby turtle "tokka" and the crawfish "rahzar" to stick with the ninja turtle theme.

    Rodolfo MaldonadoRodolfo Maldonado2 days ago
  • 👍👍

    andry serayuandry serayu2 days ago
  • Sprinter.

    JuniiorJuniior2 days ago
  • I was always told crappie are bad for bass because they destroy their nest.. is that faults?

    Ryan CarverRyan Carver2 days ago
  • Turtle name stumper and crawfish name little pinch because he so small and you should measure all your fish

    Renee MassinghamRenee Massingham2 days ago
  • You got a new subscriber 🤙🏼

    Bryson MyersBryson Myers2 days ago
  • dont cut the oak down. let it continue its life

    Just_Another_RedneckJust_Another_Redneck2 days ago
  • Name the turtle “bama”

    Louisiana outdoors TVLouisiana outdoors TV2 days ago
  • Name the turtle micheal Angelo and the cray fish bruno:-)

    Jason NeffJason Neff2 days ago
  • Soon it's gonna be Bonnie and Moby and then you'll have to change the kick ass song. lol

    Blake BlackstoneBlake Blackstone2 days ago
  • Donatello or Micheal Angelo!!

    Jeffery AndrewsJeffery Andrews2 days ago
  • Larry lobster and Franklin the turtle

    Samuel ReimannSamuel Reimann2 days ago
  • Name the turtle Mississippi and the crawfish Denver

    Easton AtkinsonEaston Atkinson2 days ago
  • Crawfish: lee Turtle: carter When you said dynamic duo i couldn't help but think of rush hours greatest duo

    Jeremiah KhangJeremiah Khang2 days ago
  • You should name the turtle Squirtle. named after the Pokemon

    Jess LoydJess Loyd2 days ago
  • Pluto the turtle

    Holly RasavongHolly Rasavong2 days ago
  • Raph for the turtle and tiny Tim for the crawfish

    Jackson PetersonJackson Peterson2 days ago
  • 1:55 seeing that bass yawn brought back memory’s of last years spawn. Can’t wait for this years!

    Liam ThomasLiam Thomas2 days ago
  • this is good for the,soul

    Tunzz ZTunzz Z2 days ago
  • Mr Snappy and mr claw

    NickNick2 days ago
  • Kurt the turtle

    AydenAyden2 days ago
  • Kurt

    AydenAyden2 days ago
  • Its been forever since I have been over and watched videos. And your little girl has gotten so big.

    Cameron LayesCameron Layes2 days ago
  • Name the turtle rocko

    Aiden GedamoskeAiden Gedamoske2 days ago
  • Name the turtle Jack, and crawfish Sparrow

    BitByBitBitByBit2 days ago
  • Myrtle the turtle!

    Pacific Northwest OutdoorsPacific Northwest Outdoors2 days ago
  • Name turtle, Franklin and crawfish Larry

    Ryan HasenzahlRyan Hasenzahl3 days ago
  • name the turtle Jesse because he is faster than Jesse Owens

    PobudPobud3 days ago
  • Question. Would your farm poud is done would you let people come out to see it??

    Joseph DacusJoseph Dacus3 days ago
    • Yessir!

      BamaBassBamaBass2 days ago
  • I think be Danny and Kenickie. Be good names.

    Joseph DacusJoseph Dacus3 days ago
  • Turtle: sponge bob Crawfish: Patrick

    Corey ChandlerCorey Chandler3 days ago
  • Name the turtle Casey Jones from teenage mutant ninja turtles to go along with the group

    Trey G.Trey G.3 days ago
  • Turtle: moby or toby

    Lukas DreherLukas Dreher3 days ago
    • Edit: it should be Toby for moby

      Lukas DreherLukas Dreher3 days ago
  • Boyle and jake

    Bobby EllisBobby Ellis3 days ago
  • country music sounds the same evrywhere you go i guess. the intro music sounds something strait outta my poor old country Bangladesh

    Omar the Atheist AzizOmar the Atheist Aziz3 days ago
  • Turtle-Rick and crawfish-Morty because they are a duo😁

    Joesph BenavidesJoesph Benavides3 days ago
  • Why dont you leave the tree in there?

    claytonsmokingclaytonsmoking3 days ago
  • Name the turtle Tater and the craw salad

    Diemos322 JonesDiemos322 Jones3 days ago
  • Name the turtle Mikey and the crawfish Larry the lobster

    Cody XCody X3 days ago
  • name the turtle john

    Littleninja999Littleninja9993 days ago
  • name the turtle speedy

    Jweav772Jweav7723 days ago
  • Ren and stimpy Ren the turtle Stimpy the crawfish

    nelson pagannelson pagan3 days ago
  • Cheeto and potato chip

    Chris BrownChris Brown3 days ago
  • I know I’m 3 days late but it would be cool if you named the turtle Franklin 🐢

    KadengKadeng3 days ago
  • Turtle *running for it’s life* “oh he’s a playful little guy” lol

    Chris KirbyChris Kirby3 days ago
  • Name the crawfish Crawdaddy and the turtle Donatello

    Andrew CrawfordAndrew Crawford3 days ago
  • What do you feed your bass

    Trent MartinTrent Martin3 days ago
  • I think the names should be 'Smith and Wesson'

    TacoLivinOffroadTacoLivinOffroad3 days ago
  • I think that "Dom & Prawny" could be a good duo

    maxime neveumaxime neveu3 days ago
  • Name the crawfish Sebastion like the lobster from the little mermaid

    RIORIO3 days ago
  • Turtle: Patton Crawdad: Montgomery Your lures (gizzard shad & swim blade) came in today, can't wait to wet their hooks.

    Dan PiersonDan Pierson3 days ago
  • I'm going to start putting those mats in my home lake lol,they seem to like those pretty good,do you know why they're so attracted to them,great video

    Scott ClarkScott Clark3 days ago
  • Larry the lobster from spongebob and shelly from a movie I can not remeber

    misfit fam1024misfit fam10243 days ago
  • I had a turtle and a crawdad in the same tank and the craw put grew the turtle and killed him... I was devastated for the loss of Jeremy Wade.

    Blake BennettBlake Bennett3 days ago
  • Where do you get your aquariums from?

    O'kay LidellO'kay Lidell3 days ago
  • 10:00 he’s happy as can be HE JUST LOST HIS ARMS

    PlaguesourcePlaguesource3 days ago
  • Cindy Craw-ford

    Warman EmWarman Em3 days ago
  • Name the crawfish Mr. Krabs

    juan duranjuan duran3 days ago
  • Tom and Jerry

    RideRed240 21RideRed240 213 days ago
  • i say u name the crawfish "shark bait". just sounds like a cool name

    TheLawlessBearTheLawlessBear3 days ago
  • You should change to every other day bc I love ur channel and I am bored

    Flair big fan!Flair big fan!3 days ago
  • The turtle shall be called Frizbee

    Nados RanchNados Ranch3 days ago
  • Leave the oak in the pond

    Mike QuintonMike Quinton3 days ago
  • The Pet Bass Pond is looking great!!!

    Ed BeaulieuEd Beaulieu3 days ago
  • Name the craw fish Hickory, after a local semi pro ball team here in NC named the Hickory Crawdads

    On The Water with DibOn The Water with Dib4 days ago
  • I think the duo should be Batman and robin

    Andrew WhiteAndrew White4 days ago