Feb 21, 2021
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  • Hell yeah bro , cashing out vehicles is the way to go not being slaved by the bank ‼️

    Ponchiii MPonchiii M4 days ago
  • Bruh how does my boy statick Leo have like 200 truck and only have 168 thousand followers

    Angel AlfonsoAngel Alfonso5 days ago
  • Need to tune it delete

    El rzr CuhhEl rzr Cuhh6 days ago
  • Love the truck big dogg, can’t wait to see the progress!!! If you read this, I order a sticker for the red GMC about a month now and haven’t not received it yet, thx!!!

    Alberto GonzalezAlberto Gonzalez7 days ago
  • How tf does Leo have all this money, wish I knew 😔

    Bryan HernandezBryan Hernandez9 days ago
  • I like how he is going to add a 100 shot of nitrous to the Tbss

    ChrisChris9 days ago
  • Dont drop it keep it lifted

    Alfredo RamAlfredo Ram9 days ago
  • Nice one bro keep up the great work brotha 🤘🔥💯

    low boosted Accordlow boosted Accord9 days ago
  • hes gonna end up giving it away like Freddy did with the dually 🙄🤦‍♂️

    Carlos LozanoCarlos Lozano9 days ago
  • Rig it up with a pipe pro 400 and do a giveaway more money

    JJLSXJJLSX9 days ago
  • Seems like every channel you go on now turns into sweepstakes channel It that’s how they get the money quick keep up the great work

  • StatikLeO making BossMoveS once more Again!

    Roger MedinaRoger Medina9 days ago
  • Bola de Tacuaches cuhhhh 😂😂😂

    B CB C10 days ago
  • Interior swap 😂

    Eddie MartinezEddie Martinez10 days ago
  • Ford sucks bro 👎🏽👎🏽

    henry is mehenry is me10 days ago
  • Why single cabs? 🤦‍♂️

    ps31871ps3187110 days ago
  • is that an stx badge on a dually LMAO

    Jack Mahoney élèveJack Mahoney élève10 days ago
  • Ppl are saying “don’t drop it” when he’s called “STATIKleo” for a reason 🙄

    Chavo.701Chavo.70110 days ago
  • thought u said ""eww ford ""

    Obs JObs J10 days ago
  • U should do a sunroof

    BrianGonzalezBrianGonzalez10 days ago
  • Need an update on all the giveaways

    Julio MartinezJulio Martinez10 days ago
  • When are you going too work on your little brothers truck

    chinx musicchinx music11 days ago
  • U should lift it on forces 🤝

    Martin6.0Martin6.011 days ago
  • Change the name to statik trocas 😂

    TheBigXoticcTheBigXoticc11 days ago
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    CristianCristian11 days ago
  • Lift it

    Ruben_ TvRuben_ Tv11 days ago
  • Who remembers “ what’s going on guys Statik Leo here “ while he lookin dead at the camera 😂😂 my boy done came up 🔥

    William GonzalezWilliam Gonzalez11 days ago
    • 😂

      Omar DaysOmar Days5 days ago
  • Leo do your thang...just a little confused.. 🤔 buying all this then add ons...why not just spend the money and get it all over with..y luego la gmc..? Why not just get the denali 🤨 🤷🏻‍♂️ just saying..not a hating at all..

    doseofjj 21doseofjj 2111 days ago
  • Should’ve gotten a crew cab

    DeanRoadersDeanRoaders11 days ago
  • Congrats, stay up g

    Yovani MartinezYovani Martinez11 days ago
  • Did this nigga say he gonna drop the dually ?

    Adam CardozaAdam Cardoza11 days ago
  • THats a fucking badazz truck bro ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯💯💴💴🇲🇽🇲🇽💵💵👍🏽

    Chuy Mr 210 Most HatedChuy Mr 210 Most Hated11 days ago
  • Delete tune it and straight pipe

    J. Garza 45J. Garza 4511 days ago
  • yall need to raffle joel's ram lol id buy all the merch

    Signle_Cab_CeelosSignle_Cab_Ceelos11 days ago
  • Idk how tf you do it but i admire you dawg💯

    Alexis AlvaradoAlexis Alvarado11 days ago
  • Am I the only one that notice how the single cab Silverado just disappeared

    Victor SarabiaVictor Sarabia11 days ago
  • Raffle the corvette 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻😎🤯🤯

    Brayan 2019Brayan 201911 days ago
  • Leo stop buying fords you are 💯 Chevy and GMC Sierra I know you please

    GMC Sierra Life Style El chino RojasGMC Sierra Life Style El chino Rojas11 days ago
  • Put a any level lift on the new tow pig!

    Markus GonzalesMarkus Gonzales11 days ago
  • I want to win the give away becouse my dad has been wanting a truck like this

    Hector DanielHector Daniel11 days ago
  • CORVETTE 🏎🗯🤯😎

    Brayan 2019Brayan 201912 days ago
  • Where are the corvette videos 🤯🤯🤯

    Brayan 2019Brayan 201912 days ago
  • I was the one on FaceTime today you fought me off guard

    Jacob FragaJacob Fraga12 days ago
  • Good choice of picking a ford 👌

    biggestlittleLSbiggestlittleLS12 days ago
  • Where can I find a 2017-2018 single cab Sierra sle 5.3 4x4 low miles ?

  • Beautiful Red GMC‼️

    Willie ArroyoWillie Arroyo12 days ago
  • Tu sige asiendo lo k ases viejo all ur trucks are clean af y tu sige dándole duro a la vida

    Lupita MontoyaLupita Montoya12 days ago
  • Si quemara?

    Erick PérezErick Pérez12 days ago
  • Welcome to the powerstroke diesel man!!! Its a ford world vato!!! Cant wait to see these ford builds!!

    Texasdentsides EsquivelTexasdentsides Esquivel12 days ago
    • No since the 90s and even before the powerstroke bud I drove a 6.9. Ford. Standard.

      Texasdentsides EsquivelTexasdentsides Esquivel12 days ago
    • No mms you probably a 99 power joke talking about welcome...

      Jared LeeJared Lee12 days ago
  • Check out @jose_salddivar’s dualy build on ig🔥

    Johnny HeadasssJohnny Headasss12 days ago
  • Crosby ford dealership

    Manny De La CruzManny De La Cruz12 days ago
  • Nigga I know USworlds ain’t paying you that good u be pushing white I swear to god

    El CuhEl Cuh12 days ago
  • Puro vato pesado 🔥🔥

    1_Slow_4x41_Slow_4x412 days ago
  • Half the video was just intro with music cmon man.

    Elian AndradeElian Andrade12 days ago
  • I bought a shirt since like the 13th of February I still haven’t got a type of tracking number or anything

    PabloPablo12 days ago
  • cómprele forgiatos cuáles forces 🤣

    Dominik Garcia RamirezDominik Garcia Ramirez12 days ago
  • Get thuren or carli leveling springs to level it out with their sway bar. Your back will thank you later 👍🏻👍🏻 oh yeah and delete delete!

    Dustin HallmarkDustin Hallmark12 days ago
  • lol my boys balls finally dropped n finally got herself a diesel

    Adan GarciaAdan Garcia12 days ago
  • You did good on a ford

    Hector EspinozaHector Espinoza12 days ago
  • Esta chingona la for puro statikleo

    Abigail PatinoAbigail Patino12 days ago
  • Nice !! I like those single cab Duallys . I need one to haul my 3 cars

    Jesse JuarezJesse Juarez12 days ago
  • Leo bro you need help moving al them toys..I got chu

    Victor NavaVictor Nava12 days ago
  • leo on that GTA shit 30 truck garage

    Jahasiel pena enriquezJahasiel pena enriquez12 days ago
  • That dually is nice but Leo should of got a 4 door

    Blxze Swxvy ❶Blxze Swxvy ❶12 days ago

    EL CHEKEEL CHEKE12 days ago
  • Make the dually a short bed lol

    Daniel GonzalezDaniel Gonzalez12 days ago
  • Definitely lift that dully

    Efren RuizEfren Ruiz12 days ago
  • Dayum u pulling out G

    JC CarrilloJC Carrillo12 days ago
  • All the white truck are stating to look like they uhaul lineup Leo cambiale

    Vergotiarte El yoyoVergotiarte El yoyo12 days ago
  • As a business person Leo is incredible. I can’t comprehend the logistics behind his brand and being able to obtain these trucks and truck parts. He’s probably spending on average $2000 per video. How is he able to stay liquid as well as buying new trucks. Idk I wanna know

    jackjack12 days ago
    • That fact that you don’t know and are just assuming means you don’t know and your just assuming...So you don’t know about shit being incredible

      Jared LeeJared Lee12 days ago
  • Put the f450 front fenders

    Jonathan RazoJonathan Razo12 days ago
  • Do a DEF and PDF delete 🔥🔥🔥🥵🥵

    Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado12 days ago
  • I fuck with leo but i know damn well he be getting loans for all this shit either way big up bro

    Gengi 615Gengi 61512 days ago
  • Drop that tow pig🤑🤑🤑

    Dank AnchovyDank Anchovy12 days ago
  • Leo is always on his grind💪🏼💯

    Russ GrunwaldRuss Grunwald12 days ago
  • Why a single cab dually 😭😭

    ricky azuaricky azua12 days ago
  • Level kit and mud tires

    zinkontrolmotorsports rgvtruckzinkontrolmotorsports rgvtruck12 days ago
  • instead of playing that goofy ahh music play some dj screw or slowed cumbia or some just make sure it’s un copyright

    JberollinJberollin12 days ago
  • Damn it boy . Another one .

    Hector’s GarageHector’s Garage12 days ago
  • new Chevy has shitty quality, so is ram. ford is at least still decent.

    InForTheWin32InForTheWin3212 days ago
  • Que chingon que toda la RAZA DE HOUSTON sea unida 💯 entre Mexicanos es dificil porque siempre hay envidia but my respects to all of you out there doing big MOVES 🇲🇽🤘

    Trokero Mata CaritaTrokero Mata Carita12 days ago
  • How much cash does this guy have lol. Practically every week a new ride 😂

    Kroos KontrolKroos Kontrol12 days ago
  • Los chevy owners hating. Lol ugly looking trucks, oil leaks, slipping transmissions, rear ends breaking, claiming is better then a Ford. Why a Ford? Because it can tow the most. All the new ford motors 3.5, 5.0 and 2.7 la pela la 4.6, 5.3, 6.0 y la 6.2 🤣

    JEsus GarayJEsus Garay12 days ago
    • I like chevy a lot but I got to admit, new chevy is shit quality. the engine is the only good thing. ford is nice honestly

      InForTheWin32InForTheWin3212 days ago
  • I thought there was snow ❄️ all over Texas !

    MAG KomanderMAG Komander12 days ago
    • Snowed for like 2 days then all melted away next day was like 80 degrees outside hella hot

      John JJohn J11 days ago
    • Right!

      Molly AnneMolly Anne12 days ago
  • That silverado has some ugly lines compared to the GMC. Yeah they copied the Tundra design just like the corvette copied lambos. I got a blue lifted F150 2.7 twin turbo. I got that grille you like. Lol. But Mines 2019. That ford 💪 you'll see why they better.

    JEsus GarayJEsus Garay12 days ago
  • 😍 bad ass dually

    Davith RuizDavith Ruiz12 days ago
  • Anda recio

    Motorcycle GarageMotorcycle Garage12 days ago
  • leo no anda con mamadas

    luis fernandezluis fernandez12 days ago
  • Sheesh New Bodies Only 🥵🔥🔥😈

    christianoxchristianox12 days ago
  • Ponle un cam mamalon

    Arturo TorresArturo Torres12 days ago
  • fords are hella slept on they hella nice but ppl hate on them cuz it’s a trend most don’t even know why😂🤦‍♂️

    SedatedSedated12 days ago
  • Like the og 🅿️🅰️

    Isaias HernandezIsaias Hernandez12 days ago
  • Damn this nigga got enough money to get all these trucks . Damn that's rite papa

    luis encisoluis enciso12 days ago
  • Why does the denali bed look so weird

    ØNN ŁUKKYØNN ŁUKKY12 days ago
  • Does anyone know when is the last day to enter?

    Miguel RodriguezMiguel Rodriguez12 days ago
  • Bro u should give us a update on all your trucks and your brothers what's the plan for them

    Squad HDSquad HD12 days ago
  • A lariat would have been nice or if you ever get another diesel get a 2021 denali hd

    Lucio RodriguezLucio Rodriguez12 days ago
  • Color match that white 😍

    jesusjesus12 days ago
  • Take off the head rest of the middle seat so it can look better

    JGweldingJGwelding12 days ago
  • why a single cab tho?? Should of got a 4 door

    LuissLuiss12 days ago