My Mom Has Been Asking To Drive My Car 570faris

Apr 1, 2021
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#tiktok #shorts
My Mom Has Been Asking To Drive My Car 570faris
Credit is in the title.
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  • That's a CVS receipt for the 2 items she bought

    bryanbryan40 minutes ago
  • Ha Hah

    Cesar CamposCesar Campos52 minutes ago
  • He sounds like Skeppy

    XxPurpleToastxXXxPurpleToastxXHour ago
  • It looks like brent's neighborhood

    Dream ClipsDream ClipsHour ago
  • Nobody cares

    #love Alice angel # Fuck you bitch#love Alice angel # Fuck you bitchHour ago
  • That looks like a MrBeast car

    Kakashi SupremeKakashi SupremeHour ago
  • I have that car in grand theft auto five

    angel cruzangel cruzHour ago
  • I thought the car would’ve been total no offense

    Cookiedough LolCookiedough LolHour ago
  • I bet that mustang blew the doors of that piece of shit

    Daytona DuggerDaytona DuggerHour ago
  • Yeah no way in hell this is real.

    Zac TellierZac TellierHour ago
  • Why they both happy about a ticket

    ReaperGhostReaperGhostHour ago
  • Who wants such a ugly car? Sorry but that's a No Go xD

    J. E.J. E.2 hours ago
  • That sure is one short cvs receipt

    berg bergberg berg2 hours ago
  • I wouldn't let my mum drive my super car (if I had one) even if I would get grounded for me not letting my mom drive my car

    Blue FatedBlue Fated2 hours ago
  • F is for friends who do stuff together U is for you and me N is for anywhere at anytime at all Down here in tiktok toxicity

    Kevin QuinnKevin Quinn2 hours ago
  • Kmart Recipt?😂😂😂

    Yuxng DiamondsYuxng Diamonds3 hours ago
  • Bruh look at the shadows. Not even 30 minutes has passed bruh

    Arkanium VArkanium V3 hours ago
  • Minute she said gotya hommie i was like.... no mom go to your room and think about what you did

    katalyst productionskatalyst productions3 hours ago
  • FAKE FAMILY there's a camera in her face just remember that when you feel bad about your own life not being as happy they do this shit for money.

    Andy6 Schofield7Andy6 Schofield73 hours ago
  • Why does the light shine like that in cameras but in human eyes not or is it just a filter

    Pedro PérezPedro Pérez5 hours ago
  • Is that a receipt?

    Alvin KairuAlvin Kairu5 hours ago
  • Funny the shadow angle didn’t change at all?

    Gba GbaGba Gba5 hours ago

    markedhayden7markedhayden75 hours ago
  • Now his insurance will go up!

    Jesus is my Savior THE LIVING GODJesus is my Savior THE LIVING GOD6 hours ago
  • *waving around receipt* "I got a ticket!". Yeah this is fake

    Snake ofMintHumbugsSnake ofMintHumbugs7 hours ago
  • The cotton candy colors 😍

    whowho9 hours ago
  • Fucking rich people they even flex on us broke man with a ticket

    LuckyrooLuckyroo10 hours ago
  • What kind of vehicle is that?

    Mountain Goddess LoveMountain Goddess Love10 hours ago
  • That's literally a CVS ticket.

    MaSwizzleMaSwizzle11 hours ago
  • That car is hideous lol smol pp energy

    Steve StadlerSteve Stadler11 hours ago
  • This seems way too fake. It says a few hours later and the light dosent change at all. She also seems way to happy to get a ticket.

  • That video is staged but it clearly shows us a relation between a son and a mom we can never have

    Johnny SinsJohnny Sins13 hours ago
  • Nice receipt

    Thomas BrodenThomas Broden13 hours ago
  • Something tells me that this car doesn't hold enough fuel to drive for "a few hours" and if she couldn't figure out how to start the car, she definitely wouldn't know how to refill it.

    Ewan ProsserEwan Prosser13 hours ago
  • It's an automatic

    Gavin RopchanGavin Ropchan13 hours ago
  • Do you need a stepfather?

    Aman NaiAman Nai14 hours ago
  • Lmao

    Kingray 40Kingray 4014 hours ago
  • Hope that ticket was worth it

    True.SonnnTrue.Sonnn14 hours ago
  • The way you blanked her 😂

    ChannelChannel14 hours ago
  • Imagine having enough money to get happy about a ticket

    Jack MekoffJack Mekoff14 hours ago
  • Ok why does the guy sound like skeppy- 💀

    BooBerryPancakeBooBerryPancake14 hours ago

    Delilah GillisDelilah Gillis14 hours ago
  • He let his mom drive his McLean 600LT Coup’. Nice

    Super SynickSuper Synick15 hours ago
  • Why does he sound like skeppy. Is that skeppy?

    Nameistakennow PotatoNameistakennow Potato15 hours ago
  • WTF

    عبدالله متعب السيفعبدالله متعب السيف15 hours ago
  • It was funny when she was laughing when she got a ticket

    Celia the gamerCelia the gamer15 hours ago
  • Noticed your car for sale on CarGurus while I was shopping for a 600LT. 😅

    Tom G.Tom G.16 hours ago
  • That’s a dope carrrrrrrrrr

    Samuel MendozaSamuel Mendoza16 hours ago
  • I got a ticket once that was so long I had to use rocks to hold it down while unrolling it on the ground. Was able to get 11 points reduced to zero on that list of violations during that stop.

    matthew andradematthew andrade16 hours ago
  • How old are you? Your mom looks 35

    Philip ToddPhilip Todd17 hours ago
  • She’s probably the owner junior, don’t think you could afford something that extravagant considering you only do USworlds videos junior

    WickedOnE 21WickedOnE 2117 hours ago
  • That is one ugly car, would rather have an old Chevy pickup.

    David T.David T.17 hours ago
  • This whole fucking video is fake as shit lol

    Austin JensenAustin Jensen18 hours ago
  • So this is where you force your gf to act as your mom......

    Nostalgia GamingNostalgia Gaming18 hours ago
  • Why would you not trust your mom?

    Dave Xander VillapazDave Xander Villapaz18 hours ago
  • "mustang"

    BarneyBarney18 hours ago
  • Bruh that can't be your mom unless she was 10 then had u maby

    Tendank starTendank star18 hours ago
  • What do you do for living?

    Captured _Rose:]Captured _Rose:]18 hours ago
  • Shadows haven’t change in few hours Lol

    ILIA GhpILIA Ghp18 hours ago
  • Wait how old is your mom? She looks pretty young there lol

    EmoBoy0099EmoBoy009919 hours ago
  • You kinda sound like skeppy 😧

    Xpixel _FreakXXpixel _FreakX19 hours ago
  • you know our boy going which way , F

    zilia huizilia hui19 hours ago
  • Look at the shadow its on the same position when she came back

    TatuchiTatuchi19 hours ago
  • The car is ugly

    Muds BPGMuds BPG19 hours ago
  • she's so proud that she got a ticket😂

    Jerome ColladoJerome Collado19 hours ago
  • The whole comment section: Shadows in same spot Y yall paying such close attention to damn shadows 😐

    Malfoy, Draco MalfoyMalfoy, Draco Malfoy19 hours ago
  • Few hours means few minute

    Hanii f DarrHanii f Darr20 hours ago
  • "Gotchya homie" I love it 😂

    Rainbow SproutzRainbow Sproutz20 hours ago
  • So I guess the police is associated with CVS Pharmacy?

    LunaKitty1990LunaKitty199020 hours ago
  • Mustang owner chillin meclearn girl honks horn Mustang owner this bitch really think I'm about to race a super car

    fat boyfat boy21 hour ago
  • *drives down road and turns around at corner drives back*

    Brisk .1Brisk .121 hour ago
  • His mom looks young af. I hope I look like her at that age!

    I MI M21 hour ago
  • Hes clearly just trying to show his cars off

    shell companyshell company21 hour ago
  • Rich people problems

    Alexandria HartAlexandria Hart21 hour ago
  • She drove out to buy some ticket, speeding ticket

    SpaceBat StuckonEarthSpaceBat StuckonEarth23 hours ago
  • 3 words Best mom ever

    Anna Salvador-CerdeñaAnna Salvador-Cerdeña23 hours ago
  • This video will not get much view if the mom driving a cheap car

    mine stronemine strone23 hours ago
  • Total comments 2021

    DarkBio MiniDarkBio Mini23 hours ago
  • Was is parking tickets 🙄

    akki Jaiswalakki Jaiswal23 hours ago
  • must be nice to you know live in a nice big house with mercedes benz cars and beamers and having a son thst owns a mclaren

    214 Purppp214 Purppp23 hours ago
  • I thought she got mcdonalds and showed the receipt to you😂

  • That’s a nice receipt sis ✋🏻😩

    SH0k0 C0RESH0k0 C0REDay ago
  • Your mom looks so young, how ?

    alok srivastavaalok srivastavaDay ago
  • I mean at least there wasn’t a scratch on it

    Makayla valentinMakayla valentinDay ago
  • 'guys that put their instagram handle on their car'

    MegistiusMegistiusDay ago
  • He's acting like his moms gonna crash it even though she's even driving for 20+ years and he's been driving for like 2 🙃

    Lanitana100Lanitana100Day ago
  • The car like a mermaid car :o

    FIARAYYAN321ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔFIARAYYAN321ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔDay ago
  • Lmfao fake ticket but danm imagine that though

    Wilfred M, KereruWilfred M, KereruDay ago
  • Guy drives a blue and pink car?

    BaltimoreActualBaltimoreActualDay ago
  • Simps be out here

    A IA IDay ago
  • Why wouldn't you let your mom drive it the first time she asked?

    Gabriel EdwardGabriel EdwardDay ago
  • Ugly girls car that one.

    Dewsta26Dewsta26Day ago
  • The color scheme looks like it was meant for your momma

    Ninja fitNinja fitDay ago
  • Damn this tickets be looking like the target recients...strange

    Sn DaniSn DaniDay ago
  • Why’d he put a voice over if he was gonna talk anyway?😂

    Luis MorenoLuis MorenoDay ago
  • The fake ticket is longer than the 10 commandments.

    Private Mafia GunnaPrivate Mafia GunnaDay ago