Oct 15, 2020
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  • Yes girl!! She’s not from New York 👱🏻‍♀️

    FrancescaFrancesca2 minutes ago
  • when burger and carrie argue over the scrunchie at the bar...its perfect...nice Jaclyn way to see you happy! keep it up!

    Rebecca BellissimoRebecca Bellissimo7 minutes ago
  • I'm all for the cozy video

    Lea Ann CassidyLea Ann Cassidy7 minutes ago
  • words. Loved it.

    vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb10 minutes ago
  • Can’t wait for the cozy video 😍😍 Jaclyn is truely the best reference to everything cozy 😍🥰

    Roxanne LarochelleRoxanne Larochelle20 minutes ago
  • Girl! Your have to try the dark foam from bindi, and the oil, it’s warm tone and amazing. The areo and ultra dark make you green toned and dry!! Xxxx

    Sian DingleySian Dingley28 minutes ago
  • Just placed an order for my candles!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Searrow ShawSearrow Shaw37 minutes ago
    • We need a tutorial on this look!! I love it 🥰

      vliduu zeebvliduu zeeb9 minutes ago
  • One of the cutest episode in SATC. "She thinks am a New Yorker" :)

    bethnie dorsainvilbethnie dorsainvil47 minutes ago
  • I experienced the same thing with Yankee Candle recently! BBW is the way to go!

    PANDA 325PANDA 325Hour ago
  • Where is her plaid shirt from? Cuz wow 😻

    TahiyaTahiyaHour ago
  • YES GIRL NO ONE EVER KNOWS ABOUT TH ECANDY CORN AND PEANUTS UNTIL I SHOW THEM lol my grandpa is from nebraska and he used to make it all the time and now i have to have it every fall! 😍

    Emma HerskovitsEmma HerskovitsHour ago
  • Ahhh I love WoodWick Candles too!!!

    Brooke FurnariBrooke FurnariHour ago
  • Imperial Pumking Stout is delish!! Southern Tier is the best!!

    Brooke FurnariBrooke FurnariHour ago
  • Loveeee these videos!! ❤️❤️ I’m usually a die-hard Bath and Body Works candle person but I’ve been loving the Target Threshold candles, especially the one in Pumpkin Spice. It’s scent carries more weight than the BBW ones and they’re way cheaper 😌🍂

    Susan CarrascoSusan CarrascoHour ago
  • You are my idol , I see you sins I was so small , please never stop your videos ❤❤

    ניצן פרידמןניצן פרידמןHour ago
  • Omg my mom ALWAYS eats the candy corn with peanuts! She has been eating them forever and I didn't think anyone else liked it lol

    Courtney MorganCourtney Morgan2 hours ago
  • Girl you made me go to two different Bath and Bodyworks stores in my city and they were both sold out of the welcome home candles and I guarantee it’s all your fault. LOL

    kat strongkat strong2 hours ago
  • Omg yes a cozy video!!! 🤗😊

    Jennifer PetrieJennifer Petrie2 hours ago
  • 0:17 Did you forget to film your Fall favorites video or did you not plan to film one

    Tony FresckoTony Frescko2 hours ago
  • Low sodium turkey breast, same! 😂

    Samantha HawkSamantha Hawk2 hours ago
  • I love seeing you on USworlds again!!!! Thank you so much!!!

    Maria CharlesMaria Charles2 hours ago
  • We need a tutorial on this look!! I love it 🥰

    Kelley HicksKelley Hicks2 hours ago
  • Every video I say I wish to watch you every day ❤️❤️😂😂 lots of love

  • You look absolutely stunning in this video

    Colorme krazzyColorme krazzy3 hours ago
  • Do a jewelry collection video !!!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Makeup X GabrielitaMakeup X Gabrielita3 hours ago
  • You are simply just fantastic👏🏼😆🙌🏼

    Sarah LarsenSarah Larsen3 hours ago
  • Welcome Home candle by bath and body is the most AMAZING candle!

    Mhornberger825Mhornberger8253 hours ago
  • I need a few Jaclyns in my life. Definitely my #1 fave USworldsr. YANKEE CANDLE has become shitty...It’s all about Bath & Body Works candles...I have to sneak my candles in the house and hide them cause my bf thinks I have a problem lol 😂

    Mita MitaMita Mita3 hours ago
  • Please make a video on your favorite cozy things!!! ♡_♡

    Jenny SheetsJenny Sheets3 hours ago
  • I am definitely going to try the candy corn and salted peanut mix!!! 😋 I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    aglittlefoot805aglittlefoot8053 hours ago
  • Ha yas! I’m 28 and just breathing breaks me out 😂😂😂😭😭😭🤷🏼‍♀️

    Andee AlbertAndee Albert3 hours ago
  • is the Halloween decor behind of you from McKenzie-Childs?

    Susan RossmamSusan Rossmam3 hours ago
  • ok I know it isn’t even halloween yet but can we please get an updated christmas gift guide because my procrastinating ass needs to start soon 😂😂

    Olivia DownsOlivia Downs4 hours ago
  • Love pumking beer and so I need to try this cinnamon sugar concoction you're talking about! :)

    Chrissy PChrissy P4 hours ago
  • I wish this video was 1000x longer. ILYSM

    Natalie ScofieldNatalie Scofield4 hours ago
  • Idk what you say I love hearing you talk lol

    cj winscj wins4 hours ago
  • Looooove this kind of video. It reminds me of youtube 4-5 years ago

    EmilyEmily4 hours ago
  • These are my favorite videos! Thank you!

    Paige PerezPaige Perez4 hours ago
  • Love the necklaces you’re wearing!!! Wear dis you get them sweetie?

    Tammy JohnsonTammy Johnson4 hours ago
  • Completely OBSESSED with all the colors, candles, snacks UGH 😍

    Monique NalaniMonique Nalani5 hours ago
  • EVERY TIME I hear scrunchi I always think “A SCRUUUUUNCHI” love me some Sex and the City

    Frances ThayerFrances Thayer5 hours ago
  • What kind of candles do you use in your pumpkins in the background?

    Bethany LawsonBethany Lawson5 hours ago
  • OMG yeah every time someone says scrunchies reminds of that episode Carrie read burgers? Book and put a women wearing a scrunchie! A SCRUNCHIEEEE lmao the way she said it. It plays in my head all the time.

    Jennifer PaoliJennifer Paoli5 hours ago
  • Jack, i'm busty like you -- what size did you get in the skims bra??? i don't know which size to try! help!

    Eleanor BrindleEleanor Brindle5 hours ago
  • "Low Sodium Turkey Breasts" I DIED!! Love this!

    Kelsey YoungKelsey Young5 hours ago
  • yess Carrie and Berger with the SCRUNCHIE!!!!

    sarah steppsarah stepp5 hours ago
  • I'll tell you some GOOD affordable candles that are newish! Walmart put some out in their Better Homes & Gardens brand! OMG the entire house smells like them!! My favorite is the Pumpking Apple! They're in a frosted glass (different colors depending on scent) and have a wooden lid. Great!

    Amanda Wilb88Amanda Wilb886 hours ago
  • My youngest watched this with me now she has to go do her make up she’s 3 😍

    Krista ThomasKrista Thomas6 hours ago
  • Bath and Body Works for life!! Nothing tops those candles

    Sassy ColoringSassy Coloring6 hours ago
  • Hi Jaclyn!!!!! Love your videos!!!! You should do the one dip challenge!! ❤️❤️

    Jennifer DanielJennifer Daniel6 hours ago
  • I love the skins bras , I have a few scoop neck bras and a few sculpting bras and I haven’t worn a regular bra since

    Jenni BucciJenni Bucci7 hours ago
  • In other words that candle smells like a Hallmark movie. I need it.

    Stephanie BrueckStephanie Brueck7 hours ago
  • Low sodium turkey breast - and I died. Had to pause it I was laughing so hard.

    Amanda MorrisAmanda Morris7 hours ago
  • I didn’t know anyone knew my peanuts and candy corn! It’s a payday! I tell everyone and it’s amazing!!😋

    A HA H7 hours ago
  • I love that episode of Sex and City!

    Lori CheckumLori Checkum8 hours ago
  • ❤️🥰

    Anat LevinAnat Levin8 hours ago
  • 💘Almost To 6 million Queen💘 Your Beyond Beautiful as hell 😻Makeup very nice😻 😁Stunning Smile😁 GoodMorninG Have a Bless week 😇😇Stay Safe Too😇😇

    Dee LutherDee Luther8 hours ago
  • I'm such a sucker for purfume, I clicked the website for the one Jaclyn showed... and WOOO 400 dollars. Yas girl ill smell from over here

    Kari PressleyKari Pressley8 hours ago
  • This doesn't sound like Jaclyns voice at all.

    kim mcdonaldkim mcdonald8 hours ago
  • which is which :)

    afutla qianafutla qian9 hours ago
  • Jaclyn, how do you store your scrunchies?.. I have about 5-10 and have no idea how to store them other than just on my desk or around handles on my dresser 😅😢

    coconutandvanillacoconutandvanilla9 hours ago
  • She ain’t from New York if she’s wearing a scrunchie!!! Girl I looooooove satc

    Amanda VancilAmanda Vancil9 hours ago
  • To bad she talks so fast and is obnoxious. I can only listen for so long. 😫

    Chrissy RoccoChrissy Rocco9 hours ago
  • Oh i live for your fav videos

    Fiona HoneywillFiona Honeywill9 hours ago
    • she really is one of the most beautiful women in the world!

      afutla qianafutla qian9 hours ago
  • Also thank you for being so motivating. Even with everything that you have gone through. NOT to put pressure on you, are truly an inspiration. Jaclyn, man I hope you know that you are a very sweet,kind, person! Please DO NOT let any of these peps tell you different. ok sorry I am done lol

    mamaliciousmamalicious9 hours ago
  • I loveeeeeeeeee YOU! Honestly Jaclyn I have been riding with you from the beginning. When you had everything on you, trying to make a penny so you could keep up. Anyway this video was very motivating. So GRACIAS! God Bless you! xoxoxo

    mamaliciousmamalicious9 hours ago
  • Omg!! This scrunchie thing lately has my head spinning because of the SITC episode!!! I want to jump on the scrunchie train but can’t yet because of that episode!! Lol!

    Pam WendtPam Wendt9 hours ago
  • Heyy guys please check out my new tattoos designs on my account please

    Safiya's DesignsSafiya's Designs10 hours ago
  • I genuinely enjoyed every second of this video thanks Jac love you

    Scarlett JohnsScarlett Johns10 hours ago
  • I love these videos! So freaking helpful I never know what to buy or what I need to buy to make things easier for myself.

    Karen FowlerKaren Fowler12 hours ago
  • 🎃

    Rose VlogsRose Vlogs13 hours ago
  • It’s good to see you happy. 🥰

    Adrianna taveraAdrianna tavera13 hours ago
  • I literally bought 20 candles from B&BW buy one get one free sale and I ordered 2 welcome home candles!!!

    TiffanyTiffany13 hours ago
  • Carries face when she said scrunchie 😂

    Jericho BevanJericho Bevan13 hours ago
  • I wish I could meet you ... I love you so much !! Bitch thats this scent in a candle .. I just described it for you 😂🤣

    Alexis LopezAlexis Lopez13 hours ago
  • you are the reason I have a USworlds addiction!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you bounced back and are your bubbly self again :) Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav youuuuuuuuu ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Jericho BevanJericho Bevan13 hours ago
  • Had to pause and come comment because i only wore pale pink nudes for so long and its definitely because of you lol also i realized the other day that your palette is still my go to and its been 4 years!

    Sidney GonzalezSidney Gonzalez14 hours ago
  • Yay 4 another favorites!! 🎃🔥❤️

    jocelyne Or you can call me jjocelyne Or you can call me j14 hours ago
  • she really is one of the most beautiful women in the world!

    tori htori h14 hours ago
  • OMG!!! I really just wanna see a house tour!!!

    Margaret HaynieMargaret Haynie14 hours ago
  • Why dont u post a lot? I love 2 watch ur vids, but im not subscribed bc I'm ONLY sub 2 people that post all the time...thats prob weird but whatevs

    Margaret HaynieMargaret Haynie14 hours ago
  • its the "bitch i know welcome home" for me ✨

    milkmel0nmilkmel0n15 hours ago
  • Omg.. yes I remember that episode on satc !!

    Makeup time With D.CMakeup time With D.C15 hours ago
  • “She’s not from New York..” I fckn love SJP and Sex and the City.

    Leilah CosicLeilah Cosic15 hours ago
  • That perfume is ridiculously expensive $425 for a 2.5 ml bottle 🙄 why in the heck would u spend that on a perfume?? Burberry her smells so similar for wayyyyyyyyy less than the half the price.

    The Stew VlogsThe Stew Vlogs15 hours ago
  • (Long sniff) “I am a woman” and “Low sodium chicken breast” 😂😂🤣🤣🤣 OMG I can’t!!!

    Lisa MarionaLisa Mariona16 hours ago
  • LovingTan will always be the best! I have my mom hooked on it Lol

    Presley LouquePresley Louque16 hours ago
  • Living for your Mackenzie child’s pumpkins 😍😍

    The Stew VlogsThe Stew Vlogs16 hours ago
  • “Bitch I know, Welcome Home” lmao 😂😏

    Rebecca SloatRebecca Sloat16 hours ago
  • 😍😍😍 Jacklyn can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial on your eye look from this video?!?!!! 🙏🏻

    Tiffaynee HorsleyTiffaynee Horsley16 hours ago
  • I didn’t wear scrunchies for the longest time because of that Sex and the City scene!!! Every time I wear one it reminds me of it! #notatrueNewYorker

    Jessie WalterJessie Walter16 hours ago
  • Where’s her flannel from??

    Kelsey MorganKelsey Morgan16 hours ago
  • You're my peep too! SATC Scrunchy episode is hilarious and the main reason for which I just haven't gotten on board with them right now!!!

    Joannie VHJoannie VH16 hours ago
  • Omfg you are so cute and FUNNY. I deadass rewinded to where you said “WHITE” at 17:18 FIVE times and loled every time 😂

    Alex MirallesAlex Miralles17 hours ago
  • Please film a tutorial on this look 😍😍😍♥️♥️. I love it!!!

    Mary's beautyFULLifeMary's beautyFULLife17 hours ago
  • Low sodium turkey breast I just CHOKED 💀💀💀

    Makayla MooreMakayla Moore17 hours ago
  • Hahahah yessss scrunches ALWAYS make me think of that Sex and the City episode 😂😂

    Jamie DeanJamie Dean18 hours ago
  • $39 dollars for a face mask really? 🙄

    Granola GirlGranola Girl18 hours ago
  • I NEED a tutorial on this look. The tones are amazing and I can’t quite find anything similar!

    Angela McLintonAngela McLinton18 hours ago
  • Okay but I’m obsessed with your flannel I want it🤩❤️ love you Jaclyn!!!

    Belen BalibreaBelen Balibrea18 hours ago