My Dog Answers Fan Questions

Oct 15, 2020
953 845 Views

My Dog Answers Fan Questions
Tucker answer's your questions. The fans chimed in and asked the questions and now Tucker goes through and answers the best of the best!
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Business Inquiries:

  • Do you like USworlds

  • YOUR DOGGO IS SO CUTE where do you get them?

    chad brunellechad brunelle36 seconds ago
  • is it hard to take care of him are u easy

    Saundra ButlerSaundra ButlerMinute ago
  • Do you like your daddy and mommy

    Darwin Chun SicDarwin Chun Sic3 minutes ago
  • Does Tucker like food

    Ana QuilesAna Quiles4 minutes ago
  • Me

    Becky FinneganBecky Finnegan7 minutes ago
  • Do you like cats tucker

    Becky FinneganBecky Finnegan8 minutes ago
  • Ask the dog do they with of a girlfriend

    Jorden Allen-VentressJorden Allen-Ventress10 minutes ago
  • Do you like dog

    Girts OzolinsGirts Ozolins12 minutes ago
  • Haha dogs are amazing

    Jorden Allen-VentressJorden Allen-Ventress12 minutes ago
  • tucker so cute

    Jeremiah MaufasJeremiah Maufas12 minutes ago
  • do you like other dogs or just journee?

    Cordelia QuinlanCordelia Quinlan13 minutes ago
  • This is the only channel we can all accept a vertical recording

    soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy14 minutes ago
  • Tucker

    Sullivan DucasseSullivan Ducasse15 minutes ago
  • You inspired me to get my own golden retriever pup and I got it last week he’s called muffin and he’s so cute

    Duckie ForeverDuckie Forever15 minutes ago
  • Question: will you cry if your freind dies??

    Reny VideosReny Videos17 minutes ago
  • Does Tucker like ice cream and sugar?

    aparajitachakrabartiaparajitachakrabarti23 minutes ago
    • Do you like pearl? (like as a friend)

      soniyu ziuysoniyu ziuy13 minutes ago
  • This dog is so smart 😍

    Raechal MRaechal M24 minutes ago
  • I have one question for tukker " would you want chiken or steak for dinner " and heres another one " are you handsome " lol

    thornclaw / /serenitythornclaw / /serenity25 minutes ago
  • i got a question: does Tucker love his fans? 💕🤍💕💕

    ¿Sarai?¿Sarai?31 minute ago
  • Dous your sister stink tucker

    pøtøtø zpøtøtø z32 minutes ago
  • A question for tucker: do you miss pearl

    Nicola FendallNicola Fendall33 minutes ago
  • Will tucker ever have puppies? 😍

    Emma. LoveEmma. Love36 minutes ago
  • Does Tucker have any other bowties

    Levi RaderLevi Rader38 minutes ago
  • Who else LOVES TUCKER like if u agree

    Duke YapDuke Yap38 minutes ago
  • Do you poop in Linda's shoes

    dimadima42 minutes ago
  • will tucker date me even if i’m pink not golden? we can still be retriever buddies tho right?

    The LotusDoggoThe LotusDoggo44 minutes ago
  • You like the poop toys

    Kevin LanduytKevin Landuyt48 minutes ago
  • Do ou like water or food which do you like best

    Esmé Roblox Home Sweet HomeEsmé Roblox Home Sweet Home51 minute ago
  • So smart

    Ricarda HahnRicarda Hahn56 minutes ago
  • Do you like pearl? (like as a friend)

    OnlyKrissyOnlyKrissyHour ago
  • Can you stop eating chimken for journey ☺️

    sahishnuta Bhattaraisahishnuta BhattaraiHour ago
  • linda:am i annoing tucker:YESSS LINDA

    Trinity HensleyTrinity HensleyHour ago
  • for some reason I'm just realizing tucker is a golden retriever

    Shaniqua ThomasShaniqua ThomasHour ago
  • do you like baths?

    Dany boyDany boyHour ago
  • do you like your wife Journee

    Ketaki GeorgeKetaki GeorgeHour ago
  • Bolling HoltBolling HoltHour ago
  • And all videos are so cute and content also super keep going 👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯👌👌👌 live long stay blessed tucker,Linda 🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Malathissr SMalathissr SHour ago
  • He is so cute ❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍I love tucker so much and miss you 😍😍❤️❤️

    Malathissr SMalathissr SHour ago
  • do you prefer puppy over cats?

    Kayla DanielleKayla DanielleHour ago
  • Duz he want 2 wives?

    Celerino PenalozaCelerino PenalozaHour ago
  • please give him a sister or brother it will make the vids more better and full of views and likes and subs trust me get him a sibling please

    Best hobbiesBest hobbiesHour ago
  • I have a couple of questions for Tucker How old is he and last one what’s your favorite color

    Kitty cat 54 !Kitty cat 54 !Hour ago
  • Did tucker get to see his wife after journee and please do a part 2 my question for part 2 is tucker a good husband.

    Marline ButlerMarline ButlerHour ago
  • My mom is a HUGE fan of you on Instagram :D

    Katie StoreyKatie StoreyHour ago
  • For tucker Does tucker like baby golden retriever?

    Sreng ThemSreng ThemHour ago
  • Tucker loves her so much

    Blackpink KavyaBlackpink Kavya2 hours ago
  • Are you a golden retriever

    Terry McmullenTerry Mcmullen2 hours ago
  • Why are you soooooooo cute Tucker?

    manju chattimanju chatti2 hours ago
  • Luv u Tucker, forever. ..

    manju chattimanju chatti2 hours ago
  • This is what USworlds was made for.....

    Vatsal SivaratriVatsal Sivaratri2 hours ago

    Soccer LifeSoccer Life2 hours ago
  • Tucker: do u hate Flutter?

    Im plusIm plus2 hours ago
  • I love this episode! Even though I wasn't able to be in the video I'm still very happ that tucker and Linda and her hubby are okay in these rough times! You make me smile tucker!

    kate fuenteskate fuentes2 hours ago
  • Does tucker like mumma or papa

    Rajitha GollapatiRajitha Gollapati2 hours ago
  • does journey annoy you sometimes

    ZiScOnAtOrZiScOnAtOr2 hours ago
  • Well maybe the dog understands some of the keywords he doesn't understand everything she is saying. Otherwise there would not be cuts after each question so you can prep your dog.

    Bharath PallaBharath Palla2 hours ago
  • Ok so my first question is Do tuker likes his daddy more than you

    Yk SundarraoYk Sundarrao2 hours ago
  • Do you like us fans

    mr pugmr pug2 hours ago
  • Do you want to have a baby tucker

    barbie girl magical worldbarbie girl magical world2 hours ago
  • 👍

    Lydia DombrowskiLydia Dombrowski2 hours ago
  • I know your not gonna see this but I’m very sick and your videos always make me laugh and cheers me up. Thank you ❤️

    Grafton JewellGrafton Jewell3 hours ago
  • Does doggo like a bath?

    Torin AmirthaTorin Amirtha3 hours ago
  • Tucker Budzyn Videos Are Small But Funny,amazing and enjoyable..😊

    Ramesh MoreRamesh More3 hours ago
  • Hi that’s a lovely dog I have a board a collie comment back and sub to me so you can see it

    Bobby_lovesFNAF 1987Bobby_lovesFNAF 19873 hours ago
  • For Tucker: Does Journees but stink?

    Poopy ButtPoopy Butt3 hours ago
  • does Tucker and journee still stick together? and Tucker does Linda pets you everytime or give you snacks?

    Angel AbidinAngel Abidin3 hours ago
  • Hahahahahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂 I am dying because it’s so funny

    narendra raganinarendra ragani3 hours ago
  • Does Tucker like watermelon than chimken

    Sudha HpSudha Hp3 hours ago
  • Do u like Pearl?

    Tara AroraTara Arora3 hours ago
  • Do you like your parents

  • will you like to have kids tucker and be a dad

    vyan jvyan j3 hours ago
  • RIP Tucker you will be remembered(is it true that a pit bull killed tucker)

  • Question for Tucker: Can doggos see ghost?

    Awesome 315Awesome 3153 hours ago
  • For Tucker: Do you wanna save the world from corona?

    Alli BlevinsAlli Blevins3 hours ago
  • Hey u miss pearl

    gargi dasgargi das3 hours ago
  • i want to see him irl

    Shena HensonShena Henson3 hours ago
  • For Linda did you rescue Tucker ?

    Anna AlvarezAnna Alvarez3 hours ago
  • first as usual

    Minecraft Challange Hard WatchMinecraft Challange Hard Watch3 hours ago
  • lololololololololololololololol

    DarkSun _GachaDarkSun _Gacha4 hours ago
  • Me Will tucker cheat on journey

    Sam PariSam Pari4 hours ago
  • For tucker: In what country you live?

    yOu nEeD nAmJeSuSyOu nEeD nAmJeSuS4 hours ago
  • I want to see tucker real life

    Ratheesh SwapnaRatheesh Swapna4 hours ago
  • Post everyday New videos

    Ratheesh SwapnaRatheesh Swapna4 hours ago
  • I can see Tucker is getting older

    Waxy .:.:.Waxy .:.:.4 hours ago
  • My god he is a gentleman

    Rudrani BhattacharjeeRudrani Bhattacharjee4 hours ago
  • Nooo

    Rudrani BhattacharjeeRudrani Bhattacharjee4 hours ago
  • Do you like vegetable

    Jessica- TOHJessica- TOH4 hours ago
  • why is your dog so intelligent?

    D. D.D. D.4 hours ago
  • Tucker do u love chimcken yes or no

    Purple The crewmatePurple The crewmate4 hours ago
  • Tucker do you love your girlfriends

    Bonniejane JopiaBonniejane Jopia4 hours ago
  • For Tucker: Would you like to see your wife journee again?

    jethro GAMESjethro GAMES4 hours ago
  • :for tucker Do you love your fans

    Emersyn SmithEmersyn Smith4 hours ago
  • Skye been scratch by fred our cat sooo thxs tucker that cat claw is a dangerus things ok

    cheryl gorospecheryl gorospe4 hours ago
  • Is Linda better than dad

    Robotic 85Robotic 854 hours ago
  • Tucker is so cute and intelligent 😍☺️ I also wish to be have a dog like tucker 🙂

    jp yadavjp yadav5 hours ago
  • My question: Have you ever let Pearl or Journee steal your food? Did you sniff over 10,000 butts? Did you ever meet a kid but bite him? P.S. For Linda: I absolutely wish I had a pet. All kids do. So does me, Zoey, a ten year old.

    The Adventures of a BookwormThe Adventures of a Bookworm5 hours ago

    Amit RoyAmit Roy5 hours ago
  • - do you eat cat food

    Margaux ReyesMargaux Reyes5 hours ago
  • do you love Linda more than chimken and steak

    Amit RoyAmit Roy5 hours ago