Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown - Easter Eggs and New Movies Explained

Feb 18, 2021
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Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021. Easter Eggs, New Movies Explained. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung and Wandavision Episode 7 ►
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Covering new Mortal Kombat Trailer 2021 Breakdown and Easter Eggs. Classic Mortal Kombat Movies reboot explained. New Story and Mortal Kombat Mythology. Scorpion Origin Story, Scorpion vs Sub Zero, Shang Tsung, Mortal Kombat Tournament Explained. Lui Kang, Cole Young Scorpion Theory, Mileena, Kun Lao, Original Scorpion, Sonya Blade and Jax, Kano and Mortal Kombat Easter Eggs, Finish Him, Scorpion Special Attacks, Raiden and full story.
I'll do more Mortal Kombat 2021 Movie videos and Godzilla vs Kong Trailer videos when they release more trailers!
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More 2021 Marvel Phase 4 Movies and Disney Plus Series. I'll be doing Episode videos for everything. We'll get more Spider-Man 3 news. Venom 2 Trailer and more Morbius Trailer videos for all the bigger Spiderman Movies next year.
My Full Full Wandavision Episode 7 video coming Friday! My Episode videos will post every Friday. Falcon and Winter Soldier Episodes starting after the Wandavision Episode 9 Finale too!
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  • Here's my Full Mortal Kombat Trailer video and new movies breakdown with the rebooted story. Post all your theories in the comments! Here's my new Wandavision Episode 7 Trailer video too!

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome10 days ago
    • I think in the Trailer, when Raiden appears and you see Hanzo Hazashi laying on the ground. He is holding on to Cole his son. Then Raiden takes that kid away and pops him up in the future.

      Unhinged savagEUnhinged savagE15 hours ago
    • Did he really say “ Outland”?

      John DangJohn Dang4 days ago
    • The color of his hand wraps are a clue to his heritage a direct descendant of Hanzo Hasashi

      gikashgikash4 days ago
    • @Savage Hiro in 1.37-1.39 from trailer I think I see Reptile or at least some with his invicibility skill ;)

      Pestilence ControlPestilence Control4 days ago
    • Cole Young is fighting gore. U see him fighting scorpion and sub-zero

      Devearl Royster 3Devearl Royster 35 days ago
  • *Sub-Zero build an Ice wall in the trailer. It's obvious that this sub-zero is bi-han, which means Cold Wall.*

    M. JM. JHour ago
  • In the scorpion flashback you can see what looks like a woman holding something frozen in front of house

    ArodArod4 hours ago
  • outworld

    ra rora ro11 hours ago
  • At the 1:36 to 1:38 mark it looks like reptile is in it. He appears on the left corner side of the screen, it looks like he is about to uncloak.

    FredFred12 hours ago
  • I thought cole young was descendant of liu kang until I saw his "yellow" scorpion esque gloves..

    Miheer PoradiyaMiheer Poradiya15 hours ago
  • I think in the Trailer, when Raiden appears and you see Hanzo Hazashi laying on the ground. He is holding on to Cole his son. Then Raiden takes that kid away and pops him up in the future.

    Unhinged savagEUnhinged savagE15 hours ago
  • Love this! Me gusta!

    bioatschoolbioatschool19 hours ago
  • This time get van dam for cage

    David RamDavid Ram19 hours ago
    • He's too old

      HJL JRHJL JR9 hours ago
  • Did anyone else see the glimpse of noob saibot coming from the portal? I know I did, it’s right before the dragon gets resurrected

    Dyllan KauffmanDyllan Kauffman22 hours ago
    • Nah it's Sub-zero

      HJL JRHJL JR9 hours ago
  • According to the Wikipedia page Kabal and Nitara will be showing up too

    argella1300argella1300Day ago
    • Kabal will be the victim of that fire dragon that Liu Kang did

      HJL JRHJL JR9 hours ago
  • just pause at 0:57 and take a close look near the center. scorpion's family is frozen by sub zero or maybe anyone from Lin Kuei clan

    Ze_ ZyaZe_ ZyaDay ago
  • Can't wait till they mix it with the DC universe

    satch422satch422Day ago
  • Where is the fuck is Johnny cage

    Martin GuzmanMartin GuzmanDay ago
  • Even if it looks like low budget, i will be watching. Definitely been waiting for Mortal Kombat movie for decades now.

    Vito Kombat TalkVito Kombat TalkDay ago
  • If scorpion and subzero dont get allot of screen time I'll be very disappointed

    Mags -attack1Mags -attack1Day ago
  • Nah ,your full of shit.. This is Mortal Kombat

    Brooke MattsonBrooke MattsonDay ago
  • You didn't mention why somehow Kano gets to shoot lazers from his eye :D

    whymedkwhymedkDay ago
    • He did in the game

      HJL JRHJL JR9 hours ago
  • “Outland.” Tsk tsk.

    Jordon WebbJordon WebbDay ago
  • Hell... It's about time.

    GoosendorfGoosendorfDay ago
  • So no Johnny Cage.

    ariel burgosariel burgosDay ago
  • Kitana weapon is in the trailer

    Jose VelazquezJose VelazquezDay ago
  • When scorpion does the come over here,you can see what looks like cole on his knee looks like there double teaming subzero

    Asif HussainAsif HussainDay ago
  • “Hanzo hasashi is dead,i am scorpion”

    47_ Sc0RPioN47_ Sc0RPioNDay ago
  • Anyone else notice he said outland? Not Outworld? Like it kinda bothered me, it is what it is

    Daniel FriasDaniel Frias2 days ago
  • How are you gonna do an easter egg vid when you cant even get the realms right? Bro i cringed every time you said "outland" Its "OUTWORLD" BRO!!! FUCKING "OUTWORLD"!!!!!!

    James MaynardJames Maynard2 days ago
  • It’s Outworld. Not Outland. Outworld.

    sanbi221sanbi2212 days ago
  • No Johnny Cage?

    Jonah BJonah B2 days ago
  • How come no one ever mentions then charter Smoke in the trailer

    Chase VanceletteChase Vancelette2 days ago
  • Kano looks awesome.

    Adam AbbasAdam Abbas2 days ago
  • Jacks has his arm in the car with Cole! i think he loses his arms at cole's gym where Scorpion & Sub Zero fight!

    TRIGGERTRIGGER2 days ago
    • He lost them where Sub-zero was ice-skating in the building

      HJL JRHJL JR9 hours ago
  • But where's chun-li? .... lol

    K. FelicianoK. Feliciano2 days ago
  • I think that figure in the painting isnt Kung Lao, I think its Quan Chi, Kung Lao never had spikes on any thing Quan Chi did

    Kevin WorrickKevin Worrick2 days ago
  • You didn't really breakdown the trailer. You just gave more background into the MK lore

    Joe BryantJoe Bryant2 days ago
  • The picayune xylophone putatively stamp because hardhat anaerobically change barring a bored battery. shiny, unable train

    Alex OrtizAlex Ortiz2 days ago
  • Joe Taslim and Hiroyuki Sanada are legendary!! Ok mk shut up and take my money!!

    Big GuyBig Guy2 days ago
  • Outworld*

    Dr. ManhattanDr. Manhattan2 days ago
  • Hope they don't give Cole Young the Ghost Rider treatment, where he morphs into scorpion. That would be so stupid.

    Liam MulvaneyLiam Mulvaney2 days ago
  • da fuck is Johnny cage at?

    BIG BOSSBIG BOSS3 days ago
  • I don’t need to listen to commentary on Mortal Kombat. The fact that this single preview of the new Mortal Kombat movie has not only given me hope to a franchise of greatness, has also made me realize how amazing Mortal Kombat could be as an entire saga that no one has ever seen before. I don’t have to listen to commentary, the only thing I know is, Mortal Kombat, has been etched into my soul ever since I first played the very first arcade game played with upon Nickels or quarters in certain Parkade areas, has finally realized the potential of a video game. Until now, they have finally done it justice! And this is the same kind of justice that needs to happen with every single video game adaptation to movie so actually hits the hearts of the people who love not only the video game franchise, but turn it into a worldwide phenomenon.

    DragonBolicDragonBolic3 days ago
  • Johnny Cage is not in the movie? Man, I wanted so bad to re-create that kick in the nuts to Goro.

    Efraín Alas MoranEfraín Alas Moran3 days ago
  • Where is Johnny cage

    Babino’s TV EntertainmentBabino’s TV Entertainment3 days ago
  • Kano wins 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    bigswole7777bigswole77773 days ago
  • Did you see the cartoon version scorpio's revenge. If you didn't check it out, trust me.

    neil wallopneil wallop3 days ago
  • Liu Kang when summoning the dragon, was fighting kabal

    Dat1FakeFilipino __Dat1FakeFilipino __3 days ago
  • I hope it’s good but either way It looks like it’ll be entertaining as hell

    Aceboogie 85Aceboogie 853 days ago
  • So... fuck you Johnny Cage?

    Orion AssanteOrion Assante3 days ago
  • The Script A Mafia Story! Read The Movie For Your Mind...

    RL KRL K3 days ago
  • Joe Taslim for Indonesia!!!???❤

    Alifianda_Alifianda_3 days ago
  • Daaaaaannngggg!!!

    fjcanchola12fjcanchola123 days ago
  • When keno punch the reptile spices in the heart 10:52

    flaconangelflaconangel3 days ago
  • Anjg seru banget nih film

    Jaka Ali SaputraJaka Ali Saputra3 days ago
  • i like Scorpion more when he fires that thing from his hand not this blade shit

    Crni ColchoneroCrni Colchonero3 days ago
  • Pretty sure if the Cole character is in fact related to Scorpion....he becomes Tekada. Think about it.

    P. PhenixxP. Phenixx3 days ago
  • Outworld not Outland amigo, kept watching to see if you’d notice and change it lol ya didn’t

    Alejandro BlancoAlejandro Blanco3 days ago
  • Does anyone remember the secret character chameleon? I think Cole Young is secretly Chameleon who never really had a back story. He looks like he's a Mix Martial Artist and Chameleons specialty was using others characters finishers. Just saying, this could be Chameleons big moment.

    Alex TorresAlex Torres3 days ago
  • Isnt the one in the mural baraka

    Cryosight GamingCryosight Gaming3 days ago
  • Wheres chun li 🤣🤣

    Cryosight GamingCryosight Gaming3 days ago

    Niswarni NiswarniNiswarni Niswarni3 days ago
  • Cole is replacing johnny cage, instead of a showboating movie star its a showboating mma fighter, makes sense. They will probably just mention he did a movie at some point to nod to cage

    Wes CookeWes Cooke3 days ago
  • Looks like Kano is fighting Reptile in the trailer

    Wes CookeWes Cooke3 days ago
  • Finish'em 😁

    Vicente DuvivierVicente Duvivier3 days ago
  • 5:04 frozen person, scorpions wife?

    mathsmaths3 days ago
  • He-Man, Starwars, Transformers etc, Mortal Combat... Be good if they nail this, in finally making it right and not to slap sticky.Top game, that lol edged Street Fighter for me, back inna da day.

    Pheenom28Pheenom283 days ago
  • Come over here??

    Teke ManTeke Man3 days ago
  • Weird, nobody noticed Kabal fighting against Liu Kang... I've seen more than 30 MK 2021 analysis videos, and nobody noticed, LMAO.

    The ProfessorThe Professor4 days ago
  • I don’t know if you noticed but At 1:39, you can tell that the fighter coming out of the smoke is Noob Saibot. No sign of blue on him, so that narrows the people to Noob Saibot since he’s the only ninja like warrior that dresses in all black

    Krazer RichKrazer Rich4 days ago
  • Jonny Cage, so where is he, or is it Jean Claud Van Dam didn't want his character back in the film.

    J OJ O4 days ago
    • Yeah I noticed that too. Like where's my boy Johnny?

      Yvonne MukupaYvonne Mukupa14 hours ago
  • im surprised you didn't mention the possibility of Noob Saibot coming out of shadow clouds

    JessicaJessica4 days ago
    • or the part with reptile

      JessicaJessica4 days ago
  • Yellow hand wraps, has a flashback of scorpion while looking in the mirror? He’s definitely a descendant of Scorpion.

    Brandon CluffBrandon Cluff4 days ago
  • Kind of warming up to the idea that Cole Young might turn out to be Johnny Cage -- it's a stage name that references his time as a CAGE FIGHTER.

    Christian YaergerChristian Yaerger4 days ago
  • This looks great. Now if they can just do an official Street Fighter and DragonBall Z movie that would send me to the moon.

    50th Anniversary50th Anniversary4 days ago
  • Why do they always fuck up Kano! Just pay Jason Statham Already! Also was really hoping Scorpion to be like 6”1-6-2. However the actor playing him is cool though. This movie will do well and I hope and pray they don’t introduce and fuck up Quan Chi, Ermac & Kabal. There my favorite character besides sub Zero. This move is so large it needs at least 6 films to get true origins and back stories for Reptile, Cyrax, Sector, Raiden, & more. Cmon guys let’s GO! Also looking to spread Cancer Awareness and setting a goal of 100 followers this year! Thank you and God Bless

    Fadi Set GoFadi Set Go4 days ago
  • The get over here from Scorpion was weak. Needs to be re recorded.

    R2-D2R2-D24 days ago
  • Cole Young = Quan Chi or Shang Tsung 1:39 SMOKE ????

    B CB C4 days ago
  • i think cole young is actually chameleon

    Maverick0311Maverick03114 days ago
  • I really hope the do like the fast and furious franchise and explore more of the universe and other stories

    reginald wotsereginald wotse4 days ago
  • To live in these times is just amazing. I watched all the major and mini movies and played the games. This will be epic

    reginald wotsereginald wotse4 days ago
  • OutWorld not OutLand brother

    Lenaris HartLenaris Hart4 days ago
  • I’m curious to know if anyone noticed that when Raidan and Liu are in game and talking to a group of gods with spiritual blue energy one looks exactly like Cetrion and the other Garas and the slight chance of another being Kronica

    Raymond BelmontRaymond Belmont4 days ago
  • Cole Young = Cholmel Young as in Chameleon

    Take KareTake Kare4 days ago
  • Wolverine: What Kind of Monster Are You? Shingen: The Scorpion

    ZusakuZusaku4 days ago
  • The ice cgi and effects looks soo good!

    Eko JarEko Jar4 days ago
  • When Scorpions clapping cheeks during his origin scene behind him there is a frozen woman holding something am I the only person that sees this?

    Chance MurrayChance Murray4 days ago
    • Nice catch just saw that lol. Maybe holding a baby 🤔

      Toan NguyenToan Nguyen4 days ago
  • should we be expecting johnny cage in this movie

    ty_ Adelty_ Adel4 days ago
  • *Can't say anything about how the movie will turn out to be but but but the CGI & VFX seems like the best ever in the Mortal Kombat franchise*

    ArshWoodArshWood4 days ago
  • 0:45 When I was a senior in high school in 1995 we had to do a 6000 word report for English class that we had from January to June to work on and it counted for 50% of our grade. So if we didn't do it we'd fail and not graduate. I was a terrible writer and knew I couldn't do it, but I was a huge Mortal Kombat fan and the original movie was coming out that summer, so I plagiarized the screenplay adapted novel and just changed the character names and the title so my teacher wouldn't catch on. I called it "Tournament of Champions".

    Vulgarr the VikingVulgarr the Viking4 days ago
  • At 1:47 when it shows a beastly looking pair of legs that seems to have invisibility powers landing on a beam, can that be reptile???

    Chamroeun HonnChamroeun Honn5 days ago
  • Excuse me mr that language is not appropriate some 7 year olds are watching that and they could of liked that comment and start to say it . You could could.of just said that with the F word in it I’m talking to the person ho said the word with Kano in it.

    Eddie's FishEddie's Fish5 days ago
  • O

    Reginald TerrellReginald Terrell5 days ago
  • Flawless victory

    Eddie's FishEddie's Fish5 days ago
  • Whos that at 1:37 climbing on the balk?

    FluzzyFluzzy5 days ago
  • You fucking beauty 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

    Joel TurnerJoel Turner5 days ago
  • going to be the best movie based on a video game ever

    Sean CloughSean Clough5 days ago
  • Cung Lee should've play Kung Lao =)))) Even his name is similar LMAO

    Mr. QMr. Q5 days ago
    • I think its kuai liang, the original sub zero’s younger brother who becomes he second one

      TheEnderBandTheEnderBand2 days ago
  • The mortal kombat miniseries on steam was cool as hell Especially the raiden episode

    gtarman94gtarman945 days ago
  • OUTWORLD ‼️‼️‼️😩😩

    Deejay FroggyDeejay Froggy5 days ago
  • 1:45 of da trailer, Kabal is there

    JezzyJezzy5 days ago
    • Fighting Liu kang, you can see them swords he use

      JezzyJezzy5 days ago
  • Excited for this movie and to listen to the song yet again and will be watching it over and over on HBO max

    Robert -Cop-Robert -Cop-5 days ago
  • They showed reptile and kabal for a split second.

    Robert -Cop-Robert -Cop-5 days ago