Mortal Kombat (2021) - Official Red Band Trailer

Feb 18, 2021
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The Mortal Kombat movie reboot from director Simon McQuoid features the defenders of Earthrealm Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Jax Briggs and more entering the Mortal Kombat tournament to save the world from Shang Tsung, Sub-Zero, Mileena and other supernatural kombatants.

This red band Mortal Kombat (2021) trailer shows off why it's rated R.

Mortal Kombat movie release date April 16, 2021.

  • It looks lame compared to MK 1997 🙉

    muzgnasicianiemuzgnasicianieHour ago
  • kung lao dies in the movie .shang tsung drains his soul.and cole gets burned by scorpion.i already saw the movie

    hedge hoghedge hogHour ago
  • Subzero is looking clean

    Nathaniel gutierrezNathaniel gutierrezHour ago
  • I’m not the only one that realized they made an orchestral theme to the original Mortal Kombat theme song once they showed the title card, right?

    Garrett WeldonGarrett Weldon2 hours ago
  • Where’s tremor at?

    TheSamboy2009TheSamboy20092 hours ago
  • Woulda been awesome seeing the original Lui Kang in here in a cameo

    TAPC2585TAPC25852 hours ago

    Wellyson MotaWellyson Mota3 hours ago
  • Nice

    jaydb313jaydb3133 hours ago
  • Where tf is Johnny cage????

    Saad GoudSaad Goud3 hours ago
  • They're gonna come up with part 2, 3 and 4 and so on, slowly introducing all the characters.

    supervong1supervong13 hours ago
  • Who here vouches for the Scorpion

    Karthik Kumar PokalaKarthik Kumar Pokala4 hours ago
  • Immortals played during Bi-Han's Cryo-Blade crafting. ❤❤❤

    Jam FajardoJam Fajardo4 hours ago
  • 0:08 she kinda bad tho, is that Frost?

    KnightmareKnightmare4 hours ago
  • The guy who plays Subzero is one most brutal actors out there. Hopefully he shows it in this movie as well as his other ones like The night comes for us.

    Throttle HappyThrottle Happy5 hours ago
  • Очередная кино херня. Кончилось кино...

    МаксимМаксим5 hours ago
  • when scorpions says get over here the iconic 90s theme played in slowmotion

    loki odinsonloki odinson5 hours ago
  • insane

    James BondJames Bond6 hours ago
  • Sub zero my favorite

    Ayöub JaköbAyöub Jaköb6 hours ago
  • Sub-ZERO FOREVER BOIS (it’s my fav skin btw)

    WhittyWhitty6 hours ago
  • Ridiculous to remake a bad movie.

    Bo7tkillerBo7tkiller6 hours ago
  • Day 28

  • That “Get over here” just don’t sound like it used to 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Fox AmillionTVFox AmillionTV7 hours ago
  • Don't know if im impressed yet

    Damien SmithDamien Smith7 hours ago
  • Why make mileena black? Or is that tanya?

    Simethetic Devil47Simethetic Devil477 hours ago
  • Looking forward to this

    Anthony LeongAnthony Leong7 hours ago
  • Can’t wait

    Jam LawJam Law8 hours ago
  • idk man it just looks corny

    Carlton CollinsCarlton Collins8 hours ago
  • Omg they don’t have a white man playing raiden!!!! Totally NOT white washed...definitely going to see!!!!

    Marc S.Marc S.8 hours ago
  • Kung Lao! Nice!

    John MikeJohn Mike9 hours ago
  • They should have kept the original get over here.

    mach emach e9 hours ago
  • 2:02 BESTTT PART

    Richard MartinezRichard Martinez10 hours ago
  • Definitely will watch this movie

    doni hardonodoni hardono10 hours ago

    Semi GodSemi God10 hours ago
  • всем советую, ШИКАРНО , просто ШИКАРНО!🤤🤤🤤

    U mU m11 hours ago
  • Yessirski

    ronniegraves2ronniegraves213 hours ago
  • "its a birthmark." "wad'ya mean?" "it's.... a mark.. you get... at birth."

    AbsolynthAbsolynth14 hours ago
  • Wow 👍

    Chau NguyenChau Nguyen14 hours ago
  • just watched this a week ago with my friends

    PlakePlake14 hours ago
  • Them talking about the birthmark is the same exact thing said in into the badlands

    trippy nationtrippy nation15 hours ago
  • kocham naprawde

    win cat a cowin cat a co16 hours ago
  • Mortal Kombat2021 WOW

    Hoe ChowHoe Chow16 hours ago
  • 2:21 -truly the best part of the trailer, also 'get over here!' never gets old

    oli reidoli reid17 hours ago
  • Why they do scorpion like that 😂😂😂

    Kanai HotepKanai Hotep18 hours ago
  • 3 more days I'll download this movie can't wait ☺☺

  • Why is Mileena a black woman?

    Sam KSam K18 hours ago
    • @Mysterion Plays ah yes, the half tarkatan clone of a chinese woman would definitely be black. Makes sense to me!

      Sam KSam K7 hours ago
    • because "mah diversity!"

      Mysterion PlaysMysterion Plays8 hours ago
  • in my country they already rated this movie as PG13 lmao

    TheGeekmierderTheGeekmierder18 hours ago
  • There better be a “whoopsie” in that movie or I’m not watching it

    Rafael GarciaRafael Garcia19 hours ago
  • Liu kang took the new character personally

    王宇飛王宇飛20 hours ago
  • Video game movies don’t work

    Nicholas LeeflangNicholas Leeflang20 hours ago
  • Goro looked gore!!!hell yeah

    Joe CalabreseJoe Calabrese20 hours ago
  • hype

    Characal GamingCharacal Gaming20 hours ago
  • Subzero ❤️

    Louie DiotLouie Diot20 hours ago
  • Can’t wait!!

    Ms KingMs King20 hours ago
  • I’m calling it he Jonny cage

    Jeremy AdamsJeremy Adams20 hours ago
  • Reptile👂

    KenzKenz20 hours ago
  • trailer shows every fight, and even tells the victor... thx.

    Andrew LeathersAndrew Leathers21 hour ago
  • Fatality

    Anthony CunninghamAnthony Cunningham21 hour ago
  • where is kitana, jade or mileena ???

    Emily DelacruzEmily Delacruz23 hours ago
  • This would never be allowed but what if they took prisoners who are on death row and used them in this movie and actually kill them in the movie? Wild idea ik just wanted to gauge

    Zac WoodsZac WoodsDay ago
    • Lmfao

      Adrian GoodmanAdrian Goodman19 hours ago
  • Unbelievable they messed with my boy Sub Zero by making him the main villian of the movie, what a ripoff

    donnie kyledonnie kyleDay ago
    • Bi han Sub Zero will always be villain, after his death, his brother Kuai Liang will replace his appearance as Sub Zero (protagonist sub zero). Bi han will ressurect as Noob Saibot later.

      Firhan AzmiFirhan Azmi3 hours ago
  • Notary combat

    Game pro Game pro blogsGame pro Game pro blogsDay ago
  • Even Pudge from Dota2 said "get over here" better....

    angrydaddyangrydaddyDay ago
  • is it april 23 or 16th

    Savannah- MSavannah- MDay ago
  • Sub Zero best 💙

    style classic04style classic04Day ago
  • Zub zero..He is not zero..He is My Hero🥰🥰

    jishad jjishad jDay ago
  • just watched it

    DaDoN_GaMeRDaDoN_GaMeRDay ago
  • Jax my favorite

    Nokapcashout YTNokapcashout YTDay ago
  • 💯💯💯👍👍👍👍👍

    Winston ChurchilllWinston ChurchilllDay ago
  • My favorite part 0:59

    SERENITY / Ultimate WEEB!SERENITY / Ultimate WEEB!Day ago
  • Where’s Katana ?

    Benji LouisBenji LouisDay ago
  • have watched it and met with the sub-zero in actor in a person!! what a day

    lil paclil pacDay ago
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Hhjjjhgg FghjgfggHhjjjhgg FghjgfggDay ago

    sushil kumar rajputsushil kumar rajputDay ago
  • Joe taslim

    Wahyudi Eka SaputraWahyudi Eka SaputraDay ago
  • Snyder Cut Justice League watched. Next is Mortal Kombat.

    Willis Allen JrWillis Allen JrDay ago
  • Day 27

  • Wo calm down sub zero

    ghazi BUALLAIghazi BUALLAIDay ago
  • Yo no vi que saliera jhoni kage mi favorito

    vale cito siganos ternuravale cito siganos ternuraDay ago
  • So you're telling me Jet Li is not in this?

    Andile GumedeAndile GumedeDay ago
  • 0:47 Baraka????

    Texas RoadrunnerTexas RoadrunnerDay ago
    • Yes

      loafloafDay ago
    • @loaf in the portrait they were looking at??

      Texas RoadrunnerTexas RoadrunnerDay ago
    • The Great Kung Lao

      loafloafDay ago
  • Sub zero: “Get over here!!” Classic ☺️

    T CamilleT CamilleDay ago
    • It's Scorpion tho...

      Dimitris KokkaliaroglouDimitris Kokkaliaroglou6 hours ago
  • So we're just going to ignore how bad the music is? 2:15

    Scott KScott KDay ago
  • Is it me? Or are Sub's & Scorp's costumes too big for them? Scorpion looks like he's about to go snowboarding.

    Scott KScott KDay ago
  • Kano carried this entire movie

    Nasri RosmanNasri RosmanDay ago
  • 4 more days until movie comes

    Quartzy DiffeQuartzy DiffeDay ago
  • 11 181 453

    Argelino KabylusArgelino KabylusDay ago
  • They better have Johnny cage without him I’m not watching

    Projec MannyProjec MannyDay ago
  • That's not the color of blood. And this movie completely lacks its own style.

    Fenixz FilipFenixz FilipDay ago
  • I'm not a fan of Sub-Zero's costume design.

    dreamlandnightmaredreamlandnightmareDay ago
  • So most of the people said that the movie was a huge disappointment..rating 3/10..shoul have let Micheal bay from transformers direct the movie

    Muhd FaizMuhd FaizDay ago
    • @Papa Giorgio what a disappointment man..i mean the movie should be as great as the game...that’s y i said should have let Micheal bay from Transformers direct it...then it will be an epic awesome movie

      Muhd FaizMuhd FaizDay ago
    • Even worst than Mortal Kombat Annihilation.I give just 4/10.

      Papa GiorgioPapa GiorgioDay ago
  • is it will be in netflix?

  • amazing film🔥🔥🔥

    КонстантинКонстантинDay ago
  • Cool they ruined mortal kombat. Looks like x-men now.

    Fun guy 3827Fun guy 3827Day ago
    • Yes becasue 1 movie trailer ruins an entire franchise.

      King MeruemKing Meruem20 hours ago
  • that "get over here" sounding pretty weak but i'm still excited 😁😁

    S A D B I T C H 6 6 6S A D B I T C H 6 6 6Day ago
  • Mileena is BLACK??

    Kacie RemataKacie RemataDay ago
  • Фильм пола андерсона гораздо лучше!

    Алексей СтепановАлексей СтепановDay ago
  • Joe taslim lets goo

    Giovanni LivinoGiovanni LivinoDay ago
  • Im gonna win the contest

    ScorpionBladerScorpionBladerDay ago
  • It going to be epic because James wan directed it