Mom is jealous of me because I am too smart

Nov 19, 2020
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  • Se belongs to the streets 😂

    HTK NickHTK Nick2 hours ago
  • 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 noo mom boooooooooo

    Muscool KidMuscool Kid4 hours ago
  • imagine you draw for years then hearing:what am i suppose to do with this garbage You: ._.

    I'm Just a DoggoI'm Just a Doggo11 hours ago
  • The part 11:13 hahahahahhahaha I was so laughing so hard pfft

    Vaughn FrialdeVaughn Frialde12 hours ago
  • why am I watching these stuff when there yo take for meh :^

    family eleanyafamily eleanya14 hours ago
  • All you need is a mp5 a cleaner and you are good to go

    Stolen MemesStolen Memes16 hours ago
  • Mr.white but his black My mind:🤯

    Joseph dagamacJoseph dagamac17 hours ago
  • If she was me i would have get the f**k out of there.... who agree?

    ying fun koayying fun koay17 hours ago
  • Well mom really happy when i got B

    RankLamb6860RankLamb686020 hours ago
  • d

    George RGeorge R21 hour ago
  • can i say the

    George RGeorge R21 hour ago
  • That’s a pretty long story WOW!!!

    Eva HernandezEva HernandezDay ago
  • The summoning jutsu moment was epic

    Chris AwwadChris AwwadDay ago
  • You should have moved with your dad

    Ema ZimmermanEma ZimmermanDay ago
  • The mom got what she deserved

    Emma SickEmma SickDay ago
  • :>

    miamiaDay ago
  • Cps

    exotic gamingexotic gamingDay ago
  • Summoning Jutsu

    Ghostlife498Ghostlife498Day ago
  • U yuor

    sethhanzsethhanzDay ago
  • NoOooOoo

    sethhanzsethhanzDay ago
    • FREISK

      sethhanzsethhanzDay ago
  • Jesus I wish you were my great granny shes very nice I would just. ... run away

    battle projectsbattle projectsDay ago
  • Dr einstein is your enemy?? XD

    Rabab KasmoRabab KasmoDay ago
  • If she was 15 years younger than the mom that breaks the bylaw of getting married sooooooo

    FancyCatYTFancyCatYT2 days ago
  • And the picture looks butiful

    JarianrodJarianrod2 days ago
  • The mom is the worst I hate her

    JarianrodJarianrod2 days ago
  • Nice wat u did

    Lv velocityLv velocity2 days ago
  • xd a lot of lasban but it ok funny tho XD

    Little BoyLittle Boy2 days ago
  • wtf???

    eka kopalianieka kopaliani2 days ago
  • if l was her wen l bi 10 l just leve

    eka kopalianieka kopaliani2 days ago

    Faith BaustistaFaith Baustista2 days ago
  • 11:04

    Precious AdebosinPrecious Adebosin2 days ago
  • 1:03

    Precious AdebosinPrecious Adebosin2 days ago
  • 5:00

    Precious AdebosinPrecious Adebosin2 days ago
  • This kinda akward because I can't stand that stray girl not even the mom

    Jädë_TrønçösöJädë_Trønçösö3 days ago
  • Wat if ur mom uploaded that it sleeping? U will just report it no?

    RikyHam - Fanoušek HamRikyRikyHam - Fanoušek HamRiky3 days ago
  • 9:20 i didnt know this channel wasn’t family friendly

    habitatforfitnesshabitatforfitness3 days ago
  • what wrong with her

    jasmine seranojasmine serano3 days ago
  • It's all right

    Michael AlvaradoMichael Alvarado3 days ago
  • 0:26 My sis can relate when my sis cried for no reason when she was 2 years old my mom said you are acting like a two year old and then I defended her and said she is 2 me and my mom laughed and then my sis watching us started laughing too

    AS Astha SamridhiAS Astha Samridhi3 days ago
  • 11:12 wtf naruto? 💀💀

    Schau nicht So blödSchau nicht So blöd3 days ago
  • Naruto summoning ju-jitsu

    Arafat IslamArafat Islam3 days ago
  • That thumbnail was quite insulting😠😠

    Nilam GoundarNilam Goundar3 days ago
  • funny thing is your mom is not famous. Thing is when she sees this video, she will beg LOLLLLL! Thank you for this video, I’m sorry that this happened, I hope if she was still mean, JUST HURT THEMMM

    Bacon CousinsBacon Cousins3 days ago
  • You are acting like a 5 year old But i am a 5 year old

    H20delirous ???H20delirous ???3 days ago
  • I had a dream that I had a gold play button

    Derrick PalmerDerrick Palmer3 days ago
  • Wait her mom is gay

    Power PuppyPower Puppy4 days ago

    VexterVexter4 days ago
  • Next title :albert einstein was jealous of me because I was stupid

    Storm trooperStorm trooper4 days ago
  • It was funny when your step mom put a blanket and walked away

    Milton GuallpaMilton Guallpa4 days ago
  • Next story: My dad cheated on my mom but my mom died 5 years ago. Please????? 👉👈

    Sarith SoengSarith Soeng4 days ago
    • (Weird right?)

      Sarith SoengSarith Soeng4 days ago
  • What a guilty mom...

    ĐGC WølfGirlĐGC WølfGirl4 days ago
  • Bro every mom is suppose to Like gifts from their children

    XxGalaxyStar XxXxGalaxyStar Xx4 days ago
  • for you mom

    gamerboymax 5001gamerboymax 50014 days ago
  • A tip for parents: never compare your kids with someone. FYI: i'm a 12 year old girl

    Flor Rianne BelinarioFlor Rianne Belinario4 days ago
  • Mom:you accting like a 5 years old Girl:but im 5 years old Me:imao😂

    Romar GumapacRomar Gumapac4 days ago
  • Cant the police just catch your mom if your mom is abusing her child?

    Avik AcharyaAvik Acharya4 days ago
  • 6:33 movement where mr white turned to heisnberg

    Shravan ᥇iꪀꪊShravan ᥇iꪀꪊ4 days ago
  • This sums up thee relationship with my mom *what relationship?*

    Danger GamerDanger Gamer5 days ago
  • 9:20 *SWEARS*

    shady ashrfshady ashrf5 days ago
  • Your mom is mean

    PatssyPatssy5 days ago
  • They are really running out of ideas lol

    Test TheTesterTest TheTester5 days ago
  • 0:28 but I am one

    henri diazhenri diaz5 days ago
  • Huh am I educational or a killer? I'm dumb


  • If your mother is crazy of whatever just leave alone for just a lesson

  • I hate that mom I wish she was ban

    Jhonatan CorralJhonatan Corral5 days ago
  • Dum mom

    Alia StugerAlia Stuger6 days ago
  • I am 999,999,9999 wait I have a long way from that

    XxniceAngelXx AngelXxniceAngelXx Angel6 days ago
  • Why didn't she call Child Protection Services?

    Ninaad BhatNinaad Bhat6 days ago
  • Double rushing gun

    HuweHuwe6 days ago
  • This is worse than my grades

    The D O G EThe D O G E7 days ago
  • Your mom had this coming for a long time, after how she treated you and tried to steal her son-in-law from his wife aka you. Don't let her back in your life and home!!

    Eugene LauEugene Lau7 days ago
  • 2:35 That friend is the girl from the "Tiktok destroyed my life" video

    Derp CityDerp City7 days ago
  • Crying

    WolfMoonStar456WolfMoonStar4567 days ago
  • i dont think so any mom will do that!!!

    Jahanara AkterJahanara Akter7 days ago
  • they will gonna break up because shes very yung and shes parent gonna be mad

    Gabe Matteo laguaGabe Matteo lagua7 days ago
  • Lol

    MR_ROBLOXMR_ROBLOX7 days ago
  • 4:42 not to be racist but Mr.White? Hes black (not to be racist)

    IonnIonn7 days ago
  • This is child abuse

    Swaggy IkonikSwaggy Ikonik8 days ago
  • I am like that girl and her friend is my stupid little sister. Exactly like ME!

  • Sarie☺

    jakjak8 days ago
  • these stories arent real, they may be based off a smidgen of reality, but who would expose their stories to a giant channel, where any of their actual friends could see this video, plus, these are hyperbole, exagerrated to the point that they are just ridiculous, these channels are milking a dry cow, they are basically telling you lies, plus, their crappy animation

    Eatornator3000Eatornator30008 days ago
  • the way she looked the same when she was five and a sixth grader lol

    Tokío CorberoTokío Corbero8 days ago
  • your mom is mean

    Nassief AgarNassief Agar8 days ago
  • I want to stop him I am batman I am not

    Jason JonathanJason Jonathan8 days ago
  • I found my ninja skill the last one though my name okay I'm going to America tomorrow understand

    Jason JonathanJason Jonathan8 days ago
  • ,?........😡😑😎🔪

    Jason JonathanJason Jonathan8 days ago
  • Me too I like math

    Aña LapuzAña Lapuz8 days ago
  • *run away*

    ToucanToucan8 days ago
  • Um I doing like school I love lectronics

    Joseph DevilleJoseph Deville8 days ago
  • You are 5 year old why does she pretend that you're not scream it from the rooftop that are not like bigger then five year olds

    Anthony. MicaleAnthony. Micale9 days ago
  • Lol hahahahahhaha why whyyy!!??? Who does this to there kids I'm not beiliving this story

    Henry_whiteHenry_white9 days ago
  • Me

    Ke'edric NolandKe'edric Noland9 days ago
  • 4:22 wtf

    Aengus McInnisAengus McInnis9 days ago
  • but her father is Albert Einstein

    LainaLaina9 days ago
  • When she spawned that elephant did that naruto summoning sing happened?

    Mason GottiMason Gotti9 days ago
  • The thumbnail is like U HAVE TO BE AnTI iEnStIeN

    Thomas Wade History ClubThomas Wade History Club10 days ago
  • If I was that girl this what will say to her mom. You so stupid mom

    Rafael GarciaRafael Garcia10 days ago
  • 0:00-0:25 I draw A LOT if my mom were to say that to me I will beat the shit out of her and probably say that you're the worst mom ever and I like my grandma better

    Bailey the duckuBailey the ducku10 days ago
  • Who else can't help but laugh when she starts that accent for the step mom

    Calvin manduCalvin mandu11 days ago