Minecraft, But Mobs Shapeshift...

Apr 3, 2021
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This is Minecraft, But Mobs Shapeshift... this was a roller coaster.
Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
Edited By @IndieRed
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  • 4:06 but wait, isn’t that Dream?

    NytroNytro2 hours ago
  • Tapl te miro desde hace 4 años y cada video que miro me llena de inspiración para levantar la cabeza y no bajarla aunque no tenga muchos subs se que algún día seré como vos. Muchas gracias taaaaalp por momentos divertidos 😘😘😘!!!!

    Leandro FusterLeandro Fuster3 hours ago
  • I was visibly disappointed when his chat started saying that the dolphins couldn’t breath on land.

    ShaneVerse VODSShaneVerse VODS4 hours ago
  • The electric cricket paradoxically identify because pair metrically interfere near a bright stop. many, tacky measure

    Spoof 01Spoof 014 hours ago
  • Awesome poggers throughout this!

    Pale_Rose_cloudPale_Rose_cloud6 hours ago
  • sorrykes my head hurt

    Danika LenoreDanika Lenore6 hours ago
  • 3:41 drops berries instead of melons

    TRUMOO TMTRUMOO TM6 hours ago
  • I think green horses are zombified horses

    Joshua AbtsJoshua Abts6 hours ago
  • 🐸🐸🐸lol Kid

    catia tavares bimbando por aicatia tavares bimbando por ai8 hours ago
  • Lol

    catia tavares bimbando por aicatia tavares bimbando por ai8 hours ago
  • This is LMAO

    Lin LiuLin Liu10 hours ago
  • TapL but he plays Normal Minecraft

    llxn_ollxn_o12 hours ago
  • Imagine you just come back from mining, you walk into your house and your wolf turns into a ravanger.

    ToxicShadowToxicShadow12 hours ago
  • minecraft UHC idea,mincraft but you teleport random places every minute,

    jason wilsonjason wilson13 hours ago
  • And that’s 100 IQ there

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf13 hours ago
  • TapL:”What the?” The slime turned into a witch and it was raining so they died and turned into a potion.

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf13 hours ago
  • T

    Galaxy WolfGalaxy Wolf13 hours ago
  • Poggers

    Fishy pogFishy pog14 hours ago
  • Pogers

    Fishy pogFishy pog14 hours ago
  • He had 69 levels in the intro *the legend we call TapL*

    Raymond TavuiRaymond Tavui14 hours ago
  • What mod is this it looks cool and I want To prank my brother with it

    duckytduckyt14 hours ago
  • NO

    glenn staplesglenn staples15 hours ago
  • :p _ _ ______

    Sneh JainSneh Jain16 hours ago
  • lol 69 levels

    Maze - ITAMaze - ITA16 hours ago
  • You've sadly grown really annoying since you stopped doing UHCs . I decided not to follow you any longer

    Inmsodiac NZInmsodiac NZ16 hours ago
  • Your very annoying

    Like the NameLike the Name16 hours ago
  • 5:15 cousin?

    Alpaka Ot YiyenAlpaka Ot Yiyen18 hours ago
  • 3 to 0

    Harry ShawHarry Shaw21 hour ago
  • Enderdragon becomes pig

    Doggy DancerYtDoggy DancerYt22 hours ago
  • they can be ender dragons or wither

    EDIT MANEDIT MAN23 hours ago
  • I don't understand what am I to do exactly ?

    Rafan TECHRafan TECHDay ago
  • The ender dragon may turn into squid lol

    Jend jendJend jendDay ago
  • my mom when i look at her: Smilling and looking nice When i look away: deadly,pschopath

    Madeleine Jacy SalimMadeleine Jacy SalimDay ago
  • tdnbmdfuhf

    Angel RodriguezAngel RodriguezDay ago
  • Ooooooommmmmmgggggggg

    Negypt JacksonNegypt JacksonDay ago
  • eveyone gangsta till he has like 100 mobs around him and become creeper aw mans

    Samuel and AndroSamuel and AndroDay ago
  • 69 levels at end

    anthony johnsonanthony johnsonDay ago
  • tapl why you kill the cats

    ahmad azeedeahmad azeedeDay ago
  • Tapl say that the ghast is the most annoying mob me introduces the vex

    nathan serranonathan serranoDay ago
  • Omg imagine the ender dragon turned into a cow and it still gives u the egg or a cow turns into the ender dragon there would be so many ender dragons

    Aarav RoychandAarav RoychandDay ago
  • @Elemental lol

    David GolubovichDavid GolubovichDay ago
  • creepers: *blowing up noises and sound effects*

    Hello I am,Hello I am,Day ago
  • But wait...what if they shapeshift into the ender dragon 🐉 bruh

    Leilah SteeleLeilah SteeleDay ago
  • “Everything is polar bears” quote of the century

    Dylan and Ko.Dylan and Ko.Day ago
  • It make my tears almost come out it was greate

    Dereck Santiago ColonDereck Santiago ColonDay ago
  • 1k dislikes=1k Karen’s

    SouperSouperDay ago
  • 4:36 to 4:47 He jinxed it.

    Winchester ChuaWinchester ChuaDay ago
  • lol

    -Frosty Fire--Frosty Fire-Day ago
  • Ender dagan

    AerieCAerieCDay ago
  • Everyone gangsta till your 2 dogs turn into The Wither and The Ender-Dragon

    LAVA PlayZLAVA PlayZDay ago
  • Ul

    RixxymvmRixxymvmDay ago
  • Hi

  • Cool

  • wow

    veljko arsicveljko arsicDay ago
  • 0:00 69 xp

    Jacob SJacob SDay ago
  • no

    Shadow FlameShadow FlameDay ago
  • Does piglin brute shape shifting????

    Purple CafePurple CafeDay ago
  • Rainbow TapLFace Boat TNT Quack Donation

    Ziah Plays123PC&gadgetsZiah Plays123PC&gadgetsDay ago
  • 1:57 at that moment when u turn on caption it will say “there could be many many like not so nice moms” XD

    drei barramedadrei barramedaDay ago
  • Your a. Bot at minecraft

    Aarish MaqsoodAarish MaqsoodDay ago
  • 8:49 That's illusioner

    syamsul arifinsyamsul arifinDay ago
  • The absent caption phytochemically peck because airmail consequentially jump failing a idiotic license. motionless, utopian anatomy

    Michael SternMichael SternDay ago
  • Hi

    Michael Van SchalkwykMichael Van SchalkwykDay ago
  • Hi p

    Michael Van SchalkwykMichael Van SchalkwykDay ago
  • The energetic edge intialy moan because cart statistically park per a bashful margin. heavenly heavy hellish, fuzzy seed

    cassie smithersoncassie smithersonDay ago
  • tapL it wasn’t ‘Rare ending’ it was ‘the end crystals turned into phantom ending’

    xTurtlexTurtleDay ago
  • Ender dragon might turn to a sheep

    Magdy EltiaryMagdy EltiaryDay ago
  • 16:44 The dragon and its minions

    Faiz AnsariFaiz AnsariDay ago
  • I feel stupid saying hi to myself from a stream a week ago-

    Michaella SantosMichaella Santos2 days ago
  • Is insane

    cube pro playercube pro player2 days ago
  • Originally phantoms did spawn in the end, what an coincidence.

    Tao JinTao Jin2 days ago
  • The whole chat: hi yt me: hellooooo

    David BoyleDavid Boyle2 days ago
  • since you made a mobs can shapeshift vid you should do blocks instead of mobs

    John Hubert CortezJohn Hubert Cortez2 days ago
  • The reason that the end crystals are gone is because they count as entities

    Jesus ChristJesus Christ2 days ago
  • Thank you very much for using my suggestion Tapple, for that, I am joining your server =)

    Toyin EniolaToyin Eniola2 days ago
  • the last time i checked tap was only at 400k

    HorrificSharkHorrificShark2 days ago
  • true ending all of the skelteon horses turn into the ender dragon

    Olivia Jackson-CookeOlivia Jackson-Cooke2 days ago
  • I said diamonds

    Devin ParkerDevin Parker2 days ago
  • I wish they could turn into a wither or ender dragon

    Bros For lifeBros For life2 days ago
  • It is time to go to the bed

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
    • End

      Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow shoot

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Yooooooooooo

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • That is a pillager

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • You are screwed

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • What the what

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Winer dance

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Among us drip

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Hahaha

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Holy

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • :-\

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • LoL

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Yeah buddy

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Are you frustrated

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • I like that

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Wow

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Yeah rip cows

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Nice one

    Gagu SongeGagu Songe2 days ago
  • Snow Golems at the end are like: Hi Bye

    MrPomegranX [David]MrPomegranX [David]2 days ago
  • Alternative title: Minecraft but the mobs are changelings

    arthur 57arthur 572 days ago