Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items...

Feb 20, 2021
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Minecraft, But Mobs Drop OP Items... (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, MOBS DROP OVERPOWERED ITEMS! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one got really intense.
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  • bro what is the version of your server i want to join

    Gautam Raj dude boyGautam Raj dude boyHour ago
  • How I can join uhc server in mobile

    Miggy MingoMiggy MingoHour ago
  • how do u get your cape?

    Charlene Celstia CutieCharlene Celstia Cutie2 hours ago
  • lol 😂 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Kimsaan ChhumKimsaan Chhum2 hours ago
  • Randomizer UHC vs. Randomizer survival but mobs

    tylr is a qttylr is a qt3 hours ago
  • lol yes we need to get to 69 haha

    Kevin CollardKevin Collard3 hours ago
  • Wisp do a vegetarian run

    Aynnette FloresAynnette Flores3 hours ago

    The_SmilurrThe_Smilurr4 hours ago
  • Wait is your gamer tag Wisp because that was just you in pvplegacy

    JoshExistsTooJoshExistsToo4 hours ago
  • dimond shovle >:)

    Miguel OchoaSilvaMiguel OchoaSilva5 hours ago
  • i love your vids

    Ahmed MianAhmed Mian5 hours ago
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    Ollieh ShawnyuOllieh Shawnyu5 hours ago
  • If you use the fortune book 10 to your axe and get a lot of ended pearl and blasé rod

    Andy DoAndy Do5 hours ago
  • you stupid if your elitra breaks you wont have a spare one

    Yuanli ShenYuanli Shen6 hours ago
  • for so long i thought this was a UHC and I was like you are going to beat the ender drag in a uhc?

    Max StimsonMax Stimson6 hours ago
  • Can I do this before mobs kill me? So.. a normal minecraft video, but really u get cool stuff. Yeah, they won't kill you

    The_SmilurrThe_Smilurr6 hours ago
  • Waited for a zombie sorry I spelled in too Years

    Tokahey GrantTokahey Grant8 hours ago
    • I Haven’t spelled in to years

      Tokahey GrantTokahey Grant8 hours ago
  • bru wisp you’re dumb you Should have for a zombie to drop a Diamond so you Could make a Diamond Sword

    Tokahey GrantTokahey Grant8 hours ago
  • You have found one of the rarest strong hold spawns ever and then the other people com einto the end!!...

    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and RobloxGaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox8 hours ago
  • So many people died in the Nether. You don't normally have it enabled in UHCs

    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and RobloxGaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox8 hours ago
  • glad you won

    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and RobloxGaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox8 hours ago
  • When PVP started you really freaked out!!

    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and RobloxGaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox8 hours ago
  • It wasn't an iron ingot... xD lol... nvm

    Gaming Jaye - Minecraft and RobloxGaming Jaye - Minecraft and Roblox8 hours ago

    Random CrapRandom Crap9 hours ago
  • its fake the ender dragon dopt one xpe

    dondergamesdondergames9 hours ago
  • I love all your vids😊

    PugloverPuglover9 hours ago
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    Dees NutsDees Nuts9 hours ago
  • i got an ad of a youtuber(fady) playing dragon Tamer XD

    flash Fox Flashflash Fox Flash10 hours ago
  • I got a ad at BOO............. and then rise of kingdoms popped up.

    Zander's WorldZander's World10 hours ago
    • Also a enderman was chasing the dragon because she hit him

      Zander's WorldZander's World10 hours ago
  • The animals didnt drop op items disliking

    ITZASUPITZASUP12 hours ago
  • Imagine a mob farm on this

    Ethan RichardsonEthan Richardson12 hours ago
  • Kill dog for sharpness inf

    Thien RodriguezThien Rodriguez13 hours ago
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    Emmy MacEmmy Mac13 hours ago
  • Name a bri’ish minecraft youtuber that; sucks and sounds annoying. I’ll wait

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo13 hours ago
  • I know that my comment will be lost among the thousands, but please let me tell YOU something. Don’t ever give up. You are special. Don’t think about what society wants you todo. Its YOUR life. Don’t EVER give up. Just know that YOU are loved, that YOU are special. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!! I like you!!!! Keep on trying. Do not stress. Everything is going to be OK!!! ❤️❤️❤️ That is my message to you. I hope yo have a wonderful day. I hope that you pass the assignments. I hope you conquer stress. Keep on trying King 👑 🤴🏻

    Grace AllanGrace Allan13 hours ago

    Sansar ChinhuslenSansar Chinhuslen15 hours ago
  • Hey your mine craft avatar is cute buddy

    jai ganeshjai ganesh15 hours ago
  • How to download the plugin

    Kagan CoskunKagan Coskun15 hours ago
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    40 old sub440 old sub416 hours ago
  • Would've been a better vid if it was a manhunt

    jad ambriYTjad ambriYT17 hours ago
  • Wisp: **Giga drills the gravel with fortune 10 and gets a billion flint** Also wisp: “There’s the 1 Flint we needed”

    You CuberYou Cuber17 hours ago
  • please minecraft hardcore

    Tereza MohylakovaTereza Mohylakova17 hours ago
  • Ummm a Minecraft face skin reveal

    Antoni SalomoAntoni Salomo17 hours ago
  • fun fact axe and sword are the same the sword does attack speed fast the axe is big damage

    Thomas UsiThomas Usi17 hours ago
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    Michael RaadMichael Raad19 hours ago
  • nice

    Andrea FerdanováAndrea Ferdanová20 hours ago
  • Please.... Go Face Reveal

    Minecraft Rust v2Minecraft Rust v220 hours ago
  • omg der weinachtsmann is nich echt genauso wie el quappo?!

    pumpkinhead dietrichpumpkinhead dietrich20 hours ago
  • ???

    jesslyn vkin kinjesslyn vkin kin20 hours ago
  • Nice

    Bianca BothaBianca Botha20 hours ago
  • bro what u mean wood is the best item because it helps build up to all of that op stuff. it is like being born. you need to start off somewhere.

    Layla SmallLayla Small20 hours ago
  • When you got the elytra I screamed ELYTRA!!!!

    cool guy riyanshcool guy riyansh21 hour ago

    vaughn cedricvaughn cedric21 hour ago
  • You should've placed knockback on your netherite axe

    Your MomYour Mom22 hours ago
  • Why do you axes for attacking

    Noobius GamingNoobius Gaming22 hours ago
  • U put fortune X on shovel, what an idiot

    Prad WolfPrad WolfDay ago
  • 16:05 When you play bedrock edition: *laughs in can’t possibly die to end crystal*

    Minecraft ErMinecraft ErDay ago
  • I feel like this is a future tapL vid

    walking furret !walking furret !Day ago
  • i wish minecraft was this easy for me

    RecxxsRecxxsDay ago
  • Why did you make a diamond shovel????

    Salmon FisherSalmon FisherDay ago
  • i like it u without ur mask

    Neri CastueraNeri CastueraDay ago
  • I love your videos

    David RichmondDavid RichmondDay ago
  • you are bad you made a Diamond shovel wast

    X BX BDay ago
  • Still only 3 minutes under dreams normal time

    Vocse _beauytVocse _beauytDay ago
  • Did you copy tapl? This is mostly the same content

    supersonic allstarsupersonic allstarDay ago
  • "Minecraft mobs have always dropped terrible items" *‌sad endermen noises‌*

    9 9 99 9 9Day ago
    • @A x s t h x t i c V i b x s xp= enchanting

      Alexa QuintanillaAlexa Quintanilla3 hours ago
    • Balzes too Also the ender dragon for levels not bad

      A x s t h x t i c V i b x sA x s t h x t i c V i b x s5 hours ago
  • Wisp without his mask looks like one of my 1 year old nephews

    Lexlann JovelLexlann JovelDay ago
  • I thought this was a uhc.., uhm 😶

    ThrowbacksThrowbacksDay ago
  • But I won’t show it to anyone

    Rodelyn Palmaresj. MRodelyn Palmaresj. MDay ago
  • I got the photo of your face in minecraft

    Rodelyn Palmaresj. MRodelyn Palmaresj. MDay ago
  • Wisp: makes a diamond shovel Me: that’s illegal wisp: finds 2 diamond, and says “I wish I saved the 1 diamond” Me: karma’s a bish boiiiiiii

    Greg CurtisGreg CurtisDay ago
  • Wisp:on other elytra littrelly usless Me: lol it’s not Usless you don’t have a mending book lol if it breaks xd

    Nain's Adventures & CraftsNain's Adventures & CraftsDay ago
  • In 19 mins or so

    Hunter BoyleHunter BoyleDay ago
  • Nice video pretty sure that def top 10 fatsest

    Hunter BoyleHunter BoyleDay ago
  • Thai guy seems annoying but is just so entertaining

    FoxBigNoob ,FoxBigNoob ,Day ago
  • Minecraft should make a cut clean book

    Kristi TakagishiKristi TakagishiDay ago
  • Why did you do that with the diamond

    Marcus smithMarcus smithDay ago
  • Last reaction is too op I thought she is not dead 😂😂😂


    Macy RogersMacy RogersDay ago
  • 10:50 elytras are the best item in the game 2 min later 12:48 elytras suck in the game

    Eren GençolEren GençolDay ago
    • Lol

      ندى محمدندى محمدDay ago
  • Ahhh lmao 69 levels🤣

    ChubbyknoobChubbyknoobDay ago
  • Can you give us the plugin or mod for this?

    MonkaSPOGMonkaSPOGDay ago
  • i need to get minecraft for freeee nowww buy me minecraft chattt

    BeeHatakiBeeHatakiDay ago
  • xD

    Jenny LindJenny LindDay ago
  • ,

    minty mochi plays robloxminty mochi plays robloxDay ago
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    brendy isabel santiago ullerobrendy isabel santiago ulleroDay ago
  • how can we play this

    chris dunnchris dunnDay ago
  • how to do it please tell

    Gamer OnlineGamer OnlineDay ago
  • First time see your minecraft face character haha

    Eduard EstopaceEduard EstopaceDay ago
  • The way he said Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeed got me

    Joonas HiltunenJoonas HiltunenDay ago
  • giv me this mod name pls

    Atoz era z2Atoz era z2Day ago
  • The real title: Minecraft be we go in a killing spree

    Faith Loise BarrientosFaith Loise BarrientosDay ago
  • there a seed to this?

    caleb lewiscaleb lewisDay ago
  • this is my first time watching wisp so I got confused at this part 0:54

    cat cookie UwUcat cookie UwUDay ago
  • 69

    69kGolden69kGolden2 days ago
  • When “WISP” aka Adam shows his Minecraft face without his mask I also screamed and at this point I ran all the way to the mall actually I say this on my phone so I ran and took my car to the mall lol like is you agree with me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sergio SaldanaSergio Saldana2 days ago
    • wisp's name isnt adam

      mistocitemistocite16 hours ago
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    Abc XyzAbc Xyz2 days ago
  • Can you combine 2 sharpness books to make sharpness 20?

    Algomarble racerAlgomarble racer2 days ago
    • Noo

      french friesfrench friesDay ago
  • I like how he does not burn iron ingots but he burns Elytra

    SebeNotFoundSebeNotFound2 days ago
  • I wanna do that challenge too

    Jay lawrence TachadoJay lawrence Tachado2 days ago