Minecraft, But If I Laugh, I DIE!

Feb 18, 2021
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  • How do you set off tnt

    Amy HuszarAmy Huszar6 seconds ago
  • Eat 20 ice cream hehe

    James Anthony Dela CruzJames Anthony Dela Cruz37 seconds ago
  • You have to stop eating homburgs

    Cyber Girls The MurffsCyber Girls The Murffs38 seconds ago
  • Do not laugh

    Amy HuszarAmy Huszar8 minutes ago
  • Get more cats

    Jordan JGIJordan JGI13 minutes ago

    Collective UniverseCollective Universe14 minutes ago
  • You are the best and my name Brendan we are on a family iPad

    Julianne WickerJulianne Wicker17 minutes ago
  • Lick the floor

    Steven LlamasSteven Llamas19 minutes ago
  • Crack a egg on your egg 3 times

    Kaeden DudleyKaeden Dudley19 minutes ago
  • 8 dare unspeakable need to beat minecraft

    Ceriacs RescalCeriacs Rescal20 minutes ago
  • Poop your 👖

    Lauren PattersonLauren Patterson21 minute ago
  • Bennett's new York city job is the best place

    Kim MaeversKim Maevers22 minutes ago
  • Unspeakable:hey..hello how you doing there Me: .......😆 Lol 😆

    Alexis TobinAlexis Tobin28 minutes ago
  • punish should me no minecraft for 10 minutes

    Dionis FreemanDionis Freeman40 minutes ago
  • but all the people that commented 1000 dollars

    lilly and eddie gameslilly and eddie games42 minutes ago
  • you half to give all the people 1000 dollars

    lilly and eddie gameslilly and eddie games43 minutes ago
  • Never laughed

    Shep GamesShep Games57 minutes ago
  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Mike OstofiMike OstofiHour ago
  • you sud get your havey cube

    Eli BurgEli BurgHour ago
  • Because the barrier blocks are invisible and they can look and they can teleport wherever they look

    Blue BenBlue BenHour ago
  • Me actually getting up and getting a pack of popcorn and putting it in a microwave for 2:16 seconds. Comes back later "Okay, now I'm ready"

    Lucy StaffordLucy StaffordHour ago
  • 1:58, eat a really sour snack

    amitha heffronamitha heffronHour ago
  • Eat something that has spice.

    BetoPlayz MinecraftBetoPlayz MinecraftHour ago
  • your punishment should be you have to make a video and all you do is say GUU!

    Jessica MartinJessica MartinHour ago
  • You: what me: wow

    Donald DuccDonald DuccHour ago
  • Destroy your Minecraft house and get a derp little house you big awesome USworldsr which I really like you not going to lie

    Amanda CardenAmanda CardenHour ago
  • eat so much cheese

    Crystal LilCrystal LilHour ago
  • Eat saracha for 30seconds

    Alexia EilertsenAlexia EilertsenHour ago
  • delete your Minecraft world

    jessica McMullenjessica McMullen2 hours ago
  • suffocate in stone in minecraft

    Hadrian WillsonHadrian Willson2 hours ago
  • Nothing should be your punishment

    Kanishia MarshKanishia Marsh2 hours ago
  • You bie

    Megan WatersMegan Waters2 hours ago
  • Unspeakable‘s punishment is to go on a The closet

    Levi McNeelyLevi McNeely2 hours ago
  • Do "I like your cut g!" To moosecraft

    Donovan ThompsonDonovan Thompson2 hours ago
  • You should donate $100 to someone

    Aaron NAaron N2 hours ago
  • Lean in the face

    Juliana DubeJuliana Dube2 hours ago
  • in gta dlet uru mouy??

    Rylan SteeleRylan Steele2 hours ago

    Sunset_sea842 HiSunset_sea842 Hi2 hours ago
  • Funny

    Audrey WolfAudrey Wolf2 hours ago
  • Actually act like a noob in Minecraft with Preston

    Alejandro Flores MezaAlejandro Flores Meza2 hours ago
  • Slap Preston then say I love you

    Autumn ZankeyAutumn Zankey3 hours ago
  • So u should jump in z water

    Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis3 hours ago
  • Eat a pickle with mustard

    Alejandro Flores MezaAlejandro Flores Meza3 hours ago
  • 1000 laughs delete youtube channel

    Sheila BortonSheila Borton3 hours ago
  • 1 laugh let moose kill u 5 laughs burn dimands 10 laughs burn netherite and restart minecraft

    Sheila BortonSheila Borton3 hours ago
  • Creepy minion

    Max KnightMax Knight3 hours ago
  • Go under water for 24 hours

    Tina TrimbleTina Trimble3 hours ago
  • a tank of wasps

    Desmond WhittDesmond Whitt3 hours ago
  • I think unspeakables punishment for laughing should be thrown in the pool

    Max KnightMax Knight3 hours ago
  • get killed by 10000 zombies

    SteveDebbie LeetSteveDebbie Leet3 hours ago
  • You should get slimed all over with ketchup mustard milk eggs and last one and chicken sauce

    Jessica HubbardJessica Hubbard3 hours ago
  • Hide for effort

    Becky PetroBecky Petro3 hours ago
  • F to pay respects to all those poor people who thought the first comment was Mr beast

    Waffles4theWinWaffles4theWin3 hours ago

    Friend of NuggetFriend of Nugget4 hours ago
  • Dump a big big big bucket of slime over your head

    Shay JacksonShay Jackson4 hours ago
  • do 1ooooo jumps on a trapalean

    Sharon EastonSharon Easton4 hours ago
  • I want you to give me your merch also can you get it In california?

    Yuqiu ZhouYuqiu Zhou4 hours ago
  • Take away Minecraft

    Michelle Diaz de Leon OrtizMichelle Diaz de Leon Ortiz4 hours ago
  • Eat a lot of yelllllow snow

    Virginia MajicVirginia Majic4 hours ago
  • Kiss your cat on lipe

    Shelly spenserShelly spenser4 hours ago
  • eat poop

    Lourdes TropeaLourdes Tropea4 hours ago
  • Delete Minecraft

    Ivan GonzalezIvan Gonzalez4 hours ago
  • Hahaha I saw you laugh

    Carolina LonsdaleCarolina Lonsdale4 hours ago
  • Get slapped in the face by gabe 10 times

    Valerie HensleyValerie Hensley4 hours ago
  • UnspeakablePlayz

    Melody GonzalezMelody Gonzalez4 hours ago
  • You should find 64 diamonds on your minecraft server

    Ali nutterAli nutter4 hours ago
  • Be unspeakable for 24 hours

    Normación AguilarNormación Aguilar5 hours ago
  • 9:00 those mobs are in the lost island video of exploding tnt

    Kurt Justine LlanesKurt Justine Llanes5 hours ago
  • Im not gonna laugh at this

    Will DWill D5 hours ago
  • Is the hottest thing in the world

    FBE 9etyFBE 9ety5 hours ago
  • Break up with your girlfriend

    Aubrey WAubrey W5 hours ago
  • He should get dunked in slime

    Earlyne TittleEarlyne Tittle5 hours ago
  • 10:24 When your mom tells you to clean your room.

    Kamila SKamila S5 hours ago
  • Delete minecraft

    plumandtealplumandteal5 hours ago
  • Hi

    peterandreazoewillowpeterandreazoewillow5 hours ago
  • buy 200 alarm clocks and go to sleep

    Tsyu BooTsyu Boo5 hours ago
  • you sould play mincraft with moose and shark but evrything is the opiset

    Jessica payneJessica payne5 hours ago
  • I'm going through my head

    Peter JamesPeter James5 hours ago
  • sit on a cacktus

    Michael BrunoMichael Bruno5 hours ago
  • Your first punishment should be taht you need to heart alll comments and pin me

    Mehfus jaiden KhandakerMehfus jaiden Khandaker5 hours ago
  • You haft to eat poop

    Maxx WebbMaxx Webb5 hours ago
    • 6

      Maxx WebbMaxx Webb5 hours ago

    Deku Deku loverDeku Deku lover6 hours ago
  • Lol the fact 1 he put the end pearl it came on his otherbside

    Ahmad RaddawiAhmad Raddawi6 hours ago
  • I can't stop watching your videos

    Sally RupeSally Rupe6 hours ago
  • wut should ur punishment be its a joke no cap

    Michelle MarthinusenMichelle Marthinusen6 hours ago
  • Put ur fase in cheese

    Ahmad RaddawiAhmad Raddawi6 hours ago
  • You should make your girlfriend a roblox account for your punishment

    Willow1120Willow11206 hours ago
  • hahahahhahaahahhaahahahhahaahah

    Vicki HedstromVicki Hedstrom6 hours ago
  • When the panda falls off the world and the other panda goes to save him it’s like the clarity meme lol

    EmeraTheHauningEmeraTheHauning6 hours ago
  • Am i he only one that was laughing from the start

    Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide6 hours ago
  • Yes that is a good one

    ThunderThunder6 hours ago
  • Kill a pet when you get it

    Honda Cbr1000rrHonda Cbr1000rr6 hours ago
  • Give us a shot out every one in the comment section

    Lilyan StultzLilyan Stultz6 hours ago
    • Haaaaaaaaaa

      Charming nowhere to hideCharming nowhere to hide6 hours ago
  • U should drink a gallon of hot sauce

    Kylie MarsorKylie Marsor6 hours ago
  • With ketchup

    Christine DwarikaChristine Dwarika7 hours ago
  • Drink a cup of mayo

    Christine DwarikaChristine Dwarika7 hours ago
  • The muddled acrylic sequentially land because rectangle inevitably place per a marvelous lier. thick, rural cucumber

    jaylen detorresjaylen detorres7 hours ago
  • I seen the second tiktok

    kayleigh greenekayleigh greene7 hours ago
  • The punishment should be to dump a bucket of slime on your head on a video.🤞🏻😧🙎🏼‍♂️🩳

    Robert WrightRobert Wright7 hours ago
  • Tell him in the middle of the air

    Glen ScottGlen Scott7 hours ago