Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000...

Apr 5, 2021
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Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000 (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game with @Wisp​, but every mob is Hostile and has Knockback 1000! this idea was inspired by @TapL's "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Knockback 1,000,000" video, except I put my own twist on it!
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  • Alternative Title: Pigs hunt down Wisp & Silver for 24 minutes straight

    HenwyHenwy5 days ago
    • Another one: minecraft but y e e t

      PixeledPixeled34 minutes ago
    • Henwy I know you from ssundees videos

      Khaled AlhammadiKhaled Alhammadi3 hours ago
    • TechnoBlades

      Bu BuBu Bu5 hours ago
    • @Madisyn Shaw hello henwwy

      zhumi bgzhumi bg8 hours ago
    • UnU

      albert buenaventuraalbert buenaventura16 hours ago
  • minecraft but while i try to speedrun tries to kill me with deathswap

    Isak CedergrenIsak Cedergren2 minutes ago
  • You make a great video, I wish you to do it soon with 1 million subscribers

    Goku MCPE GamerGoku MCPE Gamer4 minutes ago

    Drip of bacon funkinDrip of bacon funkin12 minutes ago
  • good luck!

    Lily RiveraLily Rivera22 minutes ago
  • Its a knockback apocalyps

    Wayu Sumarna NbbWayu Sumarna Nbb25 minutes ago
  • 2:02 PIG SMASH

    Thomas Gustav FrancThomas Gustav Franc34 minutes ago
  • how do you almost have 500k and only post 13 vids?

    Scarlett FreyScarlett Frey41 minute ago
  • Wow...

    Lucinda CLucinda C52 minutes ago

    HecticHectic56 minutes ago
  • Why do u have more subs on this Chanel and not on speedsilver

    Tycalas BoomTycalas BoomHour ago
  • Something I realized while watching the intro, Minecraft acacia leaves should probably maybe hurt the player when touched. y'know, because they have super long thorns in real life?

    CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]CloudedArcTrooper[DTQ]Hour ago
  • 8:54 so he just randomly decides to mine near lava and finds diamonds ? Weird, I’m pretty sure he cheated ...

    LuMiLuMiHour ago
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    Bitter Truth ComedyBitter Truth Comedy2 hours ago
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    Stylianos KefalopoulosStylianos Kefalopoulos2 hours ago
  • Legend says it the fish are piranhas

    oofer mcnuggetsoofer mcnuggets3 hours ago
  • Awesome dude😂😂❤️

    Manikandan jayaprakashManikandan jayaprakash3 hours ago
  • What the heck is that block at 13:43

  • 23:03 how did wisp just teleport?

    יהלי לןיהלי לן3 hours ago
  • Wisp and Silver when they see an animal: *chuckles* im in danger

    jeff zhangjeff zhang3 hours ago
  • How to die in this mod: mobs hit you and you get knocked back into lava, you get knocked back over a ravine and die from fall damage, you get knocked back into a creeper that will explode in 0.000000001 seconds

    jeff zhangjeff zhang3 hours ago
  • Who accepts him a far better then dream

    ¿¿3 hours ago
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    Catia BirisSSundee. where is JIMFI plsCatia BirisSSundee. where is JIMFI pls3 hours ago
  • He's one of the must fast growing youtubers I ever see

    misuyy fongmisuyy fong3 hours ago
  • one in 9 quantillion

    Touch GameplayrTouch Gameplayr3 hours ago
    • 2:00 Minecraft Monday be like

      misuyy fongmisuyy fong3 hours ago
  • Bats is useless as minecraft writes This video: bats are not so useless anymore More deadly

    Gam1ngYTGam1ngYT3 hours ago
  • Stat Hostile: 10000000000000 Neutral: 0

    Gam1ngYTGam1ngYT3 hours ago
  • I can see a million subs under only 20 videos U can make a tutorial on it 😂

    ¿¿3 hours ago
  • Please provide the Pocket Edition link of the mod you are playing

  • Wow

    WooolfWooolf4 hours ago
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    Kal DoggKal Dogg4 hours ago
  • Ur so close to 500K

    Red Army bruhRed Army bruh4 hours ago
  • you forgot your main channel

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  • Your never gonna look the minecraft animals like before

    le Roi des Fritesle Roi des Frites4 hours ago
  • Undo to undo

    SomebodySomebody4 hours ago
  • Its like manhunt

    SomebodySomebody4 hours ago
  • Is that your friend? Or not friend??

    izuko heroizuko hero4 hours ago
  • 24 minutes and a half

    Tyler BradburyTyler Bradbury5 hours ago
  • Wisp:hardest minecraft challenge Me: you sure? Upload a video called All the mods you did and every manhunt but *with mods* B) and I'll donate

    st0ne-st0ne-5 hours ago
  • 2:00 Minecraft Monday be like

    Soul of DededeSoul of Dedede5 hours ago
  • Pls give mod link pls pls pls❤im subscribe your channel

  • If you take damage to A mob, Sliver, You I get launched into KnockBack 1,000

    Christie PohChristie Poh6 hours ago
  • Ugg

    The WrightonsThe Wrightons7 hours ago
  • when you try to go to space

    Wizard LegendsWizard Legends7 hours ago
  • U r American we will not subscribe yo

    Neil HeroNeil Hero8 hours ago
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    zhumi bgzhumi bg8 hours ago
  • Wait why you guys dont care of the gold is the god is not rare??

    Zarahpink._. PlayzZarahpink._. Playz8 hours ago
  • wow got 474k subs already

    Gavin GawatGavin Gawat8 hours ago
  • DUDE

    Adam WoźniakAdam Woźniak8 hours ago
  • Crying obsidian?

    Van Quang LeVan Quang Le8 hours ago
  • 1:07 look in the ocean, is that a monument or an underwater pillager outpost?

    BBSBBS8 hours ago
  • Wait its world record speed run!

    Camilla WelenCamilla Welen8 hours ago
  • It's Wisp Style It's Completely Free

  • Video idea,: "Minecraft, but every mob is hostile with thorns 1000"

    Freddie NurseFreddie Nurse8 hours ago
  • Nice i love your videos you made my day Silver love ya keep it up wee lol

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  • Why do channels like this get almost 500k subs with barely 10+ videos but then some channels barely pass 100 subs with many more videos? I want to try to start USworlds with my other channel but its hard to find the motivation when you spend hours recording and editing to get only 3-5 views per video. My videos are of good quality and I have a clear voice, I think USworlds just hates me because every time I comment I get no likes or replies, its like I am invisible (does not matter which account I use). This comment probably wont get noticed by anyone because of what I just said. My videos are probably being placed at the very bottom of the YT algorithm and if someone actually sees this comment its probably going to be at the bottom of thousands of other comments. If anyone actually read this I hope you have a good day/night.

    Timothy KeyesTimothy Keyes8 hours ago
  • Do Millon Next Time Plz

    Prabhakaran M GPrabhakaran M G9 hours ago
  • “KiLl tHe BaBy”-5:39 Amazing quote by sliver

    Moon SoulMoon Soul9 hours ago
  • Why are you so OP love your videos

    OP GAMER 779OP GAMER 7799 hours ago
  • silver..

    maximoslaraimaximoslarai9 hours ago
  • knokback 1000... its very overpowerd but knokback 100.000.000 its much overpowerd

    maximoslaraimaximoslarai9 hours ago
  • Do you have omlet arcade

    UltimategennixUltimategennix9 hours ago
  • best couple

    zeke yeagerzeke yeager9 hours ago
  • 5:51 I think I saw a pillagers home. That’s funny.

    Koh KohKoh Koh9 hours ago
  • Fake

    Tanima ChakrabortyTanima Chakraborty10 hours ago

    ray peniray peni10 hours ago
  • Everytime you knock by a mob to the water you like walking on water

    Azka ayeAzka aye10 hours ago
  • Wisp

    Danny HernandezDanny Hernandez10 hours ago
  • Bro When You Said We Can Have Infinite Wooden Swoord I Saw Wisp There And When You Look Up To The Water Tower Wisp Is There 🤨

    UnknownUnknown10 hours ago
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    Divit Hindustani gamerDivit Hindustani gamer11 hours ago
  • upload skyblock bro i miss u

    SwankSwank12 hours ago
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  • How is he so calm when he's literally getting flung hundreds of blocks away and has a chance if dying

    Flame DestroyerFlame Destroyer12 hours ago
  • That is pasebol

    Rendon Larry DickRendon Larry Dick12 hours ago
  • You have the PERFECT opportunity to call it the, “befour hundred k” club but no you to call it the before 400k club

    The Tin PilotThe Tin Pilot12 hours ago
    • It’s like savage animal planet lols

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn12 hours ago
  • Nice video

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    • @laskin riubn lol

      mythzxTVmythzxTV12 hours ago

      laskin riubnlaskin riubn12 hours ago
  • Silver

    david animationdavid animation13 hours ago
  • My idol wisp and sliver

    david animationdavid animation13 hours ago
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  • Cool

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  • 6:19 take exp bottle

    Lil Royal gamerLil Royal gamer15 hours ago
  • alt title: mobs act like anime villains

    æœėøæœėø16 hours ago
  • Bro if you have the pearls so you can teleport

    XVS SquadXVS Squad16 hours ago
  • First time I saw someone scared of a turtle in Minecraft 😂😂

    Crafts 2.0Crafts 2.016 hours ago
  • “So many diamonds” (2 diamonds)

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  • "PIGS IN THE CAVE!" I swear I laughed so hard

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  • “There’s a chicken just BEATING me up” -Silver 2021

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  • Ummm you have only filed 6 videos

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  • That’s one aggressive turtle dang

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