Microsoft Holiday Commercial 2020 - Find Your Joy (A Dog’s Dream)

Dec 3, 2020
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The holidays are a lot different this year, but that doesn't mean we can't experience joy and connection. ​
Our ad tells the story of Rufus, a dog who can't physically be with his best bud but through his dreams, experiences the joy of togetherness and friendship.
Together, they go on an epic adventure into the ​worlds of Minecraft, Halo, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, just like Rufus' humans. ​
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  • The song is Alright. by Supergrass. Great band.

    Dave BlackwellDave BlackwellDay ago
  • A ,m love dog

    Michał theMichał the5 days ago
  • Does anyone know what the song is?

    OinkypiggamerOinkypiggamer5 days ago
    • Supergrass.. song Alright. 1995 huge hit. Great band

      Dave BlackwellDave BlackwellDay ago
  • Praying for the Nation 2021.

    Michael McNewMichael McNew6 days ago
  • 1:12 Master chief: *oh hello there*

    See it nothing !See it nothing !9 days ago
  • Praying for the Nation 2021.

    Michael McNewMichael McNew10 days ago
  • microsoft, stop making me cry

    Carter MackayCarter Mackay10 days ago
  • 1:16 Windogs 10

    Captain CrumbCaptain Crumb12 days ago
    • lol

      S1S19 days ago
  • Xbox🖤🖤🖤🖤

    davide migliozzidavide migliozzi13 days ago
  • Haha that’s with Master Chief

    BenTheArctic WolfBenTheArctic Wolf13 days ago
  • 1:16 A dog on a desktop lol and I wish I had a dog on my desktop

    Impostor YellowImpostor Yellow13 days ago
  • Damn I have never related to a dog, more than right now

    IISquareII 456IISquareII 45614 days ago
  • Those D Dogs 🐕

    Evan MonsisvaisEvan Monsisvais15 days ago
  • I love microsoft stock

    주식왕진솔이Jin Sol주식왕진솔이Jin Sol15 days ago
  • This is hands down my favorite commercial ever

    AlmondAnt77AlmondAnt7716 days ago
  • Dogs in halo? Why not? Seems To be better than what we got now

    JR GomezJR Gomez16 days ago
  • 0:00-0:36 What is this song called?

    GamerCheetah12GamerCheetah1216 days ago
    • Alright by supergrass.

      Dave BlackwellDave BlackwellDay ago
  • What song is that

    LapidotLapidot16 days ago
  • Windows 11 please?

    Dino boiDino boi17 days ago
  • The twitching paw is such a nice touch. Great shot.

    Garrett BeloteGarrett Belote18 days ago
  • Microsoft should put the windows xp wallpaper with the dogs up for download on their website

    BoxBotGames ツBoxBotGames ツ19 days ago
  • I should spend more time with my dog and stop playing video games as much..

    Fuk YuFuk Yu19 days ago
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to the Nation 2020.

    Michael McNewMichael McNew19 days ago
  • this is my favret cermacal

    we weebs dogswe weebs dogs19 days ago
  • The only add I didn’t skip

    Lucas MichaelLucas Michael19 days ago
  • You only looked this up for two reasons. The dogs or you wanted to read the comments

    SomeGrimReaperSomeGrimReaper19 days ago
  • First time I saw this ad it almost made me cry

    molsmols20 days ago
  • Bootiful

    Caber JaberCaber Jaber20 days ago
  • This is quality and tasteful advertising!

    Limp BiscuitLimp Biscuit21 day ago
  • i love it because they ad the bliss backround and it look awsome

    windows server 2003 kingwindows server 2003 king21 day ago
  • Song?

    Sonja a. RamierezSonja a. Ramierez22 days ago
  • Woofoow (lemme be a beta tester, please?)

    Nintendo Employee of The YearNintendo Employee of The Year22 days ago
  • this made me almost cry :(

    trollface benos ooftrollface benos oof23 days ago
  • 1:12 Betrayal!

    Jensi OquendoJensi Oquendo23 days ago
  • actually the only microsoft ad I will ever enjoy

    PanwittPanwitt23 days ago
  • *SO CUTE!!!*

    RC DaisyRC Daisy23 days ago
  • Deserves more likes

    SmokeyTheMouseSmokeyTheMouse23 days ago
  • 1:12 bruh

    DIDDLY DOO dum dumDIDDLY DOO dum dum24 days ago
  • Dog

    andres gonzalezandres gonzalez24 days ago
  • 00:21 Awe she playin minecraft I like ya cut g

    kittypiekittypie24 days ago
  • For anyone wondering the song is Alright by Supergrass

    Okidoki_LokiOkidoki_Loki24 days ago
  • how do they fly

    HRWHRW25 days ago
  • Por un mundo más hermoso para ellos

    Montserrat GonzalezMontserrat Gonzalez25 days ago
  • I love this it is so cute love the dogs made my day

    Matt MitchellMatt Mitchell25 days ago
  • Cutest ad ever

    pawz zeen.pawz zeen.25 days ago
  • What kind of dog is he?

    Sha_na_naz !Sha_na_naz !26 days ago
  • I love microsoft😭❤❤❤❤

    Duda NunesDuda Nunes26 days ago
  • Cool beans

    Time ReviewsTime Reviews26 days ago
  • 0:53 when can I play as them 1:03 oooh some new DLC 1:08 why did you have to remind me of the old days also when Master Chief died Cortana was happy

    Sasuke Uzumaki DexP39Sasuke Uzumaki DexP3926 days ago
  • Remember, dogs are there for a part of our life but we are there for their entire life.

    EpicNEpicN26 days ago
  • 1:16 the funnyest scene 😂

    Ελενη ΘεολογουΕλενη Θεολογου26 days ago
  • We spend so much time glued to our screens that we don’t enjoy physical moments with those around us

    Addison FranceAddison France26 days ago
  • I feel kinda bad for the dog they didn’t show him a lot of love poor 🐶🤧🤧

    King YouTubeKing YouTube26 days ago
  • This started out looking like the dog was being ignored and became sad because of being neglected.

    Tracy FollowellTracy Followell26 days ago
  • You been good this year???

    Michael McNewMichael McNew27 days ago
  • Who plays minecraft without a mouse :/

    Ian YahirIan Yahir27 days ago
  • awwww

    abel martinezabel martinez27 days ago
  • I gave my dog some treats after seeing this ad because I felt bad. I then proceeded to show it to my whole family.

    piney_treestumppiney_treestump27 days ago
  • I just want access to that Minecraft world

    YellrFellr21YellrFellr2127 days ago
  • I may play playstation and talk shit about Microsoft not getting their shit together frequently, but god damn this was a good ad.

    DinosaurBananaDinosaurBanana27 days ago
  • Bruh, Master chiefs face be like: pls

    Yashvir GYashvir G27 days ago
  • Dude... This made me cry I never expected an ad to make me cry

    Nick Vlogs TVNick Vlogs TV27 days ago
  • prob the best ad to ever exist

    gunkcancerrgunkcancerr28 days ago
  • I don’t have a dog :( but this commercial made me want to pet my dog :(

    Lizzy ThompsonLizzy Thompson28 days ago
  • 1:12 The face master chief made was probably the face on my profile picture

    EoneDEEPEoneDEEP28 days ago
  • This ad makes me so sad.

    bruhbruh28 days ago
  • Everyone talking about the masterchief, but what about that girl playing Minecraft with fricking mouse pad.

    PlatinumThiefPlatinumThief28 days ago
  • I swear to God they better make another commercial where those two guys ACTUALLY GET TOGETHER AND PLAY OR MY HOLIDAY IS RUINED

    Andrew CashmanAndrew Cashman28 days ago
  • Damn you technology see what you do . Lol at least let my dog be able to play haha

    sergio rodriguezsergio rodriguez28 days ago

    Playlist PartyPlaylist Party29 days ago
    • people who neglect their dog

      Darke ExelbirthDarke Exelbirth27 days ago
  • I just got this ad...

    NJgamerNJgamer29 days ago
  • Dam amazing ad

    gromitron1 gromitron1gromitron1 gromitron129 days ago

    ArrowKitty PopArrowKitty Pop29 days ago
    • Poor dogs can’t do ANYTHING together and they can’t even talk. Lol

      ArrowKitty PopArrowKitty Pop29 days ago
  • I'm surprise they didn't get Snoopy for the airplane scenes (but Snoopy is own by Apple)

    LadyStar 10LadyStar 1029 days ago
  • i love this sooooo much this is what sony is missing :)

  • i wish more ads were good

    BobCat Does StuffBobCat Does StuffMonth ago
  • I rly wanna know what the name of the song is in this’s a bop🔥

    Tiernan MosherTiernan MosherMonth ago
  • Ayyyyy halo

    Zenon 117Zenon 117Month ago
  • That moment you search for an ad because it's so well made.

    Dragon On CokeDragon On CokeMonth ago
  • dawg this is the best ad of all time

    CinnabonJazzCinnabonJazzMonth ago
  • We need windows phones

    Md AtaullahMd AtaullahMonth ago
  • While I get the point was the dog wishes he could join in, I dislike ANY video that makes a dog sad. AND HE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO PLAY WITH THE OTHER DOG IN THE END!

    Ron JoRon JoMonth ago
  • 0:47 Dog of wisdom - remastered

    Эдуард РочевЭдуард РочевMonth ago
  • Okay okay microsoft ill go pet my dog please just stop showing me a sad dog

    Nano975Nano975Month ago
  • I’m crying

    Vivian ModaVivian ModaMonth ago
  • There is a dog in chief’s visor.

    Anomalocaris the Abnormal ShrimpAnomalocaris the Abnormal ShrimpMonth ago
  • Dogs are confirmed in halo infinite

    Tristenator plays gamesTristenator plays gamesMonth ago
  • Pls add Microsoft flight sim to ps4

    Dazer slazer :DDazer slazer :DMonth ago
    • I don’t even know what to say to this

      homsinhomsin22 days ago
  • Someone should walk the bloody dog.

    Dan's Model BenchDan's Model BenchMonth ago
  • I think the Dog's Dream is that we wouldn't spend so much time on the computer.

    ScottPlaysKeysScottPlaysKeysMonth ago
  • At 0:45 what is that song called I really like it

    Seal BoiSeal BoiMonth ago
  • 0:54 is this a mod or is it a new update?

    Meme_Lord of ArkansasMeme_Lord of ArkansasMonth ago
  • Dog addon?

    Meme SauceMeme SauceMonth ago
  • Those doggo are true gamers

    Ghost BrianGhost BrianMonth ago
  • 1:12 Master chief be like: *MOM IM ON TV*

    See it nothing !See it nothing !Month ago
  • Best ad ever

    Swagnoah555Swagnoah555Month ago
  • My dog is not that nice when I sit at the computer for to long playing MSFS..... scratching and barking ensues.

    JoeJoeMonth ago
  • Rufus looks like my dog Dazie!!! She loves that I work from home and momma is with her all day long!! A positive of COVID.

    Rebecca FRebecca FMonth ago
  • this made my day :)

    nicky yyynicky yyyMonth ago
  • best ad 2020

    HoneyHoneyMonth ago