Michigan at Ohio State | Top-5 Matchup Lives up to the Hype | Feb. 21, 2021 | Highlights

Feb 21, 2021
51 194 Views

Hunter Dickinson scored 22 points to help lead No. 3 Michigan to a 92-87 win over No. 4 Ohio State.
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  • I thought Howard was a bad hire..... I was wrong about that. Michigan is gonna have to get their checkbooks out now.

    Bubby BoyBubby Boy3 days ago
  • Let go ohio state

    Allison SmathersAllison Smathers3 days ago
  • Lol what a disgraceful display of officiating. Not only did they not call that push off on Brooks but they gave him a flop warning. FOH

    Spider Web MarketingSpider Web Marketing4 days ago
  • Michigan is a like frauds....2 and done in the tournament.

    • Imagine being this pressed after an L. You commented six times saying the same thing. It's okay man, I know you keep crying but just shutting up and owning up to the L we gave you is the better option

      mohawkian2000mohawkian20003 days ago
  • Juwan got them boys playing. Cant wait till they play Illinois that's going to be a heck of a game

    blkdank1blkdank14 days ago
  • Is this a Michigan highlight?

    Re WoodsRe Woods5 days ago
  • Juwan Howard stays with Michigan and he probably gets the arena named after him and statues of him.

    MercyMercy5 days ago
  • #1 program UofM

    SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬SnoBunnyPidePiper313🚬5 days ago
  • Let s go ohio state

    Allison SmathersAllison Smathers5 days ago
  • It is unacceptable that Ohio State gave up in the second half when they had the lead this is not how a confident team plays and I was very frustrated at God when I wanted him to help Ohio State continue to score points instead Michigan kept getting more points I am really hoping that God helps the buckeyes bounce back and beats Michigan State and helps them win out and the next time they play Michigan I'm really hoping that God will help them play a lot better for the whole entire game and that referee that missed three fouls against Michigan including that blocking should have been blocking foul against Michigan that referee needs to be fired

    Austin MillerAustin Miller5 days ago
  • Good game Michigan even though we lost and I'm pissed but that doesn't defeat us

    76ers Fan 200076ers Fan 20005 days ago
  • Well guys, how are we still not number one. Baylor and Gonzaga's schedules are beyond easy, whereas we have to play top 25 teams every week. Here we see the flaws of the coaches poll. Just make em number one already. Juwan Howard is already among michigan basketballs greatest coaches and g]could retire and just go to the hall of fame right now. Hunter Dickinson is proving along with Vucevic and Jokic that center is the new point guard, the backcourt cannot miss, and Isaiah Livers continues to make whoever is guarding him go crying back to their mommies, oh, and Franz Wagner is making plays, and has emerged from his brother's shadow.

    adam rajewskiadam rajewski5 days ago
    • Eh doesnt matter as much in bball than it would for football.. We all know who the best is right now. And getting the #1 seed is all that matters. They can have the AP ranking and get bounced in the sweet 16..

      PNAS99PNAS994 days ago
  • I think it says a ton that Michigan took Ohio St's best shot, at home, right on the chin and still came away with a victory. If you are Ohio St, having Washington and Lidell combine for 50+ and still lose leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

    BmontyBmonty5 days ago
  • good work by Ohio State just couldn't get the dub but the Big ten conference is the best right now

    Tyler WoodTyler Wood5 days ago
  • We wore the same jerseys as in the early 90s when the fab 5 beat us in a close game in the elite 8. Bad luck.

    Chris DardarChris Dardar5 days ago
  • Doozie

    Shellcracker LoverShellcracker Lover5 days ago
  • Its been so long since we beat ohio

    William BeardenWilliam Bearden5 days ago
  • The most impressive thing about this game is how well OSU played... and Michigan still beat them. If you said before the game a team was gonna shoot 53% from the field, 50% from 3, 93% from the line, score 87... and still lose, you’d have sounded crazy.

    DustomaticDustomatic5 days ago
  • March 2nd

    InfinityInfinity5 days ago
    • @Infinity point is, this loss should humble you cocky Illini fans, because all season long, you guys have been saying how "Illinois > Michigan", "Michigan is scared to play u s", and being all sorts of cocky, when you guys couldn't even beat MSU. Before you talk about "March 2nd", focus on opponents BEFORE Michigan.

      underratedkeymusicunderratedkeymusic3 days ago
    • Like seriously the #2 team is in a close game to a team that only one 2 games anything can happen bud, calm down, plus Illinois just had an absolute atrocious game

      InfinityInfinity3 days ago
    • @Infinity couldn't even beat MSU smh...

      underratedkeymusicunderratedkeymusic3 days ago
    • Also, I can tell your scared and your gonna respond to this with something like, “No I am not, you are!”

      InfinityInfinity4 days ago
    • Sure whatever you say

      InfinityInfinity4 days ago
  • Great game. 2 great teams! Glad Michigan came out on top.

    Ricardo cannonRicardo cannon5 days ago
  • Go Blue!

    Erik DErik D5 days ago
  • Dickinson has great footwork in the paint awesome job gentlemen go Blue!!!

    Paul OrtizPaul Ortiz5 days ago
  • Loving these comments 💯

    Max CrisalliMax Crisalli5 days ago
  • Michigan will not lose again this season...National Championship awaits...book it

    Jon DuncanJon Duncan5 days ago
  • Juwan howard has accomplished more at Michigan. Then Harbaugh will accomplish his entire coaching career there.

    Nick SaavedraNick Saavedra5 days ago
  • Iowa will be tough

    Harry CojonesHarry Cojones5 days ago
  • Watching from Dubai. Go Blue💙

    christine richechristine riche5 days ago
  • Ha, dislikes are OSU fans

    PackMan _ 5000PackMan _ 50005 days ago
  • Bout to be a lot of haters up in here today

    sincityblue03sincityblue035 days ago
  • W

    Carson CookCarson Cook5 days ago
  • Go Blue baby!!! Juwan for COTY

    Go BlueGo Blue5 days ago
  • Best game of the year in college basketball so far. 2 legit final four teams.

    GamingTremorGamingTremor5 days ago
  • It’s funny Austin Davis’s post moves are so simple but so effective

    Owen SchuesslerOwen Schuessler5 days ago
    • Simply cannot miss tho

      adam rajewskiadam rajewski5 days ago
    • He is really crafty down low.

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
    • I like Austin he just runs up the floor like a injured soldier though

      Your The BestYour The Best5 days ago
    • He would be a monster if he could improve his D.

      riverraisin1riverraisin15 days ago
  • Go Blue!!! BIG WIN

    Steve MSteve M5 days ago
  • Stick to football OSU fans, it's all you got and ever will have.

    Jason HuffmanJason Huffman5 days ago
  • Pussyrines get bounced in the sweet 16....giggles!!!

    • Ohio gets bounced in the round of 64....giggles!!!

      Jalen CampbellJalen Campbell5 days ago
  • Leeettttsssss gooooo! Any takers the trend will roll to football 😅😅

    mario lewismario lewis5 days ago
  • Michigan had to beat the refs and buckeyes.

    Bradc PeroBradc Pero5 days ago
    • Per usual

      R DULAR DULA3 days ago
  • That was ohio best game and couldn't even fade us 😂😂😂

    Jojo LucasJojo Lucas5 days ago
    • No it wasn’t

      Davis NeelDavis Neel5 days ago
    • When was the last time you guys beat us in football?

      YabosYabos5 days ago
  • Yah baby! Go blue!

    Gregg JacksonGregg Jackson5 days ago
  • Juwan your the man And Michigan team and staff players all do hard work Go Blue

    Your The BestYour The Best5 days ago
  • Game of the Century 👀

    ZxCZxC5 days ago
    • @lilianne and norah In all fairness, it's today's game of the century. :)

      riverraisin1riverraisin15 days ago
    • I’m a Michigan fan but no

      lilianne and norahlilianne and norah5 days ago
  • Michigan basketball is in very capable hands. This team looks strong 💪.

    Roy BoyRoy Boy5 days ago
  • Wish we could be Ohio state in the sport I follow: Football. My hockey team doesn’t play osu anymore so I can’t say them too

    My Teams SuckMy Teams Suck5 days ago
  • One Hail of a team we have this year! Keep improving like all sesaon long, and I know no one will be able to beat us! I love you guys! I had tears after this win. Momentum to win out now!

    kipajikipaji5 days ago
  • Washington's push off three no call lol and then the push off and one for him lol (lidell had a few as well).

    M SM S5 days ago
    • @NETTAHER28 Lidell hit it out and Washington pushed off on that three pointer lol. The announcer said it for both plays when they were replayed. We were the bigger, more aggressive team who played more inside, so you can't judge on free throws. One team just fouled more, which is usually the smaller team. Side note: Please some one from the big ten win it all. I don't care who it is just please make it happen (osu, mich, Ill, wisc etc)

      M SM S5 days ago
    • @Y. A. 11 more free throws, how many of those were made from intentional fouls at the end of the game? The ft disparity should've been alot higher imo.

      NETTAHER28NETTAHER285 days ago
    • @M S you guys had 11 more free throws than us and you can't over turn that call with no clear evidence

      Y. A.Y. A.5 days ago
    • The ball out of bounds for osu (was off lidell and they reviewed it). The offensive foul call on Dickinson for backing the dude in...etc... could have been a 10 point Michigan lead the whole game and this seems to always happen in osu's favor. Wasn't the worst officiated game ever, but a lot seemed to go for osu... as usual.

      M SM S5 days ago
  • GO BLUE!!!!!!!

    Ralph GreenRalph Green6 days ago
  • Wolverines 🔥

    EmmanuelEmmanuel6 days ago
  • Great game

    James SydnorJames Sydnor6 days ago
  • Notice they missed illegal screen on hunter easy call

    Josh ClarkJosh Clark6 days ago
    • Notice they missed the clear push off by Washington in his 3 easy call

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard5 days ago
    • I sure noticed it!

      Michael PoirierMichael Poirier5 days ago
  • We still own xichigan

    Mike EvansMike Evans6 days ago
    • @Mike Evans 16-1 (11-1 big ten) is bad?

      underratedkeymusicunderratedkeymusic4 days ago
    • @abdul smith What year was it the last time you lames sniffed a final 4?...I'll wait..

      Keyon ClarkKeyon Clark5 days ago
    • How quaint. The 'M' is broken on the only computer in Columbus.

      riverraisin1riverraisin15 days ago
    • @Jojo Lucas michigan is bad dude y'all just bad

      Mike EvansMike Evans5 days ago
    • Once again Michigan take a 3.4 GPA to say in the school Ohio state can take ghetto kid all u need is a 2.0 to say in that school pluse Ohio state is knowing to buy player and cheat lol Michigan top 10 college in the world ohio state not even top 100 😂😂😂😂😂

      Jojo LucasJojo Lucas5 days ago
  • When Ohio State loses, everybody wins

    ByzantineIsRomanByzantineIsRoman6 days ago
    • @hr.mlp.6th.05 student05 definitely respect osu's recruiting every year. it's top 3 consistently. but that's about all I respect

      Anthony BimmerAnthony Bimmer3 days ago
    • @Anthony Bimmer Why can't we just respect both programs?

      hr.mlp.6th.05 student05hr.mlp.6th.05 student053 days ago
    • @pepsi_productions 1 just Michigan huh? I laught whenever they show that dumpster fire of a state o h i o on TV. more junkies than a carnival

      Anthony BimmerAnthony Bimmer5 days ago
    • @pepsi_productions 1 don't be like that. Take your beat down like a man. We have. But we are the better team.

      Greg JenkinsGreg Jenkins5 days ago
    • And an angel gets its wings

      GamingTremorGamingTremor5 days ago
  • Game of the year. Go blue

    Cameron ThomasCameron Thomas6 days ago
  • Gg Ohio State, y’all proved that you are a great team that can compete with anyone, we just played extremely well today, also don’t take the loss to hard, this is the number 3 team in the country that you competed with all game, hope y’all the best for the rest of the year, except for when you play us of course 😉

    Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods6 days ago
    • @Larry Yuk but that's your opinion. But let's be honest though Michigan has a chance to go up against anybody I don't care how tough they are it don't matter it's how you match up to opponent keep that in mind sir

      Carlos TolesCarlos Toles4 days ago
    • @Larry Yuk but they were also on the road, and missing key players, I’m sorry what top 5 team has Gonzaga beaten?

      Brennon WoodsBrennon Woods5 days ago
    • @Larry Yuk yeah they had a let-down game they just smacked them up a week before that. I almost think Juwan Howard had them lose on purpose because their heads are getting too big

      Steven MartinsonSteven Martinson5 days ago
    • Yeah they had a let-down game. They just smack them at home week before that. I almost think Howard had them lose on purpose because their heads are getting too big

      Steven MartinsonSteven Martinson5 days ago
    • @Steven Martinson michigan lost to Minnesota

      Larry YukLarry Yuk5 days ago
  • M>GOBlue...final four...and more

    Michael HegyanMichael Hegyan6 days ago
  • hail to the victors valiant-

    Benjamin AndreasBenjamin Andreas6 days ago
  • this ohio state fan i met in a different comments section thinks michigan wont go far in march madness. lol

    Benjamin AndreasBenjamin Andreas6 days ago
    • @OHIO -OWNS MICHICUM- STATE Ohio State hasn't even made it to the sweet 16 since 2013. Michigan on the other hand since 2013 has advanced at least to the sweet 16 five times, including two national championship games and an elite 8.

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds4 days ago
    • @Nick Reynolds Michicum chokes again in the sweet 16...giggles!!

    • @Nick Reynolds that was Ohio state beat game they ever play but lost they might 16

      Jojo LucasJojo Lucas4 days ago
    • @Benjamin Andreas GG

      76ers Fan 200076ers Fan 20005 days ago
    • So how far does he think Ohio State will go considering they just got beat at home by a team he thinks will get bounced early in the tournament?

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
  • Hot from 3 in first half. OSU makes adjustment, then gets beat down inside by true freshman Dickinson!

    Rob2068Rob20686 days ago
    • They have so many different dimensions/ways in which they can beat you.

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
  • February 21st, 20221? Well guys, our conference is 18, 200 years into the future. Go Blue! But seriously, is this what happens in 20221?

    Swiftplayer 233Swiftplayer 2336 days ago
  • Wow what a game !

    P KellP Kell6 days ago
  • Isaiah Livers capitalizing on the miscommunication in 2nd half changed the game.

    Chris VegaChris Vega6 days ago
    • OSU had about 3 mental breakdowns late in the game that sealed it for UM, but that was the biggest.

      riverraisin1riverraisin15 days ago
    • Yeah that bad pass by sueing was literally the turning point of the game

      Icyy ProductionzIcyy Productionz5 days ago
  • If Dickinson can do that on the Bucks, just think of what he would do against the Zags. I think both these teams would beat the Zags.

    Bruce WayneBruce Wayne6 days ago
    • Michigan pounded the Zags beginning of last season. I think by around 20. This michigan team has way more scoring options & depth than last year

      ScottScott5 days ago
    • Purdue beat ohio st twice

      Josh ClarkJosh Clark6 days ago
    • Lol nobody beating zags

      Larry YukLarry Yuk6 days ago
  • Game of the year. No doubt

    Karson SchroederKarson Schroeder6 days ago
  • The game Ohio state-football Michigan-basketball

    Kyle AustinKyle Austin6 days ago
    • @Benson Won more what? Last time you sniffed a final 4 Oden and Conley started...how long ago was that?

      Keyon ClarkKeyon Clark5 days ago
    • @Benson has Ohio state been to 2 national championship games in the last 7 years? What have you done for me lately...

      AAron HayshisAAron Hayshis5 days ago
    • Ohio State wins more in basketball though

      BensonBenson5 days ago
    • @Icyy Productionz that was last year and both weren't top 5 teams

      AAron HayshisAAron Hayshis5 days ago
    • We actually swept them last year in basketball

      Icyy ProductionzIcyy Productionz6 days ago
  • What a win! Let’s keep the energy up for Iowa and Illinois too

    BrendanBrendan6 days ago
  • 2:36 - 2:46 all of that was gold!

    Dirty Beef CurtainsDirty Beef Curtains6 days ago
  • if you have 5 people on you, then pass it no one else has anyone on them

    PixeledPixeled6 days ago
  • Holy cow that was an intense game. EJ Lidell is ridiculous. He's in the conversation of best player in the big ten. Also, how is Duane Washington not at Michigan when he's from Grand freaking Rapids? Hunter Dickinson is just a monster though. Great win! Go Blue!!!!

    NickNick6 days ago
    • @Bradc Pero yeah it’s definitely a long shot, but if he develops more consistency on 3 pointers I could see it happening. He’s already usually a very good defender who played a bad game against OSU but that was really his first bad defensive game. And a lot of Washington’s points came off those stupid fade away 27 footers that were contested well but just went in.

      Jackson RosenthalJackson Rosenthal4 days ago
    • @Jackson Rosenthal I get ya. I would just be really surprised if Brooks ever made the NBA. But I get what you are saying about his game.

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero4 days ago
    • @Bradc Pero true. But again I never said he would make the NBA. I just said he might have a very slim chance. Honestly Brooks has a better chance of being a valuable NBA player than Simpson. Simpson isn’t a good shooter at all, he regressed a ton on defense in his senior year and he isn’t valuable without the ball in his hands. Brooks is a player who just knows his role and plays that role. NBA teams value players who know their role and don’t try to do stuff they can’t do.

      Jackson RosenthalJackson Rosenthal4 days ago
    • @Jackson Rosenthal he is no way where near as good as Simpson tho. Maybe a better defender. But it's not like he's playing lock down defense as we saw yesterday. And if hes wide open, yeshe can hit a 3. Most of the time he has a hard time hitting layups.

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero4 days ago
    • @Bradc Pero I never said Eli would make the NBA. But I think he’ll get a look or two in the G-League and Summer League. If Simpson made the G-League, Eli can make the G-League. Some team might think he could be a 3 and D player as well. I mean he’s like a 37 percent 3 point shooter and a good on ball defender. That’s what NBA teams really like.

      Jackson RosenthalJackson Rosenthal4 days ago
  • This game showed why the Big Ten is the best basketball conference right now

    Dalton GDalton G6 days ago
    • Plus msu just beat Illinois lol even our worst this year are good

      Pat .O'ConnorPat .O'Connor3 days ago
    • @Melting Marker 3 top 5 teams plus Iowa at 11

      College FootballCollege Football5 days ago
    • Amen

      chrono trigger 326chrono trigger 3265 days ago
    • @Melting Marker literally everything

      Tyler ButashTyler Butash5 days ago
    • What puts the big 10 over the big 12?

      Melting MarkerMelting Marker5 days ago
  • Dickerson is the unquestioned big ten freshmen of the year and in the group for the national freshmen of the year

    Nate FrostNate Frost6 days ago
    • @Josh Clark Your just sad.

      Nate FrostNate Frost5 days ago
    • @Yabos liddel is a sophomore

      Jalen CampbellJalen Campbell5 days ago
    • @Brennan Sanders no one cares go get a room with juwan

      Josh ClarkJosh Clark5 days ago
    • @Josh Clark Juwan isn’t leaving Michigan lol. Michigan is his alma mater and he loves the school. Did you see the guys press conference when he was hired?

      Brennan SandersBrennan Sanders5 days ago
    • @Josh Clark he was just coaching with the heat for 8 years, YA LOST THE GAME.

      Jack Vanden BoschJack Vanden Bosch5 days ago
  • I bleed Illini orange and blue but I must say the Wolverines are the cream of the conference this year. Not saying that on any given day the Buckeyes, Illini or Hawkeyes couldn't beat them but they certainly are top drawer. Would like to see them match up against the Zags. Good luck to all our conference teams at the big dance.

    Mike RichardsonMike Richardson6 days ago
    • We'll smack the Zags just like we did last year.. Illini will be a better matchup and im glad the game was rescheduled!

      PNAS99PNAS994 days ago
    • I need every big ten fan like you. I get rivalries but I like it when everyone respects the team.

      Jack Vanden BoschJack Vanden Bosch4 days ago
    • @Patches O'houlihan "Terrible defense". Okay fair enough, Michigan did give up 87 points. But they won. Do you remember how much Illinois gave up to Ohio State last month? 87 points. And Illinois lost. Look Illinois is really good. Really, really good. They can beat anyone in the country and are definitely capable of winning the whole thing. But to call Michigan out over their "terrible defense" when they won, when Illinois gave up the same exact point total to the same team and lost...come on now. And for the record, Ohio State is #3 in offensive efficiency according to kenpom. So yeah. They're pretty good on that end of the floor in case people haven't noticed.

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
    • @Patches O'houlihan U of M beat minnesota by 20 plus. Michigan has literally beat every team they have played this year. Nice try tho. The Illini have what? 5 losses already? Lolololololol the Illini are historically bad at b ball and football. Gtfo.

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero5 days ago
    • @Jordan Clemmons obviously cuz Michigan is better. And Michigan only plays Illinois at home. I could see Michigan blowing Illinois out or it MIGHT be close. Even if Illinois won it still wouldn't change my opinion on who the better team is

      Jalen CampbellJalen Campbell5 days ago
  • Refs kept the buckeye$ in the game.

    Spaniard PrinceSpaniard Prince6 days ago
    • come on, osu is the 4th seed. give credit when credit is due

      BlueKoldBlueKold5 days ago
    • @Mike Richardson dickinson had like 10 offensive fouls

      YabosYabos5 days ago
    • @spikeball pro8 thought the spot was a great call too.

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero5 days ago
    • @spikeball pro8 every close call went to osu. I

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero5 days ago
    • @spikeball pro8 lololololol you probably dont think osu is capable of charging either...

      Bradc PeroBradc Pero5 days ago
  • 6-0 hockey lashing! Big basketball win. The women's bball team is way up. The better teams are emerging. Let's go Blue!

    Eric BaileyEric Bailey6 days ago
    • @braden Do you know what sarcastic means? Let me correct myself I didn't say that as a joke I was being sarcastic

      Numba1 StunnaNumba1 Stunna4 days ago
    • Hockey team might sneak in too 👀👀

      My Teams SuckMy Teams Suck5 days ago
    • @Numba1 Stunna Juwan leaving is a joke lmao he has a son that is a freshman on his team right now and his younger son Jett who is coming into Michigan in 2022. That is probably the most stupidest thing you could say! He doesn’t want to coach anybody else until he has some trophys n with him being a loyal Michigan man he might never leave!

      bradenbraden5 days ago
    • As you said that Juwan Howard signed with the Lakers to be there HC, Livers fell down after the press conference and Dickinson is sitting out the rest of the year to train and get ready for the NBA draft lol 🤫 Let's save this talk for when we actually win something that's worth running our mouths like the B10 conference, B10 tournament and the Final 4..

      Numba1 StunnaNumba1 Stunna5 days ago
  • Good game Blue. OSU wouldn’t die at the end I was getting irritated lol. The matchup didn’t disappoint.

    John JenisonJohn Jenison6 days ago
    • @Demetrius Evans It was a great game, by two great teams.

      Roy BoyRoy Boy3 days ago
    • @Demetrius Evans game was so intense all game I kept saying damn how tf is ohio making these shots. Like we were playing great d and that one guy was beaming 30+ foot shots no problem

      Jared DavisJared Davis5 days ago
    • @Demetrius Evans yeah no need for all it good luck to y’all for the rest of the season

      AE ClorixAE Clorix5 days ago
    • Ok, here is where I find the fans who can acknowledge a great game without the extra bs. Go Bucks, but GREAT win UM.

      Demetrius EvansDemetrius Evans5 days ago
    • Agreed great game hopefully we get to play each other again in the big 10 tourney

      Bob BoberBob Bober5 days ago
  • Cockburn will make Dickinson and michigan wish they were still in hiding like they have been.

    Big T DeuceBig T Deuce6 days ago
    • @J MAN 34 of course they are they've played 5 less big ten games bc your leaders are bigger dbaga even more than illinois

      Big T DeuceBig T Deuce3 days ago
    • @Big T Deuce yea its about time😆

      J MAN 34J MAN 343 days ago
    • @J MAN 34 bout time 2 in 33 years lollll

      Big T DeuceBig T Deuce3 days ago
    • @Big T Deuce I'm just glad Michigan is in the driver seat to win the Bigten regular season.

      J MAN 34J MAN 343 days ago
    • @J MAN 34 what about when ur team lost to Minnesota who is worse than msu in big ten play

      Big T DeuceBig T Deuce3 days ago
  • Great Win today against a griddy OSU team. Them boyz are for real. Much respect and props. Michigan hands down is a National Champion Title contender and no disrespect to the zags or Baylor but Michigan has played a very tough schedule. They need to be given more respect. Go Blue baby!!

    Michigan Wolverine'sMichigan Wolverine's6 days ago
    • Couldn’t have said it better myself 💯〽️

      Max CrisalliMax Crisalli5 days ago
    • @Toshio Y 100% agreed and he's got the number 1 recruiting class coming in next year as well.

      Michigan Wolverine'sMichigan Wolverine's5 days ago
    • Juwan howard is also a great coach, it makes me so happy seeing how michigan progressed this year

      Toshio YToshio Y6 days ago
    • Gg bro

      Clarence CroomClarence Croom6 days ago
  • Hail yah💙💛💙💛! These refs where Ohio state grads. So many bad calls, that should of been called. Good game but Wolverines pulled it out look out natty championship is next‼️

    Gabriel MoralesGabriel Morales6 days ago
    • Every charge & blocking foul went OH way. Look at the Eli brooks foul dude from OH practically smacked him in the junk. Gave Eli a warning cuz he was PO

      ScottScott5 days ago
    • @Blank Name it’s still a reach in 😂

      John Gucci BallJohn Gucci Ball5 days ago
    • @John Gucci Ball incidental contact it was perfectly explained on tv. The defender was going for the ball. If he was trying to gouge an eye or slap someone in the face he would have gotten the call. But that’s not what happened.

      Blank NameBlank Name5 days ago
    • *should HAVE

      Anne HajduAnne Hajdu5 days ago
    • What about when Washington’s eye got slashed?

      John Gucci BallJohn Gucci Ball5 days ago
  • Go blue!!!we all we got!!!! Shock the world

    American DefenderAmerican Defender6 days ago
    • yessir

      underratedkeymusicunderratedkeymusic5 days ago
    • @Clarence Croom respect to you for dealing with the loss. I hope if the two teams meet again that it’ll be just as good of a game

      King KumquatKing Kumquat6 days ago
    • We will see y'all again but gg

      Clarence CroomClarence Croom6 days ago

    Mark Allison 88Mark Allison 886 days ago
    • @Mark Allison 88 Yep! Nice! Rarely would I ever root for Michigan State, but...in this case, good job, MSU.

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds3 days ago
    • @Nick Reynolds Illinois is soft another game back I think I'm going to have my CHAMPIONSHIP drink now ILLINOIS SOFT 👉🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

      Mark Allison 88Mark Allison 883 days ago
    • @Mark Allison 88 Alright if you insist 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
    • @Mike Richardson 😂

      Nick ReynoldsNick Reynolds5 days ago
    • @John Doe Its over . Illinois only has 1 home game has to play Wisconsin Ohio state, Iowa on the road. I'm going back to sleep its over HAVE A FEW BEERS ON ME 👉🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺

      Mark Allison 88Mark Allison 885 days ago
  • Ohio State did all they could to win... Michigan was out skilled in this game. Sadly, all that matters now is height. Dickinson is a half foot taller than any OSU starter, just gotta throw it to him and score. OSU has a trend to lose games against teams with players 7'1" or higher, Minnesota, Purdue X2, and now Michigan. Sadly skill or strategy is no longer needed to win in basketball, just height.

    J_ayexJ_ayex6 days ago
    • It's all good we own the series 104-78...giggles!!

    • @carny Not excuses I don't even do excuses

      76ers Fan 200076ers Fan 20005 days ago
    • @J_ayex Yup that explains the 11 threes, hunter had 0 3pt fg. Out of the 30 rebounds he had only 9. Like I said before it’s a sorry excuse. Besides maybe recruit better, so you won’t have this height issue. Hold this L.

      Nadim AhmedNadim Ahmed5 days ago
    • @Nadim Ahmed Those stats were only achievable because Michigan has a player who is 7'2". Not skill, height.

      J_ayexJ_ayex5 days ago
    • @Matsushita the Fifth Winning big ten freshman of the week doesn't mean having the most skill of any freshman in the conference, it means having the best performance of the week, which could mean scoring 20 points a game on all layups and 10 rebounds just because you're 7'2" and half a foot taller than anyone else on the court.

      J_ayexJ_ayex5 days ago
  • That was a good game

    Joey HwangJoey Hwang6 days ago
  • Juwan Howard is coach of the year.

    Martin HegerMartin Heger6 days ago
    • Juwan Howard Got Them Playing Great

      Jabari McBrideJabari McBride2 days ago
    • @OHIO -OWNS MICHICUM- STATE I’ll be surprised if y’all make it past the first

      BearBear3 days ago
    • @OHIO -OWNS MICHICUM- STATE okay? michigan is ranked higher and just won a head to head game against them... but okay?

      Reagan BurchReagan Burch4 days ago
    • @Reagan Burch stands for Mediocre....giggles!!

    • @OHIO -OWNS MICHICUM- STATE i thought you weren’t allowed to use the letter “M”?

      Reagan BurchReagan Burch4 days ago
  • That was a three game in the 1st half

    Joey HwangJoey Hwang6 days ago
  • Cmon Ohio State fans. Let’s hear it. Y’all always got something to say after Michigan beats y’all in a sport

    A Clown with a ShotgunA Clown with a Shotgun6 days ago
    • @Matsushita the Fifth Ohio st already beat them and we look way better than back then

      John Gucci BallJohn Gucci Ball5 days ago
    • Heartbreaking loss

      Mike EvansMike Evans6 days ago
    • @College football IQ we’ll see. Illinois is very good. Ayo Dousumu and Kofi Cockburn are a lethal duo. But I think we have the talent to win.

      Matsushita the FifthMatsushita the Fifth6 days ago
    • College football IQ Michigan had to play through the refs so OSU “making some mistakes” evens out the game.

      Commander ShepardCommander Shepard6 days ago
    • @Pixeled Yes

      A Clown with a ShotgunA Clown with a Shotgun6 days ago