Megan Thee Stallion - Body / Savage Remix [Live from the 63rd GRAMMYs ®️ 2021]

Mar 15, 2021
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The official 63rd GRAMMYs ®️ 2021 Performance of Megan Thee Stallion's "Body" & "Savage Remix (feat. Beyoncé)"!
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  • 0:36 so we not gonna ask where the microphone went?

    actxallycj -actxallycj -Hour ago
  • Princes and the frog scene ?

    Jada SykesJada Sykes7 hours ago
  • Ppl say the caption are good but all my captions say are “[Music]” Lmao

    -Its Jay Roblox--Its Jay Roblox-14 hours ago
  • Bro Megan thee stallion is becoming bigger than cardi b and she has almost just started

    gracie gallogracie gallo15 hours ago
  • Go Megan You So Talented And Gifted💯❤️

    Amanda DavisAmanda Davis17 hours ago
  • That robe in the beginning is the best😂 I can go to prom like that lol

    StrawbxxryStrawbxxry19 hours ago
  • I make up ew gross nasty dance

    rudolph dabadyrudolph dabadyDay ago
  • Muting this shit and beating to it

    User NameUser NameDay ago
  • how did this win

    Easton WynneEaston WynneDay ago
  • That's my queen!!!!

    Cici AlexCici AlexDay ago
  • T.A.L.E.N.T.E.D. 2 🔥

    R JR JDay ago
  • Trash

    DOOMDOOMDay ago
  • That’s those tap dancing girls from tik tok 🥺

    Gay ChaseGay ChaseDay ago
  • now my 10 year old sister comes home singin this nice job world

    Madden CoreMadden CoreDay ago
  • lil Baby should have won this

    FearRexiFearRexiDay ago
  • The spilt twerk was clean

  • Meg over here making Texas proud. You go girl! #TexasChapterMember

    D. Lester SheppardD. Lester SheppardDay ago

    Squishy MushySquishy MushyDay ago
  • Beyoncé shoulda came out. Prove me wrong.

    Hjjjkjbxxv JhabvalaHjjjkjbxxv JhabvalaDay ago
  • Somehow there is less clothing in Megan's performance but Cardi's is more inappropriate. Nothing wrong with that of course, just funny. (Who would complain about this anyways?)

    Joe SwansonJoe SwansonDay ago
  • Her having tap dancers make me love her even more

    Isabella YodiceIsabella Yodice2 days ago
  • Take the stupid masks off the dancers

    Mariah MastersMariah Masters2 days ago
    • @Randomized Content What does Trump gotta do with it?

      Mariah MastersMariah MastersDay ago
    • Take your anti-masking self to Trump’s boots and say hi to them for me.

      Randomized ContentRandomized ContentDay ago
  • I put this in 2x cuz I was bored-

    nathalia_bernalnathalia_bernal2 days ago
  • Duh megs first time at the Grammys and of course it was THEE PERFECT PERFORMANCE

    Bert RightBert Right2 days ago
  • I'm 54 years old and I loved this performance. Just watched it for the first time and I thought it was very well put together

    Robin BlueRobin Blue2 days ago
  • love it

    L BL B2 days ago
  • Something Is Not Sitting Hitting Correctly...Like She Looks Heavy When She Dancing...Like She Looks weighed Down, not smooth, trying to hard

    Legacy JaiLegacy Jai2 days ago
    • @Randomized Content Ik some tall girls that dance with no problems...being tall not an excuse...she can’t dance she looks weird and uncomfortable

      Legacy JaiLegacy JaiDay ago
    • She’s 5’11, dancing isn’t easy when you’re that tall.

      Randomized ContentRandomized ContentDay ago
  • I really think you’ve been grinding your guy in being you and I really love you 🎶❣️

    Princess creationistsPrincess creationists2 days ago
  • i resisted watching this until now. here are my initial thoughts. These women can use a gym membership! Just because the weight landed in your backside doesn't mean you're not overweight.

    Efraín JiménezEfraín Jiménez2 days ago
  • While the recording or her singing was playing she 4 got 2 put the mic 🎤 up 2 her mouth 👄 a few times. She trying 2 b Cardi B & it ain't working out 4 her.

    Sally MaySally May2 days ago
  • Shes trying 2 act like Cardi B.

    Sally MaySally May2 days ago
    • Absolutely no need to compare...

      Randomized ContentRandomized ContentDay ago

    Only MaliyahOnly Maliyah2 days ago
  • Where was Beyoncé she is the queen of rap! And megan

    Naruto- UzumakiNaruto- Uzumaki3 days ago
  • 2:15 thru 2:19 I was like Ouuu

    BreBre MakBreBre Mak3 days ago
  • Need her to collab wit Remy! Wat yall think?

    BreBre MakBreBre Mak3 days ago
  • Dojo cat and Cardi B where also there

    AnnabelleappleofmyeyeAnnabelleappleofmyeye3 days ago
  • My mom has seen this live

    AnnabelleappleofmyeyeAnnabelleappleofmyeye3 days ago

    Wayne Davis & D'nyia DavisWayne Davis & D'nyia Davis3 days ago
  • Pov: You’re using vpn to watching this because it’s not available in your country

    Jdpfk -Jdpfk -3 days ago
  • I loved

    Ms AttitudeMs Attitude3 days ago
  • go girlll

    itsgabbi 234itsgabbi 2343 days ago
  • This was so fun to watch. I love Megan so much! The dancers were on fire and the tap dancing was lit.

    JohnJohn4 days ago
  • i can name the four mens from 1:55 their names are treyvon, de'quan, ne'quan, and tyler

    Maddisøn_HätterMaddisøn_Hätter4 days ago
  • baby the bodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🥰💋. Did you do majorette

    Ja'kayla RossJa'kayla Ross4 days ago
  • This is perfect. Great. Superb. I love it ♥️

    Uriah ReddenUriah Redden4 days ago

    Wayne Davis & D'nyia DavisWayne Davis & D'nyia Davis4 days ago
  • I would have loved to see bts 💜 reaction to watching it live lol like how they did Normani

    Jay HoffmanJay Hoffman4 days ago
  • Going blind by all the sparkle🤩

    Jenna ManosJenna Manos4 days ago
  • this makes me wanna cry i love you so much megan

    Ella MalynneElla Malynne5 days ago
  • Ok but like how do ppl dance like that in HEELS

    Emilia CalderaEmilia Caldera5 days ago
  • Unpopular opinion: This is the best performance of the night!!!!🥰

    That Random PersonThat Random Person5 days ago
  • Girl you had a Marilyn Monroe moment

    leonel Machadoleonel Machado5 days ago
  • I really want to meet you and get your merchandise but I can’t because covid and I have no money

    Miazya ZionaMiazya Ziona5 days ago
  • she is a queen rilly

    bella gonzlezbella gonzlez5 days ago
  • This one is definitely my favorite Grammys performance 👏 👏 ❤️ my goDDD

    • Kokangel •• Kokangel •5 days ago
  • They did the damn thing

    Lakisha FreemanLakisha Freeman6 days ago
  • Giving me very much princess and the frog don’t ask me why

    〰success〰〰success〰6 days ago
  • Serving Josephine Baker

    ViciousDabblerViciousDabbler6 days ago
  • Body is the worst sorry that has ever been written and people now days call that trash a song it's not really music is just annoying as hell

    hunter thomashunter thomas6 days ago
  • The tap dancers were great but kinda scared me when they did those jump and land in the splits thingy’ just looked like it hurt 😆

    KT Glitter TimeKT Glitter Time6 days ago
  • Nice


    Wayne Davis & D'nyia DavisWayne Davis & D'nyia Davis6 days ago
  • My Megan!😍💖🤤

    Maikayla JohnsonMaikayla Johnson6 days ago
  • Megan should have done the tiktok dance for the song

    Emily NaslundEmily Naslund6 days ago
  • Okay ima just say this. Megan could be Tiana from Princess and The Frog. It gives me the vibes, Like Disney where’s the contract at? Also why is she not verified?

    Strawberrie SundaeStrawberrie Sundae6 days ago
  • Throwback to the Nicholas brothers! Only us old gals got the reference!

    Michelle TaylorMichelle Taylor6 days ago
  • How dem thangs movin?

    Michelle TaylorMichelle Taylor6 days ago
  • are we just not gunna talk about the fact that her male dancers have j’s on?

    Peyton SotoPeyton Soto7 days ago
  • Tbh i wish she had said “tonight is my first night at the Grammys but ik that its not my last” cause i think we all know she’s gonna be up on that stage a 𝗹𝗼𝘁 damn more

    Queen :DQueen :D7 days ago
    • Visionary lex Purrd

      Queen :DQueen :D3 days ago
    • True and she probably knows that, however, she is being her humble and queen self, so the Grammys will definitely bring her back.

      Visionary LexVisionary Lex4 days ago
  • Can you do a normal video and the video be called "being normal for a day"

    Tasha BoveeTasha Bovee7 days ago
  • Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B both artists that not even Kidz Bop can touch the

    Sanyah GadsdenSanyah Gadsden7 days ago
  • Boogie nasty trashy!!!

    ChristineChristine7 days ago
  • gave very much princess and the frog vibes

    Lissy LaxLissy Lax7 days ago
  • I swear I watch this everyday

    cjlewiiiscjlewiiis7 days ago

    Julianne ErazoJulianne Erazo7 days ago
  • I feel burlesque vibesss

    Iycess DickeyIycess Dickey7 days ago
  • Love the theme, giving very much Princess and the frog to me, even tho Ik it’s not related 😂 I love her so much. She’s my freaking inspiration

    Audrey NgamelueAudrey Ngamelue7 days ago

    Aaliyah FuentesAaliyah Fuentes7 days ago
  • I'm your biggest fan, can u give me your number

    Breashia DaireBreashia Daire7 days ago
  • It's so sad that the standards are so low! At least she better than cardi! Cardi just ruined her! The era of payola!

    E PattersonE Patterson7 days ago
  • I wanted Beyoncé to come out😂

    Life With MarLife With Mar7 days ago
  • 🔥🙌👑💐❣️

    Gina BGina B7 days ago
  • Megan is a star. She is just mesmerizing

    Candice millerCandice miller7 days ago
  • She's so pretty omg

    Jacqueline WongJacqueline Wong8 days ago
  • Her either requiring her dancers or allowing them to wear masks while performing is disgusting and hazardous to their health.

    Emily LaraeEmily Larae8 days ago
  • And she can play the flute too bro, she’s good at everything

    Christian LemusChristian Lemus8 days ago

    Tamara CamajTamara Camaj8 days ago
  • Thanks for calling me a Hottie at Home!

    Hola Soy Dora!Hola Soy Dora!8 days ago
  • *YUUPP!!*

    Isabella WestIsabella West8 days ago
  • When they did the leg holds that was everything 😩👏🏾

    Jaz MoJaz Mo8 days ago
  • If her backup dancers can wear a mask during a performance so can you when you go to McDonald’s 😀😀😀✋✋✋

    Excuse me UhmExcuse me Uhm8 days ago
    • 🌚🔫 periodt

      RoyaleEm !RoyaleEm !6 days ago
  • It it just me or did anyone else see that girl leg hope she ok tho

    EMOODY_EDM 11EMOODY_EDM 118 days ago
  • 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Sweet TeaSweet Tea8 days ago
  • best performance of the night

    Renee JonesRenee Jones9 days ago
  • She did it again

    Candy GirlCandy Girl9 days ago
  • Period

    FarinFarin9 days ago
  • Can we appreciate the fact that she can sing like the studio version at a live event

    Sam AlaghehmandSam Alaghehmand9 days ago
  • #BlackExcellence

    The Dymond ChannelThe Dymond Channel9 days ago
  • Megan u look beautiful 😁💖

    Michelle FernaldMichelle Fernald9 days ago