Me, You, Madness is a girlboss disaster

Apr 6, 2021
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Me, You, Madness is a vanity project on steroids that is daring you to take it seriously. So naturally, I just had to.

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    Swell EntertainmentSwell Entertainment4 days ago
    • U gotta bf? Marry me regardless😍😍😋

      Not Gay RyanNot Gay Ryan8 hours ago
    • I really like Native as a brand and wish i could use it! I'm allergic to fragrance and get contact dermatitis from it. As soon as Native has a fragrance-free option, you know I'm snatching that shit up!

      Oglesby FinlayOglesby Finlay2 days ago
    • @Moor Wurmple larger studies of aluminum have shown that it's fairly conclusive that damaged cells take on aluminum, other heavy metals, and other toxins/things that shouldn't be there and not vice versa. Those things are in cancer cells because they're cancer cells, rather than cells taking aluminum and becoming cancerous. That said there are carcinogens that we should do further studies on and should have more pubic education about, as well as things that are endocrine disruptors or can cause birth defects. That said, if your skin has a reaction to aluminum, you're free to find something else, but calling a deodorant "aluminum free" is like calling water "gluten free," pretty meaningless since only antiperspirant has the aluminum salts and all just-deodorants are aluminum free.

      adanufgailadanufgail2 days ago
    • Okay I will. But I wanna ask, I thought you didn't drink? But you said you need one after this movie?

      Tallon QsackTallon Qsack3 days ago
    • Not being an apologist here, but she actually is Scottish Amanda.

      Nathan TripathyNathan Tripathy3 days ago
  • I usually say this to teenage boys who get turned on when a video reply to a girl-fascist, but in a very sincere way, your wish to pay $1500 in rent every month tells me that this shallow vainglorious ego trip of a movie has managed to find synergy with your pre-existing luxury seeking status-symbol coveting innocence... so, here it comes: *You can do better!* Please think about all of the reasons why you deserve respect!

    Matt ErbstMatt Erbst24 minutes ago
  • It’s like a really dumb unsubtle person going ‘hey, I’m being ironic geddit? Wink wink wink’’

    Kate LewisKate LewisHour ago
  • I sold this story to a script writer in Bakersfield. The hole thing is true. Except it happened in Fon du Lac. And she was a Best Buy manager. But hey...creative license is a thing

    hans mūellerhans mūeller2 hours ago
  • I am half way through your review.... and Dammit! It sounds like it supposed to be bad... But I'm taking a pause to go watch the "Madness" (on a pirate site of course)

    Ondreia RattiliffOndreia Rattiliff5 hours ago
    • Okay I'm back. I feel so conflicted.

      Ondreia RattiliffOndreia Rattiliff3 hours ago
  • it's like quentin tarantino but also worse

    sarah chill omgsarah chill omg6 hours ago
  • 10:25 man, that's a pre-2012 iMac model and not even plugged to the wall...

    Tommy CrosbyTommy Crosby6 hours ago
  • I think USworlds unsubbed me from you? When I clicked this video, it said I wasn’t subscribed, but I can’t think I why I wouldn’t be

    Aspen CallowayAspen Calloway7 hours ago
  • It's like Hard Candy, but genderswapped? I kinda hate it

    Illustrious CabbageIllustrious Cabbage9 hours ago
  • Add background music when you talk gona make for better vids

    Stilyan DimitrovStilyan Dimitrov9 hours ago
  • all I'm hearing is I need to watch this movie on shrooms lmao

    Matty OwenMatty Owen13 hours ago
  • This is... Alot

    Charlotte WCharlotte W13 hours ago
  • This is the first time even your review makes me skip it. Usually I'm not skip a review, because I want to know every point before drawing a conclusion. But this movie sounds so boring even your usually entertaining review cannot make it more entertaining.

    Mi KiMi Ki14 hours ago
  • 200k congratulations yo!!!! 🥳

    Bryce BuchnellBryce Buchnell14 hours ago
  • Everyone go watch Nick DiRamio's video on this, too!! It's hilarious! (So are all his other videos 😂) love that some people are talking about this dumpster fire of a movie.

    Brianna DozarkBrianna Dozark16 hours ago
  • Ed Westwick couldn’t find a better movie to star in? I’m offended, chuck bass would never.

    CMercyyCMercyy17 hours ago
  • "...are not any neighbors" NOT "is not any neighbors" - please don't go the YT Bad Grammar route. I've used the same chunk of rock salt for 31 years. Cost was 1989 dollars.

    Dennis MasonDennis Mason18 hours ago
  • Why do so many movies the past few years use that 80s neon color palette?

    film79film7919 hours ago
  • Ya know I randomly started watching this channel and no matter the subject she always makes it funny as hell 😂

    ElegantSorrowElegantSorrow20 hours ago
  • I feel like Catherine tries to sound like Chanel in Scream Queens by talking fast to seem smart and witty but ends up sounding like Gabi DeMartino in Blood Queens

    Eric MabryEric MabryDay ago
  • this feels like she watched american psycho once and tried to replicate it without understanding any part of it

    PavementPavementDay ago
  • What is the opposite of a plot-twist? Because that's what feels like happened at the end. was a plot twist that drove the narrative straight from bizarre and wacky to completely conventional rom-com. An anti-plot-twist? Either way, this is a bit like dollar store Promising Young Woman.

    OllyOllyDay ago
  • 23:20 *pushes up nerd glases* WRONG! She eats them, so assumably there are only small pieces of each one left ;)

    Obsidian Sirius BlackheartObsidian Sirius BlackheartDay ago
  • 12:28 idk, I think this is based on her actual real life. Would not surprise me at all to find out these rich fuckers cut up and freeze people

    Obsidian Sirius BlackheartObsidian Sirius BlackheartDay ago
  • Of course her character would marry someone who steals old lady’s life savings. Steve Mnuchin did just that during the 2008 recession.

    Tyler KochmanTyler KochmanDay ago
  • Your American psycho concept already exists. It’s called American Psycho 2.

    RockCandyPlanetRockCandyPlanetDay ago
  • I've watched you review some really, really bad movies, but from how you've described it, this sounds like it's the worst, and not even close.

    Chris WolfeChris WolfeDay ago
  • Are you telling me I should watch American Psycho?

    yukiandkanamekuranyukiandkanamekuranDay ago
  • This movie is the longer, worse, girl boss version of Somewhere in Michigan

    Erika BErika BDay ago
  • Is anyone going to mention the annoying glowing blur filter over the entire movie? It hurts my eyes.

    Terena RosaTerena RosaDay ago
  • I just find it interesting how people seem to just forget or ignore that Ed what’s his name has multiple sexual assault accusations, and just allow him to star in content like this.

    Susana NorzagaraySusana NorzagarayDay ago
  • Her lifting that bar like that in that matter is hilarious just cuz thats so unrealistic it seems like a joke like she’s literally a ww superhuman lol

    edwin justoedwin justoDay ago
  • the girlbossification of hannibal season 2 and 3

    jettejetteDay ago
  • Moral of the story: if a movie directed, produced, written, and acted by the same person, it's not going to be a good movie. A good movie has a team, not a one-man band.

    HEY Im A Person OF FourHEY Im A Person OF FourDay ago
  • This is so cringe but the video was super fun! 😂

    Sneha PradhanSneha PradhanDay ago
  • chuck bass???? why :(

    SleepyCanvasesSleepyCanvasesDay ago
  • So it's the girl flick version of 'The Room' ? I need to see this.

    Gothic LightGothic LightDay ago
  • Are we just going to ignore that’s Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

    Zelia GonzalesZelia GonzalesDay ago
  • Unrelated to anything in the video, but have you ever done a video about The Jilly Juice poop cult?

    kikibirdballkikibirdballDay ago
  • I think it would have been really nice to just end it on them both saying "We should get married"

    Clarina MascarenhasClarina MascarenhasDay ago
  • for the record i created steve mnuchin's tiktok account so that he can't have it still don't know what to do with this power tho

    AudiotapAudiotapDay ago
  • She dances like an Episode character

    Lavanya SaberwalLavanya SaberwalDay ago
  • So this is basically some weird, rich people's vanity project version of bad Skinemax softcore. What a sick, sad view into the bizarre fantasy life of capitalist sociopaths.

    R LR LDay ago
  • A disasterpiece

    Mister BolticusMister BolticusDay ago
  • My girlfriend actually works at the Native warehouse! I love their deodorant, even as a guy. It doesn’t leave my pits as funky as big name brands

    oldsuloldsulDay ago
  • I shouldn’t have tried to watch this while stoned. It is... so much.

    Ray LaventureRay Laventure2 days ago
  • “A masterpiece? A disaster?” A disasterpiece.

    Ray LaventureRay Laventure2 days ago
  • When I saw the title and the poster for this movie, I automatically knew this was a bad movie. So, I just didn't watch. I'm glad I did.

    aundrea hodgesaundrea hodges2 days ago
  • Depending on the total cost of the wardrobe, “sets”, and “props”, I wouldn’t rule out this movie being made to write off expensive stuff as business expenses since it’s Steve Mnuchin we’re talking about

    Blair SnitchBlair Snitch2 days ago
  • completely random, but the room they have the dance break in is the same exact room used in the half.alive still feel music video. Just thought I should share that.

    Mathew GloverMathew Glover2 days ago
  • Surprisingly this movie is a lot better after a joint

    Alejandro VallencciAlejandro Vallencci2 days ago
  • This felt like a pop culture fever dream

    Alejandro VallencciAlejandro Vallencci2 days ago
  • He was a gamer, she was a girlboss, can I make it anymore obvious?

    Ocean VioletsOcean Violets2 days ago
  • TY for taking this one for the team lol. Definitely way more interesting and funny to watch you walk through the movie than to watch the movie itself

    MeowloMeowlo2 days ago
  • This is what trust fund Republican women think hollywood execs think lesbian couples think LA liberals saw when they read the IMDb page for Gone Girl.

    SMProductionsSMProductions2 days ago
  • I don’t understand why he’s scared of her though, he could overpower her if he honestly wanted to. This movie truly lives up to the madness in its title

    Peter GilbertPeter Gilbert2 days ago
  • I don’t really blame her for killing the sweaty guy in spin class, we are in a pandemic that’s basically biological warfare there

    Peter GilbertPeter Gilbert2 days ago
  • I keep watching reviews and honestly...y’all selling it

    Tania AmadorTania Amador2 days ago
  • I've been a fan of these videos for a while now, but just that title absolutely made me lose it.

    Ali_Cruz13 _Ali_Cruz13 _2 days ago
  • Wait a sec... that's literally "Basic Instinct".

    Rodrigo GameiroRodrigo Gameiro2 days ago
  • what....did I just listen to...I'm so confused

    Anindya BasuAnindya Basu2 days ago
  • people just hate to see a girlboss winning, smh

    astralsodasastralsodas2 days ago
  • The weights were obviously fake lol, there are very few women alive who can overhead press 225lbs (which is what was on that bar) and she ain't one of em.

    Corin WrigleyCorin Wrigley2 days ago

    Morgan PostonMorgan Poston2 days ago
  • I’m so confused by the scene where she’s groping (surely this is assault?!) an unconscious guy and telling the “PC brigade” to shut up. Is that supposed to be a joke I’m not getting because I have no idea why being against sexual harassment and assault is being “too PC”?

    Mel BurtMel Burt2 days ago
  • "Are you on your period?" *stabs* Justified tbh

    Luna LamperougeLuna Lamperouge2 days ago
  • This sounds like an absolutely hilarious fever dream lol

    Katie K.Katie K.2 days ago
  • This movie was only made to hip thrust a table to 80s movie and violate a balcony railing. So yeah, this was furniture abuse.

    Maplechutney CoupleMaplechutney Couple2 days ago
  • If this isn't a depiction of the Republican caricature mind, I don't know what is. All we need is an antivaxxer and trafficking but maybe the next movie.

    Bryni AdielBryni Adiel2 days ago
  • So this is The House That Jack Built but not self aware?

    Michael HegwoodMichael Hegwood2 days ago
  • This was all done for free things the production company owned by the writer and main character of this awful movie can write off on taxes. I can't believe they did my boy Ed like this.

    MothBrothMothBroth2 days ago
  • This movie is basically a feature length version of the scene from The Big Short where Margot Robbie in a tub explains the housing bubble

    Ben LebofskyBen Lebofsky2 days ago
  • watching this video while getting ready and am putting on native deodorant 👁👄👁

    Chandler.Chandler.2 days ago
  • I can't seem to figure out what the mood of this movie is. although it swings just as mine, so, same. but still, it's confusing.

    Nicolás RobertNicolás Robert2 days ago
  • ok so listen if you made a tacky, on-the-nose t shirt that said "Have a great weekend, girlboss!!" with those horrid gold knee-high boots crossed under it as merch, I would simply buy it

    Kelsey RobinsonKelsey Robinson2 days ago
  • .....okay were u high when u wrote this script/ watched this movie? Nothing you have said makes any sense whatsoever

    Litt WhittLitt Whitt2 days ago
  • I can tell you without a doubt those weights are fake. The bar the plates are on isn't even a standard 20kg bar. its air, a broomstick at most.

    A Purple UkuleleA Purple Ukulele2 days ago
  • Oh my god, a sponsor product that actually ships to Australia?!? What is this, this never happens xD

    IncrementiumIncrementium2 days ago
  • A Disasterpiece

    twothreebravotwothreebravo3 days ago
  • G I R L B O S S. G A T E K E E P. G A S L I G H T.

    backwards banditbackwards bandit3 days ago
  • Do “what lies below” next! It was a ride

    Alley SmartAlley Smart3 days ago
  • This sounds like a very entertaining movie. What an odd odd movie. Might have to watch it but agree with other person that 7 bucks seems like a lot for a movie like this lol

    TeaLilyTeaLily3 days ago
  • This movie seems like it's trying very hard to look like like it's not trying at all, so in the end it just loops back around and looks like it's trying *WAAAAAY too hard*. It's like they're trying to force kitsch cult classic appeal out of something far too polished to ever feel authentic.

    GioGio3 days ago
  • The face you made at 12:00 made me think of that war flashback meme with the helicopters.... which is totally understandable.

    HeatherHeather3 days ago
  • "Intrigued that he's a gamer and knows about stuff" *lip bites* Oh ok.

    cyphrecyphre3 days ago
  • I feel like they blew up the budget on the shoes and everything else shiny so an unicorn phone case had to suffice 🤣

    Just Another Perfectionist xxJust Another Perfectionist xx3 days ago
  • I wonder if her like forced accent is her also trying to wink at American psycho since Bale is British and pulled off an American accent

    Towel RangerTowel Ranger3 days ago
  • Dammit another love story that I really wanted to see 😂 But you spoiled it 😜 thank you for seeing it for me. Im not going to see thanks to you 😄

    rocky1169ptrocky1169pt3 days ago
  • Oh my god this is the same woman who wrote In Congo’s Shadow, this really weird white savior novel about her leaving her “privileged life” to deal with warlords and children with HIV, which ended up being mostly fake.

    Khadijah JallohKhadijah Jalloh3 days ago
  • They were trying to make killing eve type of a movie with the outfits and all.

    Mastered MusicMastered Music3 days ago
  • Oh my god, I really hope this movie finds its way onto RLM's Best of the Worst series. :fingers_crossed: Thanks for this insane review!

    Wayward MindWayward Mind3 days ago
  • Ehhh she is okay.

    failsafefailsafe3 days ago
  • If you want a fun bad movie that does the "winking at the camera" thing better than this, I'd recommend "Velocipastor".

    Megan ChambersMegan Chambers3 days ago
  • 19:14 "Run down the hills or just hide" Or...didn't he first arrive there in a DIFFERENT car? Like couldn't he drive that car away and never look back?

    Megan ChambersMegan Chambers3 days ago
  • When she calls him a millennial..honey you are barely over 40. You ARE a millennial!

    Raquel NunesRaquel Nunes3 days ago
  • this feels more like catherine from basic instinct than American psycho PS: f i could wish for one thing it would be amanda reviewing promising young woman and gushing about it

    tonguekisser89tonguekisser893 days ago
  • its not a true white feminism girl boss movie without casual racism

    dean odean o3 days ago
  • Hi, love your vids!, Love how you can make a 28 min vid seem one and a half hour long!

    Sweet nessSweet ness3 days ago
  • It's a shame-- the premise of "serial killer leasing a room to lure victims and a thief pretending to want to lease it to scope the house out" is a fantastic premise for a thriller-comedy.

    Daniell YanceyDaniell Yancey3 days ago
  • A disasterpiece, if you will.

    DustinDustin3 days ago